General :: View A List Of Network Adapters?

Aug 8, 2010

How can I view a list of network adapters?

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Ubuntu :: List Of Wireless Routers And Usb Adapters Floating Around Here?

Oct 18, 2010

Is there a list of wireless routers and wireless usb adapters floating around here? I want to find a router and usb adapters that are ready to go right out of the box to set up wireless at my house.

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General :: View List Of Updated Packages After Apt-upgrade On Debian-based Systems?

May 15, 2010

I just did an update on my Debian system and it was very long. I'd like to know now, after the upgrades have already been applied, which packages were upgraded and which were not.

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Fedora Networking :: Connect Pc To Other Over My Network Adapters?

Sep 15, 2009

I'm trying to connect my fedora 11 computer to a kubuntu9 computer over a cross wired network cable so i can share files, Internet and printers i dont want to use a router or wifi
what rpm's do i need to install can someone guide me through it

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Ubuntu Networking :: 1 Switch For 2 Wireless Network Adapters

Oct 13, 2010

I am using 2 wireless network adaptors,one intel 5300 AGN (driver iwlagn)and the other one smc ezconnect ( driver zd1211rw), a usb adaptor The intel 5300 AGN has a hardware switch.

However, everytime i turn off the hardware switch of intel 5300 AGN, the smc ezconnect adaptor is turned off too. How to I prevent this(how to make 2 switch for 2 adaptors?)

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General :: View CD Shortcut Link / List Link Name By Using Any Command?

Jun 8, 2010

Whenever we insert CD,it creates a shortcut link in desktop.Can we list this link name by using any command? I am using Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.0.

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General :: Cant View Windows Network From Mint?

Feb 21, 2010

I am seeing the MSHOME icon which my windows network workgroup is on, when i double click on it and its asking me for a username, domain and password. I dont use a username or password to log into any of my computers and the domain im not sure what to enter into this field it populates with WORKGROUP

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Ubuntu :: How To View Grub Boot List

Aug 7, 2010

With Ubuntu 10.04 im having trouble viewing the boot
menu.Where would I find that? Also ,without asking the forum this question, where would I find that info?

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Ubuntu :: How To Display Desktop In List View

Jun 8, 2011

Is there any way I can get my desktop to display the items on it in list view? I've spent a good part of a day doing google searches and reading thread after thread on this subject and I've tried all kinds of suggested ways of accomplishing it but as of yet I haven't had any success. I just switched to ubuntu from windows and I was able to do this in windows with a program that loaded at startup. Seeing as how linux is infinitely more customizable than windows I would assume this would be easy to do but I'm having no luck. Here's what my desktop looked like in windows, I'd like to make the icons display the same in ubuntu: [URL]

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Ubuntu :: Drag Select From List View?

Jul 8, 2011

I have a cluttered documents folder with hundreds of html documents. and some other stuff. So I went to list view, sorted that view by clicking on the type tab, then tried to drag the cursor over all the html items to select them, and NADA. couldn't do it. Is that a feature I have to enable?
I can do icon view drag and select, and yes, I could do it from the terminal with
mv $PWD/Documents/*.html $PWD/Documents/BrokenSites
But It seems this is like a pretty basic feature which doesn't work.
So Is this something I can enable? Is it launchpad where one can recommend / vote for improvements?

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Ubuntu :: View A List Of Installed Applications In The Terminal ?

Oct 15, 2010

How do I view a list of installed applications in the terminal?

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Ubuntu :: Nautilus 2.32.0 - List View / Set Default Columns

Dec 20, 2010

I like view file listings in Nautilus in the List View. By default the "Location" column is not visible and I have to set it to visible through "View -> Visible Columns" each time. Is there anyway to make the change permanent?

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Ubuntu :: Change View Back To LIST / But It Still Hangs Up

Jan 3, 2011

I did an adjustment or two, and then it has been just been hanging up using 100% CPU when it is loaded. When an application uses it to save a document, it does not hang.I created a Templates folder and assigned it with the user-dirs.I then changed the view of that particular directory from LIST to ICONS.And then it started to hang up.Somehow I was able to change the view back to LIST, but it still hangs up.

