General :: Best Media Player For Opensuse 11.1 - Vlc Player Shows A Lot Of Dependencies

Aug 27, 2010

Iam using opensuse 11.1. I want to know which is the best player that can be used in suse, which should support all codecs. I have tried totem player, xine, kaffeine, Noautun etc. But none of them is good. I have tried to install vlc player, but it shows a lot of dependencies was not successful.

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OpenSUSE Install :: VLC Media Player Is A Highly Portable Multimedia Player For Various Audio And Video?

May 26, 2011

in site if we serch for a software the result will be like the following

KDE:Unstablelayground/openSUSE_11.4_KDE_Distro_Factory This is the stripped version of the VLC media Player. VLC media player is a highly portable multimedia player for various audio and video

1-Click Install
Manual Package Download
Go to OBS Project
i586 vlc-
src vlc-
x86_64 vlc-

if i like to keep the setup(rpm) of the software which i should chose the above?

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Fedora :: Install Media Player In 11 - Shows Dependency Error

Nov 10, 2010

I cant install vlc player or other media players in my fedora 11 .Every time it shows the dependency errors. Any media player get from the fedora yum server.

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Software :: Installed Xmms Player On Ubuntu 8.04 - Doesn't Shows Menu On Right Click On Player

Aug 4, 2010

I have installed xmms player on ubuntu 8.04 it works fine but it doesn't shows menu on right click on player, menu list displays but will blank.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Media Player With The Feature Of Crystal Player

Oct 20, 2010

Crystal Player has one very good playback speed troubleshooting feature - it uses large buffer of decoded frames (about 50% of RAM). Is there any player with such features in ubuntu?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Movie Player And VLC Media Player Not Playing DVD?

Aug 1, 2011

When playing coyright protected DVD's in Ubuntu 10.10: the following errors occur:Movie Player Error message:Error occured Could not read from resourceVLC media Player Error essage:Playback failure:DVDRead could not read block 0.Non copyright protected DVD's play fine

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Ubuntu :: Make VLC Player Default Media Player?

Jun 3, 2010

I recently installed the VLC media player. Now how do I make this my default media player? When I click on a video, Totem Movie Player still launches.

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OpenSUSE :: How To Change Default Media Player

Sep 1, 2010

How do change the default media player? I would like to use VLC as my default. running opensuse 11.3 KDE 4.4 64bit

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: No Sound For Any Media Player

Jul 11, 2011

I've no sound in any media player (vlc mplayer, flash in firefox etc)

I installed my media codecs the "hard way" i.e. Multi-media and Restricted Format Installation Guide

Don't recall anything going amiss with that

Sound works in Yast when doing the sound check. The OpenSuse boot dingle sounds fine. Just nothing in the music players

I used MMcheck script mentioned in this post

Multi-media and Restricted Format Installation Guide

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Sync Media Player With Amarok?

Jan 31, 2010

I'm struggling to find a way to sync my media player (Sony W995 - it just appears as a disk when plugged in, so it should be OK I think). I can kind of get something working by adding the mount point as a 'Local Music' folder. The problem is, there doesn't seem to be a way of 'syncing' to Local folders. Further more, my music collection is in FLAC format on my PC - but I need to transcode it to mp3 when syncing with my media player. Is this possible? I don't expect to be syncing the other way at all.

Otherwise, I'm stuck with manually transcoding/copying files with Dolphin

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: How To Get Banshee Media Player To Work With Mtp Devices

May 31, 2010

Trying to use banshee to import music into Creative zen mp3 players but a pop up says 'import to library is not implemented for MTP devices yet'. Anyone know how to fix this?

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General :: Using The VLC-media Player - But Without Sound

Aug 6, 2010

I am using VLC-media plyer on the SUSElinux 11.2. it works fine, but without sound !

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Play Windows Media Player Content From Web Using Firefox?

Aug 11, 2010

I was unable to play windows media player content from WEB using Firefox. Firefox is asking to install missing plug-ins. But when I click on "install missing plug-in" button, its showing "No plug-ins found". In windows its played by windows Media player plug-in.

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Library Audiobooks - Transfer Media Player To IPod

Mar 24, 2011

As most do now my local library has a decent catalog of audiobooks, which I would like to be able to listen to on my iPod. These books can be downloaded only by using Overdrive Media Console (which is available only for Windows and Mac, and also requires Windows Media Player to work!) and iTunes if you want to transfer to an iPod.

I've searched around for Linux friendly solutions. They fall into two categories, try Wine/virtual machine/dual boot to run the required software, or give up. But pretty much everything I have found is about four years old now. Has anything changed in the last few years, or is this still pretty much the way things are? At the moment I use my girlfriend's Vista computer to download books, but I would like to be as Windows free as possible, and able to do it on my own computer.

