General :: Mounted Disk Still Reports 0 Bytes On Rhel 5 Even When Files Are Delete?

May 3, 2011

Mounted second hard disk still report 0 bytes even when files are already deleted in rhel5 . I already checked the lost+found and trash . It only happen that disk space on deleted files cannot be recovered after the disk reach full capacity , but if it does not reach yet its full capacity , deleting files will recover the disk space . The format of the disk I have mounted is ext3 also have tried ntfs using fuse but the same problem , once allowed to reach 0 bytes I can no longer recover space with deleting files and had to reformat and restore the backup

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General :: Delete 0 Bytes Files From A Fat Filesystem From Within System?

Oct 11, 2010

I have an external hdd which is formatted with fat for use by both on linux and windows. The issue is that I can't delete some of the files I have which show up with size 0. Also, the modification timestamp (as detected by Krusader, the file manager I am using) is 1935. How can I delete these kind of files without affecting the running fs?

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Ubuntu :: SAMBA Share Reports As Mounted But No Files Visible?

May 26, 2010

In my fstab I have this entry to connect to my NAS box:

// /mnt/share cifs username=user,password=******,auto 0 0.For a while it was connecting on startup with no problem (it connects via wifi). But now when I navigate to the directory there is nothing there. However if I run mount it reports this:


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General :: Can't Delete Files From External Hard Disk / Remove It?

Mar 26, 2010

Can't delete files from external hard disk.
Getting message,"Input output error or unreadable/corrupted file"

Is there any way to delete this?

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General :: Calculate Usable Bytes On A Disk Partition?

Mar 10, 2010

How do you calculate the number of usable bytes on a disk partition? When I do an fdisk -l I get this:

Disk /dev/md0: 192.0 GB, 192069500928 bytes
2 heads, 4 sectors/track, 46891968 cylinders
Units = cylinders of 8 * 512 = 4096 bytes


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Debian :: Tool For Squid Reports (not SARG) - Generate Less Amount Of Files - Optimal Is To Save Reports To The Database

May 9, 2011

I got the following task from my boss. I have to find out if there is some alternative tool for create reports from Squid except SARG. Now, we use SARG, but my boss told to me, that the main problem of SARG is, that SARG generate huge amount files, which cause problems during migration our servers. He told to me the following condition for change of current tool (SARG):

* standard package of Debian
* generate less amount of files, optimal is to save reports to the database

So I would like to ask you if you know about some tool (I can not find some by google)... and the best would be if you told to me some practical experiences.

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Server :: RHEL Auto Delete Files With Full Hard Drive

Jul 13, 2010

I experienced a full hard drive yesterday due to a massive error_log. We took care of the errors, but later found out we were missing files, including a MySQL database table. Having a shopping cart and ecommerce stuff on the site, we found that some of those files were missing, too.Does RHEL 5 have some sort of feature for automatically deleting files when the partition is full? If it does, I want to turn it off.

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General :: Rsync With Skipping 0 Bytes Files Option?

Jun 10, 2011

For backup purposes, I have been trying to find out a solution for Rsync -avr sourcefolder targetfolder with Skipping 0 bytes files option.

However it seems that they are no solutions. Would someone have an idea, to skip to source files into the sourcefolder that have no content, ie. 0 bytes?

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Ubuntu :: Moving Files To A Pendrive Renders 0 Bytes Files And Files Gets Deleted

Jun 10, 2011

I get a SD card. Put in the SD reader. It's empty. I go to my super-important-pictures-to-a-monthly-relatory folder and select all files. Select them for MOVE. Paste them on the SD card. When the move/paste process is finished, i click on the "Eject" button on top of the SD card name. Card's ejected. I can't access the card anymore. I take out the card and put on my other computer. From 300 pictures, there are only 10 available, the remaining ones are there, but with 0bytes and unrecoveable. I panic. I go back to my main computer, my pictures are not there anymore. The pictures were on the Home folder. I panic again. I reset the computer and boot on the LiveCD. I install foremost, scalpel, photorec and about everything till my USB drive complains about being filled up. I run everything and I can't recover my files. I'm in the danger of getting fired. Things like that makes Windows sounds more appealing. When you securely remove a pendrive, things get REALLY pasted there before screwing everything up with a removal.

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General :: Ubuntu Working On Thin Client Cannot Provide Accurate Disk Space Reports?

Jul 26, 2011

We are using thin client systems in our work environment. There is a central ubuntu server and by using thin clients, we are connecting to our homes. The problem is when I try to install an application, it reported me that I had 200 mb of disk space. But when i try to look from console, I see that /home folder has over 250 gb s of disk space. Even when I try to look from baobab, Disk Usage Analyzer in Ubuntu, i see that my home file system is full.

So what's the reason that I am receiving different kinds of disk space report from different sources? Our system admin here told me that some applications foolishly try to see the physical devices on the thin client and got confused as a result. Is this true?

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Ubuntu :: Disk Space Vanished - Only Had 0 Bytes Left

Apr 28, 2011

I was saving a few pictures, and I realized that none of them were actually being saved. I went to my home folder and I noticed that I only had 0 bytes left, then I deleted everything in my trash, got some space back, then it disappeared.

