General :: LXDE Suddenly Getting Slower And Slower?

Sep 22, 2010

OpenSuse 11.2
LXDE (Latest version)

It used to have a lightening speed. But now every application is taking few seconds to start, even on Konsole, the commands take some seconds to get typed ! (I literally have to wait for cursor to move and commands to get typed on Konsole). Folders are taking some seconds to get opened !

I rebooted the computer but that proved to be useless.

Here the ps output:

anisha@linux-uitj:~> pstree -Apuh `id -anisha`
id: invalid option -- 'i'
Try `id --help' for more information.


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General :: Web Suddenly Slower, Attachments Won't Attach?

May 10, 2010

Recently installed debian lenny.Running very well.WM: ratpoison.Suddenly, today, the internet runs much slower.ONLY ON THIS MACHINE - the parallel windows machine, off of which I was successfully weaning myself, is not having this problem, so it's neither the router nor the actual internet connection.Specifically: I can't attach a document in yahoo mail.I tried it in iceweasel, same problem, so it's not the browser.I piped the output of "top" for a minute or so to a text file, which I'm attaching.

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Ubuntu :: 10.04 Gets Slower And Slower After Its Been Running A While

Aug 7, 2010

Im experiencing a strange problem with 10.04. When it first boots up its reasonably quick (as snappy as Gnome ever has been) but after its been running for a day or two it gets ununsably slow and has to be rebooted.

I dont see how it can be anything to do with my hardware as it runs OK when first started. Ive monitored RAM usage and it doesnt seem to differ much. There's always the same amount unused.

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General :: How To Make The Mouse Slower In KDE 4

Sep 6, 2010

I have bought one of the new Logitech wireless mice for my laptop, but it seems too "fast" - a small movement results in massive movement on the screen, its much faster than the old corded mouse I am using with my desktop.

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General :: Dd Gets Slower While Reading And Writing?

Jan 25, 2011

user@user-laptop:~$ sudo dd if=sd_backup of=/dev/sdd bs=4M conv=noerror,sync

205520896 bytes (206 MB) copied, 28.564 s, 7.2 MB/s
247463936 bytes (247 MB) copied, 57.1285 s, 4.3 MB/s
260046848 bytes (260 MB) copied, 73.2388 s, 3.6 MB/s
289406976 bytes (289 MB) copied, 104.121 s, 2.8 MB/s


How come dd gets slower after copying this 8GB file? What can I do about it?

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General :: Parallel Processing Slower Than Sequential?

Jul 28, 2011

While converting some images using ImageMagick, I noticed a somewhat strange effect. Using xargs was significantly slower than a standard for loop. Since xargs limited to a single process should act like a for loop, I tested that, and found it to be about the same.

Thus, we have this demonstration.

Quad core (AMD Athalon X4, 2.6GHz)
Working entirely on a tempfs (16g ram total; no swap)
No other major loads


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General :: Disk Performance Slower After Upgrade To 4GB RAM

Oct 19, 2010

I am running openSuse 11.2 (32-bit), my CPU only supports 32-bits. I have a hardware RAID device. My system has 4GB of RAM. When I configure my system to only use 3GB, 2GB, or even 1GB, using mem=1024M in grub, my RAID performance is much better then when letting my system use the default 4GB available.Can anyone explain to me why this is? Is there anything I can do, i.e. kernel configuration, that will help performance when running with all 4GB enabled?

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General :: Browsing With Linux Much Slower Than Windows

Jan 1, 2011

I have a big archive with about 10000 documents in a usb stick. What I have noticed is that browsing of that archive with gnome is much slower with ubuntu than winXP ( dual boot , same PC ) where it is almost instant.I have disabled assistive technologies and installed Thunar file browser. It improved things but again the lag is important. Linux is in general much faster than windows, so I wonder why is it happening ?

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General :: Does Running Commands Verbosely Make Them Slower

Jul 20, 2011

I've found myself using the -v flag for lots of applications less and less (especially for trivial stuff like tar and cp). However, when I did and I was, say, unzipping a large file, it would take longer than when I didn't use the -v flag.I assume this is because the terminal has to process the text and I'm filling up whatever buffer it might have. But my question is, does this make the application actually run slower or does it complete in the same amount of time and what I'm seeing is the terminal trying to catch up?

