General :: Upgrade To 10.04 Opt Drives Fail To Play Or Show Audio Cds On The Desktop?

Aug 6, 2010

First my setup: Hardware Genuine AMD Athlon - 512 mg Mem - Nvida card & latest drivers - 80gb & 40gb drives - dvd read only & cdrw.

OS: Ubuntu 10.04 - tried standard desktop then the alt version now back to standard desktop.

Problem: Both optical drives recognise data disks and show them on the desktop. The dvd drive recognises any dvd and not only shows it on the desktop but also flashes up a requester box asking me which program I would like to use to play it. Nothing happens when I insert a music cd in either drive. Rhythm Box Music Player does not show a music cd available to play but does however show my iTouch when I connect it via usb. Btw iTouch is shown on the desktop when connected. What have I done: Fstab had no entries for either drive so I've researched and entered a line for each.The dvd fs is entered as iso9660,udf. The cdrw is using "proc" as a file system as it's the only thing that will show as mounted in Mtab. All else fails. Both drives show up in System/Administration/Disk Utility (irrespective of Fstab entries), therefore the system can see them. Also investigating through the Terminal shows both drives. how to listen to music cds on ubuntu 10.04. I wish to save my music then upload the same to my iTouch. It all worked so well in 8.04.

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Fedora :: 11 Multimedia - Video Players Doesn't Play Video - Show Only Black Window And Play Audio

Aug 23, 2009

To get multimedia working, or explain what I'm doing wrong.

The problem is that none of the video players doesn't play video, they show only black window and play audio.

I have Fedora 11 Leonidas, fully up-to-date.

I have installed rpmfusion and livna repository.

I have installed following packages:

When I try to play video with totem, it doesn't output any error, but just doesn't play video.
with mplayer:

xine and kaffeine just say:


I tried several different files, which works perfectly in windows and ubuntu.

I installed windows binary codecs for mplayer to /usr/lib/codec/

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Audio Choppy - Can't Play Any Audio With Amarok When Desktop Effects Are Enabled

Jun 7, 2011

to start off, i'll post the specs of the machine:

dell inspiron e1505
3.2 gb ram
1.86 ghz intel core duo
ati x1400 gfx
opensuse 11.4 kde 32 bit.

okay, here are the details: can't play any audio with amarok when desktop effects are enabled because the minute a window is moved, it will distort the audio. even when disabling desktop effects, some applications still cause this. can't play videos videos even with desktop effects disabled because of the same reason.

i just switched from ubuntu and when i ran version 11.04, i had to disable kms to do anything. i tried on opensuse 11.4 and the audio was flawless but the gfx went all to hell.

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Software :: Play An Audio File The Seek Bar Advances To Show The Progress?

Jan 2, 2010

I am having a problem in Amarok. Recently I am using the following version of the software:

Code:Amarok Version 2.2.0 Using KDE 4.3.2 (KDE 4.3.2) The problem is that the seek bar is not working.Whenever I play an audio file the seek bar advances to show the progress. However, when i try to drive that seek bar manually with my mouse there is no effect. As i result I can't go to the desired position as I want.

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Ubuntu :: Drives Don't Show Up On Desktop / Sort It?

Jun 4, 2010

Just wondering if it is a distro thing or what.
I still can access them from the Places menu but how can I add them back to the desktop when I plug them in or pop in the disk?

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Ubuntu :: Show External Drives On Desktop?

Sep 10, 2010

Is it possible to show only mounted external volumes on the desktop. I try the method of uncheck /app/nautilus/desktop/volumes_visible. But it hides both internal and external disk.

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General :: Can't Play Audio CD

Jun 9, 2010

When I try to play an audio CD, both VLC and mplayer complain that it can't open "cdda://".

I made sure that I'm a member of the "optical" group, but still nothing.

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General :: Is Version 2.3.4 Of Juk Able To Play Audio CD?

Feb 15, 2010

Is version 2.3.4 of juk able to play audio CD? Its full path in my distribution is /usr/bin/juk. I would gladly receive any piece of information on that matter.