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Ubuntu :: 10.10 - Cannot Apply Default File List View

Dec 9, 2010

Some people love icons, but not me. I prefer the file list view. I have stumbled around Ubuntu 10.10 trying to find where to set this preference, but have had no success so far. In windows, you would set the preferred view and then apply to all folders. Ubuntu does not follow this paradigm, and indeed, why should it? I have searched the preferences in Ubuntu, and did a global search f this site for related topics. I know you have to be able to do this, I just don't know how. This is the type of topic I will probably kick myself for when someone shows me how easy it is to do. If you don't know how to do it though, it is still black magic.

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Ubuntu :: View List Of All Packages Of An Installed Software?

May 12, 2011

I want to see all packages of a software in Ubuntu.

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Ubuntu :: Change Icon Size In Nautilus List View?

Mar 16, 2010

Just wondering if it's possible to change the size of icons when Nautilus is in List View. I tried playing around with gtk-icon-sizes in the gtkrc file of my theme, but there doesn't seem to be a setting for it there. I could just zoom in/out, but when I have the icons the size I want them to be, the text is too small (see attachment).

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Ubuntu :: Custom List In Tree View Mode In Nautilus

Jul 18, 2010

So I've been trying to get my windows C: and D: partitions (mounted to /windows/C and /windows/D respectively) to show along side "Filesystem" and "Home Folder" in tree view on the left panel in Nautilus.

I know I can drag and drop any folder under the Places view mode, but I never use Places and prefer Tree view mode.

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Ubuntu :: Hide List View Expand/contract Icons?

Feb 7, 2011

in my quest to reduce chrome and padding in Nautilus, I've come across something I can't seem to find on my own. I know there are 3 basic views - icons, list, and compact - and I prefer list; however, on the left of the list view, there is a 20-25px or so (depending on theme of course) of margin/padding/space on the left - reserved for the + or - or arrows indicating a folder can be expanded inline.

I would simply like to remove this space (and the cooresponding +/- icons). I realize this will relinquish my ability to expand folders inline - which is fine with me, I don't use the feature much anyway.I can probably surmise where the actual icons live, reverse engineering a theme or what have you... but I'm guessing that still won't change that space.

is there any way to get a more "vanilla" list view?UPDATE: while I don't think specs really matter to this question, here's what I'm running anyway:Ubuntu 10.10, 32bit in Gnome (default for that Ubu version) using mostly stock Nautilus besides it being the Elementary build (hidden menubar and such).

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Ubuntu :: Possibility To Have Custom Background/emblem In List View Of Nautilus?

Aug 25, 2010

I'm just curious as to if anybody has figured out a way to hack the ability to add a background and/or pattern for Nautilus while in List view. As it stands now, it won't work while in List view. Sadly, that's the only view I ever use, and so I always have the boring white background. I would love a brushed metal look or something.

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Ubuntu :: Move A File To A Nautilus Window With Folders In List View?

Nov 23, 2010

I don't know if this is a known issue, but when I want to copy/move a file to a folder containing lots of sub-folder displayed as list, I can't do a simple drag&drop, because there is no empty space to move this file. It will always go into one of the sub-folders. So obviously I have to go up one folder or to change view from list to Icon or Compact. Is it a known issue? Is there a solution? (Using GNOME nautilus 2.30.1)

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Ubuntu :: Change The Default File Browser View From Icons To List?

Jul 13, 2009

Is there a way to change the default File Browser View from Icons to List?

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General :: Bonding Two WiFi Adapters Into Single Connection?

Nov 3, 2010

I saw a network once that used bonding (some people called it "port trunking") to combine two network cards into a single connection to get twice the bandwidth. I have a slow Wifi network with not so great reception. I actually have two spare WiFi cards and want to try to bond them so I can get a faster intranet (not internet). Has anyone successfully bonded two WiFi cards and had pleasant results? Is there an easier way to get better bandwidth with two cards? My router and my remote machine are both running Linux.