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Ubuntu :: Error: Allowed Memory Size Of 20971520 Bytes Exhausted (tried To Allocate 7680 Bytes) In /var/www/index.php On Line 2

Jan 9, 2011

I recently had to move to a new machine, everything went well except for one thing. I did fresh installation of LAMP server all with default configs. Every time I'm using PHP script to that invokes include, require or require_once I get the following error:

Code: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 20971520 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 7680 bytes) in /var/www/index.php on line 2 index.php file: PHP Code:
<?php    include "index.php";?>
icukapi.php file:
PHP Code:
<?php    echo "test";?>

My memory_limit in php.ini is set to 20M. I tried to increase that however it didn't quite work. PHP seems to allocate all possible space and return that message every time i try. If somebody has an idea of how to fix it I would be more than grateful. I spend quite a long time searching for an answer however the all things i found suggested increating memory_limit which in this case doesn't work.

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General :: Make A Game See A Mounted .iso As Disk In Cd-rom

Feb 22, 2010

I have a game .iso for windows. When I run it with Wine 1.01 it says to insert disk into cdrom. I used

mount -o loop -t iso9660 Zanzarah.iso /mnt/cdrom

but the game still asks for the disk.I also tried to find nocd, but couldn't find any for my version.

I mean can I make it see the .iso as a disk like it happens when one uses Daemon Tools with windows or somehow else?

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General :: List Disk Partitions And Show Which Ones Are Mounted?

Apr 29, 2009

I know I do fdisk -l /dev/sda and see all the partitions on that disk, and I know I can do mount and see all the mounted partitions. Is there a way to do both at the same time? Ideally what I'd like to see is the output of fdisk -l but with an additional column that shows if a partition is mounted or not.

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General :: CentOS - Disable Disk Check In Mounted USB Drive?

Aug 6, 2010

Is there a way to disable disk checks in a mounted usb drive? I have a 500GB usb mounted drive in my CentOS machine and everytime I reboot my system, it does disk checks which is a long painstaking process.

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General :: Tool That Shows Disk Space Of Mounted Volumes Graphically?

Dec 20, 2010

I am looking for such a tool, very much like the one that is on Windows 7, where you can basically with one glance see how much of a volume is occupied (graphical bar) and that for all mounted volumes. I have been looking for this, but so far I have not found it.Also, important: that it is auto updated. So that it is not like a report that was generated and then does not change anymore, but a live thing

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Debian :: Disk Setup - Df And Fdisk Reports Different

Dec 9, 2010

Iīm pretty new to linux and debian and I have a problem with my disk setup. I have a rocketRAID hardware card installed for RAID setup. In addition I have a separate HDD for linux and use the RAID-setup for server purposes. Now, when I boot the system, grub boots /dev/sda1. This does not work and I have to change to /dev/sdb1 for it to find the system files. (although sometimes it works, but in these cases the system does not find the RAID-disks. Thatīs for another time thou).

The strange thing about this, to me in any case, is that "fdisk" reports correctly, with sda and sdb but "df" reports all disks as sda and none as sdb. It also misses a partition of the RAID-disks which fdisk reports. hereīs a screengrab from "fdisk -l" and "df -h"


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General :: Safe To Tune2fs Mounted Volume To Prevent Disk Checks At Reboot?

May 12, 2010

I have some large volumes that I don't want to automatically be e2fsck'd when I reboot the server. Is it safe to change maximum mount count to -1 and check interval to 0 while a volume is mounted, or will that cause problems to the file system?

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Ubuntu :: Reports Low Disk Space - Gparted Doesn't?

Jul 24, 2010

Total Newbie running Win 7, Lucid Lynx 64-bit, sharing partitionUbuntu keeps reporting low disk space. I've read dozens of postings, looked at gparted and done some resizing but it's still not right. Had to remove everything I could last night to free up space.Disk utility shows I have an 18 GB root.disk, gparted shows partition has 204 GB available.The space is there in the partition how do I get root size to increase?

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General :: Delete OS From Disk And Grub2?

Sep 1, 2010

Originally, computer had 20GB drive dual boot WinXP and LinuxMint using so-called grub legacy. I upgraded another WinXP machine by cloning its 120GB drive to a new 250GB drive. I put the 120GB in the Linux machine and gparted it to free 40GB. I tried loading Ubuntu 10.04 Studio in 10GB partition. Something went wrong during software unpacking phase and was left with commandline (c/l) 10.04. Kept 10cl in the partition. Tried again in new 10GBpartition to load Ubuntu 9 Studio - success. Grub2 is now new bootloader. Boot options = c/l 10.04, 9 Studio, XP from 120GB, LinuxMint, and XP from 20GB. The 120XP is unbootable (HardwareAbstractionLayer problem I expect). Tried to install 10.04 (regular not studio) over c/l 10.04 but managed to install in addition to i.e. did not overwrite. But otherwise 10gui install is ok. FYI: Grub2 is the initial boot loader however selecting LinuxMint on orig 20GB drive shows grub = legacy in LM (grub -v) term box, the Ubuntus on the 120 show grub 1.9x in term.

