Fedora :: Flash-plugin Not Detected By Firefox

Oct 16, 2009

I just installed F11 and am trying to get flash to work in firefox. I installed the adobe repository and ran: yum install flash-plugin The install completed but when I try to run flash in firefox it says that flash isn't installed. How can I fix this?

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CentOS 5 :: Firefox Crashes When There Is Flash In Web Page, Unless Disable Flash Plugin In Firefox?

May 19, 2009

I just installed firefox and flash-plugin.The version of firefox is 3.0.10, package is firefox-3.0.10-1.el5.centos.The version of flash-plugin is, package is flash-plugin- firefox crashes when there is flash in web page, unless disable flash plugin in firefox.

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Fedora :: Firefox Wants To Update Flash Plugin?

Oct 29, 2009

Fedora 11, 32-bit, updated daily manually via yum (console). Today got the Firefox update to 3.5.4. After restarting Firefox, the fist page reads: "You should update Adobe Flash Player right now." The link leads to Adobe site, which offers me Flash Player version All is fine so far, excluding the fact that I already have this player:

[root@pc ~]# rpm -qa | grep flash

Just for the record, on "aboutlugins" page Firefox confirms I do have the correct player version:

Shockwave Flash
File name: libflashplayer.so
Shockwave Flash 10.0 r32

Does it mean Firefox does not detect correctly the Flash plugin version? Or am I missing something?

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Fedora :: Flash Plugin Not Working In Firefox 3.5

Dec 24, 2009

I have never had a problem with flash plugin before. Just recently I decided to try gnash to see if it plays flash videos better then flash plugin (it doesn't). So I updated flash plugin from the 10.0 r32 version to the 10.0 r42 version and went under Tools > Add-ons > Plugins in Firefox and disabled the gnash plugin and re-enabled the flash plugin and now flash does not work any more. I've tryed uninstalling gnash, reinstalling flash plugin, reinstalling Firefox. Flash just will not work. Flash works in Google Chrome or if I run Firefox as root.
I have Fedora 12 32bit

I disabled the new version of flash plugin (10.0 r42) and re-enabled the old version (10.0 r32) and now flash works. I dont understand the new version of flash plugin works but only in Google Chrome or if I run Firefox as root?! Also Firefox (as my user) shows both versions of flash plugin 10.0 r32 and 10.0 r42 Firefox as root and Google Chrome only show the new version.

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Fedora Installation :: Flash Not Being Detected By Firefox?

Apr 25, 2009

Firefox's Plugin Finder Service says that it is an unknown plugin when visiting pages. I have tried the manual install using rpm and yum along with trying to uninstall and reinstall via Add/Remove Software.When looking at Extensions within Add ons, Flash is not shown on the list.

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Fedora :: Installing Flash Plugin For Mozilla Firefox

Dec 22, 2009

I have Fedora 12 installed:
Firefox version :
Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux x86_64; en-US; rv: Gecko/20091216 Fedora/3.5.6-1.fc12 Firefox/3.5.6

I have installed the flash-plugin using yum. Restarted firefox but still not able to play ..... videos.

[root@saurav tonan]# yum install flash-plugin
Loaded plugins: download only, presto, refresh-packagekit
Setting up Install Process
Package flash-plugin- already installed and latest version
Nothing to do

But I am not able to see it in the plugins list, when I goto Tool >> add-ons >> plugins. I tried about login in the browser address bar, got the list, but its a lot of details, which one would tell me that the adobe flash player is installed. Later I downloaded the tar file and unzipped it and manually placed the .so file in the plugin folder as mentioned in the forums, but no luck.

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Cannot Install Flash Player Plugin For Firefox

Dec 19, 2008

Tried installing flash player plugin, but Firefox says it can't install it. I installed manually, restarted firefox, but it still tells me I'm missing the plugin.

