Fedora :: X86_64 Rpm For Gnome-globalmenu?

Jun 26, 2009

Bit of a shot in the dark, but I don't suppose that anyone has/knows of an x86_64 rpm for Gnome-globalmenu? Compiling the source is proving to be a real pain

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Ubuntu :: Gnome-globalmenu Preferences Are Blank?

Mar 12, 2010

I am using Ubuntu 9.10 x64, and I finally got gnome-globalmenu working! Unfortunately, I am unable to edit its configurations using its "Preferences" menu, as I just have a big blank area where my preferences are supposed to be. Is there a way to fix this, or a way to edit my preferences manually?am using gnome-applet-globalmenu 0.7.9.

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General :: Gnome-globalmenu Crashes Emacs / What To Do?

Jan 14, 2010

I've recently tried gnome-globalmenu-0.9.7 on my Linux Mint Helena and it causes Emacs to crash whenever I disable and re-enable the menu-bar. Is it just me or has anybody else noticed this?

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Ubuntu :: Globalmenu Unable To Install In Gnome Enviroment?

Mar 26, 2011

I 've been trying to install Globalmenu menubar after having installed all the other Global menu packages that appear on the Ubuntu Software Center. I 'm using Ubuntu 10.10 with Gnome environment and mostly as a graphic environment (i don't have knowledge on source codes)..The error message that i get when i try to install the menubar is the following: Package dependencies cannot be resolvedThis error could be caused by required additional software packages which are missing or not installable. Furthermore there could be a conflict between software packages which are not allowed to be installed at the same time.

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Fedora :: Error Gnome-desktop3-3.0.1-2.fc15.x86_64 When Choose A Minimal Install Then Add ONLY The Defaults Of The "GNOME Desktop" Package

May 3, 2011

I noticed that in Fedora 15 Beta when you choose a minimal install then add ONLY the defaults of the "GNOME Desktop" package, you will get this error: gnome-desktop3-3.0.1-2.fc15.x86_64 has a required package:


When I look for gnome-desktop3-3.0.1-2.fc15.x86_64 it is not on any installation menu list. I prefer gnome, but installed KDE and that worked. Any ideas of getting gnome to work?

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OpenSUSE :: Install Gnome-mplayer On 11.2 X86_64

Jul 2, 2010

I can't install gnome-mplayer on my openSUSE 11.2 I used the " 1-click insall" I also tried manully installation, got below errors # rpm -ivh gnome-mplayer- gnome-mplayer-lang- error: Failed dependencies: MPlayer is needed by gnome-mplayer- libmusicbrainz3.so.6()(64bit) is needed by gnome-mplayer-

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Slackware :: [13.1-x86_64] GnuCash Compile Error : Gnome-utils

Jun 23, 2010

error message

mv -f .deps/gnc-icons.Tpo .deps/gnc-icons.Plo
mv -f .deps/gnc-html.Tpo .deps/gnc-html.Plo
make[5]: Leaving directory `/tmp/SBo/gnucash-2.2.9/src/gnome-utils'
make[4]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
make[4]: Leaving directory `/tmp/SBo/gnucash-2.2.9/src/gnome-utils'
make[3]: *** [all] Error 2


I'm using SBo script to compile gnucash, with all the listed dependencies built successfully (in orderly manner). System multilib is configured as per alien's wiki. Is there something else I'm missing here?

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Ubuntu :: GlobalMenu In 10.10

Oct 10, 2010

The PPA for GlobalMenu no longer works in Ubuntu 10.10 64-bit. I can't figure out how to get AppMenu added to the panel, either.

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OpenSUSE :: Get A Globalmenu Applet In Top Panel?

Jul 23, 2010

how to get a globalmenu applet in my top panel?

I checked the packman repository ... not there. I tried to build the tarball from ...

Downloads - gnome2-globalmenu - Project Hosting on Google Code

... but got hung up when sudo ./configure replied: test for libpanelapplet-2.0 and libnotify failed. (--without-gnome-panel to disable)

the error did not go away when i installed libnotify-devel (and libpanel-applet-2-0 was already plugged int).

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Ubuntu :: Globalmenu Will Not Install On 9.04 / Make It Possible?

Aug 26, 2009

I am following this tutorial to make ubuntu look like osx but it is hardy so i had to mess to get it to work with jaunty
but i cannot install globalmenu ... if i try i end up with 216 broken packages but otherwise it is working well
can anyone help me install globalmenu??

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Ubuntu :: Finding A Gnome2 Globalmenu Ppa For Natty?

May 1, 2011

Basically as the thread tittle suggests, I've got Xubuntu 11.04 installed as I didn't take to Unity. However one thing I really did like was the global menu. Back in 10.10, I installed GlobalMenu from a webupd8 ppa, Worked like a charm. However under xubuntu 11.04, that ppa doesn't seem to work, and I don't like the look of compiling from source, as all the instructions call for installing xfce4 panel, which obviously I already have, and I have no idea what else I have of those lib's. All this is intended to run in xfapplet, so hopefully I'm not being silly and trying to run something somewhere where it won't run.

