General :: Screen Not Showing On Laptop But Showing On Projector When Connected

Apr 18, 2011

When I try to connect a projector to my laptop (already running) and hit the fn+f7 (the designated button for switching screen), nothing happens. I see "no source found" on projector screen and my laptop screen works perfectly. Now if I restart the laptop with the projector connected, I see all the intial booting messages on the projector screen (not on my laptop), then the gnome login screen appears on both the projector screen and laptop (when the login screen appears on laptop it looks like it has lower resolution than my usual laptop resolution). But immediately after I log in, my laptop screen goes blank, and projector screen becomes the only active screen.

If I restart without the projector, again all normal operation on laptop screen is restored.

I feel like I am missing some very silly options. Any help is appreciated.

Here is the output of xrandr when the laptop is connected:


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Ubuntu Multimedia :: TV Showing Us As Projector - Remove Overscan?

Jul 25, 2010

There's several threads dealing with overscan, but I've got an interesting twist in my setup that (I believe) is putting a kink into the proposed solutions. I'm trying to set up a media center PC with Ubuntu 10.~. The motherboard has built-in ATI graphics (3300 series), and connects to my television (Panasonic capable of 1080i) via HDMI. As can be expected, the overscan makes the top and bottom bars nearly invisible (as well as a portion of the sides).

When I run the Catalyst Control Center, it informs me that the monitor is a projector, not a TV. Try as I might, I can't convince the thing it's attached to a TV. When I run "aticonfig --tv-info", I am informed that a TV is not connected.

One question I could ask, though: does it matter? The reason I'm asking is that I can't find the "Configuration" menu option in the CCC that all the other threads talk about. I know where the little black triangle menu is, but there's no "Configuration" item in it. There's also (as best as I can tell) no way of adjusting overscan for a digital projector.

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Ubuntu :: Laptop Is Not Showing Anything On The Screen

Jul 20, 2011

My Laptop is not showing anything on the screen. It was working fine and when to sleep for a Hour and came back found my screen blank and laptop not responding to anything. I forced to shut down and restarted it but nothing happens as it tried to blink the led and fan has turned on but nothing on the screen not boot message. I tried to remove the battery and turned ON and tried many other option specified in the google help but nothing helped.

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General :: Connectivity With Laptop Showing New Dd-wrt - Old Connection Disappeared

Oct 11, 2010

Our laptop all of a sudden will not connect with our usual wifi network connection which has disappeared & now mysteriously shows dd-wrt . It shows an internet connection has been establihed with dd-wrt but does not work.

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Fedora :: Evolution 2.32.2 - Not Showing Html Websites Showing Up In Email Like Venison Sending A Promo

Aug 7, 2011

Having one issue with evolution not showing html websites showing up in email like verizon sending a promo. I have gone to edit, preferences, mail preferences, html messages and have always load images from the internet chosen. I have also added sender to contacts. Even if I right click message and tell it to dload images it doesn't.

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Software :: USB Mounting Error In Ubuntu 7.10 / Showing Cant Mount When I Clicked Details Its Showing Bad Blocks?

Dec 12, 2008

I would like to know when usb inserted, its showing cant mount when i clicked details its showing bad blocks in beginning , and smething in /dev/sd6. Can i knw why usb drive cant be mounted automatically , even if its set to do so, and to cope the error mentioned above

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Ubuntu Networking :: Wireless Connection Dropping Out But Still Showing It Is Still Connected?

Jan 20, 2010

as the titles states my wireless is dropping out but the networks manager is still saying i have a connection. the only way i have been able to be on the network every minute or so i have to manauly disconnect and reconnect to my wifi. under my windows 7 and vista installs the wireless card works fine now my card is a dlink dwa-547 and it uses the arthores chipset, it is encprtyed wifi, wpa2 aes on a n/g based network

peter@ubuntu:~$ sudo lshw -C network
description: Wireless interface
product: AR5008 Wireless Network Adapter


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Ubuntu :: Wireless Icon In Taskbar Not Showing Connected Status

May 3, 2010

I am running 64bit 10.04 on my Dell Latitude D620 with a BCM4328. The hardware drivers are working and I can connect to my wireless network but...The annoyance is the wireless icon in the task bar does not show a connected status. Instead I get a grayed out icon with a red exclamation point over it. I am connected though.

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General :: KDE Taskbar Widget Showing Up In The Middle Of Screen?

Aug 5, 2011

Suddenly, my widgets seem to be showing up in the middle of my screen. My calendar and everything else. Here are some screenshots: I've restarted my computer several times and restarted X a couple times as well.

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General :: Installed Ubuntu - Not Showing In The Boot Up Screen

Dec 9, 2010

i installed ubuntu in my system after that i formatted my xp and installed it again. After installing ubuntu is not showing in the boot up screen. can any one say what to do for showing ubuntu in boot uo screen...