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Enabling Flash Plugin In Firefox - Getting Error

Oct 2, 2009

Code: [root@enhu Download]# su -c 'yum install flash-plugin nspluginwrapper.x86_64
> nspluginwrapper.i586 alsa-plugins-pulseaudio.i586
> libcurl.i586'
Loaded plugins: refresh-packagekit

Existing lock /var/run/yum.pid: another copy is running as pid 3703.
Another app is currently holding the yum lock; waiting for it to exit...
The other application is: yum
Memory : 43 M RSS ( 55 MB VSZ)
Started: Sat Oct 3 00:36:31 2009 - 13:48 ago
State: Traced/Stopped, pid: 3703
Another app is currently holding the yum lock; waiting for it to exit...
The other application is: yum
Memory : 43 M RSS ( 55 MB VSZ)
Started: Sat Oct 3 00:36:31 2009 - 13:50 ago
State: Traced/Stopped, pid: 3703

This keeps going on and on and it don't end until I hit ctrl c. What does this error mean and how can I solve this?

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Fedora :: How To Update Flash Plugin For Firefox 64bit 3.6

May 30, 2010

Currently, I have a problem to run firefox 64bit 3.6 under fedora13 when I watch ...... It requires to update Adobe Flash Player. It seems that there is only 32bit library.

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Fedora :: Install Flash Plugin On Specific Path Firefox

Oct 14, 2009

I failed to install flash-plugin on my firefox My firefox is installed on path "/home/<<user>>/firefox"

1) I tried to install flash plugin by rpm -Uvh flash-plugin- It is not working as the files are not installed on the folder /home/<<user>>/firefox/

2) yum install flash-plugin It returns "nothing to do"

3) I extracted and copied the files in the rpm to /home/<<user>>/firefox/flash-plugin then create a link by ln -s /home/<<user>>/firefox/flash-plugin/libflashplayer.so /home/<<user>>/firefox/plugins/libflashplayer.so When I open the firefox, it crashed.

How could I install this plugin manually?

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Fedora :: Flash Player Plugin For Firefox On Fresh Install?

Oct 31, 2009

I just installed F11KDE, and I am trying to get it to run Flash content in Firefox. I have been searching for solutions for well over an hour and have found nothing that works. How can I get my installation of the Firefox browser to play Flash content. How do I install it? I have tried

# yum install flashplug-in or something to that effect, as well other attempts of different varieties, i.e.-rpm, yumex. Nothing is working.

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Red Hat / Fedora :: RPM Installed But No Flash Content In Firefox (Missing Plugin)

Mar 7, 2010

I tried the "rpm", the "yum", and the "tar.gz" from the adobe site. Both rpms installed fine but I still can't view flash content in Firefox (missing plugin). The .tar.gz contained a .so file, but the installation instructions for the flash player said I should see an installer file in the .tar.gz, but I do not. I can't believe I can't even get flash player working. Their instructions said to check under "Help > About Plugins" but obviously Firefox does not and has never had such an option. I hate Adobe.

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Fedora :: Setting Default Sound Device For Firefox / Flash Plugin

Oct 20, 2009

Using an external SoundBlaster USB... set as default in Fedora 11's new sound device manager ( neat btw )...works great... except no sound in Firefox / Flash Player.

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Fedora :: Flash Player - Firefox Shows Missing Plugin Symbol And Message

Aug 27, 2010

I'm using fedora 13 x86_64 and firefox. I have installed flash player: flash-plugin-

Whenever I open any website having flash content, firefox shows missing plugin symbol and message.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Flash Doesn't Work In Firefox After Most Recent Flash Plugin Update (10.10)

May 19, 2011

Flash is no longer working in Mozilla Firefox after the most recent flash plugin update. I couldn't find any information on it.

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Ubuntu :: Java Plugin Is Not Being Detected In Firefox?

Feb 28, 2010

I have Ubuntu Karmic x32 and the Firefox version from the Mozilla Launchpad ppa, and Firefox isn't detecting the java plugin at all. As in, it's not even being listed in the plugins manager. What should I do? If I need to give any more details about my system,

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Debian :: Firefox 4.0.1 Can't See Flash Plugin?

