General :: Monitor Written Data From Dd?

Aug 22, 2010

I have a huge disk image backed up using dd.
I need to restore the disk image but dd is very silent.

How can I monitor its progress?

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General :: Data Written To Unformatted Disk

Jan 14, 2011

I went and fdisk'd a USB disk and put the Fat32 filesystem onto it. Then I thought I ran dosfsck over it which I thort formatted the disk - apparently not. Then I copied a bunch of files and directories to it. Now I am unable to recover the files and data. In the rare instances when I perform a sloppy mount I see directories named 001, 002, 003 and 004. These directories variously contain files named 001, 002, 004 (no 003) etc.

Fdisk gives me:

I don't know enough to use dd, kpartx, parted, partmon, partprobe, partx et al

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General :: Catch All Data Being Written To Hard Drives?

Jul 18, 2010

I have a Linux CentOS server.Is there a way to store all changes made to the hard drive by all software on the server ?

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General :: "written Data In Track 1 Differs From Original"

Mar 3, 2011

I just tried to burn an ISO to a CD-R in K3B, and it finished with the message "written data in track 1 differs from original." I get that a lot; until now, I blamed it on my failing CD drives . What can I do to avoid it besides burning at a slow speed? I know that, having heard years ago that I should burn at 4x; but my new DVD-RW burner's slowest writing speed is 16x. (I'm annoyed at that. It was a Christmas gift, and I didn't think of specifying a write speed. I wouldn't be surprised if new CD drives can't burn at such a slow speed, though.)

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Ubuntu :: Data Could Not Be Written (Input/output Error)

Oct 18, 2010

i tried to rip a dvd last night and it got 98% done then said "Data could not be written (Input/output error)"here is the error log from brasero

Checking session consistency (brasero_burn_check_session_consistency brasero-burn.c:1744)
BraseroDvdcss called brasero_job_get_action
BraseroDvdcss called brasero_job_get_action


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Software :: Command To Display Amount Of Data Read And Written?

Apr 3, 2011

I know there's a command to display the live amounts of data being written and read to the disk.Like, it tells you how many blocks have been read/written so far to a device

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General :: /var/log/messages Is Not Being Written To?

Nov 1, 2010

I was attempting to get crontab to kick off a daily job, but the job wont start. I opened /var/log/messages and noticed all the logs were from 6 months ago. I cleared the log and then did a tail -f so I could watch it for activity. I then hit my box with anunsuccessful log in attempt. Nothing happened to the log. The uptime of my box is 22 days and the logs that were in it before I cleared it were from months ago.Is there a daemon I can check or another file I can mod to get logs writing again?

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General :: How To Remove Over Written Lines

Apr 19, 2010

I need to filter the log from a massive wget. I want to remove the progress lines and only leave the last one. Now each progress line starts with a newline '

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General :: New OS Only Recognizes Blank Dvd Not Written Ones?

Apr 4, 2011

I don know how this happened, but my system only recognizes an disk when the disk is blank. If thereĊ› anything on it it won mount it. Why is this happening?

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General :: Terminal Emulators Written In Java?

Nov 21, 2010

I'm looking for a terminal emulator that does the same thing as gnome-terminal or konsole, except written in Java.

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General :: GRUB Got Re-written By The Windows Bootloader?

Feb 14, 2011

with reference to my this thread: [URL]

After installing Windows 7, the GRUB got re-written by the windows bootloader. Now after booting into the live cd and mounting /boot partition (sda2), I tried to reinstall the GRUB with this command grub-install --root-directory=/mnt /dev/sda as told by this [URL]

But I got the an error which says, Are you sure /dev is mounted? then i tried the same command on the / partition (sda5) which said, cannot find boot directory, Are you sure /dev is mounted?

And installation failed, now after restarting its just a black screen with grub> prompt.

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General :: Debug A Newly Written System Cal?

Dec 17, 2010

i added a new system call..helloworld...

i rebuild the kernel and when i try to use it, it is returning -1.

can any one tell me how to debug and know where things went wrong..

how to see the kernel log when this syscall is called...i wrote a println in my syscall..but couldnt find that in /var/log/dmesg...

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Ubuntu Servers :: Monitor Data Usage - With A Proxy ?

Jul 3, 2010

Is there something which can act as a fully fledged proxy (exactly like squid) but which can also monitor data usage?

At the moment what I do is I log data usage of IP addresses (allocated by DHCP) by using IPFM. Obviously getting a new IP address from a DHCP server isn't hard and this could be abused.