I wanted to delete 10cl from disk and grub. Originally intend to gparted->delete partition from U10gui then run grub update but could not because a partition (i.e.10gui) on the target disk was mounted. So I booted into LM and deleted 10cl partitions (ext and swap). That was a bad move! Could not boot machine - grub2 would not boot because 10cl partition was not found. It left me at the "grub rescue" prompt. I wound up reinstalling Linux to the empty partitions.

How do I delete the 10cl o/s from grub and the disk?

Later I will want to delete unbootable 120WinXP o/s from grub and the disk. However, with the WinXp, I will want to keep the data and just delete the o/s.

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Ubuntu Security :: Permanently Delete "Deleted Files" From Hard Disk?

Feb 6, 2011

How do I erase my hard disk of "Deleted Files"?I mean how do I make "Deleted Files"-----> "Non Recoverable"?

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General :: Access Disk Druid Once All Of The Partitions Have Been Created In Rhel 5.3?

Feb 12, 2010

is there a way to access disk druid once all of the partitions have been created in rhel 5.3?

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Ubuntu Installation :: GParted Reports Disk As Unallocated Space

Dec 10, 2010

Although I've seen several threads with the same problem, I have not managed to solve the problem. GParted identifies my /dev/sda as unallocated disk space! The machine a Dell Inspiron M101Z laptop running Ubuntu 10.10 32 bit + W7 64 bit. I wouldn't have discovered the problem until I decided to replace my 32 bit Ubuntu with the 64 bit version, then GParted from the live cd identified my drive as Unallocated space!

I've already tried to use testdisk to write the partition table, but though it writes the table successfully and then it prompts to reboot, GParted still sees it as Unallocated. I've also tried fdisk /dev/sda then p then w to write the partition table, but again GParted screws up for some reason and sees it as Unallocated.


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General :: Wget / Delete Files / Getting Bunch Of Filefolders, But No Files, Ex."cccamp07-de-1845?

Oct 11, 2010

I am trying to dl the files located here: using wget.

Now when I use the command wget -r -A .m4v

I get the just a bunch of filefolders, but no files, ex."cccamp07-de-1845-Freifunk_und_Recht.m4v" but its a folder.

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General :: Possible To Delete All The Files Including System Files As Root?

Sep 21, 2010

If I am logged in as root in a linux system and I run command rm -rf on / folder, should it remove all the files? also the kernel?

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Ubuntu :: Cannot Delete Partition - It Is Mounted

Apr 27, 2010

I am trying to actually wipe my entire hard drive and figured it may just be easiest to format the hard drive and deleting the partitions. So when I go to System => Administration => Disk Utility => Select the Hard Drive => Click Delete Partition => And I get the error shown in my screenshots. What would be my best way to delete this partition and remove ubuntu completely for the time being. And yes I am using the latest RC. 10.04. However I don't suspect this is a bug.

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Delete Trash From Mounted Drive?

Aug 24, 2010

I have deleted alot from it (moved to trash) but I have not reclaimed the space that the items can i delete the trash / recycled items off the drive

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General :: Installing Mounted .iso Files Of PuppyLinux

Jul 13, 2010

I've tried googling for an answer to my probably extremely easy question, but since I'm a complete beginner I just do not understand whatever I find.Same goes for the whole linux wiki. After many frustrations with Windows I've been trying unsuccessfully to get any version of Linux to try out. However, I always get stuck at the same point: downloading the version works fine, but then getting it to work! Then I get frustrated with Linux for being too complex for the quite computer savvy in Windows, but not a programmer, person. And I returned to Windows. Repeat every 2 months.

So now I am here, please do not start talking to me as if I understand words like kernel - that's where I get stuck.What have I done:

- working in Win7 (illegal version, since I have a netbook and legal downloads are not available in the NL yet)
- found and downloaded the 2 puppylinux files named lupu-500 and lupu_devx_500
- used Virtual Clonedrive to mount both files; looks like I have drive F: being recognized as a dvd-rom drive and drive G: named BD-rom drive.
- I double click either one to open and I get: "Windows can't access this disk, etc." for F: or for G: "Please insert a disk, etc"

I know this is a long post, but please help me or you're losing me to Microsoft again!

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General :: Owner Could Not Execute Files Until Mounted In Fstab?

Nov 17, 2009

I'm trying to understand the last few hours... I installed slackware 13 yesterday in a multiboot system. On a seperate hdd from all the OS's I have my mp3 collection......I could play the mp3's as root after manually mounting sdb, but as a user I was unable to play them even though I chown'ed and chmod'ed 777 until I mounted sdb in fstab. The second drive was formatted ntfs by vista.

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Ubuntu :: Rsync --delete Doesn't Delete Superflous Files

Sep 25, 2010

I am trying to use an old box as backup server. I have tried a couple of possibilities along the lines of:


rsync -a --delete --progress --log-file=/home/$USER/info.txt -e ssh /home /etc root@

The problem is it does not delete files that has been removed from my local system?
I run the command as root on the local system.

(I realize I should properly not ssh into the server as the server's root but I'm having trouble with the permissions and I want to make sure everything else works before messing around with it)

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