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General :: Could Not Read Network Connection List

May 30, 2010

I recently (like yesterday) decided to put linux on my laptop because I'm annoyed with windows. However after formatting my hard drive I seem to have an error message at the same point in windows xp and linux when attempting to log on. I have abandoned windows completely and intend to only run Linux on my laptop however after I type my password the following message pops up:

There was an error setting up inter-process communications for KDE. The message returned by the system was:

Could not read network connection list.

/home/jtb360/.DCOPserver_Josh Laptop__0

Please check that the "dcopserver" program is running!

I have attempted to delete the only dcopserver file I can find and ran some suggested commands at the command prompt (I haven't used one since Windows 3.1) to remove an ICE file in hopes that it would recreate the file and run properly after reboot and neither effort prevailed. My next step is dropping it from escalating heights until it either works or dies.

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General :: Upgrade Causes Wireless Not To Be On Network List?

Nov 14, 2009

When I install Ubuntu 9.04 the wireless works fine on my Toshiba Satellite. However, when I let the update manager update to the newest things the wireless doesn't even show up as a choice, as if the wireless card isn't installed. The drop down menu from the network icon only has wired on the list and I can't seem to find anywhere to set the wireless as existing. The same thing happens when I install a new version of Ubuntu 9.10. It just doesn't seem to be there. If anyone knows why this is or how I can fix it it would be greatly appreciated. If you need any more info from me just let me know.

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OpenSUSE Network :: View Of The Network Manager In System Tray?

May 21, 2011

openSUSE 11.4 | SUSE Linux | Beginner's guide to multimedia codecs MP3 DVD 3D nvidia ati wireless wi-fi netbookplease see the second image under wireless driver installation in above is a image of a network manager when we clicked the network manager icon in system tray.but i am not getting the like that.if i click that icon i will see only a small window only with enable networking,enable wireless and manage connections to get a detailed windows like that in the image.

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General :: Ubuntu: Failure To Login With Multiple Video Adapters?

May 10, 2010

I have a computer with three video cards and six monitors. Works great on Windows. Trying to get it to run Ubuntu 10.4 as well. It loads fine when I have it configured to run on one adapter; detects both screens, runs ok. But I want to turn the other 4 monitors on and run the whole thing as one extended desktop (one session, etc). So I downloaded and installed the newest ATI driver for Linux, which seems to work, kinda. I ran this to set up the screens:

aticonfig --adapter=all --initial -f Now when I boot, Ubuntu seems to turn on all the screens (3 viewports, each with two cloned displays from what I can tell). When I enter my login info OR move the mouse off the main screen, the screens freeze and the kbd/ms become unresponsive.


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General :: List Only The Device Names Of All Available Network Interfaces?

Oct 25, 2010

I want to get a list of all available Network-Device Names on my Linux server. I figured that

netstat -a

would do the job, however netstat produces quite much output:

eth0 Link encap:Ethernet Hardware Adresse 08:00:27:fc:5c:98
inet Adresse: Bcast: Maske:
inet6-Adresse: fe80::a00:27ff:fefc:5c98/64 Gültigkeitsbereich:Verbindung


I assume that this can be done by a combination of "cat", "sed" and "grep", but I have simply no clue of how to strip the uneccessary information.

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General :: List All Files In A Windows SMB Network Share?

May 31, 2011

Given a single SMB network share (for example, \server\SHARED_FOLDER), I want to recursively list all the files, including those in the subdirectories (like find(1)).

I would prefer to do it in Linux, but I also accept Windows answers.

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General :: List Of Interesting Software / Web / Network / Programming

Mar 1, 2011

This is a list of softwares that I use regularly. Some are OSS and free. Some are not. Just figured I'd share it, even though its primarily for me.

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Networking :: Can't View List Of Shares In Nautilus But Can Browse Shares Directly?

Dec 11, 2008

I run opensuse 11 at work. I'm trying to see the list of shares on a "server" that is running windows server 2000. If I try smb://server, it doesn't show any shares, but I can browse directly to it such as smb://server/share1. If I use smbclient, it returns the list of shares correctly. I guess I just don't understand why smbclient shows the list of shared folders, but nautilus cannot.

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