General :: Debian Squeeze - No Hdmi Port?

Nov 9, 2010

I have an Acer Aspire 5542 & I decided to move from Ubuntu to Debian Squeeze .Everything is working fine bar the hdmi port .When installing Squeeze I used the Radeon driver (open source one,),That installed correctly but when I select dual monitors the OS picks it up but the TV itself just stays black.The graphics card is Ati Radeon HD 4200Here is my xorg.conf file

Section "ServerLayout"
Identifier " Configured"
Screen 0 "Screen0" 0 0


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Debian Hardware :: Nvidia GTX 260m HDMI Audio Not Showing Up In Squeeze?

Oct 31, 2010

When i was using windows it shows up and works, so thus it has to have the hardware onboard and the support for it sans the driver. It's incapable of working, i don't know why but it's not listing it, and it's just not working with it. I've tried a million times before to find a fix and they only have them for the desktop drivers and not the mobile ones. I was glad to see that i could finally use a second monitor correctly in linux now but the hdmi audio thing is driving me loopy and there doesn't seem to be anyone else who has posted with this issue before.

[list=] aplay -l
**** List of PLAYBACK Hardware Devices ****
card 0: Intel [HDA Intel], device 0: ALC663 Analog [ALC663 Analog]
Subdevices: 1/1
Subdevice #0: subdevice #0


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Fedora Hardware :: No Sound When Using HDMI Port

Jul 26, 2011

I have a Laptop with Fedora 15, with an NVidia graphic card, when I attach my TV screen as secondary screen using the HDMI cable video works perfectly, but sound comes only from my laptop's integrated speakers; if I open Pulse configuration and set to "HDMI output" profile, no sound comes from either the TV set or my laptop's speakers.

I've tried checking the .conf file, updating NVidia drivers, and anything that I have read in this forum but I still have no sound from the TV set when I use the HDMI cable.

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Fedora Hardware :: F14 - No HDMI Port Detected / No Display?

Dec 1, 2010

Acer Aspire 5820 TimelineX, Mobility Radeon 5650, running open source radeon drivers. Laptop has VGA output (haven't tried it yet, will later tonight, I suspect it works) and an HDMI output. Monitor connected to laptop through HDMI causes garbled picture (either a set of lines made of little square blocks or a pink vertical line running down the leftmost edge with white, dashed horizontal lines travelling up the screen from the bottom to the top and repeating). The previous happens at startup, the latter happens if I disconnect the monitor and plug it back in again after logging in.

Running KDE 4. HDMI port is not detected (does not show up in gnome-config-display or in krandr or in xrandr). It does show my laptop's built in screen and my VGA output, but does not list my HDMI output anywhere. HDMI seems to show up in a message in dmesg, but other than that, no.

Included is the output of a few commands. All commands were run with the monitor plugged in to HDMI. 'monitor-probe-using-X radeon' failed with "Unrecognized option: -probeonly". Monitor does not display anything if plugged in on startup (some people got something, then it disappeared when X started). I haven't played with Xorg.conf yet, I'm not sure what to write for HDMI output. I haven't tried the fglrx drivers yet ((*shudders*)). I can't get any info on this problem, other people have had similar issues but they had trouble with getting a particular resolution to work or no sound through HDMI. I don't care about sound, just want a picture. Monitor is an LG Flatron L246WH. I can use VGA if push comes to shove, but I'd really like to get HDMI working.

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: 11.3 - No Sound Output From HDMI Port

Nov 20, 2010

Having some problems with HDMI-Audio on my HTPC: I don't get sound out of HDMI port! For system info look there: Sysprofile

OS is Suse11.3 64Bit with KDE now!
At "System-Settings/Multimedia/Audio Output" there are the following devices in the given order:
HDA NVidia (ALC662 rev1 Analog)
HDA NVidia (ALC662 rev2 Digital)

That's consistent with the connector layout of the mainboard. Playing "Test sound" while marked the HDMI Audio is not causing any output with HDMI, while analog works just fine!