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General :: Web Browsers Running Much Slower, Compared With Windows 7, Same PC?

Jan 28, 2010

Debian lenny, old install (I've upgraded to lenny when it was just about to become the stable release), versus windows 7, fresh install.Comparing browsers speeds with, I had results such as:Iceweasel (firefox) on linux: from 9.154 seconds to 21:860 seconds (the same webpage, reloaded)Firefox on windows: 4.32 seconds - and never much slower than thatThe fastest browser on linux was Opera, ranging from 8.562 to 5.503 secs to load the same page, but even internet explorer beat/match it with its timing of about five seconds.

I have not other browsers on windows; on linux there is aroraonqueror (KDE3), kazehakase, chrome, and dillo, besides text browsers. I didn't test on dillo; Kazehakase and chrome were the only ones which had nearly decent results, but still very bad, 11 to 13 seconds for chrome, and 21 for kazehakase. Konqueror just seemed to never finish to load the page, I gave up when it was still loading somethingfter nutes and 5 seconds.'ve emptied the cache every time I would test, and I was running almost only the browsers and not much else. Whatever comes by default on windows, and on linux, I was on openbox, with nothing much going on I guess, I think the most memory consuming processthe time, besides xorg and the browsers themselves, was dictd.

I've researched a little bit about, but not enough to make a list of possible things to change in order to improve the speed on linux. Most of the time there are people just agreeing that on windows the rendering is faster, and other people saying that with them is the opposite, with some minor variations like people saying that linux is faster for plain downloads while windows is faster for web browsing due to better graphics.

(by the way; I haven't installed any graphic card driver on windows, which is still running on 1024x768, while linux runs on 1280x1024, with the "nv" generic driver, without fancy options, not supported by my old card) The closest to a suggestion of possible solutions was someone saying tha compilation may affect performance, I guess it was both about kernel compilation, and the web browsers themselves.I'll google a bit more about how to "compile for speed", both kernels and programs (maybe the x server

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General :: Login MUCH Slower - Some Reference To AppArmor Profile - Screen Corruption ?

Jul 5, 2010

I am new to linux but will try and be as precise as I can. I have a Dell Insp. 1545 with 3GB ram with 10.04_64

Problem: Rather out of the blue upon login, from the time of entering password to the desktop, is MUCH slower. I have no splash enabled and there is some reference to AppArmour profiles (it sits there at this apparmour reference , then sits trying to load desktop). However, I have never configured apparmor. Finally, on last login, there was some sort of screen corruption prior to getting to desktop.

Prior to all this i noticed that firefox "blinked" when I was using it, and then said that it needed to shutdown/restart for updates. I did notice at that time two of my previous tabs sortof acted oddly (moved around then disappeared).

I have no SSH/Server software etc activated.

I did change visudo so that sudo timeout shorter than it was. However that is the only modification to the system recently.

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General :: Programs No Longer Showing In Task Bar - System Running Much Slower After Update

Apr 26, 2011

using mint 10, now after updates my system is barely working. The programs were no longer showing in the task bar, and the system was running much slower.


This repeated over and over again. My temperature was never to high 40-55, and I found a suggestion to update my kernel to 2.6.37-020637. After doing so there is no longer the thermal limit exceeded error but the computer is still running poorly. The system is slow and again no programs are showing up in the task bar when open.

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OpenSUSE Install :: 11.3 Much Slower Than 11.2?

Jul 29, 2010

I have been running opensuse 11.2 successfully on my IBM NetVista 1.8 GHz for a year or more. Response is quick, no problems.

Downloaded the DVD for 11.3 and installed it (new install replacing the / system partition but leaving /home intact, renamed /home...kde4 to .kde4old). Install was fine, but on final boot the response of 11.3 was noticeably slower than 11.2, I would estimate about half speed. I tried compiling a new kernel to see if it improved, but the kernel compile was taking for ever so I stopped it. Editing the kickoff menu was close to impossible - saving a change resulted in "Updating system configuration" which would crawl to 100% and then start over again; after the 5th iteration I cancelled it.

In fact this got so bad (slowness, odd errors) that I am in the process of restoring 11.2. This new install of 11.2 is noticeably faster again than the 11.3.