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General :: Slackware 13 Can't Play Some Audio

Jul 4, 2010

I recently upgraded to slackware 13, and I discovered that the only things I can do audio wise is play audio CD's and adjust mixer volumes. I have a DELL C600 with a Maestro 3i soundcard. I am able to use the laptops advanced volume controls and I even played with the builtin KDE4 mixer over and over again. I have also unloaded and reloaded drivers. Is there a step I am missing? I even tried to test a wave file with "aplay", and that program locks up until I hit ctrl+c.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Error - Audio Codec Missing And Doesn't Play The Audio

Jan 30, 2011

I want to listen to this audio file: [URL] but my real player gold desn play it, it says that there is a codec 28_8 missing, I go to relaplayer page, download the last release available for linux systems, but the message is the same : audio codec missing and doesn't play the audio.

I havev tried to play the audio with smplayer (not luck), vlc can play the audio but the pause button doesn't work so I have to listen the entire audio all the time I stop it playing. Is there any audio player capable od reproducing in the proper way this audio in ubuntu? No one of my video players totem, smplayer, realplayer or vlc are capable of playing this video: [URL]

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General :: Can't Play Audio/video In Fedora?

Aug 14, 2010

i am a newbie in Linux. i have installed fedora 10.. whenever i try to play audio/video files in totem, it says additional plugins are required..MPEGAV-1MPEGAV-2is missing.

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General :: Video And Audio Don't Play In Firefox On 10.04?

Oct 26, 2010

A week ago I used Update Manager to update Xubuntu from 8 to 10.04. Update manager completed properly. However audio stopped working in firefox but video worked ok. Using other audio players like banshee worked fine. Worse, Firefox ran slow as molasses. I tried re-installing (using Synaptic Package Manager) the Adobe Flash Plug-in in Firefox. No change. I tried re-installing Firefox. No change. Yesterday I used update manager and got about 40 updates, including updates to firefox and linux. After these updates, Firefox sped up nicely but now the video and audio are both blocked.

Update: subsequently I abandoned Xubuntu and installed Ubuntu 10.10. Adobe Flash is properly installed and audio works fine in the audio player and video player but not in Firefox. Tried installing Chromium and Midori and each browser has same problem - no audio. My sound icon is properly set to output connector -> analogue output. The version of firefox is 3.8, and that version works fine in Windows.

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Ubuntu :: After Upgrade To Lynx None Of Of External Drives Cd Drive Or Flash Drives Are Pick?

May 9, 2010

upgraded from karmic through update managerANDnone of of my external drives cd drive or flash drives are picked upad to go back to karmic and will remain there for a whil

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General :: Cannot Play Video Or Audio File In Ubuntu?

Jan 18, 2011

When I play any video/audio file in ubuntu i get the error"An error ocurred.The playback of this movie requires a MPEG-4 AAC decoder plugin which is not installed.The playback of this movie requires a H.264 decoder plugin which is not installed."I have'nt installed any audio video player software.. i was playing the file with the default inbuilt player.

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Debian :: Fail To Mount NTFS Drives?

Jul 22, 2010

i am a new user to linux, i installed debian on dual boot with windows 7but now i am unable to access the ntfs drives used by windows originally from the debian OSi am wondering what could be the problem and how can i solve it

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General :: Mounted Drives On Kde Desktop

Mar 10, 2010

I recently installed kde using

apt-get install kubuntu-desktop
and I love it. However, in GNOME, it shows all the usb drives and cds you have in on the desktop. The kde desktop doesn't do this, and I'm wondering if there's a way to make it so. I googled around, but couldn't find anything.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: DVDs Fail To Play?

Dec 29, 2010

I am new to Linux, when trying to play a DVD movie on computer through MOvie Player I get the following error:

An Error Occured:

Can not read from source!

The movies will not play with VLC or SMC player either, but will play on windows. I believe it might be the driver.

