General :: Usb Sound Card Won't Make Sound When I Put Headphones In It In Alsamixer / Fix It?

May 12, 2011

My usb sound card has been identified by alsamixer, however it won't make any sound when i put headphones in it. The volume is up, I know the sound card works.

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Fedora :: No Sound On Front Panel And Headphones Are Greyed Out In Alsamixer

Mar 25, 2011

I have small sound issue - no sound on front panel and headphones are greyed out in alsamixer. This issue appeared after i installed new video card (New video card also adds a pseudo audio device "HDA Nvidia" (without any controls in alsamixer).

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Fedora Hardware :: Sound Card - Audio Output From Both Computer And Headphones

Oct 1, 2010

I have installed Fedora 13 on my laptop, but there is something wrong with the sound。It just comes from both the computer and the headphone. I have installed alsa, you can see as follows:

[PDS@localhost ~]$ rpm -qa | grep alsa

Here are the screenshot of the sound preferences.

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CentOS 5 Hardware :: Sound Card Not Detected On Boot When USB Headphones Plugged In?

Mar 23, 2010

If I boot CentOS (5, up to date) without my USB headphones are plugged in, all sound output goes to the sound card. But if I have the headphones plugged in when I boot, all output goes to them, and the sound card does not seem to be recognised at all.

Is there any way I can force the sound card to be recognised, and chosen as the default device, when booting with the headphones plugged in? If I have booted with the headphones plugged in, and then I unplug them, go into System|Preferences|Sound, and press the Test button with sound playback set to autodetect, I get a dialog with the message: audiotestsrc wave=sine freq=512 ! audioconvert ! audioresample ! gconfaudiosink: Could not open audio device for playback.

Then I started System|Administration|Soundcard detection, and it detected both Intel and Radeon sound cards, but its test button did not produce any sound for either. I moved the Intel device to the top of the list in the Settings tab, and then ran "Reload audio drivers" in the System tab. I got an error message saying I needed to reboot, but I didn't. At this point, the test buttons in the Sound test tab, and in System|Preferences|Sound started working OK. Do I have to go through this rigmarole every time I boot with the headphones plugged in?

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General :: Ubuntu - Make Detect Sound Card?

Aug 6, 2010

I installed a sound card but when I go to System->Preferences->Sound and go to Hardware it's not showing anything at all. If I boot from the Live CD then it will show the card and it works. How can I make my Linux installation detect this card? I was thinking that I could somehow copy the necessary files from the Live CD to make this work, but maybe there's an easier way.

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General :: Alsamixer Does Not Change Sound Volume

Jul 14, 2011

alsamixer doesn't change the real sound volume of my USB sound card (though the dials move okay)

# uname -a
Linux RPN #1 SMP Tue Jun 7 07:23:01 EDT 2011 i686 GNU/Linux
# cat /proc/asound/version
Advanced Linux Sound Architecture Driver Version 1.0.18rc3.


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General :: Run Alsamixer To Unmute Sound After Reboot?

Jan 12, 2011

sound on laptop running linux mint 9 isadora after restarting or if computer is idle. when the computer is idle for a while the sound will stop working even though it doesn't show muted. after restarting i have to run alsamixer and the master tab will be muted. i can unmute and it will work until the computer sits idle for a while.

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Ubuntu :: No Sound On Headphones And No Sound Control On Keyboard

Oct 15, 2010

I have sound on my main speakers and I can control volume from the desktop's icon tray volume control on the screen.However, my headphones were working just fine until all of a sudden they just stopped working. I tried other headphones but no change.Also, my volume control on my keyboard suddenly stopped working too.Any ideas how I can get the headphones and keyboard volume control working again?

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: Sound With New Sound Card - Web Browser Is Unable To Play Any Sound

Mar 24, 2010

After installing an external sound card, Im having some weird issues. The cards chipset is fully supported by suse, (CM8738) so I dont think thats the problem. Besides, I'm getting sound, but not in some applications. The system's sounds work just fine (login, logout themes) amarok plays without any problems, kaffeine, mplayer they all work flawlessly, in fact I can see the difference in quality between the onboard sound and my new card. However, no web browser is able to play any sound at all, firefox, opera or chrome, nothing,zip. Plus, vlc cant reproduce sound either, nor can smplayer.

I've tried switching channels on and off(muting)in kmixer and in alsamixer, on the console, with no results. I disabled the onboard audio on the bios before installing the new card, however my ati video card has integrated sound, which I cant disable.... I used to get this exact same problem randomly with the onboard sound, but I just had to go to kmixer and turn up the "pcm" channel volume, which was set to 0, and I had sound again on my browser. However this card's pcm channel is at max and turning it up or down affects the whole systems volume, not just the browser's. Is it better to just reinstall the sound system, if so how could I do that.

