Fedora :: Executable Stack: Lilypond 2.14.1 On F14?

Jun 19, 2011

I have installed lilypond 2.14.1 on my Fedora 14 machine, as per the lilypond instructions for linux. When I run lilypond, it gives the following error message. /usr/local/lilypond/usr/bin/lilypond: error while loading shared libraries: libgmp.so.3: cannot enable executable stack as shared object requires:Permission denied I see several threads here already about executable stacks. I have already tried execstack to set/clear the flag for that shared object. Neither allows lilypond to run.

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Fedora :: Mupen64 Tried To Make Stack File Executable?

Apr 4, 2011

I tried to run Mupen64 on Fedora 14 and SELinux gave me a message (see title of thread). It sounded like a serious problem. Do I have a corrupted version, is it nothing to worry about?

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Fedora :: Cannot Enable Executable Stack As Shared Object Requires

Apr 16, 2010

i am trying to install xilinx 11.1 on fedora core 12 FEL.i have mounted the image file using mount -o loop and put it in a directory near opt.i am getting the following error: error while loading shared libraries: libSecurity.so: cannot enable executable stack as shared object requires: Permission denied.I already installed this on a standalone fedora 12 KDE and it did install. i need to mention that this time, the fedora 12 is installed on VMware, could this be creating that problem ?

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Fedora :: SELinux Is Preventing Firefox From Making The Program Stack Executable?

Nov 2, 2010

- Newly installed Fedora 14- Firefox 3.6.12- All latest Fedora updates installed- Denial occured after the installation of jre1.6.0_22 from here - Linux (self-extracting file) and creating symbolic links as follows;

[root@Freedom opt]# ln -s /opt/jre1.6.0_22/lib/i386/libnpjp2.so /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/


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Security :: Enable An Executable Stack For A Program?

Jan 4, 2010

I am trying to learn how a buffer overflow works, but I need to have an executable stack for it to work. How do i enable this for an individual program? I am using Arch linux and X86_64 btw

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Fedora :: Make A Executable (application/x-executable)

Aug 21, 2011

I hope this post stands in the right section.I have a commandline i need to enter in terminal when i want to run a program. i tought lets put that piece of command in an .sh file and just click the file to run the program (then i dont need to open terminal first an give in the command) however the .sh file does not open the program. so i propably need to make a executable (application/x-executable).

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Slackware :: Lilypond Error When Building

Oct 1, 2009

I've just tried to compile lilypond using a fresh SlackBuild from slacky.eu site.

I have all deps and I use current Slackware that was gradually upgraded using all current packages since version 12.2. So I call it "version 13".

After a minute or so I got this ugly sentence:

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Programming :: Lilypond Parser For Python - Typeset The Content Of File

Nov 12, 2009

I'm woring on a personal research project and would like to know if there are lilypond parsers for python available or I'll have to create my own. Just in case you are wondering: I don't need to typeset the content of the lilypond file, just understand what's written in the file (what notes, what duration, when in time to play each one, etc). [url]

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Fedora :: Can't Set Max Stack With Ulimit In Rc.local

Jul 4, 2011

I'd like to set the max stack size at boot time, preferably as early as possible. I had thought there's a kernel parameter for this, but I cannot find any reference to one.Adding "ulimit -s" to rc.sysinit was not effective; I've grepped /etc/init.d but it is not used subsequently. So what I currently have is my default runlevel set to 1, with no services except udev-post, then in rc.local:


ulimit -s 1024
telinit 3

3 being my normal runlevel with all necessary services. However, again that ulimit is being ignored, because after login it is still set to 8192. If after login I manually set the limit and change from 3 to 1 and back again (to restart all services), everything is copacetic.

Does anyone know why ulimit -s is ineffective prior to login or how I can set the max stack size at boot time? I'm just noticing that under "upstart" runlevel services are not controlled by rc.d content. Preuming:

#1 My desire to make F14 work without upstart, using ye olde sysinitv which weren't broke so I don't need it fixed, is going to be like p'sing up a rope.

#2 That systemd is replacing upstart so I might as well try to learn about that.

how can I get "rc.local" functionality under systemd?

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Fedora Networking :: Setting Up A Bridge With No IP Stack?

Aug 3, 2009

I'm trying to set up a Linux box with three ethernet interfaces as a bridge where I can do some packet filtering. I don't want this box to have any IP stack, packets that are allowed through the filter should be forwarded without changes just the way a switch would do it. I have build a kernel with ethernet support but no IP stack. It detects my interfaces, and I can bring them up with the ifconfig or ip commands. But when I try to start a bridge with brctl I get this error message:

can't setup bridge control: Address family not supported by protocol

A google search for that error message gave me no results at all. The command I used was "brctl addbr br", which does work on a full installation. Does brctl require IP support in the kernel? That would be a bit odd I think, since brctl doesn't do anything IP related, everything it does is at lower layers?

Does anybody know what the above message means, and what I might have been doing wrong?

