General :: Route Command - Remove Iapddress

Jan 24, 2011

I am using this command for blocking some ipaddress. but now i want to remove iapddress. when i try # route delete SIOCDELRT: No such process

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General :: Using Route Command With A Non Root Process?

Sep 15, 2010

I use the system command route from a process (using the system() call). For security reasons the process does not have root privilege and for some reason I cannot use ioctl() either. I tried to set the capabilities of the process to NET_ADMIN and SYS_ADMIN but the route command still failed due to insufficient permissions.

What are the capabilities that I need to set for route to be successful?

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General :: Stop SMTP Hammering Via Route Command?

Mar 27, 2011

I often see hundreds of entries like this in my logwatch report:


I am wondering if this would be correct?


will it keep that marauder away from Dovecot?

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Networking :: What Does Route Command Do

Mar 16, 2011

What does it do? Any examples on how I use it?

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Ubuntu Servers :: Route Command - How To Get Internet To Clients

Apr 24, 2010

I do not understand this command well. Yes, I have looked at man route and that whilst that gives lots of information about the switches I cannot see it in context. I have a server with two nics. One to the Internet (eth1) and one to the lan (eth0). I use pppoe and when it is running I get a virtual adapter appear in ifconfic called ppp0 which shows the public DNS and ISP session IP. I entered the command:
route add -host (gateway IP) dev eth1
and get the Internet to appear on the server. However, I do not get the Internet to the clients. I have turned off the firewall to be sure that this is not the problem.

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Networking :: Route Eth2 TCP Packets To Tun0 With IPTABLES And IP RULE/ROUTE?

May 8, 2011

I have 3 network interfaces on my Linux Router :

Interface - Gateway - Type


br0 - - Internet
eth2 - - LAN
tun0 - - VPN (via br0)

What I'd like to do is to route all TCP packets coming from eth2 to tun0 where a VPN client is running on If I delete all default routes and if I add a new route to tun0 like :


route del default
route add default gw

Everything is fine, and everyone on eth2 can reach the Internet using the VPN access. Now the problem is that my VPN client does not allow any other protocols other than TCP. And I also want to allow VPN access only to eth2, no other LAN nor the router itself. use iptables to filter any TCP packets and mark them, so they can be sent to tun0, while any other packets can reach the Internet via br0 ( I found on the Internet that we can mark packets before they get routed. Using the following commands :


iptables -t mangle -A PREROUTING -j MARK --set-mark 85 -i eth2 -p tcp --dport 80
ip route add table 300 default via dev tun0
ip rule add fwmark 0x55 table 300

First of all, --dport 80 never work... :/ I wanted to filter TCP 80 packets coming from eth2, but none of them seems to be HTTP packets... oO (very strange...). Nevermind, I decided to forget about the --dport option. I use the "iptables -L -v -t mangle" command to see how many packets are marked, and it is working fine, all TCP packets coming from eth2 are marked. Now the problem is that none of them are routed to tun0 they are all respecting the "route -n" rules... and not the "table 300" rule I have created.

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General :: Downgrade And Remove Rpms In The Same Command?

Mar 22, 2011

I have a problem where in order to satisfy RPM dependencies, I need to remove packages and downgrade them in the same command. Imagine the following situation Before

A v2.0 depends on B,C
B v2.0 depends on C > 1.0
C v1.1


A v1.0 depends on C
C v 1.0

If I issue a

$ rpm -Uvh --oldpackage Av1.0.rpm Cv1.0.rpm

it will fail with "B depends on C > 1.0" If I issue a

$ rpm -e B

it will fail with "A requires B" so I appear to be in a catch-22. The obvious solution is to use a "--nodeps" and remove B before doing the downgrade, but I am creating these commands programmatically so I was hoping to use dependency resolution as a sanity check against an incorrect script. Is there any way to perform this downgrade without breaking the RPM dependency sanity checks by force?

