General :: How To Change Xfs Journal From External To Internal / If External Log Is Gone

Dec 27, 2010

I have an external hard drive with an xfs partition on it. It was using an external journal, but in re-installing Slackware I removed the partition holding the external journal, forgetting what it was at the time. I didn't touch the contents of the external hard drive, but now I can't mount it and the various xfs programs seem to demand that it be mounted in order for them to change anything.Anyone have any ideas on how to change an xfs partition from external log to internal? Failing that, how do I get the information off it?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Boot Error With External Journal?

Aug 21, 2010

Im using Ubuntu 10.04 64bits with external journal.

/dev/sda1 is the "/" partition.
/dev/sdb1 is the external journal

Everything is working fine, but if a new HD is added (like dev/sdc), I have a boot error, initramfs error!

Why this is happening? How can I add a new HD without error?

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General :: Forward Traffic From Internal NIC To External?

Jul 29, 2009

I have a (virtual) server with 3 NIC's: 1 external (inet), 1 local and 1 DMZ. This server is my gateway.
I would like my internal network, where every server has a static 192.168.0.x IP, to access the internet via the gateway.
That means the traffic has to pass from the 'local' NIC to the 'external' NIC, connected to the internet.
Which setting do I change to accomplish this ?

Please check the sceenshot (attachment) for my current setup

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General :: Addressing A Host From Both Internal And External Networks?

Aug 17, 2010

I have a fairly standard home network set-up with a router and a couple machines on the internal network (with private IP addresses 10.0.0.x). One of these machines is running my subversion server, which is in turn used by my laptop. I am now trying to configure my laptop in a way that I can have one working subversion copy connected to the repository which works both when the laptop is connected to my home network as well as if its connecting from internet. I configured a "virtual server" on the router, so that port 443 goes to the machine with subversion, and this works fine. Now I don't know how to configure the laptop to go to the same machine - because the IP is different if I want to access it from outside and from inside. I tried to connect to the external IP of my network, but the router refuses to let the connection go "out and in again". how to get it configured?

I am using Debian linux with wpa_supplicant on the laptop.

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General :: How To Config Internal And External Email Using Postfix

May 26, 2011

I am using postfix and dovecot installed in one machine running linux centos 5.4 and I have two lan card eth0 and eth1
the eth0 is my IP from ISP
the eth1 is my internal IP

Now since my postfix and dovecot are started without any errors what I mean is. I can able to send in yahoo,gmail,etc... and also i can recieve email from outside. My question is how can I restrict this email address denied for outside but can send and recieve only in internal while this is allow to send and receive outside and inside.

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General :: Find External And Internal Devices Attached To A System?

Feb 24, 2010

Find external and internal devices attached to a system in Linux

How can i find through terminal that which devices are external and which are internal.

By external i mean devices attached to USB port. For Example, USB Drive, Portable USB HardDrive etc

By internal i mean devices attached internally. For Example, SATA Harddisk etc.

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General :: Not Send Mail From Internal To External Ids I.e Gmail, Yahoo?

May 23, 2011

i have centos 5.5 and qmail installed in it this qmail is used for internal mail , we are not send mail from internal to external ids i.e gmail, yahoo etc, this qmail intalled on 192.x.x.x ip server this ip is not live ip but my problem is that from few days mail are sending from internal to external like indiatimes ,yahoo

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General :: Using A Ide External HD - Get A Bootup Grub Installed On My Internal Windows MBR?

Nov 4, 2010

If I try and install, any distro on a ide External hard drive, Will I still get a Bootup Grub installed on my internal Windows MBR. I am thinking the answer is yes.

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General :: Backup Daemons Or Mdadm RAID Across Internal And External HDDs?

Aug 15, 2010

I'm building a new desktop computer, on which I plan to install Debian Squeeze. I'll have a 1 TB SATA hard drive in the system. I'm also considering using two 500 GB external USB drives, but I'm debating about how I want to use them. Running them all separately for 2 TB of space could be a nightmare, with three potential points of failure, so I was thinking of using the two external drives as a backup system instead.