I also installed the nVidia prop drivers with the packet manager.
In YAST there is one card found in the sound section::
Idex=0 and Card Model=MCP79 High Definition Audio

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Debian :: Unstable Squeeze To Stable Squeeze?

Apr 10, 2011

I am still running the linux-image-2.6.32-5-686 kernel a computer with squeeze. I installed squeeze on it when it was unstable. I would like to bring up to the new stable state.Should I do apt-get install linux-image-2.6.32-5-686or should Iapt-get dist-upgrade

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Debian Configuration :: Port (exp. 1001) Have 20 Connections That The Next New Connection Forword To An Other Port (exp.1002)?

Jul 15, 2011

i want if a port (exp. 1001) have 20 connections that the next new connection forword to an other port (exp. 1002).

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General :: Update The Kernel From 2.6.16 On Debian Squeeze?

Feb 12, 2010

I just did an update of my Debian system from lenny to squeeze as described here. I got some errors during the install, saying that glibc couldn't be updated. I did an apt-get -f install, which gives me the following warning: WARNING: this version of the GNU libc requires kernel version 2.6.18 or later. Please upgrade your kernel before installing glibc.

The installation of a 2.6 kernel could ask you to install a new libc first, this is NOT a bug, and should NOT be reported. In that case, please add lenny sources to your /etc/apt/sources.list and run: apt-get install -t lenny linux-image-2.6 Then reboot into this new kernel, and proceed with your upgrade dpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/libc6_2.10.2-2_i386.deb (--unpack): subprocess new pre-installation script returned error exit status 1 Errors were encountered while processing:


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General :: Debian Squeeze No Network Manager

Jul 31, 2011

Okay, so today I decided I was bored with my current Fedora 15 installation and tried a little distro hopping. Eventually I ended up at Debian Squeeze. I downloaded the cd version as a net install won't work because of driver issues. I used the graphical interface to install it.When it finished installing I booted it up, made sure everything was working. Now in all my past I think 6 linux installations, all I had to do to get the internet working was move a file someone gave me a while to my /lib/firmware. I'm not sure if this is the problem, but no matter what, where ever I go, I can't find an actual manager to connect to the internet. This might be a stupid question to a lot of people, but I'm stumped. There is nothing in the menu's.

Now I've been working with GNU/Linux for almost a year now and have come across many problems, but never like this. I've Googled up and down, and searched the forums here and still nothing. I've looked in the menu's and the only network related thing is network-proxy. Just for kicks I also tried

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General :: Can't Install Fglrx On Debian Squeeze Kernel 2.6.35

Nov 11, 2010

I recently installed Debian Squeeze on Acer Aspire 5542 , it has a Ati Radeon HD 4200 graphics card

I want to install the fglrx drivers , I apt-get install fglrx-driver, fglrx-glx & fglrx-control , The packages & dependencies download fine but when apt tries to install them the fglrx-modules-dkms fails .

The Kernel is 2.6.35.

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General :: No Network Manger Display In Debian Squeeze

Jul 31, 2011

Another noob question i guess, i've installed debian squeeze on an old laptop i have but unlike ubuntu, theres no network manager icon :S

When i use ubuntu i just right click on the network manager icon to set up my mobile broadband connection but with Debian i cant (because there's no applet) . Is there any way to make the network applet appear so i can do that ?

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General :: Debian Squeeze 6.0.1 Configuration Files Missing After Ssh Installation

Jun 3, 2011

I had installed ssh but something went wrong and I uninstalled it. I removed the SSH configuration files by hand (I deleted all /etc/ssh folder).After ssh installation (I mean apt-get install ssh) I noticed that I have no SSH configuration files.I tried apt-get install openssh-server but i still have no SSH configuration files.

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General :: Fstab Ignores User Option (Debian Squeeze)?

Jan 4, 2010

Trying to set my fstab so I can mount an external USB HD as a normal (non-root) user. Here's the relevant fstab line:



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General :: Invisible Mouse Cursor After Updating Debian Squeeze?

