General :: Why Are 0 's Escaped In Hexdump

May 10, 2011

I was looking at this file that was padded with 0's in hexdump. I noticed the 0's were escaped so they would be literal 0's. Why is this?

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Ubuntu Security :: Included The Output Of Both "un-escaped" And "escaped" Input To Show The Importance?

Feb 14, 2010

quite some time back, when I was learning about MySQL injections it has sorta been drilled into me to use mysql_real_escape_string when dealing with input from users.[URL]..I'm running a standard LAMP installation, with no alterations to the defaults.

On the site in question, I do have this all set up, however, as part of a tutorial series on FULLTEXT, I've included the output of both "un-escaped" and "escaped" input, to show the importance.


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General :: Hexdump Of First Track Of HDD?

Jun 29, 2011

How would i do a hexdump in Ubuntu for the first track of a HDD? I am looking for a winhex-esque output if that makes sense. The first track has 63 sectors, each 512 bytes long. I tried

dd if=/dev/sda bs=1 count=512 | hexdump -C

but that only gave me what appears to be the MBR, or first sector of the HDD.

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General :: Pass A Variable To A Function That Already Being Escaped?

Jul 28, 2010

What i want to do is create multiple informix sql statements & later run them via a bash script.

Here is what i have so far (this works) but is meant to be run from a cron job so it only does one day at a time:

echo "
update hst`date --date='yesterday' +%m%d%y`
set x = 'GARP'
where y in ('CRE', 'LAC', 'SRL', 'JAG', 'JNM', 'BIM')
and appl = '';


The problem here is it doesnt want to read the variable $x correctly so the statement fails.

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Programming :: Difference Between Hexdump And Objdump?

Aug 15, 2010

I am not clear with difference between hexdump and objdump and coredump. I wrote a small program

main (){
int a=2;
int b=4;
int k=b/a;
int m=9;


Some of the above instructions such as 89 d0 should be present in hexdump. What exactly is the hexdump ,objdump and coredump and what is their importance?

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Software :: Can't Properly Configure Lirc, Hexdump Shows Other Bits Changing

Jul 19, 2010

recently I'm working with one of these... LM-PC001

it works via /dev/input/event4, so I'm using devinput driver for lirc, the thing is, it works flawlessy when lirc is not running, (via linux-input-layer) but I do need to make it work with lirc...

I can make work almost everything using this lircd.conf (incomplete here)

# Please make this file available to others
# by sending it to <>
# this config file was automatically generated


First thing, it doesn't show the header (not a problem really) but as you can see the bits that differ the direction on the axis is the latter ones, and lirc is not taking them into account so both buttons result in the same direction...

Is there a way that i can make lirc take them into account?

also irrecord doesn't work because of the "0x40004" header, all comands, are detected as "0x400004"...

and since it uses devinput driver, mode2 says "This program doesn't work for this hardware yet."

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Programming :: Md5sum Bash Script With Escaped Characters?

Apr 15, 2010

I created a file holding all the md5 values of my files to find duplicates as follows: find /mnt -type f -print0 | xargs -0 md5sum >> ~/home.md5

I then tried to find duplicates and do ls -l on the result in such way: cat ~/home.md5 | awk '{print $1}' | sort | uniq -c | sort -nr | awk '{print $2}' | head -n 10 > ~/top10.md5

Now I attempted to do an ls -l on the files using the command: for i in `cat ~/top10.md5`;do grep $i ~/home.md5 | while read checksum path; do echo "`echo $(printf '%q' "${path}")`" | xargs ls -l; done; done

This works well on most files, however it does not work when filenames have special letters in them that gets escaped such letters with accent etc. These become for examle 303.

Are there any ways I can use the escaped 303 strings with path names, or any better way I can do this?

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Slackware :: Latest Mdadm Hasn't Escaped The Attention Of The Gurus For -current?

Dec 25, 2010

I just wanted to make sure the latest mdadm hasn't escaped the attention of the Slackware gurus for -current. I bet it hasn't I'm basically in the same situation as described here:[URL]...

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Ubuntu :: "locate" Or "updatedb" Be Set To Print File Names With White Space Properly Escaped?

May 23, 2010

Can "locate" or "updatedb" be set to print file names with white space properly escaped? For example, I want it to print, "/home/USER/My Files" and not, "/home/USER/My Files". I've googled around, read the man pages, checked the forum, and I'm still stuck.

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General :: Ubuntu: Tool For Displaying Disk Activity In General And By Process?

Oct 12, 2010

My Ubuntu system is occasionally becoming very sluggish. I'm running many things simultaneously and it's very difficult to tell which program is the culprit.

I suspect that the sluggishness is due to disk activity since the CPU usage is consistently under 50% on each of the 4 cores of the CPU, and over 30% of the 6GB of RAM are free.

Is there a tool that can show me in real time the number of disk IO operations per second and the amount of data read/written per second? Can all this info be broken down and displayed per process?

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General :: Write A Script To Send General Mail To Users At 9AM Everyday In 4?