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General :: Bash Command To Remove Spaces

Sep 14, 2010

I am reading the output of /proc/acpi/thermal_zone/ATF0/temperature in a program to read my CPU temp. I am using cat like the following:

#cat /proc/acpi/thermal_zone/ATF0/temperature
temperature: 49 C

I basically want to get rid of the spaces in between temperature and the actual temperature. Is there a command I can pipe the cat output to, to remove the spaces. I have seen suggestions for sed, or tr, but for some reason I cannot get them to work properly.

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General :: Remove Words In A File Using Sed Or Any Other Command?

Nov 30, 2009

i want to remove words "Max" and "constrained" in a file given below:

Max 0.003745 constrained
Max 0.004549 constrained
Max 0.001689 constrained


and further want to replace "Max" by line number so that i can plot the resulting file. i searched in forum, but couldn't do what i wanted to do. e.g. i used

1)grep command

grep -v "Max" inputfile >outputfile

deletes whole line,and hence whole text.

2) sed command

cat inputfile |sed 's/ .{1,12} //g' >outputfile

gives output



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General :: Pr Command How To Remove Page Numbering

Mar 26, 2010

When using the pr command for formatting simple text files for printing, page numbers are included in the header by default. I figured out how to remove the date from the header (pr -D ""), and how to remove the title (pr -h ""), but for the life of me I can't figure out how to remove page numbering from the header. Anybody know how/if this can be accomplished?

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General :: Script Or Command To Find And Remove All KDE Traces From /usr/bin/?

May 2, 2011

1. Find everything that belongs to KDE in /usr/bin/

2. Show me what it is

3. (Give me an option to) delete it

A note about what did not remove mentioned;


apt-get remove kde --purge
apt-get autoremove

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General :: Bash Command Needed To Remove Failed Install?

May 11, 2010

An app failed to load properly and now i'm stuck in a sequence I don;t understand the solution for.

sudo apt-get autoremove

dpkg was interupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.

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General :: Del Command To Remove Files To Directory Instead Of Completely Deleting Them?

Dec 2, 2010

how to write a script so that when I use the 'del' command it removes/sends the files / folders to a I specify for example 'dustbin'

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Networking :: Route-eth - Adding A Static Route?

Apr 29, 2009

I would like to add a static route, however I do not understand what is meant by the Address setting below


Does this mean any addresses beginning with are routed over the gateway an address range

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General :: Shell Script Or Command To Remove PDF File From Large Logs?

Jul 13, 2011

I need to remove a large binary file(PDF file) from a large log file which is generated daily.This is seriously hogging space on our servers.I need to remove the large PDF from the logs to make the logs smaller and manageable

I need to take out the texts (or binary file) between the strings

<my:PDF> and </my:PDF>
<applicationForm> and </applicationForm>
<image> and </image>
<extractedSignature> and </extractedSignature>

I am not sure whether sed utility can do this, these are large files and need to be pruned .I am not seeking logrotation advice just a script or command that can strip these large logs of texts between the characters above . I am not sure how to do this.These files are rather large.I am not sure how to achieve this with sed , tail, head , tr or any other facility .

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General :: Close/remove Message Queues Without Software Or Mq_close / Mq_unlink Command?

Jan 17, 2011

i am working on a project that uses message queues. i am able to successfully create them and they are working fine. now the problem is to close/remove message queues without software or mq_close / mq_unlink command. earlier when i worked on rh9, there is ipcs utility. we use ipcs to see all the existing message queues and ipcrm to remove them. however ipcs is not working for message queues in RHEL 5.3. Neither ipcs shows the exisiting message queues and neither we are able to use ipcrm. Plz guide to close/remove the queues with ipcs or any other command/utility from shell itself.

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Networking :: Definition: "a Process That Replaces A Series Of Related, Specific Routes In A Route Table With A More Generic Route"

Oct 21, 2010

I got this definition:"a process that replaces a series of related, specific routes in a route table with a more generic route." honestly I found it not so clear.. I want to know if this definition is correct and also more details about this subject..

