General :: How To Backup Server For Preserving Data

Nov 10, 2010

How to backup my Linux server for preserving data in case if hard disk crashes?

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General :: Encrypt An Existing Partition While Preserving Its Data?

Nov 30, 2010

If I have a partition like /dev/hd1 that is unencrypted and want it to be encrypted, but want to keep everything currently in that partition, how can I do that?

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General :: Backup Script Causing Data To Be Lost On Main Server- RHEL?

Feb 15, 2010

i setup the following script ro run each night (12am) as a cron on the main server:

if mount | grep -q '/home';
rsync -ranv --delete /home/;


the main server is running on a dell poweredge 2600. The script rsyncs to a virtualised duplicate running on a hp dl380. when i set this script up and begn running data started going missing from the main server. if new files had been created the files by staff they would go missing, if data was added to existing files prior to activating the script the new changes made to that file would be lost.i just cant understand why this happened. as soon as i turned the script off after a few days it was all back to normal but the data that had gone missing had gone missing.

i just wanted to know if this could be a disk read/write issue, was the script running too soon not allowing data to be written before it can be backed up? could it bee memory? i just dont know. another developed occured after a few days of all this happening, which was one of our hard disk from the main server started mis behaving and flashing amber (attention).

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Server :: Sync File Server Data Into Backup Server Machine By Command- Rsync -avu?

Jun 21, 2011

iam trying to sync file server data into backup server machine by command- rsync -avu path/of/data ipaddress-of-backup-server:/path/where/to/save after running it ask for root password and manually it is successful.but i want to make it automatic.for that i also tried cronjob and also generated authentication key but iam not successful in login automatically..anybody know how to authenticate root to login for storing data in backup server.

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CentOS 5 :: Backup Data On Server To HDD Box?

Aug 19, 2010

Now, i thinking solution: Backup Data on Server CentOS to HDD Box. When server error, i can restore Server from HDD Box.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Remote Backup Ftp Server With Confidential Data?

Feb 15, 2011

I already have an ubuntu backup server in my location and need this one server to be backed up remotely in another state. this other location is a helpdesk so there's a danger that they can gain access to confidential data. I'll be setting up this new server as an ftp server but need to set the ftp folder to only allow access to the backup server and me. Because its remote on the helpdesk side, they'll need some access to the file system but need to be completely blocked off from the ftp folder where all the data is at. How can I make sure I can keep them away from my data and still be able to retrieve or copy files over without permission issues between both servers?

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Server :: MySQL Backup - Deal With Large Amounts Of Data?

Feb 15, 2011

we've been trying to become a bit more serious about backup. It seems the better way to do MySQL backup is to use the binlog. However, that binlog is huge! We seem to produce something like 10Gb per month. I'd like to copy the backup to somewhere off the server as I don't feel like there is much to be gained by just copying it to somewhere else on the server. I recently made a full backup which after compression amounted to 2.5Gb and took me 6.5 hours to copy to my own computer ... So that solution doesn't seem practical for the binlog backup.Should we rent another server somewhere? Is it possible to find a server like that really cheap? Or is there some other solution? What are other people's MySQL backup practices?

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General :: How To Backup Data To CD / DVD?

Feb 24, 2010

What are the options to backup data to CD/DVD from command line interface. Don't want to use K3B and Nero Linux. Want to backup using "tar" like utility. Please suggest good articles or options.If we can use tar itself to backup data to CD. Then how?For example I want to backup my /home directory to a DVD. I don't want to use GUI tools for this.

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Debian :: Used Backup-manager - Restore The Backup Data?

Feb 4, 2011

I am now preparing myself to upgrade lenny to squeeze and decided to do a backup on my system. I used backup-manager to do the job and it worked fine. how do you restore said backup data?

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General :: Difference Between Archiving And Backup Of Data?

Feb 24, 2010

I am a little confused in distinguishing Backup, compressing and Archiving data. Help me to figure out how these can be useful.

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Ubuntu :: Copying Lots And Lots Of Data (and Preserving Emblems)?

Oct 26, 2010

I am currently in the process of moving around 20TB of data from one server to another. Security is not a concern, since the data are freely available to anyone on our network anyway. There are a couple of things that I'm trying to decide on:

(1) protocol choice

Of all the choices I have--nfs, ftp, scp, rsync, samba--has anyone done any benchmarking to show which would be the fastest/most robust transfer protocol? I know nfs has slow write speeds for synchronous transfers. Asynchronous would be faster, but less robust. I'm leaning toward rsync since it performs md5sums to confirm the file transfers. (Remember if there's a 1 in a billion chance that a byte will get corrupted, then I'll have 20,000 corrupt bytes in the transfer.)

