General :: Check Which Apache Modules Are Enabled/installed?

May 17, 2011

which is the most elegant way to check which apache modules are enabled?

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General :: Check If Apache Was Configured With SSL Enabled?

Dec 1, 2010

How can I check if my CentOS server has Apache configured with SSL enabled? I think Apache was installed with the default modules.

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General :: Check Modinfo Of Installed Modules?

Apr 8, 2011

I have a doubt, suppose i have a module having different versions.I have installed one of these module, now i want to check module info of installed module, Is there any way to check it

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Ubuntu :: Check All Installed Modules In System?

Mar 31, 2011

1) How to check all installed modules in Ubuntu?
2) How to check whether I installed a specific module or not? For example, uhci_hcd ?
3) How to install a specific module?

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Ubuntu Servers :: Check The Installed Apache2 Modules?

May 1, 2010

I am trying change the MaxClients parameter for apache2 on ubuntu. I looked in apache2.conf and there are two instances where MaxClients is mentioned.

<IfModule mpm_prefork_module>
StartServers 5
MinSpareServers 5
MaxSpareServers 10
MaxClients 150


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OpenSUSE Network :: Apache Configuration - How To Get Modules Installed

Apr 28, 2010

I haven't been able to get a working X11 environment on a Dell PowerEdge 1850. Using YaST without an X11 environment sucks particularly when you are trying to configure Apache. In addition, the Apache configuration files seem to have changed significantly since the last time I configured Apache on a SuSE Linux distribution. Where can I find good documentation on editing suseconfig files to ensure that I get the modules installed that I need for the collaboration tool that I'm installing?

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General :: Enable Modules After Installing Apache From Source

Sep 22, 2010

I installed apache from a source *.tar.gz with default configuration. Can I enable other modules (like mod_ssl, mod_dav_svn,...) while apache is running?

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General :: Can't Import Qt Modules - PyQt Probably Not Installed

Nov 23, 2010

I m facing a problem in installing GNS3 Cisco simulator on Fedora 14. I persistently followed the instructions on the [URl]... website and the readme that came in with the GNS3 source package. The main packages needed before running GNS3 are:

Qt 4.5.1 (or higher)
Python 2.5 (or higher)
Sip 4.5 (or higher)
PyQt 4.5 (or higher

Ive compiled and installed all the above took almost a lifetime, especially for Qt and PyQt. Then, I compiled and installed the GNS3 package and that went well too. But when I run the gns3 executable, I m getting the error message given below:

[root@mnpc GNS3-0.7.2-src]# gns3

Can't import Qt modules, PyQt is probably not installed. I did a double install on PyQt, but the problem still persists.

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OpenSUSE Wireless :: Cannot Find Map File. No Module Symbols Loaded - Kernel Modules Not Enabled

Aug 3, 2010

Used to work perfectly. I attempted to install VPN client, result is can't connect to anything. Networks are seen by network manager, nothing happens when click connect. Results below:

Wireless LAN present in Hardware information. Atheros AR242x 802.11abg Wireless PCI Express Adapter (wlan0)
Kernel Driver: ath5k


Advice is to use output of dmesg command to find problem, but as above I don't get any results for this in terminal.

attempt to ping external site
linux-cfi6:~ # ping -c
Usage: ping [-LRUbdfnqrvVaA] [-c count] [-i interval] [-w deadline]


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Debian :: Check For Loaded Modules?

Sep 25, 2010

Howto check from the command line which modules were loaded after Lenny restart?

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Debian :: How To Check Why GUI Not Enabled

May 31, 2010

I have an Debian System on which GUI is not enabled. How to Check that GUI can be started by some command or that has to be reinstalled.

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General :: Check If Ftp Is Installed?

Jul 26, 2010

I found that I have several services running related to ftp

cat /etc/services | grep ftp
ftp-data 20/tcp


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Server :: Can't See Apache's Modules In Webmin

Apr 26, 2010

To make my problem simple to understand I've attached a picture. Basically, in the Webmin>Apache configuration page, where I used to also enable/disable the modules Apache was using (on Ubuntu 8.04) I've noticed now that the option to configure the modules is no more (on Centos 5). So, I'd like to disable and enable some modules but can't, like the mod_python for example which gives me hundreds of errors in the Apache's logs, but cannot.

how to view the Apache modules again in Webmin?

just noticed can't attach images... here's the link to the picture: [URL]

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General :: Check That Dovecot Is Installed Or Not?

Jan 13, 2010

Actually i want my java code to connect to linux sendmail server. Right now i am using gmail pop protocol to connect to gmail server. So now i want to connect to sendmail server using pop and i read that using dovecot you can make sendmail to havepop and imap services. By default it has only SMTP support. So i want to know how can i check that i have dovecot installed or not, or my sendmail has pop or imap enable or not. Means by what command.

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General :: Check If Have Glut.h Installed?

