General :: RHEL 5.3 Server - Building Customized Install DVD

Mar 13, 2010

I have 50 identical workstations that are being dropped shipped from the vendor directly to the remote locations. I need to install a identical configuration, including installed packages, scripts and customize configuration onto each of this workstations. I cannot set up a kickstart server to install from remotely because of my organizations security policies. Not to mention that it would be painfully slow. I thought about DD-ing my "Master" build and sending it to the remote sites, but some of the admins are not very Linux savvy. I would really like to build a bootable DVD that would install the cloned Master build from my server to theirs. I was looking for something that would look like Anaconda to the person installing the image. If I could get them through this base install I think it would be easy to document how to change the workstation unique parameters or value. How to accomplished this? BTW, this will be a RHEL 5.3 server install.

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Fedora :: Recover .config After Building Customized Kernel

Oct 18, 2010

Supposed I have built customized kernel rpm four times in a row and the latest built kernel failed. If I still have all four files, is there any way that I could get back the .config file used for each of those four builds? I really could not recall exactly what changes I had made in .config for each build.

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Server :: Edit The Default RHEL CD To Have It Automatically Install RHEL Based Off Of A Kickstart File

Mar 2, 2011

is possible to edited the default RHEL CD to have it automatically install RHEL based off of a kickstart file that I will store locally on the CD. My plan would be to put a cd in a server and have the OS automatically being installed.

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Red Hat :: RHEL 6 64 Bit Building 32 Bit Programs

Nov 13, 2010

I currently have an academic license of red hat enterprise linux Desktop/Workstation and red hat enterprise linux server. For those who don't know this will get me updates but no official support (the desktop/workstation costs 30 dollars and the server costs 80 dollars). Anywho i am trying to get wine to work but after strugglign with many dependency issues i tried to build it manually but it keeps telling me to install the 32 bit development libraries. how to do this (i am currently using fedora 14 having identical issues) and i cant get either crossover games to work with 3d games nor can i get wine to play any 3D related games (does regular windows programs just fine)

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Software :: Create A Softlink When Building An Rpm In RHEL 5.5?

Apr 18, 2011

I am trying to build an tk.8.4.19 with the rpmbuild command. In the spec file there is a make command that uses the supplied Makefile that builds tk and untars it to the build directory /usr/src/redhat/BUILD/tk_8.4.19/unix .

The issue is that /usr/bin/wish is compiled with the make command and renamed to wish8.4, , and when the rpm does build it does not contain the link /usr/bin/wish -> /usr/bin/wish8.4 and there are other custom rpms on our systems (built by other people) that call /usr/bin/wish.

I have tried adding the ldconfig ln -sf /usr/bin/wish8.4 /usr/bin/wish in the %install and %build directives, it is in the tar file. I have tested it by creating the tar with the link and creating a null file call wish but it never gets built into the rpm. Whenever I call out /usr/bin/wish in the %file directive the rpm wont build.

I believe it will install and create the link if I tell it to ignore or skip the prereq check. That requires options to the yum command but it creates a problem because I need to to work with yum -y install <tk> or yum -y upgrade <tk> through a unattended script.

Bottom line is that I need the file to exist in the rpm or after the install and yum needs to be aware that /usr/bin/wish link is there so it doesn't require an override option during install.

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General :: Building A Fanless / Low Power Consumption Server?

May 18, 2011

my SheevaPlug just died, and I need to look for new device to replace it. My goal is to build a fanless, low power consumption, linux server. Currently I am thinking of purchasing a QNAP NAS device (TS-110 model) and installing Debian on it.

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General ::Building From Source Versus Yum Install Or RPM

Nov 7, 2010

I'd like to clear up my misconception towards various types of installations. Is one better than the other? Do more senior people prefer compiling from source code? Hows does is compare to yum install or install from rpm?

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Server :: Install RHEL On A LDOM?

Mar 8, 2010

I have a Solaris server on which I have created a few LDOMS. On one of the LDOMS I wanted to install RHEL instance. But was not sure if I can install Linux on a Solaris LDOM.

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Server :: Install Kernel-PAE On A RHEL 5 2.6.18-53 Server ?

May 20, 2010

I am trying to look at installing the PAE module on a RHEL 5 2.6.18-53 system and I cannot seem to find that around. I had hoped to find out if installing the CentOS 5 2.6.18-128 or 2.6.18-164 kernel-PAE modules would have a lot of negative consequences? Perhaps one of you could direct me to a download site that would provide kernel-PAE for a 2.6.18-53 build?