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Fedora X86/64bit :: F14 - Firewire Stack Not Supported By FFADO?

Aug 17, 2011

I have an firewire Saffire Pro 24 audio interface that I'm trying to get detected.running ffado-diag results in



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General :: Fatal: Bad Magic Number In Executable `prime' (not An Executable?)

Sep 3, 2010

I am trying to run Wattch simulator in linux.But it is giving the error below. what is this error and what do I do about it?

fatal: bad magic number in executable `prime' (not an executable?)

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Fedora Installation :: Nvidia Driver Causes Stack Trace On Service Start

Apr 4, 2009

Just installed a Sparkle GeForce 8400 GS on my Dell Dimension 2350 running FC9. As stated, every time the system goes to start the card, a stack trace occurs. I know the first thing that everyone will ask for is the output from the stack trace, but for the life of me I can't capture it. Tried grabbing the STDOUT and SDTERR from the 'service start' command, but nothing interesting is ever there. If anyone knows if and where such things get stored, just letting me know that would help. I assumed there would be something in /var/log, but no. For some reason, there's a lot of python errors in the output. I imagine I could try to type in as much of the output as possible, but I'm hoping someone has seen this before.

Anyway, I've tried the Nvidia install executable, the nvidia-newest RPMs, the nvidia-96xx RPMs and they all fail the same way. I also can't get the card to come up as the primary device on boot, which I don't think should be a problem since they all boot into VGA mode, don't they? If I disable the internal video setup in the BIOS, the machine freezes on bootup with blinking lights on the keyboard, which I imagine is the BIOS's way of telling me there's no monitor available.

I also tried getting the nv and nouveau drivers going with no luck. They are installed on the machine, but I'm embarrassed to say I don't know how to get them configured. Not really a driver guy, I guess. Also, the reason I installed this card is to get TVOUT, and I don't know if generic drivers will have support for that sort of thing.

At this point, I'm just looking for a way forward. One thing I remember is that when I removed the 'fglrx' drivers (because they conflicted with the NVIDIA stuff) I remember that a few python/fglrx based packages went with it. I'm wondering if that could be at the root of the failure, given the python errors in the stack trace.

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Ubuntu :: Cannot Open An Executable File Because Of Executable Bit?

Jun 20, 2010

I am running into a snag on .exe files in Lucid. I have Wine installed, but I can not open the file as it is blocked from executing with a window popping up telling me that this file was blocked due to security reasons. I go into the files properties and try to change the permission but that does not help. Is there a way to get around this? Possibly in the terminal as root?

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Fedora Networking :: Bluetooth Stack Creates Rfcomm0 But Is Not Applying The Correct Context Label To It?

Sep 9, 2010

if an admin decides this is security feel free to move, at the moment I can't decide where so posted here...On my laptop (msi-u100) my bluetooth stack creates rfcomm0 but is not applying the correct context label to it so selinux is bitching.

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Fedora :: Add Executable .jar Link To Favorites?

Jul 10, 2011

I have a new Fedora 15 installation on my Lenovo T61 laptop. I have converted it from Windows 7 and am having some trouble getting it set up as desired. In particular, I am trying to add an executable link to a .jar file to my Activities Favorites bar.

I have tried right-clicking the icon from the Activities Application display to add to favorites like I can do with any other application but right-clicking does nothing. Dragging to the favorites bar does not work either. When I click on the icon, it just opens the Archive Manager so that may be related to the problem. The .jar file does actually run but I have to find it in the file manager, right click and then select Open With Java. what can I do to add a link in the Activities Favorites bar that opens my .jar file?

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Red Hat / Fedora :: File Extension Executable In RHEL 5?

Jan 4, 2010

As we have executeable file extensions .exe , .msi and .msp for Windows. What is the file extension that is executable in Linux RHEL 5

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Fedora :: Executable File Into The '/etc/cron.daily' Directory

Jan 19, 2011

I have noticed that in the /etc directory there are some subdirectories of /etc/cron.daily and /etc/cron.hourly. Also I have determined that there is a service included as part of the Fedora OS 'crond' which I have started with the use of 'service crond start'. My question is this. If I drop an executable file into the '/etc/cron.daily' directory will it just run? If not what configuration files should I go about editing to run my executable daily? There seems to be a pretty large network of cron related files. I'm trying to make sense out of all of it.

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Executable Files Not Running From Home Folder

Mar 17, 2011

I cannot run executable files from my home folder. I just double click it and it doesn't do anything.

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Installing Java On F14 - Making Executable File?

May 30, 2011

I downloaded Java from the Java website, and went into the root to try and make it an executable file, and it says "chmod: cannot access `home/Non-Admin/Downloads/jre-6u25-linux-i586-rpm.bin': No such file or directory". Is there some sort of program I can install that will automatically turn the rpm.bin/.bin into an executable file?

