General :: Configure KDE Konsole To Open New Shells On A Different Machine?

Mar 11, 2010

How to configure the KDE Konsole that when I press on a "new tab" button, the new shell would open on another machine (thorugh ssh), and not on the current one?

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General :: Shell Script To Source An Env File And Open A Kde Konsole Terminal

Jan 27, 2011

I am trying to write a .sh script that will source a file containing evnironment variables and then open a konsole terminal session that will have those settings.

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General :: How To Configure Serial Port Of Virtual Machine With Host Machine?

Jul 29, 2009

I successfully installed the virtual box on my fedora 8 system, and also created a virtual machine with windows xp OS, it works nicely, I try to configure the serial port of my virtual machine and try to configure the path for the port "screen shot are attached" it gives me the error message also the "screen shot are attached" for your review.Is kind of mistake is going on during the path setting, and how to set the path for configuring the serial port of my virtual machine so that I can use the hyper terminal tool of windows.

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General :: Error - Can't Open Display - For Xclock Or Gvim On Kubuntu Root Shell Konsole 1.6.6

Oct 8, 2009

I use kubuntu (8.04) which does not have a root account.

[sudo] password for ts:

However, starting xclock or gvim on root shell on konsole has the "Can't open display" error appears.

Error: Can't open display: localhost:0.0

Press ENTER or type command to continue

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Debian :: When Open Up Konsole And Type 'su' And My Root Password - Authentication Failure ?

Apr 8, 2010

My system software is installed on an encrypted LVM on hda1 and hda2. My home directory takes up the whole of hdb1 which is also encrypted. I can boot up into the kde desktop okay, but when I open up konsole and type 'su' and my root password I get the message "su: Authentication failure". I am absolutely certain that I am using the right password.

Even more strangely, if I fire up synaptic and give it that same password I am able to install software. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what's gone wrong and how I can fix it?

I can also type Ctrl-Alt-F2 and log in as root to do administrative tasks without any problems so I cannot understand why konsole has locked me out.

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Fedora :: Cron Opens Konsole On Script Execution And Leaves It Open?

Mar 14, 2011

I am trying to set up a simple script to automatically invoke streamripper to record my favourite radio shows. The script works fine in a terminal window (Konsole), but when scheduling this as a cron job (KCron via SystemSettings) a Konsole window pops up catching the streamripper output.

Now stramripper can behave with the --quiet option, and I set output redirects "> /dev/null 2>&1". Inside the script or on the command line of KCron.


sh myscript.txt >/dev/null 2>&1

...or just as the script without the "sh" command. Same result. Still the same annoying Konsole terminal window pops up, now with no other content than what Cron obviously generates at the end of the script execution:


End of script execution. Type Enter or Ctrl+C to exit.

Well, the whole point of this cron scheduling was to avoid manual intervention and create the MP3 file of the radio show automatically. how to avoid the terminal window completely?

Using KDE 4.5.5 and Fedora 13, Kernel

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General :: How To Configure A Windows Machine For User

May 12, 2011

How do you configure a Windows (preferably latest version) machine for a Linux power user, so that s/he can get most out of it?if all you have to add is a one-liner, your answer will be converted to a comment.

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General :: Configure Machine To Send Mail?

Mar 16, 2011

How do i configure my linux machine to send mail. I have two server out of which one is configured to send mails. However The other is still not sending mails .I have installed sendmail rpms and modified file to include following parameter.


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General :: Configure A Samba Server Using A Machine With Fedora And A WindowsXP

May 24, 2010

how can i configure a samba server?. im using a machine with fedora and a windowsXP machine.

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General :: Configure Machine To Load Specific Modules At Startup?

May 9, 2010

How do I configure my machine to load specific modules at startup.

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General :: What Is The /bin/ksh Shells

Jun 27, 2010

what is the /bin/ksh shells

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General :: Configure An OpenCA And OpenOCSP Server On System Virtual Machine?

Mar 29, 2011

How can i configure an openCA and openOCSP server on a linux virtual machine?

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General :: SSH Into A Machine And Open Application?

Jan 19, 2010

So for Windows, I can load up Xming in the background, SSH into a Linux machine, and open up a file with gedit. Gedit appears on my Windows desktop through Xming.

I'm using Ubuntu now, and when I ssh into the same Linux machine, I can't open up gedit and mess with some files.

Is there a Linux version of Xming I have to get? I'm sure there's an easier way, I just don't know it.

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General :: Difference Between CLI Terminal Shells?

Jan 16, 2010

Is there a difference between the shells such as sh, csh, ksh and bash if so what is it or is it simply a matter of preference?

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General :: Calling URL From Shells Script

Jun 13, 2011

I have to call URL from shell script. E.g.: How can I call URL from the shell script.

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General :: Differences Between Shells - Which One Is Better To Run Under Scripts

Nov 16, 2010

What are the differences between the shells in Linux (eg. bash,bourne,korn,C etc) and which one is it better to run scripts under?

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General :: Open And Configure Firewall In Ubntu 9.10?