May 18, 2011

I dislike Iceweasel as it has older versions, so I installed Firefox 4.0.1 on my new install of Debian Sid. Downloaded the tar.bz2 package, unpacked it in opt, linked /usr/bin/firefox to /opt/firefox/firefox, figured out why it wasn't running (it needed ia32-libs-gtk), got it to run, and now it doesn't see the flash plugin.
My usual technique was to put firefox in opt, close it, then aptitude-install flashplugin-nonfree, which pulled the plugin and made it work with both Iceweasel and Firefox. But right now, only Iceweasel has the flash plugin installed.

I found libflashplayer.so in /usr/lib/flashplugin-nonfree/; usually I'd try copying it in /opt/firefox/plugins, or ~/.mozilla/firefox/plugins, but neither of these directories exist. In fact, I can't seem to find a dedicated plugin directory anywhere firefox-related. What do I do?

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Ubuntu :: Firefox 3.6.12 - No Correct Flash Plugin

Dec 6, 2010

Ubuntu 10.10 - Flash 10 plugin - Firefox 3.6.12 (all latest versions of their kind). When I try to play programs from BBC iPlayer website, the message on the screen informs me that I don't have the correct Flash plug-in, I follow the links to download this, but of course my computer does have Flash 10 plug-in already installed. I have tried removing this and reinstalling both from the website link and from Ubuntu repository, but still cannot convince Firefox that I do indeed have the necessary Flash plug-in.

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Ubuntu :: Firefox Flash Plugin Not Working?

Jun 3, 2011

I have installed Flash Plugin NonFree, but it doesn't show up in Firefox v3.x.x aboutlugins. Does anybody know why. Flash works in Chrome however.

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Software :: Firefox Cannot See Flash (64bit) Plugin

Oct 12, 2010

I'm running Debian AMD64. I downloaded the flash square (64-bit) plugin, and in progressive attempts to get Firefox to see it, I put libflashplayer.so in the following places:


And nothing, it still complains the plugin isn't installed. I even tried removing all instances of the file and running aptitude install flashplugin-nonfree (cos 32-bit flash is better than nothing), and it still didn't see it.

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CentOS 5 :: Flash Plugin Support For Firefox?

Nov 23, 2009

I have CentOS 5.4 on AMD x64 and 64 bit Firefox 3.0.15

[root@aluva ~]# uname -a
Linux aluva.tarikida.com 2.6.18-164.6.1.el5 #1 SMP Tue Nov 3 16:12:36 EST 2009 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux x86_64; en-US; rv: Gecko/2009102918 CentOS/3.0.15-3.el5.centos Firefox/3.0.15

Even though I downloaded and installed Adobe Flash plugin, Flash pages are not displayed on the screen. I am seeing only blank area when going to [URL]

Package flash-plugin- already installed and latest version
Package nspluginwrapper- already installed and latest version
Package nspluginwrapper- already installed and latest version


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Debian :: Long Time With Firefox Flash Plugin?

Nov 15, 2010

after i leave firefox on for some hours (the amount of time varies between a couple of hours to a day), when i try to use flash, for example in videos, it plays the first second of the video and then goes into a sound loop of that 1 second of sound that continues even after i stop the video. it takes about 30 seconds for it to stop. at other times, if i've left a video paused in the middle and start it again after some hours, it goes through the rest of the video in just a few seconds like it is in fast forward. the sound is messed up just like in the other case.

the problem clears up completely after i restart firefox. i have tried changing the flash plugins but this usually leads to other problems. right now i'm using the default plugin file name: libflashplayer.so shockwave flash 10.1 r102 i only had this problem in debian, its been going on for months now and i have absolutely no idea what causes it to happen. it seems completely random. when i have only two or three tabs open its a slight nuisance but restarting firefox with 50 tabs open just takes too long.

