Fedora :: Enable And Disable These Services: FTP,Email,Web Server,Firewall,Telnet,LAN?

Sep 12, 2009

how to enable and disable these services: FTP,Email,Web server,Firewall,Telnet,LAN? Is there any general way to manage services?

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Enable Telnet And Ftp Services?

Dec 18, 2008

I am using fedora core 9. I want to enable telnet and ftp services . I used following commands

service xinetd reload which gives error as unrecognised service and
/etc/init.d/xinetd reload which gives error as no such file or directory

how to install and start this service ?

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Networking :: Way To Configure Telnet Server Without Disable Firewall

Oct 13, 2010

I have a question about telnet.Is there any way to configure a telnet server without disable firewall.I am using redhat 5.2 and fedora 12.I have lack of knowledge about firewall.

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Debian Configuration :: How To Enable Telnet And Ftp Services

Feb 8, 2016

I have a few computers running linux and windows and I like to be able to telnet and to ftp but these services are not active I look into system settings but I can not find anything on were to start them.I already try using ssh but it just hangs and nothing happened also I tried to use the graphical app for ftp but same result host not reachable.

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Fedora :: How To Enable / Disable Firewall

Jul 30, 2011

Sorry but I'm a new user and would like to know how to enable/disable firewall. I have tried to open a port up on my firewall but, for some reason that didn't work. I have found these command in another thread: $ sudo /sbin/chkconfig iptables off
$ sudo /sbin/service iptables stop
I assume this is to disable the fire wall. How do I enable it once I'm finish running my program.

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Debian :: Way To Enable/disable Services In Squeeze?

Jul 2, 2011

I'm looking for some definitive instruction on the proper way to enable/disable (not to simply start/stop or add/remove packages) services/daemons under Debian 6. Google results are all over the map and, surprisingly, the Debian wiki has no abstract on services.It seems like such a common task

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General :: See System Services Are Enable - Disable In Ubuntu 11.04(Natty Narwhal)?

Aug 5, 2011

Chkconfig is a utility to update and query runlevel information for system services. Chkconfig manipulates the numerous symbolic links in /etc/init.d/, to relieve system administrators of some of the drudgery of manually editing the symbolic links.

In Debian, there are several tools with similar functionality, but users coming from other Linux distributions will find the tools in this package more familiar.

Go to Terminal and open it and type the command "chkconfig' press enter. code...

after installing just type "chkconfig"
you can see list of service which one is off or on in your system code...

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Fedora :: Enable Email Notificaion On Nagios Server?

Jan 24, 2011

Setting up email notification on Nagiso server in detail.

Os version : Feodra 10
Nagios Version: 3.0.5

And also do let me know if any more info required ?

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Fedora :: Clicking Out All Services In Firewall ( But Not Disabling It )?

Feb 26, 2010

I was running NFS in my Fedora. I found that I could not mount exported directory in client machine (Fedora ) with firewall enable in NSF server. Even I tried by clicking out all services in firewall (but not disabling it), it did not work. To make it work, I had to disable firewall. Is there any way to do this without disabling firewall?

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Fedora :: Sending An Email By Telnet Port 25?

Feb 13, 2011

Sent an email by using telnet on port 25 from the terminal. Telnet states my message was sent but I never got it. Is it on the hard disk somewhere. Is there a log file? Where did my email go? Did it go into the ehter? I opened port 25 on my firewall through gnome by selecting 25/smpt checkbox as a trusted service.

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Fedora Networking :: Telnet Works Localhost But Not Network / Firewall Disabled

Jun 3, 2011

I'm working on setting up access for our developer via Telnet, we are on a local network behind a physical firewall. I set up the standard Telnet service for Fedora15 and from localhost I can login via any user and root.... However I cannot login from another terminal on the LAN, even though I can ping and FTP to the fedora15 box. I added the firewall rules for telnet, that did not work, so I disabled the firewall, still cannot get a connection via port 25. I feel either port 25 is closed in another manor or the telnet is restricted to the localhost.

Also I cannot login to root to configure the Firewall Desktop GUI, only standard users, is this an issue? I also cannot login to the console as root even though I use the correct password.I can only su to root and sometimes it is a PITA. There must be some settings to clear these issues up...

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Fedora Networking :: Add Custom Trusted Services To Firewall?

Jan 20, 2010

I'd like to have an easy way to configure firewall, e.g. eable/disable what mythtv needs, or enable/disable what mediatomb needs. Basically open/close a few tcp and/or udp ports for all interfaces (I have two), or just one of them.

Is there a way to add my own trusted services for the firewall?

Other recommended ways to do that? Or just write a simple shell script?

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Server :: Disable Unwanted Services In Other Than Squid?

Mar 5, 2011

I have installed squid using CentOS 5.When the server boot there are default services which are enabled at Boot time. My server is dedicated only for squid proxy server.I want to know how that when my server boot only the relevant services should start which may helpful for squid. Remaining unwanted services should be disable because they are just occupying memory of the server. Kindly guide me which command I should use and which services may I disable for smooth functioning of my squid

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CentOS 5 Server :: Connect With SMTP / IMAP And POP3 Using Email Services?