Mar 26, 2011

I have just updated Debian Squeeze and my mouse cursor is invisible. However, it still functions... I can right click and get a menu, clock on things and get the normal functions.

I have filed a bug report and found one other bug report on this but haven't found a fix or any other info.

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General :: Update Debian Squeeze From Lenny's Source.list?

Mar 21, 2011

What happens if I update Debian Squeeze from Lenny's source.list?A step by step manual is written on Lenny, and if I change lenny to squeeze things seem to not work.When I update the squeeze from the original source.list and then change to the source.list that manual uses things are working.But if I were to start squeeze with lenny's source.list I am getting error while trying to do this:

apt-get install wget mc zip unzip bzip2 ntp ntpdate lsb-release.

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General :: RDP Port Redirecting From One Debian Through Another?

Mar 16, 2011

I have 2 debian linux PCson the same subnet/IP Range, 1st linux PC IP Address is, 2nd linux PC IP Address 1st LINUX PC1st linux PC has 2 network interfaces, eth1 connected to Cisco Router, eth0 is for local LAN. No NAT on Cisco Router, iptables firewall on linux PC.2nd LINUX PC2nd Linux has 2 network interfaces, eth1 is connected to netgear router via bridge modereating a ppp0 connection. eth0 is for local LAN. No NAT on Netgear Router,s firewall on Linux PC.The 1st linux PC ( is set as the gateway on the network. question -In what way can I redirect all RDP connections from the network via the 1st Linux PC ( through to the 2nd Linux PC (

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General :: HP ProLiant DL380 + Debian Squeeze + Firmware-bnx2_0.28_all

Apr 2, 2011

I have a HP ProLiant DL380 server and I am trying to install Debian on it. I had an error that said dhcp config failed at the installation and Debian could not find my NIC. I've Googled it and found out that I need to install required Broadcom NIC drivers.

There are images that 3rd people have created but I don't want to use them as it will be a server.

Another way to install them is to download .deb package and install it from a removable media when asked.

So I went ahead and did an exper install mode and choose adding packages from a media so an option appeared for me to install stuff from removable media now.

Each time I choosed it, my flash drive's lights were blinking but then I was getting an error says this package can not be installet are you sure to instal non signed package.

I say yes at that stage but I still can not install and it says this is probably happening because of kernel version miss match.

I downloaded latest stable copy of debian from official debian site and downloading the stable squeeze copy of the driver from official Debian site too.[URL]..

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General :: .can't Seem To Get My Adapter To Work On My Debian Squeeze System - Wpc54g #3 - Can't Surf

Nov 5, 2010

I can't seem to get my adapter to work on my Debian Squeeze system. I have the wpc54g linksys notebook adapter and disk... but the disk will not autorun...I have gotten as far as to the adapter being activated, shows connection 97%, but I can't surf!

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General :: Open Port Number 7 On Debian

May 4, 2011

I have system with debian linux installed. i got to know that debian doesent have IPTABLES firewall installed in built. i found the shoerwall firewall installed on system. now i wanted to open port no.7 for application comunication purpose please let me know if any one knows.also one more thing.. if i type command iptables --list i can see list of rules installed on ssytem....confuse which firewall application installed on the system.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: HDMI: Soundchip Of Nvidia GeForce 8600M GT Isn't Recognized - No Sound With HDMI

Feb 21, 2010

I'm trying to get my Sound working with HDMI-connection. Got an Nividia 8600M GT on Ubuntu 9.10. Here is what aplay -l says:


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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: No HDMI Output Pavilion DM3 Laptop NO HDMI

Jun 26, 2010

Here is the output of


HDMI video out is fine, HDMI audio is a no go.

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General :: Installed Debian Squeeze But Grub Does Not Show My Windows 7 In Menu For Selecting?

Dec 20, 2010

i had windows 7 on my system and now i installed debian squeeze but grub does not show my windows 7 in menu for selecting how could repair this problem?

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General :: Debian Squeeze PowerPC On IBook / Relentless DriveReady SeekComplete Errors

Jan 28, 2011

I've been trying to set up MintPPC on my girlfriend's old iBook. I started with the debian squeeze installation from a burned cd. Everything went fine and i booted into the new system.