I'm considering linking the two external drives in a RAID 0 array, then linking that array and the internal drive in a RAID 1 array. I would use mdadm software RAID for all of this so I could use individual partitions in the arrays, avoid hardware dependency, and have greater software control. So now is this feasible to do (having a partial RAID 0+1 setup)? Moreover, what kind of performance could I expect from using potentially slow external drives (one of which I know has a very long spin-up time after idle periods) in a mirroring setup with the internal drive?Would I be far better off using a filesystem backup daemon instead?

EDIT:After some more research and brainstorming, I've decided I might just end up using rsync+cron, lsyncd, or DRBD (assuming it can easily make backups locally). I'd probably have to link up the external drives in RAID 0 (or use some filesystem link trickery). But I suppose such a setup would offer greater control, flexibility in disk capacities (the full system isn't so strictly limited to the capacity of the smallest member of the array), and granularity than RAID 0+1 would.I'm still open to thoughts on the mdadm RAID 0+1 solution, but does anyone have any advice on choosing backup software? For some background on my needs, I'll be using this computer as both an everyday desktop and a personal LAMP server (MySQL database files would be included in the backups).

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General :: Sound Heard In External Headphones / But Not In Internal Speakers Of Laptop

Aug 20, 2010

I am new to fedora 13. My problem is that I can not hear any sound from my laptop's internal speakers (that works f9 in windows--so no h/w probs!) but when I connect external headphones, everything is heard.I have tried several commands from various internet sources since past one week. I don't understand many of the commands that I have run, but that has somehow helped me to run media files and hear sound on HEADPHONES.

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General :: Command Line - Find External And Internal Devices Attached To A System?

Feb 24, 2010

How can i find through terminal that which devices are external and which are internal.

By external i mean devices attached to USB port. For Example, USB Drive, Portable USB HardDrive etc.

By internal i mean devices attached internally. For Example, SATA Harddisk etc.

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General :: Ubuntu Live Disk Not Recognizing Internal And External Drive File Systems?

Jan 6, 2010

Im using it in an attempt to backup all of the files off of my dead Windows xp Computer. Right now I am using the 9.10 live disk of Ubuntu and cannot get the program to recognize what kind of file system my internal hard drive is using. (A western digital 320 GB hard drive with partition 1 in NTFS and part2 in FAT32) I would like to be able to back up this drive onto my 1 TB Western Digital external hard drive that is also in ntfs.

Now here comes the wierd part, it won't read or recognize my interal and external hard drives that run those file systems but it will recognize and allow me to read, edit, and access all of the ntfs hard drives on my home network. I did some lurking and tried a tutorial for creating a mount point and on how to force mount a disk, but neither of my disks would show up in Places/Computer. So then I checked the /etc/fstab file and is says,

aufs / aufs rw 0 0
tmpfs /tmp tmpfs nosuid,nodev 0 0

Which I think means that it says I have no hard drives installed or connected to the computer. Yet when I go into Disk Utility it tells me the disk is there and asks if I want to format the disk into ntfs...

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General :: External DVD-RW (ASUS) - Which /dev/ File Associated With External Dvdrom

Dec 11, 2010

I plugged in my external dvd-r (asus) via usb. It showed me some message on shell, that it has detected the cdrom(although its dvd rom as well but nevermind) and its of ASUS. But how do i know which dev it was associated with in /dev/? Since i had to test something, i plugged it out, and save the output of ls /dev/ > ~/result.txt

after plugging the dvd-rom, i compared the results and was able to find that it was associated with simple cdrom i.e. /dev/cdrom. I wanted to know that is there any command that will tell me which /dev/ file was associated with external dvdrom? i tried to see in the following result

1) df -h ( no results, just the already mounted partitions)
2) fdisk -l ( same as above)
3) dmesg | tail (shown almost the same result as was shown on shell at the time of plugging the dvd)

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Ubuntu :: Internal But Want To Boot With External?