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Ubuntu Networking :: Error - "route: Netmask Does Not Match Route Address"

Jan 25, 2011

Having trouble getting my Netgear WNA1000 working thru wireless router. Have tried lots of suggestions from other threads to no avail. Someone suggested that th routing table isn't set correctly, so have been trying to use the follwing to make the proper entry in the routing table: sudo route add -net netmask dev wlan0

Result: error message stating with:
"route: netmask does not match route address"

followed by "Usage" instructions which tell me to do what I just did. Any ideas on how I can populate my routing table with correct entry for my wireless card? Not to complicate matters, but I temporarily turned off encryption on my router to eliminate that as a possibility until I get connected. So maybe it'still trying to connect via encrypted mode - do I need to turn off encryption on my (client) end?

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General :: No Route To Host ?

Sep 25, 2009






Why can I not reach ?

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General :: I/O Error - No Route To Host ?

Jan 8, 2011

I am using fedora 14..i wanna create webservice in fedora 14...i am able to create sevice in server machine...but the client not able to get service from the shows an error an i/o error has route to host.....we checked the ip address and port...i am able to ping the server...its connecting ...but it shows this error...?

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General :: Route Local Network Through Server?

Jul 2, 2010

This may or may not be an easy question, as I'm somewhat uninformed in the networking side of computer science. I own a rented server with a static ip address. Is there a way that I can forward requests from it to my computer to setup a LAN network of sorts over the internet. Specifically, there is a program I would like to use that requires LAN (you enter an IP to connect to). Is it possible to setup my server in a way that users could connect to my server's ip, which would then forward it to my home computer (I'm fine with setting up my home computer with programs that would allow this) that could host?

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General :: Route Different Applications Through Different Network Interfaces?

Jan 13, 2011

Is it possible to route different applications through different network interfaces?

Let's say (hypothetically) I want to route /usr/bin/thunderbird through vlan0 but /usr/bin/firefox through eth0.

Is there a way? And if so, is there a graphical tool for it as well?

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General :: Adding A Route To A Static Host

Feb 12, 2010

I've trying to add a route to a host to force traffic out of a clustered IP address...

IE I have a cluster and the IP address moves from host to host on failure of a resource. The IP address is just a simple alias of an interface so for example... bond0:0 and bond0

What I want to do is force a program that starts up on the cluster hosts which sends packets out to a listening server to only send out of the cluster ip address.

I did a route add -host gw But this doesn't seem to work if i try to send a ping the packets still go out the wrong address, and more and above that for some reason the ping doesn't work at all. If i remove the route the ping will work again.

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Debian :: Remove All Of Kde In One Command?

Jan 29, 2010

How do I remove all of kde in one command except for the kde packages that I have installed before doing apt-get install kde?

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Ubuntu :: Remove A Program By The Command ?

Mar 19, 2011

How to remove a program by the command

sudo make install

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General :: Configure Sendmail To Route Mail To Specific Hosts?

May 8, 2010

configure sendmail to route mail to specific hosts?

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General :: Route A Security Video Server Which Is Inside Network?

Jan 18, 2010

I am trying to route a security video server which is inside my network to the internet. my network is two interface eth0 (internet network and internal network

I am trying to see an web server on

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Ubuntu :: Command To Remove Spaces From Filenames?

Aug 18, 2010

I have just switched to banshee as my media player and imported my films and music. Problem is, the video list is quite hard to read because all the video files have spaces in their names which are replaced by % signs, numbers and letters. I'm wondering if there is a command I can use in the directory that will automatically remove all the spaces from the filenames or better still, replace the spaces with hyphens or underscores?

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Fedora :: Yum - Command To Remove No Longer Needed Dependencies?

Jan 27, 2010

I can't find a Yum command to clean up no longer needed dependencies, you know similar to apt-get autoremove. Or does yum do this with the erase or remove command? btw: yum-clean-all just flushes out the cache right?

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Ubuntu :: Command Trigger Safely Remove Drive?

Jan 31, 2010

I wanted to know command to triggered "Safely Remove Drive".So I could implement it on Hardy 8.04

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