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Fedora :: MadPlay Install - C Compiler Cannot Create Executable

Apr 28, 2010

checking for a BSD-compatible install... /usr/bin/install -c
checking whether build environment is sane... yes
checking for gawk... gawk
checking whether make sets $(MAKE)... yes
checking build system type... i686-pc-linux-gnu
checking host system type... i686-pc-linux-gnu
checking for gcc... gcc
checking for C compiler default output file name...
configure: error: C compiler cannot create executable
See 'config.log' for more details.

This is error that I keep getting every time. Iam using fedora 10 version and I keep getting this error while i was trying to insatl madplay for vlc source code compilation. I have insatalled libmad .0.15.1,libid3tag.0.15, I got these codecs from [URL] and vlc sorce code is from [URL]. Config.log file details are:

hostname = localhost
uname -m = i686
uname -r =
uname -s = Linux
uname -v = #1 SMP Tue Nov 18 12:19:59 EST 2008 .....
configure: exit 78

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Fedora :: C Compiler Cannot Create Executable Files While Installing Madplay

Apr 29, 2010

what my intension is i want to cross complile vlc source code into arm9 mini 2440 target board for that i am compiling vlc source code in intel desktop pc which has fedora 10 version. so that in order to compile vlc source code we need to install following codecs those are libmad 0.15.1b,libid3tag-0.15.1b,madplay-0.15.1b,i got these codecs from h[URL] .and vlc sorce code from [URL]. i have successfully compiled libmad 0.15.1b and libid3tag-0.15.1b . those two are compiled in the following way [color] ./cofigure --prefix=/home/narendra/lib/ make make install [/color]

i was trying to compile madplay-0.15.1b in the following way

./configure --prefix=/home/narendra/madplay-0.15.1b CPPFLAGS="-I /home/narendra/lib/libmad-0.15.1b/include/" LDFLAGS="-L /home/narendra/lib/libid3tag-0.15.1b/lib/"
after this command i keep getting this error message


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Fedora :: F11 X86_64 Eduke Compile Error: Failed Linking Executable Eduke32!

Aug 6, 2010

trying to build Eduke32 from source but I receive the following error:


[priit@T16 eduke32]$ make
Build started using "gcc -fomit-frame-pointer -funswitch-loops -O2 -fno-stack-protector -W -Wall -Wimplicit -Werror-implicit-function-declaration -funsigned-char -fno-strict-aliasing -DNO_GCC_BUILTINS -Isource -Ibuild/include -Isource/jmact -Isource/jaudiolib


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Ubuntu :: Awn Stack Applet Crash

Feb 11, 2010

It crash giving this error: "Whoops! the applet crashed. Click to restart it" while i set Layout "curved gui"

And then i try to change its setting by clicking on "Layout settings".

Sometimes im able to get inside "layout settings" but then it crush when i switch
to another tab.

What to do for to solve this issue? Is some other way to configure it (maybe through terminal)

Or exist some better stack applet (mac like)

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Ubuntu :: Resolution Stack At 640x480?

Nov 8, 2010

İ have nvidia fx 5200. when i was install my driver resolution stack at 640x480 and i cant change to 1024x768.

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Ubuntu :: Which Mail Server Stack To Use?

Aug 19, 2011

I have always in the past installed and configured my own mail server with Postfix, Fetchmail, Procmail and Dovecot. I know that for a while the Ubuntu server team have developed their own server stack and so I decided to give it a go with my new 11.04 installation. However, when I look on Synaptic I see that there are two mail server stacks.

Both are described as
"mail server delivery agent stack provided by the Ubuntu server team"
What is the difference between the two stacks?

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Networking :: Odd Network Stack Glitch Seen?

Dec 21, 2010

I just encountered an odd network stack glitch and wondered if anyone has seen this before, or knows what could cause it. When I connect to services on localhost ( if there is a process listening, it works OK as expected. there is no process listening, I should get a NAK and see a connection refused message.With this glitch, that was not happening. And this was with to Nothing was listening, but the SYN attempts were all that were happening. If there was something listening that worked OK. Connections to other hosts worked as expected.

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General :: Finding A Bluetooth Stack /3g At&T

May 19, 2010

would like to install a Bluetooth and my AT&T 3g fob

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Programming :: Setup A Stack (1kB) For My Module In C?

Sep 6, 2010

I need to call some other functions in "int init_module(void)" and module. So I need a stack. How can I setup a stack (1kB) for my module in C?

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Programming :: Thread Stack Using Pthread_attr_setstackaddr()?

Sep 22, 2010

When I set the stack base address of the child thread using the POSIX library function "pthread_attr_setstackaddr()", I am unable to access the memory contents of its parent. The data-structures that are created on the HEAP of its parent using malloc() are either getting destroyed or unaccessible when moving to the context of the child thread. These data-structures are being passed as an argument to the child thread.Even if I make these variables global then also it is not working.pthread_attr_setstacksize(tattr, ...);stackbase = (void *) malloc(...);pthread_attr_setstackaddr(tattr, stackbase);But when I create the child thread without setting its stack base address using that pthread_attr_setstackaddr(), then it is able to access the parent's memory contents.

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