Mar 31, 2011

os: fedora 9how do i check if i have glut.h installed?actually,i tried to run graphics programs in KdevelopC/C++ ,i included the line#include<GL/glut.h>and it shows an error at all functions including glut functions when i compiled it.also i have gone to project->project options->configure options->linker flags->-lglut

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General :: Check For Installed Programs?

Feb 23, 2011

I would like to know if there is other ways of checking what is installed in my RHEL other then using rpm -qa.I realised that some programs like firefox that i dl from the firefox website and unzip to use does not appear in the results from rpm -qa.

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General :: Check If Samba Is Installed Or Not?

Feb 16, 2010

I want to use samba in one of my linux machines so that I can share my directories in linux in windows machine . How do I check in samba is installed or not . I checked in /etc/init.d directory , I expected smbd executables to be there . But I can't find it there . Does it mean that samba in not intstalled there

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Fedora :: Check If Machine Have The Kernel-modules To Mount NTFS?

Dec 14, 2009

how can I check if my machine have the kernel-modules to mount NTFS? Running FC12

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General :: FATAL: Could Not Load /lib/modules/2.6.18-194.17.1.el5.028stab070.7PAE/modules.dep: No Such File Or Directory

Mar 6, 2011

I want set up VPN on my VPS but when i try to turn on tun/tap i see:

:/lib/modules# modprobe tun
FATAL: Could not load /lib/modules/2.6.18-194.17.1.el5.028stab070.7PAE/modules.dep: No such file or directory
os : debian 5
(folder lib/modules is empty)

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Ubuntu :: Check Whether The Hosting Company Has Fsockopen Enabled?

Oct 28, 2010

How to check whether the hosting company has fsockopen enabled?

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Ubuntu :: How To Check Whether The Hosting Company Has Fsockopen Enabled

May 1, 2011

How to check whether the hosting company has fsockopen enabled?

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Debian :: Check When On This Usb Live IPv6 Enabled / Disabled?

Feb 5, 2011

I've installed live usb-hdd using live-helper on my Lenny.
How to check if on this usb live IPv6 is enabled or disabled?

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General :: Check Installed Repositories In Red Hat Server 5?

Jan 13, 2011

when trying to use "yum install skype" i get this line below No Repositories Available to Set Up

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General :: Command To Check Whether Service Installed / Running?

Feb 26, 2010

Is there a unique command ( common to all Linux Distros, Solaris, Windows ) to know whether a service is installed and running on my system or not??

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General :: Check The List Of Devices Installed Using Terminal?

May 21, 2011

I want to know that is there any command by which i can check which type of hardware devices are installed in my Linux box like SVGA,Sound Card,LAN Card.

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General :: Shell Script To Check If Rpms Is Installed Or Not?

May 1, 2010

i have a input text file contain 10 rpms and they are old versions i need a shell script to check if these rpms is installed or not and if the newer version is installed and i need all the results in one output text file contain every rpm and its condition ( the same) or (new )or( not installed)

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CentOS 5 Server :: Apache Segfaults When Php Is Enabled?

Oct 23, 2009

The nagios admin interface apparently needs php (although, of course, the howto mentions nothing of the sort). So then, I copied the php.conf that had at some time been installed on the system, and then moved by me out of /etc/httpd/conf.d, back into conf.d. It's a fairly simple one:

# PHP is an HTML-embedded scripting language which attempts to make it
# easy for developers to write dynamically generated webpages.
LoadModule php5_module modules/


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CentOS 5 Server :: Webmin Doesn't Show Apache Modules?

Apr 26, 2010

this might not be a Centos related issue, but since I'm using Centos I guess it doesn't hurt to ask; I've used Ubuntu before and haven't encountered this. So, I've just installed Centos and Webmin and now I'm trying to configure the server. Problem is that on the Apache configuration page I don't have the option (should be there) to configure the Apache modules. I've attached a file to show where the modules option should (as before) appeared.

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General :: Rc.modules Not Loading Modules At Startup?

May 11, 2010

I've been trying to load my pcmcia network card driver "xirc2ps_cs" at startup with no success. I have added "modprobe xirc2ps_cs" to the rc.modules file but it doesn't load at startup. Curiously, though, if I execute rc.modules AFTER the machine has booted it will load the modules just fine. Just not during the boot up process. Thinking that hotstart might have been causing problems I've disabled hotstart (chmod -x) temporarilly to remove it from the picture, but there was no change.

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General :: Remove Apache And It Worked But Everytime It`s Installed It Comes With The Old Settings

Apr 30, 2010

I wanted to remove apache and it worked but everytime it`s installed it comes with the old settings...and I want the default ones..I don`t know to manage an apache server but i`m learning! I tried these commands and not of then didn`t had any effect:

apt-get remove apache2
aptitude remove apache2
rm -rf /etc/apache2 , rm -rf /var/www
dpkg -P apache2
and of course ... --purge remove apache2

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