Oct 2, 2010

Having my Diploma Final Project on setting up a virtual mail server within Local Area Network (LAN) only. I had follow this how-to [URL] and complete up to squirrealmail web mail. I added two new user to try on sending and receiving mail. It works. I run CentOS on VMplayer. I using my laptop to do all the stuff, the laptop default OS is windows 7, I install VM player on it and run CentOS inside the VM Player.

I want to do testing on Windows 7 side by installing Thunderbird email client program, I want to connect to mail server with SMTP, IMAP/POP3 using the email service. I have problem while setting up user account on Thunderbird, Thunderbird seems like cannot detect my CentOS mail server. How? Do I have to do any other configuration on CentOS? Any DNS? Port number for IMAP, POP3 or SMTP?

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CentOS 5 Server :: Disable Unwanted Services In Other Than Squid?

Mar 5, 2011

I have installed squid using CentOS 5. The server is dedicated only for squid proxy server. I want to know how can I disable unwanted services which load at booting time. Like sendmail,samba,etc etc. These services take memory and are not in use. I does not know how can I make my server only for squid proxy service by removing unwanted services?

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Fedora :: Disable Unneccersary Services?

Dec 5, 2009

to disbale some unnersercary services in fedora 11.i have bluetooth and ssh disablesdwhat services van i also disable?is there somewhere an howto for it?

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Server :: Postfix Cannot Send Email From Thunderbird/Squirrelmail To Recipient Behind Firewall

Mar 22, 2011

My company email server has been working flawlessly for the last 5+ years. Recently, one of our clients put their email server behind a firewall (an assumption on my part; details below). Ever since, email sent from within the company (192.168.xxx.xxx internal address; all computers and server is behind a NAT firewall [Netgear FVX538]) is either being sent to the client after some delay (if email is sent using Outlook) or is being deferred until the messages expire (Thunderbird, Squirrelmail, etc.). Email sent to the client from anywhere outside the company (using Thunderbird, Outlook or any other email client) is also delivered without any problems (usually after a short delay).

All other emails to the World are being sent without any problems at all (both inside and outside the company; using any email client or webmail). I did contact the client's postmaster, but the client, being a large government agency, will probably not address the problem (if it is on their side) anytime soon. I am not sure if I can do anything from my end to solve the problem. Ever since the problem with the client began, I added two statements to the postfix configuration file (smtp_pix_workaround_delay_time = 20s and smtp_pix_workaround_threshold_time = 0s); this seemed to a bit - it reduced the delay for emails sent via Outlook to a few minutes (as opposed to 30+ minutes); emails sent using Thunderbird/webmail are still being deferred.

Server details: Dual quad-core processor machine, 32 GB RAM, dual 1 gbps network, running Fedora 14 (64-bit; loosely modeled along the lines of Perfect Server (with ISPConfig2) as described on the howtoforge website). Running Postfix (v. 2.7.1), Dovecot (v. 2.0.9).

Postfix details:

alias_database = hash:/etc/aliases
alias_maps = hash:/etc/aliases
body_checks = regexp:/etc/postfix/mbl-body-deny
broken_sasl_auth_clients = yes
command_directory = /usr/sbin


I emailed the client's postmaster suggesting they disable smtp fixup. But still, what bothers me now is that Outlook works (both within and outside the company) while Thunderbird, webmail, etc. (used by ~90% of the users) do not. In addition, all email clients from outside the company can send email (authenticated via the company server) to the client without any problems. Is there anything I can do on my end to make non-Outlook clients work within the company (webmail is hosted on the company server; so, it would have an internal address as well)?

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Server :: Enable/disable PAE In RHEL 6?

Jan 12, 2011

Anyway, according to the release notes, RHEL 6 has a PAE enabled kernel by default. Great... But that leaves me wondering why uname report SMP. Further, I'm provisioning some systems for QA use, and they're asking that PAE is disabled. My thinking is that since RHEL 6 requires PAE capability to install, there may be no way to disable it and the googling I've done seems to support this. tl;dr Why does a default kernel with PAE enabled report SMP on RHEL 6?

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Fedora Security :: Disable Firewall From Command Prompt?

Aug 17, 2010

I'm running Fedora 12, and I need to disable the firewall from within a shell script, which rules out system-config-firewall. I tried the following:


service iptables stop
service ip6tables stop
chkconfig iptables off
chkconfig ip6tables off

but that didn't do it.

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Server :: How To Enable / Disable SSH At Boot Time

Mar 1, 2011

I have just installed ssh-server in my Ubuntu 10.04, and really want to know how to enable/disable it and I also want to be sure if the changes will take effect after the next boot or not, and how to do that?