Mar 3, 2010

I want to write a shell script, so that at 9AM every morning a general will be sent automatically to my network users E-Mail ID. My users are as follows: akhtaruzzaman@a[URL], ariful.[URL] etc.

Below is my little effort:
# !/bin/bash
userlist=`cut -f 1 -d : /etc/passwd`
mail -s "mailbackup" << END

keep mailbackup in another drive daily for security purpose

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General :: Samba File Permissions For Multiple Groups In The Same General Path?

Nov 4, 2009

I'm using my Linux (SLES 10) server as a File Server at this point. I need to set File Permissions to nested folders differently to different groups. For example:

homesharedengineering* should be read only for groupA
homesharedengineeringadmin should be read & write for groupB Plus read only for groupA
homesharedengineeringautocad should be read & write for groupC Plus read only for groupA

I've been using Webmin and Putty to set permissions but Putty only allows me the Default Group, it won't allow me to set several groups on the same directory. Webmin seems to allow me to add multiple groups (Webmin --> Others --> File Manager --> Info & ACL tab will provide extended abilities) but when I add multiple groups, they don't seem to take effect? I'm wondering if my setup at the 'Share' level or at the hierarchy of my folder structure (unix based) needs to be set specifically?

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General :: Will Having A Dual-boot Windows On My Laptop Cause It To Slow Down In General Use

Jun 18, 2011

I have Windows 7 on my Dell Xps laptop, and I want to install Ubuntu or Fedora as a dual-boot. Will that cause my system to slow down?

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General :: Ubuntu / Suse Red Hat Are Developing General Update Tool

Jan 29, 2011

PackageKit is a system designed to make installing and updating software on your computer easier. The primary design goal is to unify all the software graphical tools used in different distributions, and use some of the latest technology like PolicyKit to make the process suck less.

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General :: Windows - Version For General Use + Interface Development?

Jun 6, 2011

II'm a front-end web developer, I've always developed on Windows with technologies like XHTML, CSS, Javascript and Flash, I've dabbled with PHP and MySQL. I am well used to Windows workflows and tools, from Photoshop to Notepad++, Filezilla and WAMP server stacks to After Effects, and a swathe more - but always on Windows.I'm at a point where I think I need to start seriously developing on a Linux box, specifically at the moment to create web apps based on Node.js, but compiling tools and programs has become a task I'm more frequently required to do.

My question? I need to get my hands on a user-friendly install of Linux, but which one? I need common interface developer tools (lists welcome) to replace... well as many tools I have on Windows as possible.I need to be readily connected to the internet, I need OS updates to not destroy my workflow by crashing the OS, as I've seen Ubuntu do to various friends. I want efficiency, I need to be able to customise what I need to in order to perform development tasks.I guess this could be a long list, but - I don't have practical working knowledge of the Linux OS, nor how it "compares" to Windows (excuse my faux pas). I'm obviously willing to learn, but I'm far, far more keen to just... continue interface development, just on Linux instead of Windows.

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General :: Access To Squirrel Main Without A KDE Or General Account?

Jun 27, 2010

A friend of mine helped me set up a server which includes Squirrel Mail.It?s CentOS 5.3.I have a person who would like to access Squirrel Mail at remote sites.My questions is, I can create an account on the server which has KDE and the usual general applications and he would have the remote access Squirrel Mail but he doesn?t need nor does he want to access KDE or anything else on my server. He just want an account so he can use Squirrel Mail.

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General :: Limitations Of GNU General Public Licenses?

Mar 23, 2010

I have the impression that not that many people understand the scope and limitations of GNU General Public License. This is somehow my basic understanding of it. If I take a program covered under the GNU license, first of all I have the right to get the source code. Second, I can modify it at will. Third, I can redistribute it as will too but the new code will necessarily will have the same GNU license. This made me wonder how people actually can charge for software derived from Linux, for instance, Red Hat. Well, my impression is that they really make profit only out of services. In this thread [URL] I think I found a lot of confusion, even from a moderator (not intended to offend). Red Hat is based on Linux and it is necessarily covered under GNU. Somebody probably bought the program from RHE and can make it available at no cost.

Nevertheless, the moderator decided to warn the user. In this article [URL] it says the following:"Our training is not designed to promote vendor lock-in. Though these courses are based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, the source code for [RHEL] is available to the community via the GPL [GNU General Public License]," said Red Hat spokewoman Leigh Day. This thread [URL] shows yet more confused people. Is there is a glitch in this type of license that prevents programs like RHEL to be redistributed for free? Why their license page doesn't mention GNU license? Or the problem is just that people get overwhelmed by this license and are afraid to be penalized and get paralyzed? By the way, RHEL is just the example. The key question is about the license!!

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General :: Start A Daemon As General User?

Sep 9, 2010

I need to allow certain users (who do not have root access) to be able to stop and start specific daemons

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General :: General Impression Of Certain Distros?