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General :: Can't Boot OS From USB Drive / Showing Black Screen With Blinking Cursor

Mar 8, 2011

I have a problem with booting from a USB flash drive. I have Acer TimelineX 3820TG. I have Windows 7 Home from Acer and I installed Mandriva OS from USB(from USB because this Acer doen't have a DVD drive). It was OK, but I want reinstall Windows 7 and so I did. Now I have Windows 7 Professional and it wrote over Mandriva's GRUB. It wasn't a big problem. For a while I was just using Windows 7 but now I am thinking that I need some OS with Linux and I am thinking about Ubuntu. But when I tried to boot from USB with Ubuntu I get a black screen with a blinking cursor after the BIOS POST.

I was trying many applications to create a bootable USB drive and many versions of Ubuntu (and other Linux distributions), but nothing worked. I tried to Google for answers but I found many problems where all booting goes to black screen but in my problem Windows 7 boots fine from disc but from USB doesn't work.

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Ubuntu :: Laptop Keeps Crashing And Showing Error Message

Aug 8, 2011

I am having big problems with my laptop. I use a wubi install of Ubuntu 11.04 atm.
This happens like 2/3 times a day, basically I will just be doing something normal on the laptop, then suddenly the screen goes black with white writting - none of which makes sense to me

This is one of the screens that appears:

It stays like that for ages, then I have to restart.

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Ubuntu :: Login Screen And The Bootsplash Screen Are Showing Xubuntu Logo?

Sep 28, 2010

i have installed xubuntu desktop on my Ubuntu PC. But now the login screen and the bootsplash screen are showing Xubuntu logo etc . How do I fix this?

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Debian Configuration :: Projector Not Detecting When Connected?

Nov 5, 2010

When I connect my laptop to projector, its not detecting. But when I log-off and then log-in it automatically detects the display. I tried function key, but its not working. I am using Debian Lenny also. Also several others with different version of ubuntu running on different laptops reports the same problem. I tried searching net, but couldnt find a good answer.It would be helpful if some one explains what exctly is happening and an easy work around for this problem.

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Ubuntu :: Intel GMA 4500MHD Driver / Drivers For Laptop Graphics Are Not Showing Up?

Nov 18, 2010

for some reason the drivers for my laptop graphics are not showing up.

The laptop I have is Acer 1810T. It has intel GMA 4500MHD graphics.

I also have a desktop which has Nvidia 9800GT graphics card and the drivers for that showed up automatically when i went to additional drivers in ubuntu.

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Debian :: TTY Screen Keeps Showing Some Msg About The USB Mouse?

Jan 27, 2011

When working in the TTY console, it keeps printing some message about my USB mouse. Those message are added to whatever I am doing. If I am writing a command line, it messes the line, but the command still gets interpreted correctly. Same thing if I am editing a file in vi: the display shows the message, but the file is not corrupted. Can I fix it? Should I file a bug report? Against which package? What info should I provide?

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Fedora :: KDE Not Showing In Login Screen

Feb 19, 2011

I install Fedora 13 from live CD to harddrive. after that i install KDE desktop. It works properly but after 2-3 days when I open my linux box then only Gnome only come there is no KDE selection at login screen.

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Ubuntu :: Boot Screen Not Showing Up ?

Apr 30, 2011

I installed Ubuntu 11.04 on one of my computers which has an NVIDIA graphics card. The Ubuntu Boot Screen doesn't show up. I know this was a problem in 10.10 but I had found a script to fix it which had worked in that version but when I ran it in 11.04, it didn't do anything.

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Ubuntu :: No Splash Screen Is Showing Up

May 21, 2011

i installed Ubuntu 11.04 couple of days ago.what is troubling me is there is no splash screen of UBUNTU showing up..after i select Ubuntu in the grub during startup, i get a black screen for about 10 seconds and i directly land to the desktop.i think there is some problem because there must be a splash screen in this version too.i really want to look Ubuntu The MY way and i had done it in version 9.04 where i used a self made splash screen.

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Ubuntu :: Splash Screen Not Showing?

Jul 16, 2011

I have been using Natty for quite some time now as a new user to ubuntu after switching from vista. When i used the live cd the splash screen stayed there, for it's entirety. However when I boot to Natty on this laptop I notice the splash screen doesn't show until fully booted then i can log in and use Ubuntu. What happens is it shows a little _ sign that blinks then the screen flashes and shows

Ubuntu fully booted. I just wondered if this was something wrong with my graphics card or just some general bug with natty atm.

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Fedora Installation :: KDE Not Showing Up As An Option At Log In Screen?

May 30, 2011

I have a standard F15 installation with Gnome 3 from the live CD. I got bored and decided to play with a few other WMs and DEs. I installed KDE-base, but KDE does not appear as an option at login. Is there something else I need to install? XFCE, Openbox, and Classic Gnome with Compiz all appear in the menu. KDE does not.

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Ubuntu :: Cant Logout Without Black Screen Showing Up?