(2) Nautilus emblems

We use emblems in Nautilus to categorize files. The old and the new server have the same directory structure.Is there any way to copy the Nautilus emblems from the old server to the new server. What I want is that if a user had marked a particular file with a star on the old server, then that file would be marked with a star on the new server when he/she logs in.

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General :: Backup Data From Hdd's Where Volume Groups Are Duplicated?

Jul 30, 2009

I have couple hard drives from different linux distro's. on the hdd's are logical volumes created. what i want to do is to backup the data from those hdd's. but when I connect some of them and boot up the system it
gives me an error that there are volume group duplicated and it list the UUID. My host system is centos 5. What is the best solution to rename those volume groups or to mount the drives from other systems, so the data will not get lost?

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General :: Compress And Backup Data In Hard Disk

Apr 30, 2011

My hard disk is failing and I amnot able to boot into the system! Currently I have logged into the system uing Live CD! Any way to compress and back up the data in my hard disk in an efficient way!

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Server :: Copy A File Preserving Its Original Modification Time Using The Command?

Jun 8, 2010

It seems to be simple one, but couldn't figure out exactly. Say I copy a file preserving its original modification time using the command

cp -p file1 file2
Now later, I want to know when file2 was copied... How do I find it ?

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General :: What Is Tpurpose Of Preserving Timestamps?

Mar 31, 2011

I could understand the idea of security "if I haven't touched the file in 9 days, and the timestamp was changed, I know someone was in my system". But, is there any other purpose for preserving timestamps?

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General :: Asking Cp To Copy Preserving The Whole Source Path

Jun 13, 2011

cp (GNU coreutils 6.9).

I have these files:

I want to copy them to /xp/borrar/ such that the result is


Can this be done with the cp command alone?

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General :: Copy Files With Preserving The Attributes?

Jun 3, 2010

I need to copy my data from the pc to an external hard drive with keeping the attributes; so i used the command

cp -rp ~/sourceDir ~/Destination

but when i am coping it it give the error message "cp: failde to preserve ownership for 'file' : Operation not permitted and it copied the files to the destination but the attributes has changed from

-rw-r--r-- to

I tried to copy it by loging as the root also but still the same thing happens. how to copy the files with preserving the attributes

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General :: Preserving Last Read Value In Shell Script?

Feb 16, 2011

Here are the contents of the file


I want to read file content using shell script and check if the difference between the two line count is 300

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General :: Which Format Should Be Used To Archive Videos While Preserving Quality?

Feb 11, 2011

I'm searching for a tutorial on how to convert my videos (AVI, WMV and MKV formats) to a format that offers both good quality and small size.The audio part should be 128 kbit/s mp3 lame.I'm using Fedora 14 with an rpmfusion repo. It would be especially nice to be able to batch-convert the AVIs.

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General :: Copy Directory Into Another Preserving Specific Structure?

Jul 20, 2011

I would like to find the command that copy my eclipse options to another workspace code...

It doesn't work, and it could be source of error to write the path .metadata/.plugins manually. It certainly a better idea to create a complete script ?

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Ubuntu :: Restore Backup Server - Where Is The Location Backup Snapshots Or Files Are Saving

May 10, 2011

I install and tested Restore EE Backup server on a test PC with basic configuration and its working fine.


The issue i have is where is the location these backup snapshots or files are saving? I want to add a separate Storage to save the backup?

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Software :: Backup A Few Servers And A Bunch Of Desktops Onto One Backup Server?

May 10, 2010

Does anyone know of any decent enterprise level backup solutions for Linux? I need to backup a few servers and a bunch of desktops onto one backup server. Using rsync/tar.gz won't cut it. I need like bi-monthly full HDD backups, and things such as that, with a nice GUI interface to add/remove systems from the backup list. I need basically something similar to CommVault or Veritas. Veritas I've used before but it has its issues, such as leaving 30GB cache files. CommVault, I have no idea how much it is, and if it supports backing up to a hard drive rather than tape.

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General :: Stripping EXIF Metadata + Preserving Of The Original Date

Feb 23, 2011

I would like to remove almost all of the Privacy Evading data that a digital camera is generating, such as EXIF DATA. EXIF DATA: Camera Brand, Camera Model, Date taken, Exposure Time, Flash Fired, Focal Length, Location (if you are using iPhone with categorization by location, if enabled), Metering Mode, etc.