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General :: No Sound, Alsamixer Under Unprivileged User Does Not Work?

Mar 16, 2010

user$ lspci -v | grep -i audio
00:1f.5 Multimedia audio controller: Intel Corporation 82801DB/DBL/DBM (ICH4/ICH4-L/ICH4-M)


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Software :: No Sound With Diamond Xtreme Sound 5.1 Sound Card - PCI Port?

Jul 28, 2009

I bought a Diamond Xtreme Sound 5.1 sound card because I had read online that this card was a good choice with Linux and came with universal driver software. I installed the hardware correctly (as it works with WinXP) but I'm not able to get it working with Ubuntu.

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General :: XEN - Can't Use Sound Card And Windows Is Unable To Find Any Sound Hardware

Aug 17, 2010

sound card is working well inside SuSE and everything is ok there. But when I install Windows 7 or XP inside Xen Virtualization software, I can't use sound card and Windows is unable to find any sound hardware.

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General :: Sound Card Apparently Installed But Sound Doesnt Work

Jun 16, 2010

trying to get everything set up in Debian lenny on my new Toshiba staellite L500. I have successfully installed the wireless drivers and graphics card and have them both up and running. But I'm having trouble with the sound card. Specifically, it appears to be installed but I cant get any sound or any devices related to sound (speakers, volume control, alsamixer) to work at all.

this is my kernel:

uname -r

and this is the result of lspci:

00:00.0 Host bridge: Intel Corporation Device 0044 (rev 02)
00:01.0 PCI bridge: Intel Corporation Device 0045 (rev 02)
00:16.0 Communication controller: Intel Corporation Ibex Peak HECI Controller (rev 06)


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General :: Getting Sound To Application From Sound Card Line-in/microphone?

May 7, 2010

I'm trying to use an application (e.g., mplayer) to play sound that comes in my sound card (via the mic jack). (What I'm really trying to do is sync a sports broadcast by putting a delay on AM audio, as described here. I'm stuck at the part where it says "this shouldn't be too difficult".) I've seen some hints that there might be code-heavy solutions using LADSPA or some JACK SDK, but there's just gotta be a simpler way. I'm hoping for something like


mplayer -delay -7 - < /dev/mic

but I'm darned if I can find it. I'm sure there are plenty of other sports fans who would find this useful for syncing radio with the digital TV feed...

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Ubuntu :: Sound Comes From Both The Speakers AND Headphones When Plugged Headphones Into Computer

Apr 5, 2010

when my headphones are plugged into my computer, the sound comes from both the speakers AND the headphones. I just want the sound from the headphones if they are plugged in.

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Ubuntu :: Sound Playing Through Both Headphones And Speakers When Headphones Plugged In?

Nov 3, 2010

I'm having an issue with my computer and the headphones. When I plug in the headphones into the headphone jack, the sound plays through the headphones but it also plays through the speakers as well at the same time. I've attempted to play around with the sound settings to see if I can get this issue resolved but I have not been able too. Computer specifications are in my signature.

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General :: No Speaker Sound In Lucid / Headphones Work Ok

Oct 2, 2010

I have bought a laptop 2 months ago with pre installed windows7 and installed Ubuntu 10.04 64bit but still didnt get sound from the speakers. With headphones everything is OK . I have unmuted everything and searched forums but nothing so far. In windows I get speaker sound so it is not hardware problem. In alsamixer it appears I have 2 soundcards, one HDA -intel (chip Realtek ALC272) and a second one HDA nvidia ( a virtual one propably from my nvidia VGA ) that lacks controls . With lspci -v , it appears both use the same driver :Kernel driver in use: HDA IKernel modules: snd-hda-intel . Tried to disable the first one from bios but it didnt help I also tried sound adjustment in preferences -> sound and gnome-alsamixer, nothing.From gnome alsamixer, when I mute speakers, the headphones also get mute so may be the system doesnt recognize speakers and headphones separately? May be it has to do with config files but my linux knowledge is low.

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Slackware :: Alsamixer Fails But Kde Sound Ok 13?

Feb 24, 2010

on ecs gf8100vm-m5 motherboards (which have gf8200 chipset) hardware is detected ok. result from lspi|grep Audio gives

00:07.0 Audio device: nVidia Corporation MCP72XE/MCP72P/MCP78U/MCP78S High Definition Audio (rev a1)


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General :: Installing Sound Drivers For Rhel5 - Not Getting Any Voice In My Headphones

Feb 6, 2011

I have installed vlc player on my system using wine. In the task bar, the volume control is working fine and songs also get played in the vlc player.But i am not getting any voice in my headphones.