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Server :: Configuration Difference Between RHEL 3 To RHEL 5 For Webserver Installations?

Feb 1, 2011

We are planning to migrate our LINUX server from RHEL 3to RHEL 5. What are the configuration difference between RHEL 3 to RHEL 5 for webserver installations?

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Ubuntu :: Remastering ISO Out Of Customized Install

Jun 25, 2010

I've built my ubuntu setup straight from a minimal install, just installing packages to get exactly the system I want, and I was wondering how I could fashion that into an ISO, config files and all. Could I use an ISO remaster program for that task? Or would a simple shell script be easier?

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Install RHEL 5 Server In Laptop?

Mar 4, 2010

I tried installing RHEL5 server edition in my laptop and it couldnt detect the video card and so the installation continued in the blue screen and i didnt get the usual GUI for installation so i discontinued the installation.can anyone help me how to i install this.Pls i am in need of RHEL in my laptop.

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Install Realvnc Server On RHEL 4.8?

Aug 30, 2010

I saved on home folder RealVNC server 4.1.3-86 and want to install on Linux.I don't know much about Terminal commands ... Please guide...waiting for your quick response!

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Software :: Install Xen Server On RHEL 5.3 Machine?

Jan 11, 2010

How can I install Xen server on RHEL 5.3 machine?

The server is: AMD 64bit (supports virtualization)

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OpenSUSE :: How To Create One Click Install (Customized)

Sep 5, 2010

How do create I customized 1-click-install, with browsers, players,broadcom,kernel-vanilha, specific kernel version, gtk-aurora, virtualbox...? I actually install via terminal, but a 1-click-install will be more smoothly.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Customized Install Of 10.04rc From CD?

Apr 24, 2010

I have the cd image for the install cd of ubuntu 10.04 release candidate. Before I install it, is there anyway to specify which of the default packages I DO NOT want to install (via command line arguments or some other means). There is ALOT of things I DO NOT want, like firefox, "cloud one", "social features", totem, rythmbox, "music store", empathy. I know that the cd allows you to adjust the command arguments for the install command, and something tells me that there should be an argument for specifying which packages to install/not-install or to choose from a list or something to the same effect.

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Ubuntu :: Getting Suspend To Work In Customized 10.04 Install

Jun 26, 2010

I've done an Ubuntu 10.04 CLI install and installed the packages I wanted for a desktop environment.In a vanilla Ubuntu install, closing the laptop lid gets Ubuntu to go into suspend properly. In my setup, closing the lid triggers nothing. How do I get it to trigger a suspend?

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Software :: Making Customized Debian Install CD / ISO

Jul 14, 2011

I have a linux server system based on Debian which I'm needing to package up as an installer cd; so that I can distribute it to others in our office/group for them to install. I need to have it as simple as I can as most will be able to run the installer but many won't know too much more than that. Is there a way I can make up/modify an installer of Debian to include my kernel patches/updates and customized software all pre-installed of the installer cd?

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General :: Cannot Ssh Into RHEL 5.5 Server Unless SSHD Server Debug Is Enabled?

Aug 11, 2010

I cannot ssh into an RHEL 5.5 server ( from another RHEL 5.5 server ( unless server debug is turned on, and even then, I have to wait several minutes before the connection is established. scp to and from the 104 server is also not working.Here is the debug output on the 101 server when server debug is not enabled on the 104 server-:

[applmgr@tclg-clone-01 ~]$ ssh -vvv
OpenSSH_4.3p2, OpenSSL 0.9.8e-fips-rhel5 01 Jul 2008


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Red Hat / Fedora :: Install RHEL 4.7 64-bit On Server Having RAID Controller?

May 10, 2009

I want to Install RHEL 4.7 64 bit on one my server (Supermicro Super Server) having RAID controller1. Intel2. AdaptecWe are using Adaptec.We are using RAID 1 with 2x320GB Hard disksPOINT: If we Install RHEL 5.3 it recognize RAID controller and show single Logical volume of 298 GB, Means working fine but when we try to install RHEL 4.7 it shows two hard disks of 298GB and 298GB,meanz its unable to recognize RAID controller.So, the issue is Driver of it, CD which we got from super micro having driver for RHEL 4 to RHEL 4 update 6We are making our DR site and its necessary for us to Install RHEL4.7 to make it identical.I searched a lot and spent more than three days on it continuously, And still unable to find the solution.

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Server :: How To Repair RHEL 5.5 X64 Installation Using DVD Install Media?