Aug 5, 2010

i have a laptop that just recently had a hard drive fail so i removed it i have an160 gig external that i want to install Linux on so i got the live cd version of Ubuntu started it up pluged the external drive in whent through the install and set it to boot first but when it boots i get this it says missing modules cat?/proc/modules;is/dev and so on what did i do wrong

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Security :: Allow Internal Ips And Block External Ips?

Jul 19, 2010

Im running Centos 5.4 with a sftp server, and I�d like to allow all 172.16.0.x ip and 192.168.0.x ip and block everything else. Does someone have a good way to do this with IPTables or any other opensource FW?

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OpenSUSE Install :: External HD Not Seen And Internal HDD On /dev/sda2

May 9, 2010

Since a few days i can no longer use my external hard drive (USB). During my quest i noticed the following things: Running openSUSE 11.2 / KDE 4.4.3 / single boot My internal HD is on /dev/sda2 (mounted /) partition manager (YaST) or gparted don't start up (they just hang during start-up) I had to change permissions suddenly to read a CD (i was not in de cdrom group, but i have been using CDs for a while)

> df
Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda2 113306052 84757232 22793136 79% /
udev 2052352 4140 2048212 1% /dev


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OpenSUSE Network :: SSH Working For External But Not Internal?

Jan 14, 2010

I have a SuSE server (sorry but no idea what version of SuSe it's running.. I'd take a guess at 10.0) on a network with several other SuSE servers. They are all able to be SSHed externally as well as internally and all have their local firewalls disabled. I just had to reboot one of the servers and it is behaving quite strangely. I am able to SSH in and out of it externally, but can't SSH in and out of it internally.

When trying to SSH out internally I get the message:
"ssh: connect to host *.*.*.* port 22: No route to host"
When trying to SSH in internally I get the message:
"ssh: connect to host *.*.*.* port 22: Connection timed out"
Using ssh -v doesn't give any more useful information.

I have double checked that the IP is correct and that the internal firewall is disabled etc. The external firewall hasn't got anything that would prevent it (and shouldn't be an issue anyway as it's an internal only problem... SSH externally works fine). Also, it might help to know that I have the same problem with ping. I can ping this server from an external system, but not from an internal one.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Install To External HD To Become Internal HD

Jan 31, 2010

I have an older laptop with a broken CD drive so I cannot boot the CD Drive with my ubuntu image. The laptop does not support booting from a USB drive either.So what I did was take the HD out of the laptop and using a USB enclosure plugged it in to my Win7 desktop. Then I booted from my Ubuntu CD and had Ubuntu install on the USB Drive. Took the USB drive off, and put it back in the laptop. It seems to work except it looks like it was installed with my desktop hardware. Also, every time it boots it starts at a recovery screen asking if for several boot options (including win7 which does not exist on the laptop!).

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Ubuntu :: Synchronize External With Internal Folder

May 8, 2010

How can I synchronize my external hdd to a folder on my internal hdd. e.g. when I change something on my external, the folder (on the internal) should be updated to the state of my external (deletes, changes, new files..). but I don't want to make this frequently, so I just need a command to do that. at best secure and without additionally installation.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Moving From External USB To Internal HDD?

Jun 16, 2010

Would this be a simple case of just installing a fresh copy of Ubuntu 10.04 on my HDD, then copying everything from the USB over? I, of course, would need to update grub to load from the HDD instead of the USB. Would there be any other way to accomplish this?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Cant Boot Internal Or External Hdd?

Jan 3, 2011

I just installed maverick netbook edition on an external hard drive, creating my own partition table. When I tried to boot the drive, grub rescue mode told me file not found. I installed again and used the default partition table and got the same error. I gave up and tried to boot my fedora 13 internal hdd but was told that there was no such device. I looked through these forums and ran a bootloader script and was told that my internal hdd had a bootloader but my external didn't. I tried to load the kernel through grub rescue, but the file system was unknown to grub. The files are still on my internal drive and I don't want to reinstall just to boot it.