Mar 29, 2010

i want to configure firewall in ubuntu 9.10...

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General :: Open Embedded - No Machine Record Defined

Feb 13, 2011

I am trying to; "bitbake base-image" and get the following:
Build Configuration:
BB_VERSION = "1.10.2"
TARGET_OS = "linux-gnueabi"
MACHINE = "at91sam9g45ekes"
DISTRO = "angstrom"
DISTRO_VERSION = "2010.7-test-20110214"
TARGET_FPU = "soft"

Log data follows:
| NOTE: make -j 4 include/linux/version.h
-mno-thumb-interwork -mno-thumb
| CHK include/linux/version.h
| NOTE: make -j 4 uImage
-mno-thumb LD=arm-angstrom-linux-gnueabi-ld
| CHK include/linux/version.h
| SYMLINK include/asm -> include/asm-arm
| make[1]: `include/asm-arm/mach-types.h' is up to date.
| CHK include/linux/utsrelease.h
| CALL scripts/
| <stdin>:1097:2: warning: #warning syscall fadvise64 not implemented
| <stdin>:1265:2: warning: #warning syscall migrate_pages not implemented
| <stdin>:1321:2: warning: #warning syscall pselect6 not implemented
| <stdin>:1325:2: warning: #warning syscall ppoll not implemented
| <stdin>:1365:2: warning: #warning syscall epoll_pwait not implemented
| CHK include/linux/compile.h
| GEN .version
| CHK include/linux/compile.h
| UPD include/linux/compile.h
| CC init/version.o
| LD init/built-in.o
| LD .tmp_vmlinux1
| arm-angstrom-linux-gnueabi-ld: no machine record defined
| arm-angstrom-linux-gnueabi-ld: no machine record defined
| make: *** [.tmp_vmlinux1] Error 1
| FATAL: oe_runmake failed
| ERROR: Function do_compile failed
NOTE: package linux-2.6.30-r6: task do_compile: Failed

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General :: Command To List Number Of Shells

Feb 15, 2010

How can I know how many shells my system support (Is there any specific command)?

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General :: Topics For Project - Creating New Shells

Feb 24, 2010

I am college student and for this semester. I am planning to do a project in Linux. Also I have a plan 2 create a new shell in linux.

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General :: Interacting With Running Shells (Fedora 15)

Jun 21, 2011

I was able to set up SSH and log into my linux machine and I want to interact with shells already running on the desktop. I can locate and view the processes but I'm wondering if its possible to "get into" the program I already have running via SSH and enter commands.

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General :: Way To Have Multiple X Severs Running In Different Shells?

May 24, 2010

Is there any way to have x server on multiple shells at a time?(eg. Sally is logged in on shell 6 with her own desktop cube while Rob is logged in on shell 7 with his own desktop cube, etc)

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General :: Which Environment Variables Not Inherited By Bash Shells

Jan 2, 2011

I am using Linux some years, but since I built a LFS, I feel noobish again. Now with the help of BLFS I am setting up my environment and somewhere I incidentally read, that not every variable is inherited by a child Bash shell. As for the $PS1 and $PS2 variables I know, that they are not inherited by non-interactive Bash shells (and there is no reason why they should in my opinion). Well, as for my first thread I hope the title gives enough information on what I want to know. But anyways: Which environment variables are not inherited by Bash shells?

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General :: Bash Read All Environmental Variables Set By Other Shells?

Jul 23, 2010

For example, if I'm in csh, I can use `setenv VARNAME varVALUE` while I can use export in Bash. Given that the environmental variables are created, can BASH read env vars from csh and vice versa?

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General :: Open A Second Shell Session That Will Remember The User, Machine, And Directory

Sep 21, 2010

I'm ssh'ed into a machine and logged in as a different user. Is it possible to open a few new windows that will still be ssh'ed into that same machine, still logged in as that user?

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General :: KDE Konsole Can't Run Some Commands

Dec 14, 2010

I just started having some problem after switching my desktop manager from GNome to KDE. One of such situation is the konsole on KDE not running popular commands like ifconfig that I run when I was using GNome.
Although, I have fallen in love with KDE, I am feeling a little bereaved of some feature. where I could use KDE to mastery? (Because I want to believe that I am not doing somethings I should and not that KDE is so limited)

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General :: Is There A Konsole Equivalent For Gnome?

Aug 20, 2011

I'm looking for a Konsole equivalent for Gnome.I don't want a Quake-style dropdown console. I like tabs and the ability to send a command to all tabs.

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General :: Set The Title In The Top Of Konsole Terminal?

Apr 8, 2011

I use kde3.3. How could I set the title in the top of konsole terminal. for example, i would like to have the file name printed if I open the file using vi or vim.

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General :: Add Custom Encoding To KDE Konsole?

Sep 18, 2009

How can I add, a custom encoding to kde konsole? Is there any other way to do it, execpt recompilling the qt-3 ?

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General :: PClinux OS Konsole Colours

Feb 27, 2010

i wanted to know how i can change the colours to the my prompt looks like i want to change it to red in bt and knoppix..

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