No matter what I try to install I get that error, with different sectors each time. I can install .debs using dpkg just fine, I can compile source code. apt-get just won't work.I've been reading about this for hours, and the machine is currently running e2fsck -c on the main filesystem. It is a more or less never ending stream of those errors with a few that reference task_pio_intr rather than dma_intr thrown in for good measure.I've been reading for hours but I haven't found anything on the google or forums that matches my problem(or atleast not that I could understand).

From my research I've tried hdparm to change the DMA mode, slower and faster and no luck, removing the .bins in one of the apt folders, and reinstalling debian.I've read the posts I could find on here, and mostly the problem seemed to be intermittent for them. For me it is only when I use apt-get, and now apparently e2fsck(badblocks). It happens every single time with apt, I can't use it to install anything. But i've done plenty of other file operations without a bump.Any suggestions would be most welcome! Especially an in depth explanation of what that message means. I'm happy to do my own research and work, I just have no idea what's going on!

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Fedora :: HDMI Video Output On F14 - HDMI Does Not Appear As Option

Feb 8, 2011

I realise this is an issue that has been covered a lot, one way or another, but at least from what I've been able to find, most of the discussion centres around getting HDMI audio to work. However, I have problems even getting the video to work from my laptop's HDMI output.

I have an HP dv6z-se, with an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 6550 (1 Gb) video card and using F14/KDE. My problem is that when I go to System Settings/Display/Monitor, Fedora doesn't actually seem to realise my computer even has an HDMI output and only displays options for VGA and my integrated screen.

When I plug it into my LCD screen, sometimes I get a 'No Signal' message and sometimes I get garbled static and a message about unrecognised input and the frequency it's coming at.

I read elsewhere in the forum that someone was able to get video working by editing their xorg.conf file, so I went in and tried to see if I could replicate that, but none of the files in my xorg.conf.d folder had anything related to video outputs (as far as I can tell at this point).

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General :: Flaky Debian Squeeze Install - Freezes - Render Error Detected - EIR - 0x00000000

May 14, 2011

The message above occurred with GEdit running in background and while attempting to use yahoo mail in Iceweasel. System froze and I rebooted.

While Iceweasel has been the browser used the most since installing the system and has been the program in use during the freezes, Epiphany was also tested and was far less functional, with rendering failures occurring with nearly each modification of a page, though not all fatal. With Epiphany, re-rendering and reloading of a page was only accomplished by using my mouse wheel, other input methods left a gray, unusable screen.

My installation was complicated by the following factors and goals: dual-boot capability with the idea of loading another linux flavor such as Ubuntu onto a partition. retain 2 "legacy" ReiserFS data partitions used under Debian Etch. use 1 ReiserFS partition as /home

What suggestions do you all have on stopping these system freezes and errors?

Other possibly useful factors:

I chose "Expert" (graphical) install as it seemed the only way to enable dual-boot capability.

I loaded the ReiserFS compatibility modules during the system install.

I chose the "highlighted" kernel during the install out of 4 choices. The kernel I chose is Linux version 2.6.32-5-686 (Debian 2.6.32-31) ( (gcc version 4.3.5 (Debian 4.3.5-4) ) #1 SMP Tue Mar 8 21:36:00 UTC 2011 - however I cannot rule out the possibility that one of the other 3 kernels wouldn't have worked better.

I chose to enable the version of the system that had the most options for hardware compatibility instead of a more limited, smaller system customized to my hardware.

The default system settings for inactivity would log me off, as ppropriate. Because of a pattern of problems awakening from sleep mode, on 5/13 3am I changed the log off setting to never to avoid errors when the system should awaken. But still yet another freeze at on 5/13 at 22:49 while multiple windows were open.

