General :: Convert The Core Dump To A Readable Text File?

Nov 12, 2009

i just touch linux, may i know how can i convert the core dump file to a readable textfile, which include all the information, which is in core dump, such as all variables, threads information, call trace for each tasks, and so on. i know use the GDB can view this, but it won't dump all the informations to one text file. but sometimes, people want to view the core dump reason without Linux environment.

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Programming :: Core Dump Issues. Program Crashes But Does Not Generate Core Dump File?

Oct 7, 2009

I want to generate core dump files from my program when it crashes. Its a pretty big process and has about 10-11 threads in it.I have followed the documentation to enable core dump by setting ulimit to unlimited etc. I quickly tried "A demo program creating a core dump" from the following webpage, which succeeds in Segfault and dumping a core file in the directory that I configured.However, I tried running my original program and caused it to crash. I did this by making calls to kill(), raise() or the same null pointer access as shown in the webpage above. In each case, my program crashed but did not generate a core dump file. Am I missing something?My program is in C++ and my environment is Redhat 9.0 (kernel 2.4.20)

Going through the "Why do I NOT get a core dump?" section on the same webpage as above, I can see two potential problems. One - there are issues with the suid/sgid (bullet # 6). I am not able to change any settings with suid because my system does not contain either /proc/sys/fs/suid_dumpable or /proc/sys/kernel/suid_dumpableTwo, my program has threads in it and the bullet # 8 is the problem.

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Applications :: Good App To Either Convert The File Easily Into Something Readable

Jan 13, 2010

I have been scouring the internet looking for a good solution to reading .pdb eBooks on Linux.It seems that there isn't one.Could you perhaps recommend a good app to either convert the file easily into something readable or (more preferably) an app that can read them?

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General :: Child Process Does Not Core Dump

Jul 27, 2011

In my program, I fork() to get a child process. Because of some problem, child process terminates by a segmentation fault. Parent process is still running. I have compiled my code with -g option. I have done: ulimit -c unlimited. I am not getting core dump of the child process. How can I get the core dump of child process?

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General :: Convert An HTML Email Saved As A Text File To A PDF File From The Command Line?

Aug 23, 2011

I need to be able to convert HTML email messages saved as text files (.eml or .msg) to PDF documents, one PDF per email, retaining formatting and images.

Are there any Linux tools that will allow me to do this from the command line (so it can be scripted)?

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General :: Convert Pdf File To Text Format In 4.7?

Dec 27, 2010

I have an pdf file on my linux RHEL 4.7 machine. I can open that file but when i click on 'saveas' to save the file in 'Text' format there are no options i see there. I need to save the 'pdf' file to 'text' format. could anyone tell me how to save the pdf file to Text format. Iam using 'KDE'

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General :: Convert A Html File Into A Text File?

Mar 8, 2010

i'm trying to convert a html file into a text file when i simply run "html2text <filename>" the output displayed is the way we want but when i redirect the same using "-o" or ">>" the file is having extra characters in it. i even tried -ascii,but no much use.

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General :: How To Convert A Simplte Text File Into Csv Using Awk Script?

Sep 14, 2010

i am collecting usb usage details of all users and convert it into csv files so that i can export it into some database..the output desirable is in csv format for database with some batch or awk script.

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General :: Convert A Text File From Shift JIS To UTF-8 And Back From The Terminal?

Jul 21, 2011

In order to make this conversion I have to use a text editor. This is tedious. Is there an easier way to do it, like some program I can run from the Linux or OSX terminal?

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General :: Convert A Windows Like Text File Into *nix Like Utf-8 Encoding Automately?

Mar 23, 2011

I want to convert many text files(copied from windows workstation) into utf-8 encoding file. Yes, iconv is available for it. However, I have to give source file encoding at the command line parameters! The problem is, at most case, I am not sure the source encoding of it. And, I also want to use a script to convert many files recursively.

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General :: Convert A Large Number Of File Types From None Standard To Text?

Sep 28, 2009

I have on my windows machine several hundred files that are a format of .nc .ncs for a CNC machine. I need to convert them to txt which is something as easy as opening in notepad and then saving as .txt but there are so many that this kind of action would take way too long.