My system has a good hard drive and 1GB memory. Am I underpowered for something in 11.3? I could not figure that there was anything specifically different in 11.3 that could be disabled to restore the speed of 11.2.

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Ubuntu :: Slower Boot Up With 11.04?

May 10, 2011

I've been using 11.04 64bit for a few days now and overall it's very nice. Only thing I've noticed is the boot up time is slower than 10.04.

Is there a way to speed it up?

I'm running an Acer Extensa 4420 laptop.

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Networking :: LAN Is Running Much Slower

May 15, 2011

I am doing backups and restores to and from a backup server machine in the garage (in case of fire or theft) using rsync, and the LAN is running much slower than I think it should. Best consistent speed I get is 40Mb/s. The lights on the interface cards indicate it's in Gb mode, and the interfaces are fairly new. The router is a Netgear WNDR3700 the top-of-the-line consumer-grade router. Hardwire only, using Ubiquiti ToughCable and ToughConnectors, less than a 50' run.

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Fedora :: 12 Browser Download Slower Than XP

Apr 28, 2010

I have a dual boot machine with Fedora 12 and XP SP2.

Recently I tested download performance using Using seamonkey on XP, i got 22 Mbps on my Comcast ISP. Not bad! However I then tried the same test on Fedora 12 with F12 seamonkey and got 16 Mbps. Thinking it must just be seamonkey, I tried the F12 Firefox and got 12 Mbps

This seems like a pretty big difference. I checked around on google and found several threads decying slower mozilla performance on Linux. I tried the suggestions to turn off ipv6 support, but there was not much improvement.

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Fedora :: Intel Gma 950 Much Slower In 3D In F13 Than On Older?

Jun 12, 2010

Is there way to tweak it in some way so the speed is back, because before F13 World of Goo played perfectly and now in F13 it is playable but not "fluid" as before? Also if it is because of changes in F13 considering graphics what to expect in future, would performance be back?

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Fedora :: CPU Speed Slower Than In Windows?

Jul 29, 2011

Since I use my computer for some intense processor calculations, without any fancy graphical needs, I decided to apply a mild OC on the BIOS settings, to speed thing a bit up.I own an AMD Phenom II 1055T (2.8GHz) cpu. I changed the base freq from 200 to 203, and changed the multipliers of the standard and boost freqs to x15 and x16.5, so now the BIOS reads 3045 MHz and 3349 MHz for both speeds.

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OpenSUSE :: Firefox 4beta Slower Than 3.7a5?

Jul 1, 2010

ANyone here tried firefox 3.7a5 and/or 4beta? I'd be interested in finding out everyone's experience because I found that when I ran the below web test, 3.7 got 60fps and 4b got about 22 fps! Flying Images You can find 4 here: Index of /pub/ And 3.7 here: Index of /pub/

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OpenSUSE :: Why Does System Gets Slower After A Few Month

Oct 7, 2010

My system (opensuse 11.2, kde 4.x) got significantly slower after a year of usage. Its response time is higher, boots longer. Filesystem is ext3 and is not fragmented. Number of daemons loaded on startup hasn't changed.

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OpenSUSE :: Sort Is Noticably Slower?

Mar 10, 2011

Has anyone noticed an increase in runtime for sort? I'm having to sort large, 30+ GB text files, and I've noticed a substantial increase in the time needed to sort files in 11.4. Files that take maybe two hours to sort under previous conditions now take multiple hours.

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Ubuntu :: Only X Running Slower Than Puppy

Feb 7, 2010

I am comparing distros of Linux on a computer with VERY low specs. I have a CLI only version of Ubuntu 9.10 running A-OK, but when I run lwm or just X the video flickers (which I believe is due not to the video card/driver but to the resources used). I have tried this with two video cards with the same result.

When I run puppy it flies with no setup.

I know that Puppy is designed for older systems (2.4 Kernel and all that), but is there any other reason why Ubuntu would be slow in comparison.

I am using the nv driver with a Riva TNT PCI Video card.

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Ubuntu :: Slower Bootup After Upgrade 10.04?

Sep 22, 2010

Not sure if i am correct but I was under the impression from all sorts of posts & videos that 10.04 was supposed to have a fast bootup. I have upgraded from 9.04 jaunty bootup is quite a bit slower than on the old version and is quite tedious is this correct? are there any logs i can upload to see if i have an error some where?