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OpenSUSE :: 11.3 X86_64 Compile - Not Recognized Configure: Error: /bin/sh ./config.sub X86_64-unknown-linux- Failed

Aug 3, 2010

Attempting to compile an application that is not located in any of the repos yet for 11.3 64 bit. I have downloaded the appropriate src and untarred it. However, when I attempt to run the ./configure command here is the error I receive. checking build system type... Invalid configuration `x86_64-unknown-linux-': machine `x86_64-unknown-linux' not recognized configure: error: /bin/sh ./config.sub x86_64-unknown-linux- failed

I have made sure that I have all kernel-headers packages installed and am unsure as how to proceed. I tried using the command "./configure --build=x86_64" and then receive an error stating that the "SYSTEM IS NOT SUPPORTED" and continued errors stating that gcc is not installed, eve though it is.

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Ubuntu :: Missing Menubars (NOT PANEL!) After Installing Gnome2-globalmenu?

Feb 18, 2010

I tried to install globalmenu today, but gave up after. I am not sure if I removed the application accordingly, but the menubar for some applications is missing (attached pic of a terminal window without menubar).

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Fedora Installation :: Software Update - Fedora ( - Nvidia Driver Doesn't Work

Sep 1, 2010

Fedora ( I installed that update, during the installation process it said that it had to remove three packages, one of them was kmod nvidia for the old kernel (Fedora ( the update finished installing the new kernel, I restarted the system and Nvidia did not load. (I assume because Update manager removed the old nvidia? But I also assumed that a new version would be installed automatically?)I received the following Boot messages:


Entering non-interactive startup
Starting monitoring for VG vg_user1: 3 logical volume(s) in volume group "vg_user1" monitored


I'm confused, if Update Manager removed kmod nvidia, then why does yum say it is installed? And why doesn't the new kernel update work with that version? Or should I install a driver version for that particular kernel? I've read while searching that I need to install a kmod-nvidia for that particual kernel version and that I should login to my previous kernel until that happens, is that the problem I'm having?

Why don't rpmfusion and fedoraproject release the kmod-nvidia and kernel updates at the same time to avoid problems such as this? Does anyone know how long does it usually take for rpmfusion to release the new kmod-nvidia driver for the latest kernel?

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Fedora X86/64bit :: Cannot Update Kernel (Fedora 10 X86_64)

May 31, 2009

Keep trying update the packages (36 in total) and every time I keep getting this error
ERROR with rpm_check_debug vs depsolve:
kernel-x86_64 is needed by kmod-nvidia-
kernel-x86_64 is needed by kmod-nvidia-
Please report this error at [URL]

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Fedora :: Glibc-common On X86_64?

Jun 17, 2009

I use FC 10 on my desktop. It is great!. But I have some troubles with installing new software via yum or rpm. Most of install/update/upgrade transactions fail. The yum prints string: Error: Missing Dependency: glibc-common = 2.9-2 is needed by package glibc-2.9-2.x86_64 (installed) I tried to manually install or update the glibc-common via yum or rpm, but it fails. The # uname -a -i -p returns

Linux achfc10 #1 SMP Tue Nov 18 11:58:53 EST 2008 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux Could you have any ideas how to solve the issue?

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Fedora :: Cannot Boot Into

Sep 9, 2009

I was on version and it asked me to update so I did. When I restarted I chose this version to install and after a brief loading screen it goes to a black screen with a cursor prompt and pretty much stays there. So I go back to which boots up just fine. But after a while I get some updates that won't install because it says that Packages are not compatible:Install - Linux Kernal

ERROR with rpm_check_debug vs depsolve:
kernel-uname-r = is needed by kmod-nvidia-


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Fedora :: CD/ DVD Burning

Mar 23, 2010

I have been unable to burn CD's / DVD's while logged into FC12 with a full GDM session or with just the Gnome Greeter running. If I drop to single user mode and use wodim I can burn w/o issue.

GDM 2.28.2

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Fedora :: Banshee 1.6 And - 12 X86_64 /home Is On Nfs

May 11, 2010

I am having problems with then new banshee. It won't start.

I tried


No go

I still get the following error:


Runnig under root gives no problem and the previous version ran without problems.

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Fedora :: Codec Installation For X86_64 F13?

May 27, 2010

On a fresh installation of F12 and F13 I have had issues getting the multimedia codecs working properly. I have followed the tutorial that I was pointed to and it doesn't seem to work..


There is a note in there that reads as follows:"NOTE: There is significant variation depending on your architecture (i386, x86_64, ppc). This step is really only beneficial to 32bit i386 users."