May you, please, write a script which does that job for multiple files?Exiv2 seem to reduce more weight than Jhead so I'll use the command exiv2.That's, generally, what I want the script to do:Retrieve the (Modified) date of a file.

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General :: Copying Jpegs Recursively While Preserving The Directory Structure?

Aug 9, 2010

So I have a bunch of directories:


which themselves all contain subdirectories:

dir1subdir1subdir2etc.and at the lowest level they contain all of these jpegs that I need. The problem is that I only need some of them. They're named like this:


I want to just grab the ones without the size suffix and copy them all to another set of folders, while preserving the directory structure. The numbering all starts at 1 for each low level subdirectory, so I think that the directory structure is the only way to not get them mixed up.

I know that cp has a recursive option -r but how do I just extract the ones without the underscore? And then how do I preserve the directory structure when I move them over?

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Software :: Off Site Data Backup Recommendations?

Feb 16, 2011

I am trying to backup data files from a Debian Lenny server (in my office) to a second Debian Lenny box at my home. I was going to try rsnapshot configured for daily & weekly backups.My question has to do with access to the backup files. I can get into my hmoe server via ssh (specifically putty & winscp). If I need a specific file, is it easy to log into my home machine and simply find the file(s) I need in the directory tree? Is there some other (simple) method you would recommend instead?

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Fedora Servers :: Data Backup - Will Be Backed Up In Every 1 Hour ?

Jan 8, 2009

How to backup in such way that, data will be backed up in every 1 hour...but every time not full data;; only the data/file which have been modified within last 1 hour. Its on locally. And how to back up local data to remote system. Because I have tried with ssh-keygen also , but everytime its requiring password.

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Fedora :: Brasero Or K3b Do A Data Check After Burning A Backup Cd?

Dec 30, 2009

I want to have brasero or k3b do a data check after burning a backup cd. I know that in Nero for Windows you just click on the box that says "verify after burning". For brasero I see that you need an md5 file but it will be to tedious to use an md5 utility to make a checksum for every file and then put in in a txt.

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Ubuntu :: Vista Folders Bad To Reach (data Backup)

Apr 14, 2010

I have installed also Vista on my PC, but "Documents and Settings" f.e. is void if I mount the Vista partition. In this case its not very important. But a week ago i'd run a XP-Laptop with 9.04 live-CD for backup. That worked fine (The XP was very damaged). I put the 40GB data on my PC through the WLAN during one night without any aid else. All the XP files are well accessible. And I put it back later on a fresh XP.But what would have happen with a Vista-Laptop? Anyone an idea how to reach all Vista or 7 files with a live CD? Or at least from my installed 8.04 to installed Vista.

I think it works alternatively from Win7 running using a USB hard drive adapter if you change the rights on Vista or 7 on the connected hard drive. Not tested.

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Backup Data + System To Windows Share?

Sep 2, 2009

how to backup both the system and the data from my Red Hat Server to a share on a windows SBS server where the regular network backup will take it off-site every night. The Red Hat Server is basically a web server on the LAN using RAID 1 to ensure some redundancy in the discs and is used as an internal web server for an administration system.

The Windows SBS server is the domain controller and rest of the network is totally windows based. The SBS server has large discs which host all of the general data to be backed up and is controlled by a 3rd party IT company. We have a share created on the SBS Server which is to backup all of the information from the Red Hat box to ensure we can potentially restore the system quickly in case of a major problem.

The thorn here is that I am working on a different site to the Red Hat Box and have to do everything over SSH. the Red Hat server has Samba running but I have not used it to mount an external windows share? Is there an 'out of the box' backup software on the Red Hat server that I can control over ssh to do the job? The biggest worry for me is the backing up the system to a state where it can be popped on a disc and the system restored from the backup - or most of it anyway - enough to get the server back on its legs.

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Debian :: Adding Backup Data Crashed The System?

May 12, 2011

I installed a fresh version of squeeze, with kde, and it worked fine. After I untarred my backup /home and /etc, things came to a standstill. I got a final ERROR code after /home. After a restart I got a 'fix your system' warning requiring a Control-D, which I couldn't type. I had used tar -xzvpPf ...... If I had included a -w, which asks for confirmation before overwriting data, could I have prevented this problem.

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