Following i am giving the results of few commands, which can help you people in giving me the best decision



lsmod | grep snd


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Ubuntu :: Make Sound Card Recognized By Alsa?

Oct 9, 2010

make sound card recognized by alsa?

Code: !!Sound Servers on this system !!
Installed - Yes (/usr/bin/pulseaudio)
Running - Yes
ESound Daemon:
Installed - Yes (/usr/bin/esd)
Running - No


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General :: Sound Plays On Headphones And Speakers With Lenovo ThinkPad - Ubuntu 10

Aug 12, 2010

The only thing really missing from this install is this issue with the sound. I've searched all over the forums and i found one thing where you get the model and codecs and write them to a file, however, I can't seem to find what my "model" is because none of the postings have anything about Lenovo laptops. Here is the command they all asked for:


With that info, how do I get the model, and how do I get my speakers to stop playing when headphones are plugged in. Also, I don't have any software installed like pulse audio either, so it's not that.

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General :: Ubuntu - Both The Speakers And The Headphones Keep Playing The Sound With Headphone Plugged In

Aug 24, 2010

Both the speakers and the headphones keep playing the sound with headphone plugged in.

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General :: Sound Heard In External Headphones / But Not In Internal Speakers Of Laptop

Aug 20, 2010

I am new to fedora 13. My problem is that I can not hear any sound from my laptop's internal speakers (that works f9 in windows--so no h/w probs!) but when I connect external headphones, everything is heard.I have tried several commands from various internet sources since past one week. I don't understand many of the commands that I have run, but that has somehow helped me to run media files and hear sound on HEADPHONES.

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Make Flash Use Correct Sound Card

Nov 8, 2010

Had a well working sound system until I bought a USB webcam with microphone. Sound still works well except with flash. As mentioned here my problem is making flash use my normal sound card instead of the USB webcam microphone.

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Debian Multimedia :: Sound Volume Low Despite Alsamixer At 100 Percent

Aug 1, 2010

I've got a Toshiba L650, Debian testing/unstable, KDE4.4.5. The sound worked when I first installed everything (played a movie in dragon player, etc), but shortly thereafter it stopped working. It seems like the hardware is okay (all hardware is recognized, all relevant modules loaded, volume in alsamixer at 100%, the system beep -- set in the BIOS -- works), but I still can't get sound to play. Once or twice, right before KDE shutdown, I could hear the exit sound, but that's it. Last night I exited KDE (without hearing a sound), shutdown kdm, then:

mv $HOME $HOME.backup
mkdir $HOME
and restarted kdm and kde...still no sound! I created another user, and still no sound!

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Software To Amplify Sound (not Alsamixer)?

May 30, 2010

At Ubuntu 10.04, I amplified sound maximally using alsamixer and volume icon on the menu bar but I want to amplify further.

VLC can amplify sound upto 400% but only inside VLC.

Are there any such program to amplify sound in general at Ubuntu 10.04?

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Ubuntu :: Can't Hear Sound On Speakers - Can Hear Sound On Headphones

May 27, 2010

I can't hear the music playing on my speakers, BUT i can hear the music playing in my headphones when i insert my headphones jack.

I have tried configuring aslamixer, tried configuring the sound devices but nothing seems to work. i have also installed a lot of music players such as asla player, audacity and so on. i also tried configuring the aslamixer from the terminal but it did's work as well.

I must add that i have linux ubuntu netbook remix 9.10 i386 installed and windows xp home edition sp3. In windows, i have no problem playing any sound. (I am new to linux <2 days> but very experimented with windows <17 years>).

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Software :: No Midi Playback / Cannot Make EMU10k1 Based Sound Card?

Oct 16, 2010

Here's the problem of mine: I cannot make my EMU10k1 based sound card (Audigy 2 ZS) to play midi.

What I tried to make it work so far:
1. Install sound fonts: unison.sf2 and FluidR3_GS.sf2
2. Use asfxload to load these soundfonts.
3. Check if they are truly loaded:

user@computer: cat /proc/asound/card0/wavetableD1
Device: Emu10k1
Ports: 4
Addresses: 17:0 17:1 17:2 17:3

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Unable To Hear Any Sound At All Using M-audio Delta 44 Sound-card

Jan 3, 2010

I am unable to hear any sound at all using my M-audio delta 44 soundcard (which works fine in Windows - Dual boot).how I can get this working?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: No Sound Coming From Creative Labs XiFi Sound Card

Dec 20, 2010

I have been using Ubuntu as my main OS on my desktops for a couple of years now. Started off with a HP with a Creative Labs XiFi soundcard, but am now using a Dell with a Creative Labs Audigy. Sound worked perfectly on the Dell since a clean install (about 7 months ago). I turned it on a week or so ago, and no sound! Even the little sound indicator in the notification area has gone.

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