What is the step for the x86_64 users? Are there special codecs I can't find on the net that I need to be installing? Should these just be extracted in the /usr/lib64/codecs directory?

codec installation for x86_64 F13.

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Fedora Installation :: Slow YUM In F13 X86_64

Jun 3, 2010

I am posting from my brand new F13 x86_64 system. I am, however, having some problems to get the system fully online with the software I use (I couldn't even update) because YUM (terminal, yumex, etc) is painfully slow. I am behind a really fast connection so I know the problem lies outside.

Is there some method to force YUM to use the fastest repo available? Ok, or at least to try another one?

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Fedora X86/64bit :: /dev/mem Not Created On 12 X86_64?

Oct 5, 2010

I created an EC2 instance with Fedora 12 x86_64 about a month ago. I have been getting an hourly system log error:mcelog: Cannot open /dev/mem for DMI decoding: No such file or directoryI was ignoring it because I did not notice any implications, until now.I am running MongoDB on this machine, and reads from /dev/urandom are failing. I know reading from /dev/urandom shouldn't fail, so I think this system error may be the underlying problem.Are these two issues connected?If so, is there a way to fix this without having to completely reinstall the OS?

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Fedora X86/64bit :: F14 X86_64 Does Not Recognize 4GB Ram?

Feb 3, 2011

I am a total Noob, I couln't find the answer to my question anywhere. I need to run Matlab with 4GB of RAM and I have been told Fedora 64bits is the best environement for that. I downloaded the iso for the Fedora 14 x86_64. I first booted using the live CD and was surprised to see that only 3.4GB are recognized. The computer is a HP with dual core 64bits intel cpus and the motherboard is supposed to handle until 8GB of RAM, I have currently 2 x 2GB installed.

I thought it might have been a problem from the live CD and I proceeded to install, but still same problem, only 3.4GB recognized. Most threads I have found mention the PAE kernel but from what I understand this only applies to 32bits Fedoras ?

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Fedora :: Opera 10 X86_64 Dependency?

Apr 1, 2011

I'm bring up a new Fedora 14 server, retiring my Solaris 10 x86 server. While I'm waitng for SATA cables to arrive for the RAID configuration, I decided to try and install opera (which I've been using for years and years). I downloaded the opera-10.11.gcc4.shared.qt3.x86_64.rpm. But, when I try and install it, I get the following problem (rpm -i):


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Fedora :: Switch From X86 To X86_64 Without Reinstalling?

Feb 25, 2009

i just installed fedora 9, but realized that i had installed the x86 version (it came on a dvd in linux format magazine). i didn't know that the "only-3gb-of-ram-for-x86" applied to linux, as my previous machines i used it on had under 3gb anyway. so anyway, is there a way to switch to the x86_64 version without downloading and reinstalling it? kinda like ubuntu's distro upgrade (not sure if other distros have it?)

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Fedora X86/64bit :: 10 X86_64: Wget Fails Out Of The Box?

Apr 16, 2009

strace wget www.google.com:

write(2, "Connecting to www.google.com|74.1"..., 51Connecting to www.google.com||:80... ) = 51


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Fedora X86/64bit :: Put LISA Working Under X86_64?

Aug 9, 2009

i want to put LISA working under my x86_64 but i receive a error because the fault of cpp wich i have in the /lib, so i don't understand that fault

checking for g++... no
checking for c++... no
checking for gpp... no
checking for aCC... no


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Fedora :: Getting OSS4.2 And Flash To Work On X86_64

Oct 23, 2009

I had quite a bit of trouble getting OSS4.2 and flash to have sound on x86_64 fedora 11. I had been using the Adobe repository which is 32bit. Adobe labs distributes a 64 bit version, and I notice now that Leigh has packaged it for fedora. Switching to the 64bit flash plugin brought back sound in flash for me. Just wanted anyone else wanting to try OSS4.2, to know how to get sound in flash.

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Fedora :: Kernel X86_64 Grub.conf?

Dec 3, 2009

The latest update changed the default boot from 0 to 1 and added extra parameters to the new kernel boot line.

# hiddenmenu
title Fedora (
root (hd0,7)


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Fedora X86/64bit :: 12 X86_64 Hangs On Startup?

Jan 17, 2010

I have just installed Fedora 12 on my old AMD64 desktop. The install went fine, I then set about adding various useful things like skype, flash plugin- some manually, some with autoten.

Upon rebooting, the system hangs. Looking at the text startup, the last line before it hangs is:

Starting jexec servicesStarting yum-updatesd: [OK]

After this line appears, the display flashes repeatedly then does nothing. It sits there with the text showing (or on graphical startup, the splash screen disappears) and a cursor flashing.

I think the problem may be with the nvidia driver I installed with autoten, which I suspect is wrong for my system (think my graphics card is too old).

Does anyone know how I might remove the driver given I can't get as far as logging in at the moment? Or am I wrong and the problem likely to be something else?

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