The reason I am writing the linuxquestions is because I would feel more comfortable in loading a live CD and using some sort of terminal command to do this than I would to download one of the many "freeware" type programs I have found for windows (even more so since I have had a root kit before and had to start all the way over to get rid of it).

I need to know:

1. Is this possible to do with the terminal without super advanced knowledge.

2. Can one please point me in the right direction; something to read or an example

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Ubuntu :: How To Enable Core Dump

May 27, 2010

To get core dump from my program, I execute the following commands from the terminal:

ulimit -c unlimited

After program crash, I see core file in the home directory. How can I make this mode persistent, to have code dump always?

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CentOS 5 :: Make Daemons Dump Core?

Oct 22, 2010

I modified the following files according to all I found after googling the net:

* soft core unlimited
ulimit -c unlimited[code]....

I don't get a core file when I kill -11 <pid_of_sleep>

System is centos 5.3

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Server :: Create Core Dump When My Application Crashes?

Dec 29, 2010

I am using RHEL 4.7 (32bit) on HP Proliant 380G6 series server. We are using Electric Cloud Agents on these servers. Nowadays we are facing some memory issues and its creates some kernel panic and then restarts the server. When i reported the issue to my application team, they asked me to come with the core dump. I googled it enough, then i set ulimit value as unlimited. (previously it was 0, then i made a entry in /etc/profile file as follows
ulimit -c unlimited) But still whenever my server restarts due to that kernel panic, it couldnt generate the core dump. My application was installed on /opt

The attached document has the kernel panic logs

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Programming :: GDB - Core Dump Analysis And Debug Info?

Oct 21, 2010

I am developing an application whose executable is generated inside a certain folder hierarchy (say: /DevPath/MyProject/bin). My source code is located in a different branch of this hierarchy (say: /DevPath/MyProject/src). When my app crashes, its core files are stored in /DevPath/MyProject. I'm developing the app on a pc, but running it on a separate platform in which i can only execute it. Folder hierarchy is the same as above on both computers. Usually, when a new executable version is ready, we update both the executable and the source code on the target platform, transferring all the new /DevPath/MyProject folder on it. But sometimes it can really be a bother, so we update only the executable.

1)In the case we only update the executable, keeping an old source code version, and the app generates a core file, can i trust the backtrace produced by gdb in this case? I.e., does gdb need the latest source code files or it just needs the debugging information?

2) (More radical question ) Do i really need to keep the source code on the target platform for core dump analysis or i just need the executable?

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Programming :: Core Dump - Right Memory Block To Be Freed

Nov 8, 2010

In one of our core dump we have the followings in the core back trace:

#0 0xb77bf947 in raise () from /lib/tls/
#1 0xb77c10c9 in abort () from /lib/tls/
#2 0xb77f56ba in __fsetlocking () from /lib/tls/
#3 0xb77fcf7f in mallopt () from /lib/tls/
#4 0xb77fd022 in free () from /lib/tls/

It occurred in a memory block free operation. From our analysis, there seems no issue relate the the memory block it self. The memory pointer pointed to the right memory block to be freed and the contents of the memory seems right (not corrupted), in one world, there is nothing obviously wrong. Does any one have any ideas what could be wrong when seeing about?

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Programming :: Core Dump Analysis Require A Program Name / Why Is So?

Jul 21, 2010

To analyse a coredump, I need to specify program name/path in GDB/KDevelop. Since the program name along with arguments is also within a core dump, I wonder if it doesn't keep the proper path of program that crashed and so asks for it?

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Convert Plain Text File To Html File Without Using Perl?

Jun 9, 2010

I am looking for some source package which will convert plain text file to html file without using perl.

I mainly need to do this on an ARM platform, so if I get sources I can cross compile it.

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Programming :: Get A Core Dump In One Of The C Library Calls (like Strcpy Or Printf)

Sep 20, 2010

I am trying to port some "C" code from Solaris to Linux. I have a Dell PowerEdge R610 with an Intel Xeon E5504 quad core processor running Red Hat Linux Enterprise 5.3. I am compiling in 64 bit mode. I have managed to get the code compiled and linked, but when I attempt to execute it, I get a core dump in one of the C library calls (like strcpy or printf.)