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Ubuntu :: Force Grub To Prefer UUID - Drives Attached Fail

Mar 26, 2010

Is there something special I have to do to get grub to use UUID's? I am putting a couple of extra drives into a 9.10 system (default installation) with a SCSI drive for the OS. That SCSI drive was sda when I built the machine but of course gets bumped when I add these other drives. The fstab file contains UUID's. All attempts to boot with the other drives attached fail.

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Fedora Hardware :: Acer Notebooks Fail Play Of CSS'ed DVD's?

Mar 20, 2011

HARDWARE: Two Acer Aspire 5251-1513 V120 based notebooks and one 5534-1086 dual-core Athlon; an MSI Wind U123, an HP G60-231WM dual core Athlon and an antiquated Compaq Presario (that I only keep around as it has RS-232, Parallel and PCMCIA ports).

OS Platform: F13 on MSI Wind, Fedora 14 on the others. All kept up with yum. All purportedly have proprietary codecs installed, including libdvdcss, installed thru the easyLife script. (NOTE: the HP has not had yum run recently)

SOFTWARE INVOLVED: Totem, VLC, Kaffeine, MPlayer, K9Copy. PROBLEM: Failure to play or backup legit (ie: purchased DVD's), which only happens on the Acer platforms -- the MSI, HP and Compaq work fine, as do the desktop (generic MSI based clones) systems here.

SYMPTOMS: Totem gives "cannot read resource;" VLC fails silently; K9Copy segfaults. All media players & copiers successfully play / copy previously decss'd files TROUBLESHOOTING ATTEMPTS: I've gone thru most of the threads here, looked at gst-inspect, made libdvdcss from source, copied libdvdcss from the HP (working x86_64 machine) to an Acer, built libdvdcss from source. I've also checked the permissions of the /dev/devices, they're 777

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Amarok 2.1.1 And Kaffeine Fail To Play?

Feb 21, 2010

this is my 1st time using linux(opensuse)..i use laptop acer aspire 4710 i already install this os..then i got prob with amarok 2.1.1 and kaffeine..this app can't play..and kaffeine always appear ( error )


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Debian Multimedia :: Dzen2 & Conky Fail To Show Icons And Colors?

Dec 27, 2010

I have some problem with dzen2 & conky to show icons and/or colors.In my i3-wm config file i have:exec conky -b -c ~/.conkyrc | i3-wsbar --command "dzen2 -dock -x %x -l"and my conky is correctly displayed on i3-wsbar.But if in my conky I put something like:

^fg(#B64403) mem: $memperc%
^fg(red) mem: $memperc%


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General :: Attach A Usb Disk To Desktop But It Does Not Show Up?

Jan 24, 2011

How can I get more information about the error?

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General :: Restore The Show Desktop Shortcut?

Jun 29, 2011

Today I tried to change show desktop shortcut with Win+D from Ctrl+Alt+D. But now i'm unable use neither of 2 shortcuts. how to restore the previous short cut or how to create new one(win+D)

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Fedora :: Audio Production Programs Fail

Jun 29, 2009

I am using Fedora 11I have sound working for flash videos, audio files, and simple recording applications like Audacity and in general.I get tons of fatal error popups on the screen as well.Rather annoying but does anyone know what the source to the problem is?

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Fedora Installation :: 4 & 6GB Drives Show As 3.9 And 5.9GB?

Sep 16, 2009

OK, I obviously did something wrong, but I dont think I did because i checked my kickstart file after installing.

When i do a df -h it shows that drives i set to 4096MB and 6144MB when I just installed the server, are showing as 3.9GB and 5.9GB respectively.

This is my first Linux install, does it not do the # x 1024 for partition sizes?

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Ubuntu :: How Do Firewire Drives Show Up As In /dev ?

Oct 1, 2010

I'm thinking of getting a forensic bridge to help with fixing machines and I was wondering if the support was good for Firewire and if so do they show up in /dev like hda and sda do so I can keep using my normal set of tools.