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Ubuntu :: Slower Boot Since Re-install?

Nov 16, 2010

I carelessly didn't apply a couple of updates correctly a few days ago which led me to reinstall Ubuntu 10.04

But, since the reinstall the boot has gone from blindingly fast to average.

what would of caused this? It's a shame, the boot cycle was one of the outstanding highlights of Ubuntu,

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Ubuntu :: System Slower Than Windows XP?

Nov 21, 2010

I've installed Ubuntu Maverick on a testing machine, a Samsung N510 (Atom N280/2 GB RAM), and I've been quite surprised that I haven't been able, due to slowness, to reproduce MPEG2/DIVX videos (using VLC).When I subsequently installed Windows XP, the videos were playing fluidly.Now, I also noticed, although this may potentially be biased, that the overall responsiveness of the system is a bit slower than when I use Windows XP (drawing speed of objects).I remember having the same feeling I switched (years ago) entirely from Windows to Ubuntu.

Why is video decoding so much slower on Ubuntu?Providing that the second point (desktop system speed) is not biased, is gnome inherently slower than Windows XP's GUI? Why, if so?

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Ubuntu :: Slower And More Unstable Than Fedora?

Dec 26, 2010

Why is Ubuntu slower and more unstable than Fedora on my laptop? I thought, as it is a more popular distro, it wouldn't be. I've only used it on my laptop for a couple of days and I already had at least 3 default software crashes. On Fedora, I had about one crash per two weeks. Ubuntu is also slightly slower. Opening the Social broadcast messages window took so long to open, that meanwhile, I totally forgot that I opened it.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Internet Slower On 10.10

Jan 18, 2011

I have EastLink cable Internet and I have the fastest residential service money can buy, I get speed test results of 30mbps down and 2mbps up, that being said, my Internet was lightning fast on windows and Mac but when I installed Ubuntu, which is my favourite OS, my Internet is very slow and laggy. Sometimes it could take several minutes for a web page to load and some torrents download at 1-2 MBps and some download at under 100kb/sec, some web pages load instantly, some take longer.

I've searched other forums I found was turning off IPv6, I am not really sure what that is but I followed the steps provided and shut it off but did not notice much of a difference. I am basically a beginner when it comes to Linux, I use the OS for my day to day school and entertainment. I listen to music, watch movies, do school work and such since I am a university student. I really love Ubuntu and don't want to be forced to go back to Win blows, I really don't like windows at all so I would really like to solve this issue and stick with this operating system.

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Ubuntu :: Desktop Environment For A Slower PC?

Jun 18, 2011

I have an older IBM P3 laptop im running ubuntu on. And im wondering if there's a way to change the desktop environment to one which would use less system resources. Im currently running the default. I've used other distros way back in the day that would allow you to use KDE. Can KDE be installed and would this be a better option for an older computer?

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Ubuntu :: Web Browser Much Slower Than Windows?

Aug 13, 2011

I'm posting this here because I have no idea how to address this issue. I have an Ubuntu 11.04 with Windows XP on VirtualBox, Firefox 5 on both machines (virtual and real).I thought my connection was slow when I realized that the browser in VB was much faster than the one in Ubuntu.The problem doesn't seem to be on firefox because Chrome also is slow (I haven't checked Chrome in XP-VB).When I type an address in Firefox Ubuntu it takes a long time to show the page and sometimes the whole browser gets stuck for somewhere around a minute.

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Hardware :: Set Slower CD / DVD Rom Speed On Fstab?

May 21, 2010

The dvd rom drive is quite noisy if used at full speed, but it can be reduced at the cost of speed, which, depending on what you're doing, does not make much difference (like listening to music or watching a movie). Adittionaly, it may (that's just a reasonable guess) extend its lifetime. It can be manually reduced with the following command:

eject -x N /dev/cdrom (which won't actually eject it) Where N is the number of the speed you want. I've read that 4 is OK for music and 12 is OK for movies. (Reference: Setting CD-ROM and DVD-ROM drive speed to reduce noise ) Everything is fine, but is it possible to have lower speed set by default on fstab or something, or the fastest speed is always the default?

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