Sep 8, 2010

Every time me or another user uses the "log out" option were faced with a black screen that does not go away, unless the computer is restarted. i've left it for an hour thinking it might have just slowed down or something but that was a no go, and it happens each time you try to use it. the strange thing is if the black screen is up programs still run. i have a media server running most of the time and i have no problem accessing it while the black screen is showing.

Another problem im having is that sometimes when a user logs in they have no sound. the sound icon is showing that no sound is installed, but when another user logs in there is no problem and sound works fine.

Lastly i dont know if this is a feature or a problem. the first user to log in will always have control over the network connection. for example if my mother logs in first the icon to switch connections will show up on the top of her screen and she has full access to what connections she wants to use, also her account is just a basic user account. now when i log in i wont have the network icon on the top of my screen, and my account is the main admin account.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Login Screen Is Not Showing?

Dec 25, 2010

I tried to install yo install Mac4Lin theme on Ubuntu 10.04 to transform visual style to Mac following this tutorial: [URL]

But when I tried to install Global Menu, but it didn't work so restarted machine. But after booting Ubuntu Logo shows while loading and after that Blank screen appears with a cursor and nothing happens.

I tried to uninstall theme from recovery mode but didn't help.

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Ubuntu :: Showing Blank Screen If Shutdown?

May 18, 2011

When i try to shut down the computer hangs itself by showing a blank screen, then i have to do forced shutdown by pressing the shutdown key for a long time.why it is so?

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Ubuntu :: Screen Resolution Not Showing All Options?

Aug 13, 2011

I have yet to install Ubuntu on a machine that shows screen resolution options higher than 1024x768. Is there a (GUI) way to turn on the missing options? I'd rather not have to go into that while xorg.conf thing if I don't have to. In other operating systems, I load it and set the resolution to what I want, they just show up. Why is it so hard in Ubuntu (and most Linux's in general)?

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Ubuntu :: Windows Not Showing Up In The Boot Screen?

Sep 1, 2011

I installed wubi to try ubuntu out. It didn't show up in the windows boot manager, so I manually went to startup options and changed the default os from windows to ubuntu, trough right clicking My Computer, and going into the "advanced" tab. Now I don't know how to revert back to windows because this does not have a "My Computer". My os is windows XP professional, by the way.

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Software :: Not Showing Screen Resolution Beyond 800x600?

Jan 5, 2010

My Fedora 12 is not showing screen resolution beyond 800x600. When I installed latest ATI Radon drivers, screen has become blank and I had to re-install.

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Debian :: 8.1 Second Monitor Is Detected But Only Showing Black Screen

Jul 30, 2015

I've recently installed Debian v8.1 and installed Nvidia driver 340.46. In nvidia-settings I am able to enable my second monitor and enable it/set it's position..etc. My second monitor is not being detected in Debian Display and is 'on' but only showing a black screen. I've tried researching and implementing various 'fixes', but I'm not having any luck.

I'm running dual GTX 570's with a monitor plugged into one each (DVI). I noticed in my xorg.conf under Section "Screen" I have an option "MultiGPU" "Off"; would this be part of the issue?

I've tried:
- purging all nvidia drivers and re-installing
- installing different versions of nvidia drivers
- add nomodeset in grub

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Fedora :: Nvidia Driver Showing 4 Instances On Screen?

May 26, 2010

So I installed the Nvidia driver on a fresh install of F13 & rebooted in the image I've attached. So, my question, what should I be posting here to fix it? Xorg.conf? Honestly, the one thing I've never had an issue with in Linux is video drivers. I've always run Nvidia cards & they've always just worked. So I'm at a loss for the first time in a long time. I also tried googling, but I have no idea what to google.

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Fedora :: 14 Login Cursor On Black Screen Showing Now?

Jan 9, 2011

I installed some weeks ago Fedora 14 via burnt iso file downloaded from official Fedora site. It was working perfectly like a charm for me until yesterday when I tried to install zend server for PHP.During my first try of installation of zend server it corrupted out my apache server and I lost apache on http://localhost.I removed all "zend-server" like stuff from "Add Remove Software" screen.

Installed again apache 2 in the form of LAMP (Linux Apache Mysql Php)via terminal. Apache installed correctly and started workeing again ok on localhost.n again I tried to install zend server from file in downloaded zend server installation. It showed me after a while like "zend server installed successfully".I shut down my pc thinking everything is ok now.

Today when I started my system, it shows me boot screen of Fedora, I select fedora and then it shows me baloon filling up for around 5-7 secs. Then all of a sudden a black screen appears up with a cursor blinking at its top left and then nothing else happens further. I cannot find login screen to my desktop anymore.I remember one thing thating reinstallation of apache from terminal, I set following command like "chkconfig --level 235 httpd" (I guess that's what I have written as per some online tutorial for LAMP). Is that cause of mine problem ot its something else?

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