Can anyone offer advice for being able to download audiobooks and put them on an iPod, with a minimum of non-Linux software? Relatedly, I would also be quite happy to replace the iPod firmware with Rockbox, but from what I can tell that would make library audiobooks even less accessible (so asking if this is an option is like asking for $10 after being refused $1).

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Setting Sansa MTP Player To Show As Media Device?

Jun 1, 2011

I'm using OpenSUSE-11.4+KDE and have not been able to access my Sansa Express drive. I can pull it up part way, but it acts as read only. I'm not sure what settings I may need to make in the Partitioner to fix this.If I boot into a LiveCD of LinuxMint10-KDE and plug it in it is instantly identified as a "Media Device," and I have access into the MTP section of it I believe.

I prefer using Banshee, but will use Dolphin to manual drop files it I can get the Sansa drive to operate as with Read+Write. I've seen this device listed here at "plug and play" [URL]../HCL:Gadgets#Media_Players

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Files With 64-bit Kaffeine (favorite Player) Or Any Other 64-bit Video Player?

Jun 25, 2010

I've been away from Linux for a while, so I need to get informed about some of the 32- vs. 64-bit issues concerning video players and codecs. So, what is everyone using these days?

More specifically, is it possible to play, e.g., .wmv files with 64-bit Kaffeine (my favorite player) or any other 64-bit video player? If so, then which combination of player and codec should I use?

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General :: Get A Free Media Player (VLC) Download For Red Hat 5?

Jul 26, 2011

where can i get a free media player (VLC)download for red hat 5 linux?

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General :: Mplayer No Audio - Media Player - Mp3

Jan 1, 2010

I have lost audio in media player. mp3 everything!


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General :: Installing VLC Media Player - Getting Errors

Jul 30, 2009

I am using openSuse10.3 GNOME. While I am trying to install VLC player I am getting lot of errors like libmpeg2 not found, wxWidgets not found, postproc not found and also some errors like FRIBIDI. For the last two weeks I am trying to install all the versions of VLC player like vlc 0.8.6b, vlc0.9.8a, vlc1.0. But installation was not successful.

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: Apacer Audio Steno AU851 Media Player Don't Want To Mount?

Sep 20, 2010

It has 2 GB of built-in flash memory and slot for MicroSD. I have OpenSuSE 11.3 with GNOME and Windows XP SP3 installed on my Samsung NC10 netbook. In Windows, when I connect player via USB, it recognize player as disk and I can drag files to listen music. I used to that when I insert USB storage device or mp3 player in my netbook running OpenSuSE,automatically mounts device to /media/xxx. But when I connect player to computer, nothing happens. There are no new entries in /dev/ after insertion.

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General :: Custom Portable Media Player With Xmbc?

Apr 11, 2011

I would like some feed back on how I can take a media player case I bought from net bios flash with tiny-core and set up to load xmbc from the hdd. Its a China made 2" case I'm putting a tb drive in I'm farely sure that it uses a pretty basic mtp sys on its on board memory its compat with many media types but I want to make more types accesable on it and I want the xmbc media browser on it it has ability to playback in hd with hdmi as well as composite/component and s-vid as well as vga using one output like an ipod just plug the cord you need in great for travel and automobile this is device specs [URL]

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General :: Installing VLC Media Player Update Yellow Dog 6.2?

Jan 4, 2010

i recently installed vlc media player 0.8.6 in yellow dog linux 6.2 on my ps3 by following this procedure..[url]... i then used the firefox add-on mediaplayerconnectivity (0.9.2) to link video files for quick time, real video, flash (flv)etc... to vlc as the default player for these video formats. (note: i had to manually add vlc as the flv default player, b/c mediaplayerconnectivity did not automatically do this.)

now...on videos when i double-click on the little movie film icon to play the streaming file through vcl the player opens, but neither the video or audio play even though i have vlc setup as the default player. i have tried playing some quick time (mov) and windows media video (wmv) streaming video and they work fine. i noticed that there's a new update (0.9.5) for vlc. do i need that update to make sure videos (flv files) video will play? if so, how do i install the 0.9.5 update after downloading it in yellow dog linux 6.2?

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OpenSUSE :: WINE - How To Install Windows Media Player 11 - Read RIFF Tags From WAV Files ?

Apr 8, 2011

I want to install my favorite player WMP11 in Linux, but the Setup fails in validation! i there a possible to force install wmp11 with wine in linux ? I have a lot of music in WAV + tagged with RIFF Tags, wmp can read riff tags...Amarok can't! is there another player that can read RIFF Tags from WAV files?

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OpenSUSE :: Media Player For OpenSuSE 11.4 - VLC Hands Down?