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General :: SFTP Server Port Blocked On Uni Network / Need To Change Listening Port

Oct 21, 2010

VERY new to linux, erm but I have an issue that needs solving!I recently moved to university, where their network blocks sftp port 22, this means that I cannot connect to my FTP server which is running a version of linux.Now I've got this ftp server connected to a seedbox and it was created using the following walk through..Code:I have written this guide for a friend, but I though it would be useful for others as well.

There are several guides floating around, but I found that most always cock up in some way. This one is tried and tested to work on Debian Etch (on an OVH rps, but should apply to most servers).If there is a new stable release of rtorrent/libtorrent then I will update this guide to show you how to update it (without reinstalling the whole server).

At the bottom there are also instructions to install ftp access & some network monitoring software.Basically, I would really like someone to be able to construct the commands on how to change the listen port for sftp connection on linux or add another port to the list that Linux would use so that I could put in through putty.

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General :: Warning: Remote Port Forwarding Failed For Listen Port 7869

Jul 20, 2010

I tried to make "ssh tunneling", but failed and got this message.


Administrator@windstory-PC /
$ ssh -R 7869:localhost:7869 windowsstudy@
windowsstudy@'s password:

Warning: remote port forwarding failed for listen port 7869 Last login: Wed Jul 21 01:56:04 2010 from -bash-3.2$

1. system environment - windows 7 + copssh - centos 5.4 x86 + openssh

2. Guide for setting "ssh tunneling"


3. Added this to sshd.conf


AllowTcpForwarding yes

4. "netstat -na|grep 7869" at


[root:maestro:~]# netstat -na|grep 7869
tcp 0 0* LISTEN


5. result of "ssh -vvv -R 7869:localhost:7869 windowsstudy@"


debug3: authmethod_lookup password
debug3: remaining preferred: ,password
debug3: authmethod_is_enabled password


6. I added 7869 for telnet service as follow;


mytelnet 7869/tcp # My Telnet server

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Ubuntu :: Use Hdmi \ Connect Laptop To The Lcd Using Hdmi?

Dec 9, 2010

i want to connect my laptop to the lcd using hdmiI have nvidia video card 9200 gs and the driver is installedafter connecting both together nothing happens!do i have to change anything in the system or display settings?

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Debian Hardware :: 5.1 With HDMI And ATI

Aug 15, 2015

So, i've installed a Debian Jessie (minimal install "gnome-core") and i'm using an ATI radeon R5 230, with libre driver (and non-free firmware) and all works well in stereo.

But i'm looking for surround sound via HDMI (5.1).

My configuration is : PC --- HDMI ---> Pioneer Receiver ---- HDMI ----> Screen

The receiver looks well detected as seen in the eld file :

Code: Select allcat /proc/asound/card1/eld#0.0
Code: Select allmonitor_present      1
eld_valid      1
connection_type      HDMI
eld_version      [0x2] CEA-861D or below
edid_version      [0x0] no CEA EDID Timing Extension block present

[Code] ....

I've created a udev rule for pulseaudio for loading a personal conf file with a profile i've created.

Code: Select allATTRS{vendor}=="0x1002", ATTRS{device}=="0xaa98", ENV{PULSE_PROFILE_SET}="HDMI5.1.conf"

Code: Select all[Mapping hdmi-surround-51]
device-strings = hdmi:%f
channel-map = front-left,front-right,rear-left,rear-right,front-center,lfe
description = Surround 5.1 (HDMI)
priority = 2
direction = output
paths-output = hdmi-output-0

It works great (I can see 6 channels in pavucontrol or via "sound" in "settings"), but i got "duplicate stereo" and not real 5.1

If I made a speaker test, all tests makes sounds comes from the Front center speaker (and front R and L with less volume)... but not real 5.1 ....

Can we (and how ?) get 5.1 via HMDI with an ATI and free drivers ?

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Debian :: No Sound Output From HDMI To TV?

May 29, 2011

HDMI outputs video but not sound from my Acer Aspire 5738 laptop.I have tried both SMPlayer and VLC setting both audio outputs to HDMI.Those media players have always worked for me using other Linux distros.Is there another media player that I should be using?If it's important;lspci lists;Audio as ATI and Video as ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4500

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