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Ubuntu Servers :: External To Internal DNS Routing?

Jan 10, 2011

I have one external ip address and a few domains. Would it be possible to have each domain on a internal domain and the box that sits on that external ip route to the internal. This would be for a number of server (mail, apache, imap, pop3, https ) So for example:

Some visit ->external ip -> Someone else visit ->external ip -> and so one with a number of domains

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Ubuntu :: Want To Get TV Tuner (Internal Or External) Card

Feb 22, 2011

Way back in the day when I was running Windows I used a Compro Tv Tuner Card which had nice, easy to use drivers for XP. Now that I'm using Ubuntu, I wouldn't mind getting another Card myself (old one died on me) and was wondering what brand was the most linux friendly so to speak?

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Server :: DNS Resolution For Internal And External Clients?

Nov 22, 2010

we have a DNS server is being used for external clients .Recently we installed awstat monioring tool in ordr to collect either ftp or mail statistic. Since our server is DNS server by defenition we may see all external clients requests to the ftp/mail services .But a LAN clients cannot be resolved by their IPs . The second nameserver line doesn't work. DNS server's conf file looks like :

nameserver LAN_IP_Address

How to configure the server it will resolve both external and corporate clients ?

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Programming :: Declaring Variables In External And Internal RAM?

Mar 23, 2010

We have a STM32F103ZET6 microcontroller.It has an ARM cortex-M3 core.We use keil as compiler.We have both an external and internal SRAM.Now I want to declare variables in either of the RAM as I wish.For example some time critical section variables in internal and others in external.How to do this.?

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Debian Installation :: Install System To Internal HDD From External?

Apr 8, 2010

How can I install linux using an external hard drive? ANy help would be greatly appreciated. I dont have any CD's or anything and this is my only option.

SO how can I install linux FROM my external HDD ONTO my internal HDD?

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Fedora Servers :: Apache External IP To Internal IP Redirect

Feb 18, 2009

I would like to redirect a external IP to a internal IP, all done with Apache. Is that possible.

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Fedora Networking :: Internal Vs External WiFi On Laptop?

May 9, 2009

I've been wondering lately about what would be the best approach to take concerning WiFi on my laptop (or laptops in general) ? Understand my question concerning this is ONLY about performance and no other issue.

What is the better thing to do:

a) install a new (better) WiFi card inside my laptop,
b) remove the card inside my laptop and use a WiFi USB stick,
c) remove the card inside my laptop and use a WiFi PCMCIA card?

Is simply being external to the laptop going to give me better performance in terms of locating and using a WiFi connection? On the laptop I'm currently using I know that merely rotating the laptop can boost the connection signal strenght by 15% or more. So, I'm really wondering about this. btw, I'm seriously giving thought to glueing a 3 or 4 inch lenght of 1/2 inch pvc pipe to the lid of my laptop as a holder for a homebrew parabolic WiFi dish. The idea is to attach the USB WiFi stick to a piece of coat hanger wire. Then slide the bottom and top of the coat hanger wire into a piece of paper (that's had aluminum foil glued to it) forming a parabola behind the WiFi stick. By rotating the parabola in the pvc holder I can instantly directionalize the reception/transmission of the Wifi USB stick. I'm wondering if anyone in the forum has experienced the difference between an internal vs an external WiFi device? Secondarily, has anyone in the forum tried the parabola trick?

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Fedora :: Format The Internal Partition And External Disk?

Jul 18, 2011

I got a new hard drive 2TB for extending the storage. I am working on fedora15 and would like to format the disk as a linux partition and external hard drive. me how to format this disk and partitioning!

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Unable To Use External Speakers And Internal Mic

Sep 16, 2010

I had the problems with the external speakers not working in Ubuntu 10.04 on ThinkPad Edge (Intel), my friend advised to upgrade to the kernel and it . But!.. in those kernel version internal microphone is not working, though it works in 2.6.32-24-generic-pae.

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