Fedora X86/64bit :: Running F11 I586 On Laptop / System Shut Off (not A Normal OS Shut Down, But A Sudden Power Off Without Warning)?

Oct 13, 2009

Offlate I installed F11 i586 on my laptop. F11 shares the hard disk with Vista Home Premium 32-bit. The problem is that when running F11 (or even Ubuntu), my system shut off suddenly(not a normal OS shut down, but a sudden power off without any warning). This could have been a hardware trouble(heating) but it doesn't happen with Vista.
Machine specifications:
Maker: Toshiba
Model: Satellite L305D-S5881
AMD Turion X2 Dual Core Mobile Processor RM-70
3072 MB 800 MHz SDRAM
I don't want to open up my machine unnecessarily, if it isn't a hardware issue.
I am not sure how to verify the bit length of the machine and the OS and does it create a compatibility issue ?
Your advise would be highly appreciated.


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Fedora :: Wanted To Shut Down The System.waited But Not Going To Shut Down?

Nov 20, 2009

I installed Fedora 12 and after I wantd to shut down the system. I waited but fedora not going to shut down. I got black screen with Power Down

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Ubuntu :: When Shut Down The Laptop Using The Power Button And Start It Up Again It Works?

Jan 11, 2011

I've got a Lenovo Thinkpad X201i. The problem I have is (since I've installed Xubuntu) every time I start up my laptop it just hangs with a little flashing white stripe in the top of the left corner (like every start up). Then when I shut down the laptop using the power button and start it up again it works. How can this be possible? On start up, it hangs, while on the restart it always works. Which means I have to restart my laptop every single time.

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Fedora :: VLC Divx AVI File Playback Shut Down With No Warning

Oct 11, 2009

Whenever I try to play a divx avi file in VLC it starts up, then shuts down again with no warning or error. Is this a bug in the current version. Kaffeine seems to play files OK. Using Fedora 11.

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Running A Script When The Pc Shut Down

Jun 10, 2009

I want to run a bash script when my pc shut down. Suppose the script is myscript.sh How can I do this ?

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Ubuntu :: Power Button Does Not Shut Down?

Jun 25, 2010

We are planning the migration fro Karmic to Lucid for our systems, these systems are custom Ubuntu installations, we create them using debootstrap and then running a script that installs desired packages, mainly X server and (optionally) fluxbox.

I've set up a hard drive with our current scripts (the only modifications were the change of lucid instead of karmic for update servers and removing usplash from our scripts), but I've found that pushing the power button would not shut down the system (we have no GDM or similar), the system does not respond to this event as used to do under Karmic.

Do you know where I can check/enable the system to shutdown when pushing the power button?

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Ubuntu :: Libre Office Documents Shut Down Without Warning

May 25, 2011

When I use libre office my documents will suddenly shut down and then I have to go into recovery to get then back. How can I stop this? Any ideas?

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Ubuntu :: Power Management Battery Shut Down?

Jul 17, 2011

I am running 10.04 on an Acer Aspire One

Since my upgrade from Lucid my battery icon displays permanent full charge even when running without AC power. When the battery runs out, this leads to an immediate violent shut down, everything dies at once.

My power management settings for running on battery are as follows;

1 hour
Blank Screen
10 MIns

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Fedora X86/64bit :: Prevent Updatin I586 Packages On System?

Oct 10, 2009

I have an Aldi PC with a Q8200 processor and have installed Fedora11 on this system. Regularly I get updates to install, but also updates for i586 packages, which give a conflict with the x86_64 packages already installed.Sometimes I have missed a i586 package in the update list, resulting in an error next time.Is there a script which automatically filters these i586 packages from the update list?

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Ubuntu :: 9.04 - Laptop Too Hot And Has To Shut Down

Jan 5, 2010

Recently I built a new computer, making my old laptop redundant, so I thought I'd turn it into a portable studio computer with linux. I'm running Ubuntu 9.04 with the low latency kernal and the ubuntustudio audio packages. And while the system still has many other kinks I need to work out, my main issue is heat. Even when I'm running the official Ubuntu kernal rather than real-time one, I'll use the laptop for basic browsing and messaging.

Suddenly Ubuntu crashes with a warning saying that my laptop is too hot and has to shut down. The only way I've found around this is to run the laptop from cold with an external fan blow right onto the computer. I can still hear the fan working and airflow is totally unrestricted. If it helps, the laptop is 4 years old and is a Acer Ferrari 4000. I never had these issues running XP on it for the past 3 1/2 years and I'm relatively new to running a Linux system.