I have a static library that contains our own code that makes the call to the C library. If I move the library method into the source file with the main method and rename it to be certain that I am executing my method instead of the method in our library, the call succeeds. Eventually another static library call is made that results in a core dump in the shared object. I compile my library code into a static library with gcc as:


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Fedora :: Convert Mkv Files To Any Format Readable?

Nov 11, 2010

I am running my fedora box as a media server and my xbox (sorry) doesn't see mkv files and I have been looking for a while for a way to convert the mkv files to any format readable any ideas?

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Software :: Convert Dvds To Psp Readable Formats?

Jul 28, 2009

i happen to own a old psp and would like to convert my old dvds to psp formats i have libdvdcss installed on my pc and have tried to use handbvrake but it doesnt work....

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Software :: Convert PocketWord PWI Files To Something Readable?

Mar 16, 2010

Is there a way in Linux to convert PocketWord .PWI files to something readable? The Synce site points to be a program called pwi2html, but the hosting site seems to be defunct.

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Ubuntu :: Any Software To Convert IMG PDF To Doc / Text File?

May 2, 2011

Anyone can recommend any ubuntu compatible software to convert a scanned document img file to text?

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Ubuntu :: Convert A Text File To .BIN File?

Apr 13, 2010

i working with a simulator tool that i need to pass to it a file in .BIN format, basically i need to convert from a tex plain file to BIN file How can i do that? there is some command(s) that allow me do

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Ubuntu :: Convert A Text File Into Smaller Files?

Dec 3, 2010

I have a gedit text file 2.2MB. I want to convert it into two orhree smaller files/volumes, so I can upload them seperately to web pages. Does anyone know a quick and easy way to do this?

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General :: Creating Dump Of Existing File?

Oct 21, 2009

How to create a dump of an existing file and how to restore it with command line?

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OpenSUSE :: 32-bit Apps On 11.3 Don't Display Readable Text For Menu Items

Jul 3, 2011

On My OpenSuse 11.3 box, all my 64-bit apps correctly select Western font for menu items, file selection etc.. But my 32-bit apps like Adobe reader and 32-bit version of Firefox display unreadable text for mouse right click, file save and select etc, as if they are trying to use an invalid font or character encoding.C how I configure 32-bit apps to use Western character set, and to find what it is actually looking for ?

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Ubuntu Security :: KeePassX Files Easily Readable With Text Editor

May 19, 2011

I have noticed and this now worries me, if I export a KeePassX xml file then open it with a text editor I can see all my �private� details.Just tested it on my old desktop with Slitaz and open the exported file with leafpad text editor and I can see my details just the same.Previously I used RoboForm and when viewing an exported file in the same way you could not make out any of my details. Is KeePassX designed this way or have I not used KeePassX correctly.I have posted this on KeePassX forum and emailed them direct with no response so far.Ubuntu 11.04.

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General :: Pcfg_openfile - Unable To Check Htaccess File - Ensure It Is Readable

Jul 8, 2010

After moving a website folder on my local development machine to another drive, then moving it back, I got a 403 error. Most of this problem had probably to do with rights that got messed up. After deleting the code and restoring it from SVN, the rights seemed allright. The error stayed however.

The setup is a bit complex, as follows:

I have Ubuntu 10.4 as development machine, trying to mimic the server as much as possible We use Eclipse + SVN and I create all projects in a local folder under my user account In /var/www-vhosts I create folders for each vhost, like this one: test.localhost test.local/index.php: includes the index file of the project
test.local/.htaccess is a dynamic link to the htaccess file in a project subfolder

I get the following error in the apache error log:

The problem seems to be the .htaccess file, or the link to it. When I empty the htaccess, nothing changes When I remove the link, the index-include produces some output (in the apache error log) When I remove the link and replace it with the actual file, I get another error:

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Ubuntu :: Dump Serial Ports To Text Files With Timestamp?

Jun 1, 2010

I have a computer with 4 RS232 com-ports (MSI MS-9A19).

To each com-port, I have instruments attached that transmit data like this:


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