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Software :: Installing Adobe Flash Plugin 10 To Firefox

May 28, 2010

I'm trying to add an Adobe Flash Player 10 plugin to Firefox via the Ubuntu Software Center but I get the message:
Sorry, 'Adobe Flash Plugin 10' is not available for this type of computer (amd64)

I also having trouble watching certain ..... videos and sometimes having trouble using some features (like the Full Screen feature in the southpark website videos player).
Using Ubuntu 10.4 64bit

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Slackware :: No Firefox Flash Plugin File Directory?

May 8, 2011

Installed Slackware 13.37 over the weekend. Good so far. Problem with Firefox though as it does not have a plugins directory where we can move libflashplayer.so into like in previous versions. Where do we put it to file Firefox (and Seamonkey) to play flash.

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Slackware :: Firefox Update And Slackbuild Flash Plugin

Jun 28, 2010

Yesterday I updated firefox following the security mailing to
When starting the new firefox I got the message that I should update my flash plugin. I use the slackbuild for flash so I already had the version


So I tried to open [URL] to see if there are any new versions, but no luck. It seems Adobe has changed the setup and I could only download a libflashplayer without any version number whatsoever... Should I trust this? Should I wait for Robby to update the slackbuild script?

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CentOS 5 :: 5.5 Flash-plugin Install Not Working In Firefox 3.6.3?

Jun 27, 2010

I tried installed the flash-plugin with yum, and it looks like it installed successfully, but hitting a website like ..... still prompts me for the adobe firefox plugin.

[root@localhost greenwich]# yum --enablerepo=rmpforge install flash-plugin
Loaded plugins: fastestmirror, priorities
Error getting repository data for rmpforge, repository not found
[root@localhost greenwich]# yum --enablerepo=rpmforge install flash-plugin
Loaded plugins: fastestmirror, priorities


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CentOS 5 :: Flash-plugin On Firefox On 5.5 64 Bit Will Not Play Sound?

Aug 14, 2010

I am new to CentOS 5.5 64bit (but not new to Linux!) and recently I installed via yum, nspluginwrapper and flash-plugin. I then ran

mozilla-plugin-config -i -g -v

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Software :: Cannot Uninstall Flash-plugin From Yast - Deleted Flash-Plugin Directory

Aug 15, 2010

In my frustration to get adobe flash working in firefox I deleted the /usr/lib/flash-plugin folder. Now when I try to uninstall "Flash-Plugin" from YAST it fails as it can't find the sub-folder. I also cannot install the latest version of flash player as it says that it is already installed - So I am stuck in a loop.

I am running SUSE 11.2.

Is there a config file of installed programs that I can modify to remove the "Flash-Plugin" entry, or is there another way to get over this problem.

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OpenSUSE :: Total Firefox 3.6.3 / Disabled With Shockwave Flash Plugin?

May 23, 2010

ever since i updated to firefox 3.6.3 on my opensuse 11.0, it has been crashing instantly on loading videos and gmail.

i have done all of the obvious things. run in safe mode, uninstalled and reinstalled including deleting the entire profile, reinstalling the flash player and adobe reader plugins, disabling all extensions (in fact, i have no extensions installed at all now) - nothing works!

i have put a request in to the mozilla forums, but nobody has an answer.

i am able to get firefox to load the videos page only when in safe mode and with the shockwave flash plugin disabled. it still crashes instantly on gmail.

when i go into the yast installer to look for older firefox versions that i might downgrade to, the versions list is in such tiny type that it is unreadable. every other font is fine except that one versions list! it's driving me mad that the one thing i need to see in order to get a working firefox is invisible to me due to some obscure bug.

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Ubuntu :: Firefox Adobe Flash Plugin Can No Longer Be Enabled?

May 9, 2010

I'm having an issue changing the flash plug to display flash. I clean installed 10.04 a week ago, upgraded to to the closed source adobe plugin, and everything was great. However, a day ago, I had an issue with one site, and I decided to switch back to the default swfdec player. Since that time I have not been able to switch back to adobe. Every time I attempt to, firefox complains that adobe is already installed. Even if I remove the adobe flash plugin via synaptic and allow firefox to reinstall it, it still uses swfdec.

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