May 11, 2011

I like many have fought for years to get videos playing, easily. I've had them all, MPlayer, SMPlayer, KMPlayer, xine, kaffeine, etc. One will play the video, but not the audio and another will play the audio and not the video.. Most will do nothing at all... MPlayer was the best for years, 8 years I think I've been using it. but in the last couple of years. I found some post here, at opensuse, but can not find it again, that led me to VLC. The link, I believe, led me to sourceforge and after searching PacMan and openSuSE, In Yahoo I found this VLC media player wiki. I was able in openSuSE 11.4 YaST2 to search (including descriptions) to find and install it. (I think you have to have pacman configured as a repository, but not sure, I always use pacman and what I saw leads me to believe that this is a pacman package). Anyways, the main installation was easy enough, but I did not have a GUI (frontend) so I looked some more. this may be where I searched descriptions also. Well without the GUI, you can play .mov and .avi files via the mozilla plugin by opening the file via mozilla's (firefox) File> Open command, you just don't have any controls. However, there is a frontend for it and as soon as my other system comes back up (for some reason it, for the first time ever, is not letting me launch Yast2. I'm hoping I installed some update that required a restart, so as soon as I'm able, I'll edit and tell what the frontend is, was.. I needed to get this down while thinking about it.

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General :: Use A Media Player Just To Play Files From An IPod Device

Mar 4, 2011

I have an ipod classic 160gb, that I sync with my machine at home.

I use Linux at work, and want to just plug my ipod and just listen to the tracks, with all the playlists and such. I don't want to sync nothing, I just want to listen to the tracks as if I was using the ipod itself.

Why? Because this way I can use the usb port.

So, I don't want to manage my ipod in Linux, I just want to listen to the tracks on it in Linux, like it was a local library but it's instead in my ipod.

(I've tried gtkpod, it works to show my files, but I can't play, shuffle, etc. It would be interesting to have a complete audio software to handle everything like it was a local library)

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Media Player With All Media Codecs ?

Apr 13, 2011

Ubuntu10.10.i want a media player with all media should able to play all formats of videos and audios so please suggest me a media player.(i used km player in windows i want a media player like that)

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General :: Media Player (Windows Or Linux) That's Easy To Control With A Gamepad?

Dec 17, 2010

I have a Logitech Wireless Gamepad F710 that I'd like to be able to use as a remote control for a media player on my PC. I currently map the gamepad to certain hot-keys for use with VLC, but I can't say it's ideal.Is there a media player out there that's easy to control with a gamepad and supports a wide range of file types?Bonus points if it has an internal video library.

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General :: Movie Player And Dragon Player Not Working In Kubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx

Sep 20, 2010

I recently installed Kubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx. It is working well, but Movie Player does not work, and Dragon Player plays videos/movies but with no audio. VLC works fine. how to either remove Movie Player and Dragon Player or make them work. I tried apt-get remove mplayer but that doesn't work. If not that, I wonder if the default media player can be changed to VLC, e.g., when you click any video it will start to play using VLC?

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General :: Media Player - None Of The Downloaded Music And Lists The Songs In Each Album Backwards

Nov 24, 2010

Let me begin by saying that I'm a "casual user" of my computer (I'm a retiree who uses her 'machine' for email, looking up mostly useless info, & pretending to be a writer). However, migraines from beating my head on the keyboard in frustration over Windows eccentricities led me straight to Linux. Linux blows windows out of the water, IMO.

Except for Media Players. I have tried every one in Ubuntu's software catalog. Rhythmbox is the only one that works, & it doesn't work correctly. I use my computer as my primary music source, & have saved nearly 200 albums/CDs to it. I transferred my collection to a memory stick, then tried to transfer it to Ubuntu. Rhythmbox 'accepted' most but not all albums, but none of the downloaded music, & lists the songs in each album backwards. When I open an album, sometimes Rhythmbox plays them backwards, sometimes (rarely) 'frontwards', but usually, jumps around, plays a few of the numbers, then stops. Occasionally, it goes through the collection, playing one song from each collection.

I was able to transfer the entire collection to 'Listen' media player, but it doesn't actually play anything, & I never even got that far with any other player. I have a two year-old HP Compaq Presario desktop w/ 500GB, (300 to Ubuntu & the rest to The Dreaded Windows for some stuff I can't run on Linux). I began with running Ubuntu 10.04 on 'wubi', then installed it from a CD I burned from the Ubuntu site. Someone suggested I had screwed something up during downloading, so I got 10.04 on a CD (w/ "Ubuntu for Non-Geeks"), but had the same media player problems. Last month I upgraded to 10.10, but still have the same problems.

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General :: MP3 Player - Player Not Present In Computer File

Sep 14, 2010

If I open hard drake the player is listed as a USB device. I have been advised to drag files in to the USB storage device but am clueless to where to drag them to.

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