So I was thinking if I require proxy authentication and log usage that way, there is no way for anyone to abuse the system.

Does anyone know of a proxy server capable of logging data usage?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Any Tool To Monitor Data Usage?

Aug 31, 2010

Is there any tool similar to NetMonitor for Ubuntu, which can be used to monitor the data usage.

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General :: Finding A File Which Is Being Written Recently In Directory Of 1000 Files?

Apr 13, 2011

How to find a file which is being written recently in directory of 1000 files?

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General :: Download Linux Network Administrator Guide Written By Kirch?

May 3, 2011

HOW can i download Linux Network Administrator guide written by Kirch?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Bandwidth Monitor - How Much Incoming Data Had In The Last 24 Hours

Feb 18, 2010

I'd like to find some sort of program which can tell me how much incoming data I've had in the last 24 hours. It goes by hours, not by days, but anything that's simple and that can display this will do. Is there any sort of program that does this? Something that would fit well with Ubuntu's style wouldn't hurt, but I'm not that worried about it as long as it does the job.

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Programming :: Getting A Script To Continuously Monitor Appended Data To A Log File?

Oct 13, 2010


if ! [ -f ${PATH}/myfile.txt ];then
echo $(date +%Y%m%d"_"%H%M%S)": Nu am gasit fisierul ${PATH}/myfile.txt"
ps -fxu pin | grep "/usr/local/coreutils/bin/tail -f ${LOG_PATH}/x.log$" | awk '{system("kill "$2)}'
cat ${LOG_PATH}/x.log | sed -n -e '/LONG/{x;1!p;g;;}' -e h > ${PATH}/myfile.txt


I have a continuously growing log file (x.log) in which i have to look for certain lines that contain "Long". The line above each line containing the word "Long" it contains a time stamp. I want to extract each line containing the time stamp into myfile.txt and check the difference between time stamps. Whenever there is a difference i need to run another script (${CAL_PATH}/${APP_NAME}), then sleep 1, then continue searching. Lines with "Long" do not appear continuously, but in blasts. The script runs fine until the first pause encountered. Starting with the first pause, tail -f doesn't write in myfile.txt anymore. Can someone help me understand why "tail -f" it stops writing into myfile.txt? Or does someone know an alternative to "tail -f" of achieving the initial scope of the script?

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Programming :: Monitor Temps And Values Fed In From A Data Acquisition Device

Feb 7, 2010

I'm thinking of a web based app that will monitor temps and values fed in from a data acquisition device but am seeking advice on what to use to produce the web page would php be powerful enough? The app will also have to have access to a shell for scripting, I know thats a security risk but it will not be in an exposed env. The web page will have a series of lcd readouts displaying the aquired data refresh rates will probably be around 5 seconds along with control buttons to turn on and off values. Storing data in a mysql database for statistical reports would be needed eventually. Ubuntu 9.10 will be the os. Is python easily integrated into apache?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Wifi - Program Could Monitor - How Much Data Each Person Is Using/downloading

Sep 1, 2011

I have my system connected to a sky wifi box (LAN connection) for my broadband, I also have about 4 tenants connected too, via wireless.

I was wondering if there were a program that i could run on my system that could monitor, or that i could use that would tell me how much data each person is using/downloading and what websites they were viewing etc..

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Ubuntu Networking :: Gui Bandwidth Monitor - Set Up And Just Shows The Amount Of Data Downloaded And Uploaded Per Month

Feb 16, 2010

my isp is putting a max bandwidth in my area and I need to monitor my downloads and uploads per month. Is there anything that has a gui that is easy to set up and just shows the amount of data downloaded and uploaded per month. Also if possible to do a pop up if you set a maximum bandwidth amount.

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General :: Mount: /dev/mapper/gegevens-Data Already Mounted Or /data Busy

Jul 14, 2010

A few months ago I have setup a server with three hard disks. The partition mapping the disks as follows:

Disk /dev/sda: 1000.2 GB, 1000204886016 bytes
255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 121601 cylinders
Units = cylinders of 16065 * 512 = 8225280 bytes
Disk identifier: 0x7ca36fee


Now I have the following problem the LVM file system don't mount properly.If I open the mount point I see only a few files of the LVM disk. If I want to unmount the disk I get the following error:

umount /data/
umount: /data/: not mounted

If I want to mount the volume I get the following error:

mount -a
mount: /dev/mapper/gegevens-Data already mounted or /data busy

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General :: Screen Rate - Refresh Mode Of The Monitor In The Monitor Options Have Only One Option 60Hz

Mar 20, 2010

I am having problems with the refresh rate if the screen. In the refresh mode of the monitor in the monitor options have only one option 60Hz. I have LG 24 + ATI Radon 3870, and have already installed the ATI driver via Ubuntu download center.