Aug 30, 2010

How to initiate a file installation repair of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5 x64 from the DVD rom drive? my problem is that i can only do it from single mode login since the run level 5 is always prompting me for login name loop.

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Server :: Re-Install Broken Gnome Desktop On A RHEL Box?

Feb 25, 2010

Morning All, I have a RHEL 4 box with a broken GNOME package. It boots to TWM. I have looked at some of the posts that recommend looking at config files etc. No .xinitrc file found. Cannot "exec gnome-session" , cannot find file. No choice at login screen. Some Gnome files are on the machine. How do download and re-install the entire Gnome-Desktop package?

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Server :: Sunray Install RHEL 5.5 - Wouldn't The Path To The Jre

Dec 21, 2010

trying to install sunray server 5.0 which claims to support RHEL 5.3 or greater, but I can't even manage to get the utinstall to find the jre, which is installed. java -version is fine, which java, is fine. I've tried a zillion paths. Does java perhaps have to be in a specific location? Wouldn't the path to the jre normally be the ~/jre/bin the utinstall looks like: Enter Java v1.6 (or later) location [/usr/java]: No JRE found at /usr/java


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Server :: Postfix: Customized Reject Message Per Virtual Domain (or User)?

Jul 30, 2010

I have a mail server taking care of mail for my 4 domains; the first is used for virtually all mail, the second rarely used anymore, the third is virtually 100% spam the past year(?), and the fourth isn't in use (and never has been, so no spam). What I'd like to do is to reject all mail to the third domain. Right now this is what I get (I tried to send to a nonexistent address from gmail):


Since my username (xyz@) is the same for all domains, I could (or so I hope) change the reject message to give a hint to replace [URL] with [URL] and try again.

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OpenSUSE Install :: Generate Content.asc For Customized 11.1 Based Iso?

Jan 14, 2011

1. unzip packages.en.gz and then we update some packages version info and SHA1 value in packages file 2. generate new suse/setup/descr/packages, and zip it to packages.en.gz
3. update SHA1 value of packages.en.gz in content fileThen we try to burn an ISO to install, installation fails at the beginning because of incorrect signature of content.

cd:/content invalid signature
Alt+F3 I see the messages:
loading file:/var/adm/mount/content -> /content


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Ubuntu :: Install Customized ISO With DM-Crypt Boot Disk?

Jan 7, 2011

I just bought a new laptop which will be running SSD (Corsair 120GB) as the boot drive and would like to migrate my OS to the new system. One of my requirements is full-disk encryption. I work with proprietary client data and need to encrypt the new drive, its swap partition, everything except for /boot. I've read instructions for doing this from the alternate install CD, but my OS is disturbingly customized (started out as 10.04) and it would take months to rebuild everything. I keep remastersys (-dist) ISOs to ensure I don't have to go through that process, but the ubiquity installer does not appear to have the option of doing disk-level crypt during the installation process. I can boot the ISO into CLI, but don't know how to run the alternate installer from there.

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CentOS 5 Networking :: Add Customized Packages In A Remote Install(NFS)?

Apr 26, 2010

how to add a new package to my kickstart

#System language
lang en_US
#Language modules to install
langsupport --default=en_US


The package i want to add is a network software [URL] what is the command i have to add to my post section after i download ntop.

ntop is in xxxx.tar.gz

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Server :: Major Differences Between Rhel 5.2 And Rhel 5.4?

Dec 14, 2010

what are the major differences between rhel 5.2 and rhel 5.4

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Red Hat :: Duplicating A RHEL 5.1 32bit Server On RHEL 5.4 64 Bit

Dec 9, 2009

I have a database server running RHEL 5.1 32 bit that suffered some catastrophic failures about 6 months ago. We were able to patch it back together and keep it running, but now the manufacturing site it supports is going to shut down for two weeks and I would like to replace it permenantly. Does anyone have any guidance for that sort of thing? I'd like to have the new server up and running before hand, basically changing the hostname/ip and restoring the databases only on conversion day. I've done this in the past with HP UX - Red Hat conversions, but this is my first red hat to red hat move. Any advice or shortcuts?I forgot to add the other wrinkle. The new server will be running 64bit linux.

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Software :: Uninstall RHEL 3 And Install RHEL 9 Without Affecting XP?

Jul 13, 2009

I have RHEL 3 and Win XP Installed in my P.C?I want to uninstall RHEL 3 and install RHEL 9 without affecting can i do this and also where can i download free RHEL 9 version or any other latest linux distribution for free?

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