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Fedora :: Mount 15 Partition - Suddenly Shut Down During An Update - System Won't Boot Anymore

Aug 8, 2011

I recently switched from fedora 14 to 15. Today my computer suddenly shut down during an update, as I thought it overheated I decided to clean the cooling system and reapply thermal paste. However, now the system won't boot anymore ("kernel panic - not syncing : VFS: unable to mount root FS on unknown-block").

I would like to either solve this booting problem, or mount the fedora 15 filesystem and recover some files. Whichever is easier.

I have another drive with fedora 14 (antec below) which boots fine:


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Ubuntu Servers :: Shut Off LCD On Laptop Server

Jul 20, 2010

I've just installed Ubuntu Server 10.04 on an old laptop. I would like the screen to automatically shut off after, say, a minute of inactivity.

- After some time, the monitor blanks but the backlight does not power down.

- I do not have a gui installed, and do not want to install one since this is a server. Most of the solutions I've found involve running X or KDE.

- It's an old laptop and the lid switch is broken, so closing the lid won't work.

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Ubuntu :: Some Applications Shut Down Instantly On Running

May 27, 2011

It's really weird, some applications simply don't start up. Skype for one, just shuts down before logging in, and Calibre shuts down instantly, when I try to run it. I've tried to remove and re-install it, but that doesn't do any good.

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Ubuntu :: Machine Shut Down When Running Idle?

Sep 3, 2010

I recently got my laptop setup as an Ubuntu machine, but if I just leave it running, after a while I'll look over and see that it has shut down. I have gone through the power management options and I do not see anything there regarding this. So I was wondering if this is a feature in the 10.04 version?

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Programming :: Shut Downing Running Process

Apr 15, 2009

I need a help regarding ,how to shutdown the running process using C program?..here i attached the porgram to shutdown the system by c program is there any possible to change in this program to shutdown the process?

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Ubuntu :: System Does Not Shut Down / What To Fix It?

Jul 9, 2010

I am experiencing an issue with the system shut down.
Everything works fine, but the system is not able to automatically power off and I have to manually switch it off.
How could I fix this behavior?

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Slackware :: My System Shut Itself Down ?

Oct 29, 2009

My system just shut itself down as I was using it. I'd like to try to understand why.

First, I noticed there are 1 to 4 messages per second in my messages.1 through messages.4 files in /var/log going back to September 27. It probably started before then, but I don't have older logs.

There almost nothing else in the messages log but these messages, millions of them. They look like these:


Then just before shutdown, there are a few dozens of these:


And then right at the end, a switch to runlevel 0. I did not initiate that. Something else did. And finally a dbus-daemon segfault.


What other logs can I look at?

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Ubuntu / Apple :: 10.10 On Macbook Pro 15" 1,1 - Intel - Laptop Overheats Until Shut Down - Freeze Every Time

Apr 5, 2011

I purchased a macbook (for cheap) without a hard drive and decided to go with Ubuntu 10.10 on my new drive.

This laptop has serious overheating issues. I installed the sensor applet and the fans are not coming on, even when the core temp exceeds 167(f). The base of the laptop becomes hot enough to fry an egg on.

I'd like to find a way to make the fans come on in an automated fashion (without having to do it at the command line each time I want them to come on). I'd even be happy with them on all the time if that will resolve the issue, as the laptop overheats until shut down / freeze every time I use it.

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OpenSUSE Install :: System Will Not Shut Down?

Jul 16, 2010

I just installed 11.3 and Gnome yesterday and all went well except that the system will not shut down, it simply reboots. I've tried shutting it down using halt and shutdown now as root and each time the machine reboots. I didn't have this problem with 11.1.

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Hardware :: System Frequently Become Shut Down

Dec 27, 2010

I am using lenny on an Intel 5200 dual core machine with 2 GB RAM

The problem facing is sometimes The dialog box "The sustem will immediately shut down" is shown and goes to power off. I thinks it is connected with a hardware problem. But It is difficult to trace out what is the problem and in which part of the hardware it is.

The motherboard of this computer was complaint and it was replaced by the company (It is seen than it is the same motherboard with one IC replaced)

The problem is difficult to identify since it is not happening every time. When the service persons are here it is working fine. But when i works with the computer seriously, the problem arises - mostly in night. I have checked the power, voltage etc - everything fine. Also it is in linux, service persons don't pay attentions to solve the problem.

Is it the problem with RAM? It is a new RAM. Even if it is bad I can't replace it because it is working! and in windows (service persons check it with windows only)

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General :: Completely Shut Out Of My System ?

Sep 3, 2009

I have an online server which I can not reach any more !


normally works just fine but now there is a timeout...


Status of csf:csf and lfd have been disabled, use 'csf -e' to enable Status of lfd:lfd is stopped. The only thing I have is a management-interface with a command prompt(luckily !) You can see that any firewall is disabled.