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General :: Detect Monitor (Ubuntu 9.10, It Is Showing Unknown Monitor )?

Apr 20, 2010

I am now using Ubuntu 9.10. The prob is I am not able to increase the resolution of display. It is showing only 800 x 600 display. While trying to increase the resolution it is showing "Unknown Monitor". So, how can I detect the monitor so I can increase the resolution of my system.

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General :: Written A Script In Which, Changes A Variable Using A "while" Loop?

Feb 8, 2010

i have written a script in which, i changes a variable using a "while" loop. then i feed that variable to an input file. After that i run that file in parallal using mpi library.Script is as:>>>>

sta=mpirun -np 6 $STA


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Ubuntu Networking :: Traffic Monitor - How Much Data Downloaded/uploaded On An Interface This Month And Previous Month

Nov 20, 2010

I'm looking for a powerful network traffic monitor that can do all of the following (or at least a combination of tools that can do the following):

Tell me how much data was downloaded/uploaded on an interface this month and the previous month tell me how the traffic was used throughout the monthshow which internal IPs (IPs in the network) used how much traffic show which ports/protocols on those IPs used all that traffic

Hhow LIVE traffic flow statistics that can tell me total speed of traffic going through an interface as well asshow which internal IPs (IPs in the network) are using how much of the traffic show which ports/protocols on those IPs are using that traffic

This tool will run on a linux router through which all my internal PCs are connected to the Internet. This means the tool(s) need to work with NAT (traffic being forwarded and not necessarily destined for the interfaced being monitored).

The distribution being run doesn't have a package manager so any packages or dependencies have to be manually compiled and SCPed over file by file. For this reason, the tool/tools need to be simple (things like vnstat, not things like ntop that have their own web interface).

I know that vnstat can tell me the first bullet point so it's only there incase there's a tool out there that can do everything. If there's a tool that can only do the second or third bullet point, that's great too - I'll just keep using vnstat and look for something else to do the other task.

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Ubuntu :: Nothing Written In Fstab ?

Jan 31, 2011

I've been having a lot of problems solving my HDD mounting problems and renaming. It finally worked, but I had to delete everything from fstab. As crazy as it sounds, it worked, when I turn my computer on, they automatically mount. They are all working fine. I will attach screen shots too. As you can see my fstab is blank, I was just wondering, is this a problem? Or is it totally normal?

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Ubuntu :: Run A Program I've Written In C++?

Apr 7, 2011

How do I run a program I've written in C++? I'm new found some tutorials to study from but didn't find anything on how to run it. I'm using text editor too write it and saved it as .cpp but everytime i open it it just shows what i wrote it doesn't run it.

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Programming :: Is Firefox Written In GTK Or QT

Apr 6, 2011

I wanted to develop a cross platform GUI application.So I thought I would research on Firefox.I havent been able to find out which GUI framework is FireFox using ?Is it GTK, QT, or what ?

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Fedora :: Verifying Files Written To A DVD?

Dec 26, 2009

I've been having trouble writing to DVDs on one computer, and I am trying to figure out whetgher the problem is hardware or software related, or, perhaps, both. The brasero CD/DVD writer puts the md5 checksums of each of the original files in a hidden file on the DVD. I think it then calculates the sums of the copies and compares, but the last time I did it, it told me it had permission problems with the drive, and that failed. When I put the DVD in, udev finds it and mounts it in /media with me as its owner. Apparently, brasero mounted it some other way, and presumably that caused the problem.

Secondly, after I brought it up again, I went into the /media mount point and did md5sum on the files there. One of them a gzipped tar file, produced and input/output error. Yet if I use cmp to compare that file with the original it finds no difficulty. So what is going on? Finally, I have tried to write shell scripts which use cmp to compare the original files with the copies. The general form is

find $* >> /tmp/X
for i in `cat /tmp/X`
cmp $i YYYY/$i

where XXX is the mount point in /media and YYY is the original directory containing the relevant files. This works fine except that if the file names have spaces in them, the shell script treats each word as a new file name. So I need some way to arrange things so that `cat /tmp/X` returns the complete file name. Nothing I've tried works.

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