Jul 16, 2010

What is the general opinion of the Mandriva and Debian distros? Mainly asking what kind of user you consider the distro to be for (beginners, advanced, total newb, whatever), and whether you think they offer as much to an extremely experienced user as they would to a newb.Those are my two favorite distros, and I really like Mandriva a lot. I'm trying to pick one to stick with throughout, but I'm not really sure if Mandriva is too automated and Windows-user oriented like Ubuntu (I haven't really delved into the deeper aspects of Linux so I have zero experience in this area now). This might sound a little elitist but I don't want to be using Mandriva and just be automatically dismissed as a newb on first impression just because I'm using Mandriva (although admittedly I am a bit of a newb at the moment, I don't plan on staying one).

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General :: Get A General Understanding Put Simply?

Apr 3, 2010

Im trying to get a general understanding put simply.

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General :: General Regarding Available Software?

Jan 9, 2011

Friends i am facing some issue with Linux i want to know how many kinds of file do we have in Linux and what are soft link and hard link mean and the difference. However i want to know also why do we use it in Linux

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General :: How To Run KDM Or GDM Over Ssh

Mar 27, 2010

I have a computer on LAN running ssh. I can normally tunnel the GUI application usingssh computer-name -X program-nameBut I wam my full desktop to be running on a remote computer using ssh so that I can just use that computer remotely like a local desktop. For this I think I will need to run KDM (or GDM ) remotely, what configuration do I need to do to make this happen?

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General :: IE Tab 2 Vs IE Tab Plus

Jun 15, 2010

I'm wonder what the differences are, especially as it pertains to SharePoint. Why should I pick one over the other or does it matter? Also are there any Linux browser solutions for SharePoint, besides Wine + IE 6.

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General :: Using Old PC As NAS?

Aug 5, 2010

I have extra P4 PC (Dell Dimension 2400). And I would like to use this PC as NAS. What is the best way to make NAS from a PC.

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General :: Tar-ing / Should Use -C / .or Just /

Jun 7, 2011

tar cvf backup.tar -C / / # or tar cvf backup.tar /

produces an archive like etc/ and gives warnings

On the other hand produces an archive like

And gives no warnings. I got the last one from a Debian tutorial.

Which is best for a system backup, do they work exactly the same?

Is there no difference between tar -tvh producing

And tar -tvh producing

From an archive

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General :: Cannot Get Into Dir?

Jul 23, 2010

At this dir /lib/modules/2.6.18-164.el5PAE/ have dir on the name build, if i use the command "DIR" i can see the it there but when i try to cd into this dir it's say " No such file or directory" i Need this dir cause i want to run vmware and it's the c header / kernel dir

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General :: Whose Bug Is It Anyway?

Jul 28, 2010

I'm not sure to whom I should report certain bugs, to the program developers, or to the WM developers. More confusion if plugins are involved.Flash, in opera, behaves quite bad on openbox, but in fluxbox it's substantially better (usable). I don't know about KDE or GNOME. So, whose bug is it, openbox', opera's or flash's?Conversely, chrome's and chromium's flash will behave badly on fluxbox (and somewhat similarly to flash's problems on opera under openbox!), but almost perfectly on openbox, it will just "go crazy" sometimes playing videos, but all you need to do is to kill flash (just flash) and reload the page, or even open and close the part where flash would be shown (like individual items on google reader), and it will work normally again. This case isn't much of a problem of bug "ownership" because fluxbox is, sadly, discontinued, as far as I know.

The develpment version of gimp, 2.7, again, behaves somewhat strangely with openbox, regarding window management, while gimp 2.6 was normal as 2.7 is in fluxbox. Gimp's or openbox' bug?

At some point specific distributions may have something to do with the bugs too, I was forgetting that point.Would be interesting if there were a sort of "unified" bug report place, where developers from all the involved software could decide whose "fault" it is and exchange the bits of information they may have on how to solve it universally. I think that otherwise, bugs being solved more independently, could produce collateral bugs somewhere else, I guess. Like using an hypothetical fluxbox' fix for opera's flash problems on openbox culminating in the problems that chrome has with flash on fluxbox. But hopefully developers have something more or less organized to deal with this sort of contingencies, I can't be the first person to think of that, but still, I'd like to know whom to report the bugs to in this sort of situation. "Everyone" involved? Well, at least the main suspects I guess, as I hardly can track the cause of a problem to some obscure library that is at some point used by some program or WM.

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General :: SSH Using The Same Key?

Sep 13, 2010

I SSH into a server from my windows partition using putty. The connection requires a private key that is in my widows partition. This all works fine.

Now, How can I do same from my linux partition? Can I copy the key to my linux partition somewhere so I can connect from my linux partition as well? Or do I need to setup separate public/private key for my linux partition?

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General :: CPU% In Top ?

Sep 11, 2010

In output of a top utility, why summation of CPU% is much greater than 100%?

I have RHEL 5.2 with two processors.


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General :: Possible To Have Both KDE 3.5 And KDE 4?

Sep 30, 2010

it is possible to have both KDE 4 (which is installed now with Mandriva 2010) and KDE 3.5 (which I would like to have as well) either together, or replace 4? I like the look of KDE 3.5 better than 4 is why I ask.

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