Still I can not reach my server. Not through webmin via the public address, not through the VPN on the private address ( So no webmin. I cannot reach my server via ssh. I cannot ping my server on the public IP-address from my client.

What else besides the firewall can restrict my access to my server ?

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Ubuntu :: "Power" Which As It Says, Makes Shut Down Without Saving Anything

Feb 22, 2011

I just got a new keyboard the other day, but it has a horrible button saying "Power" which as it says, makes ubuntu shut down without saving anything! How can I disable the button? This is the second time I have accidently hit it.

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Ubuntu :: How To Properly Shut Down System Remotely With SSH

Apr 21, 2010

So I've got a backup server that has a daily cronjob to back up all my systems. My desktop PC is usually in sleep mode to save power. So my backup server has to wake up the desktop via wake-on-LAN to start the backup job. When the backup script is done, my backup server sends a shutdown command to the desktop to put it back in sleep mode.

The trouble is that SSH is timing out during the shutdown process and waits a ridiculous amount of time before giving up and allowing my backup server to move on to the next backup script. Here's the portion of my backup script for the desktop that does the shutdown stuff:

ssh user@host.lan '/usr/bin/shutdown -p +1'

Here's what cron sends me via e-mail:

Read from remote host host.lan: Connection timed out
real 164m46.280s
user 5m16.160s
sys 1m39.760s

Normally the entire backup job will only take about 5 minutes. But because of SSH timing out, it takes 164 minutes!

As a matter of detail, my backup server is running Ubuntu 9.10, and the desktop is Windows 7 x64 with Cygwin. The -p option for the shutdown command in Cygwin is for sleep mode.

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General :: Delay Automatic System Shut Down?

Aug 3, 2010

I am using Ubuntu 9.04. Years ago, I did UNIX and DOS line commands, but I am 66 and dim, though my doctor says he still thinks I have my marble.Anyway, my Linux shuts down automatically faster than I want it to.How does one control this?

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OpenSUSE Install :: System Will Automatically Shut Down In 60 Seconds

Mar 31, 2010

If I click on the shutdown bottom (in my lower panel) I get an new window to choose if I really want to shut down or restart or suspend or hibernate. Under that alternatives there is an text that says: "[...] The system will automatically shut down in 60 seconds." Why is the text "60" not running down like a countdown? Can I set another (shorter) time for the automatic shutdown (10 seconds)? If so, where? Or shut I just make another bottom to shut down immediately?

I use (normally) OpenSuse/SUSE Linux
Release 11.1
Kernel Linux
Gnome 2.24.1

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General :: What Is The Exact Command To Shut Down A Redhat System

Jan 26, 2010

I want to know the exact command to shut down a red hat linux server.I was using init 0. but some one said its not the proper method to shut down my linux server.If not which is the exact command

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Ubuntu :: LiveCD 9.10 - Error Message On System Shut Down

Mar 12, 2010

Using the ubuntu live cd 9.10 I get weird error messages when shutting down the system, sometimes it is this one:
device removed: /freedesktop/Hal/devices/net_80_00_60_0f_e8_00

Other times it is bunch of errors saying something like:
i/o error/end request/dev/sector ****, with all different sector numbers..
These happens even when I have not installed anything, not using any flash drives etc...

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Debian :: Localhost Servers Gracefully Shutting Down Upon System Shut Down

Jul 28, 2015

Do active localhost server instances automatically gracefully shutdown upon system shut down?

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Debian :: Unplug USB Drive - Kernel Failure - System Will Not Shut Down

Jul 13, 2011

I have a flash drive that I regularly use on my laptop. If I unplug the flash drive without first unmounting it, I get a popup notification of a kernel failure (with diagnostics sent to kerneloops.org). Then, if I attempt to shut down the system via the console, it hangs on "The system is going down for halt/reboot NOW!" and doesn't actually shut down. Using Gnome's graphical System > Shut Down feature just logs me out and sends me to the login screen; the shutdown feature from there does nothing. I have to disconnect the power cord on the laptop in order to shut it down, and I don't like doing this.

System: 32-bit Debian Squeeze stable with kernel version 2.6.32-5-686, running Gnome 2.30.2, on an Acer Aspire 5570z.

I use Keepassx to store my passwords and keep the keyfile for my password database on the flash drive in question. I mention this just in case it helps determine what's causing the failure.

dmesg has quite a bit to say about this:

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Fedora :: 14 KDE Don't Shut Down?

Jan 8, 2011

this forum and I'm a newbie in fedora. So bare with me,I'm in fedora 14 KDE. I can't shut down the S.O. from the desktop widget nor from the Kick off.I can run at the console:$ su shutdown -h nowBut I would like to do it from KDE. It only happens since two days ago

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