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Fedora :: How To Disable / Enable Gstreamer

Jun 23, 2010

how to disable gstreamer???? (and be able to re-enable it also?) i don't want to totally remove gstreamer - as it is required by alot of software. however, when i am using
proaudio apps with low-latency having gstreamer enabled is a problem. this is because ( i think ) that my crappy intel-hda (STAC9200) only has one sub-device, while many other cards have multiple.

so when gstreamer is there, i will get more xruns, and a nasty message in dmesg, something along the lines of "intel-hda switching to polling mode". overall performance of the card will suck. BUT! if gstreamer is NOT there, i can run low-latency(2ms) with pretty much no xruns(jackd). the only time i get the odd one is if i am switching drum banks in a wine VST.

well, i remove pulseaudio when i install Fedora, gstreamer doesn't work properly after that, you can't use rhythmbox, or anything. but you will get much better latencies and generally the card is very useful. ie: i can manipulate many sounds/samples/synths in realtime, or actually record in ardour with a decent load...

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Command To Enable And Disable A Secondary Monitor Using The Nvidia X Server?

Aug 16, 2010

I need to find out a command to enable and disable a secondary monitor using the Nvidia X Server. I've got a monitor attached to my laptop that I don't use all the time and would like to just have a launcher to switch between "twinview" and "disabled" quickly rather than having to go through the menus. It's physical position is vertically above the primary monitor so I have to put in a custom position every time I enable it.

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Slackware :: How To Enable Telnet Login

Jan 27, 2010

How can I enable telnet login in a slackware derivative? (specifically Backtrack 3)Needing telnet because I'm unable to get ssh login working through a reverse ssh tunnel.

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OpenSUSE Network :: Need To Alter Services Files If Ports Open In Firewall?

Jan 11, 2011

I have a question about /etc/services file. If I open ports in firewall, do I need to alter /etc/services file in order for certain apps to work?

kpasswd 464/tcp # kpasswd
kpasswd 464/udp # kpasswd
# Theodore Ts'o <tytso&MIT.EDU>
# 465 is illegal used by eMail Server
smtps 465/tcp # eMail Server
#urd 465/tcp # URL Rendesvous Directory for SSM
igmpv3lite 465/udp # IGMP over UDP for SSM
# Toerless Eckert <eckert&cisco.com>
digital-vrc 466/tcp # digital-vrc
digital-vrc 466/udp # digital-vrc

Above example shows if 465 tcp isn't altered, Postfix MTA fails to listen on 465 tcp port. What if there's a bigger span 3000:7000 TCP/UDP, is there a need to alter each line by hand?

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Fedora :: Software Source To Enable / Disable Repositories

Jan 17, 2010

In Fedora 11, we could use from:
System -> Administrators -> Software Source
for enable or disable repositories, by Check boxes. For example we disable rawhide or testing repositories! But in fedora 12 I don't see it in System -> Administrators -> Software Source! How I can enable or disable repositories, by Check boxes in Software Source?

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Fedora :: Enable / Disable Compiz From Command Line In F14

Feb 23, 2011


gconftool-2 --type string --set /desktop/gnome/session/required_components/windowmanager "compiz-gtk"


gconftool-2 --type string --set /desktop/gnome/session/required_components/windowmanager "metacity"
Log out and log back in

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Ubuntu :: How To Enable Telnet On 10.10 Virtual Machine

Mar 5, 2011

I have been searching for the past hour trying to figure out how I can enable telnet on my Ubuntu 10.10 Virtual Machine.I am using VirtualBox to run my VM. I am trying to access that VM using PuTTy but most everything I have seen says I have to enable telnet first.The directions that I have found say to go to System > Administration > Services and enable telnet.I have nothing called Services under Administration.

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General :: Enable Root Telnet On SLES 11?

Oct 13, 2010

I have a task I need to enable root telnet on SLES 11.I know about security hole, it is a must requirement accordingly to executing some scripts.Telnet works for the other user , but not for rootSSH work properly.Added pts/0 .. pts/24 to the /etc/securetty

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General :: Disable Telnet And Ssh For A Specific User?

Nov 12, 2010

I am looking for a way to deny telnet and ssh to one specific user. So far I've only tested with telnet and my attempts have been limited to various hosts.deny entries:

in.telnetd : user@server
in.telnetd : user@server.domain.com
in.telnetd : user@IP_address
in.telnetd : user@.domain.com

None of these work. The only thing I've found that does work is:in.telnetd : IP_addressBut this is only a semi-viable solution because we will soon have multiple logins for the one username from different servers and sub-nets. Ideally, I'd like to be able to deny telnet and ssh access to this username regardless of where the login originates. I suppose it would be possible to specify each server IP, but that'll be a bear to maintain

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General :: Disable Telnet Command From Client End?

Jul 20, 2011

From Linux client end I can easily telnet to a remote Linux server easily , Like :

[root@apps1 ~]# telnet
Connected to (
Escape character is '^]'.
catalog.aibl.com (Linux release 2.6.18-8.el5 #1 SMP Tue Jun 5 23:25:19 EDT 2007) (1)

But I want to disable the "telnet" command from the client end , so that I cannot telnet to a remote linux server from the Linux client end

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