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General :: Main Menu Doesn't Show My App Launcher (desktop File) / Why Is So?

Aug 6, 2010

I've just started out learning to program and I'm making a "Radio Scheduler" for my brother as a mini project. I wanted to make an "install" script, which would add an item to Ubuntu's Main Menu. I believe all that is necessary is to create a .desktop file and place it it /usr/share/applications/? This seemed to work fine when I tried it out on 10.10, but I've now tried it on two 10.04 systems (one virtual) and despite it being in the applications folder (so it moved in okay), it isn't showing up at all in the menu. code...

I'm not entirely sure about some of that (categories for instance), as I just used another file as a reference. But it seemed to work fine on my 10.10 system, so I don't understand why it won't show up on the others? Should be in Sound & Video if I'm correct... I'm still pretty new to Linux, so sorry if I've got anything completely wrong.

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Installation :: Hardware RAID 0 Still Show Up As 2 Drives / Cause Of It?

Jul 29, 2010

My two 400G drives which have been added to a single 800G array (per fastbuild bios utility) still show up as two 400G drives in fdisk. Why is that?

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Ubuntu Installation :: SSD Drive Not Detected - Zero Drives Show Up

May 15, 2010

I can't finish installing Ubuntu 10.04. I have a Corsair Nova 128 GB solid state drive, the 128 GB model of this series, to be precise. I have an ASUS P5N-T Deluxe motherboard. It has a six xSATA 3 Gb/s ports NVIDIA MediaShield RAID controlelr on it. In Disk Utility, it shows up as nVidia Corporation MCP55 SATA Controller, using the sata_nv driver. I have the 128 GB drive plugged into one of these ports. I have disabled RAID completely in the BIOS.

When I boot the Live CD and run GParted, the drive shows up fine. I've got a 70.81 GiB NTFS partition (Windows 7), a 4.00 GiB swap partition, and a 44.43 GiB ext4 partition, onto which I had planned to install Ubuntu 10.04. I created the swap and ext4 partitions earlier, but at one point, that was unpartitioned space.

The problem is that when I run the Install app to install Ubuntu 10.04 on my SSD, when I get to step 4 of 8 (Prepare partitions), exactly zero drives show up. A while ago, I had a couple of Seagate 1.5 TB mirrored drives plugged into two of the ports, and they showed up fine, but no 128 GB SSD. In trying to troubleshoot this problem, I unplugged those and just left the SSD, and zero drives showed up. I disabled RAID in the BIOS, and it still doesn't show up. I moved the SSD from the port it was plugged into and plugged it into one of the ports that one of the 1.5 TB drives was plugged into. It still doesn't show up.

Nuts and bolts of it: Seagate 1.5 TB drive plugged into port: no problem. Corsair Nova 128 GB SSD plugged into port: doesn't show up. But again, only in the Install utility. In Disk Utility under SATA Host Adapter/MCP55 SATA Controller, I see 128 GB Solid-State Disk/ATA Corsair CSSD-V128GB2 listed plain as day. In GParted, I see a 119.24 GiB /dev/sda device with the partitions I've created on it plain as day. I can pull up a terminal and mount /dev/sda3 /mnt/ssd without any problem and access files on it. But for whatever reasons, the Install program and only the Install program can't see it. I'm dead in the water. Obviously, I can't use Ubuntu if I can't install it. What can I do to get this disk drive detected?


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General :: Cannot Play Audio Cds: "Buffer I/O Error On Device Sr0"

Aug 26, 2010

i got a Thinkpad R61 with a Matshita drive and, as the title says, I cannot play audio cds. After inserted a cd, syslog shows:


I did't know if this is an hardware issue so i tried an external dvd drive but i got the same errors. To play cds i tried different programs: xmms2, cdcd, mplayer and sound-juicer and different cds (all original if this matter) but without luck. I also tried a different kernel version, actually i'm using a custom one, using a debian precompiled ones (package linux-image-2.6.32-5-amd64) but again without luck. Here a relevant kernel configuration:


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