Fedora :: Compilation Of Vlc Source Code?

Dec 13, 2009

how vlc source code can be compiled?

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Fedora :: Netgear Router WGR614L Source Compilation Trouble

Dec 27, 2009

i am trying to compile netgear wgr614l sources.i am using fedora 11 [leonidas] for compilation. system core is

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General :: Code Compilation For ATOM Processor

Jan 19, 2010

Just I need some clarification. Is there any different form compilation is for Intel ATOM processor? Its same like all other intel processors right? Or it has any different type of compilation should be followed for Intel atom processor?

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General :: Code Compilation For ATOM Processor?

Jan 19, 2010

Just i need some clarification. Is there any different form compilation is for Intel ATOM processor? Its same like all other intel processors right? or it has any different type of compilation should be followed for Intel atom processor?

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Programming :: How Switches Controlling Code Compilation

Aug 28, 2009

I had been working on a CPP code for sometime now, without being aware that some parts of its code, especially security related were not being compiled. Problem was like my product did not work for SSL mode. On analysis, I found that some part of CPP codes inside a switch(ENABLE_SSL_LIBRARY)were not getting compiled at all. And also that this gets set when we do newgrp crypto command on the box. This left me without lots of doubts. I wanted to understand how these switches work and if this switch was propreitary to my code or something related to Linux.

My questions now are:
1. Switches like the one mentioned above, are they user defined, for my particular code or are they related to Linux/GCC or makefiles?
2.If a user can define such switches to control code compilation, then need to know the concepts/procedures behind it. How is it done ?

Kindly excuse if these are very very basic. But since I could not get proper stuffs on google, I thought I should ask some experts here who could either explain me or point me to appropriate resources (links of articles / tutorials)

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Fedora :: How To See The Source Code

Jan 22, 2011

I have been a newbie to Fedora, Now i think its the time to explore fedora and learn the "behind the scenes" process.. I want to know how to view the source code of kernel,an application.

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CentOS 5 :: Php Source File Compilation?

May 25, 2011

Can anybody share a link or steps for Php 5.3.3 and Apache 2.2.19 source file compilation

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Fedora :: View The Source Code?

Aug 24, 2009

where can I find the source code of fedora's calculator?? I have to download it from somewhere? Am I able to view it from inside the O.S.?

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Fedora :: Where To Get F11 Source Code Disc

Nov 17, 2009

Where I can get a disc for the Fedora 11 source code? I really like this release of fedora and want to keep it for the future. Also, what's the difference between SRPM and RPMs? What does an SRPM do when you install it and what is it's purpose?

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Fedora :: Flowchart From C Source Code?

Jul 12, 2010

I have some C source code listings that are not documented or even commented from which I would like to run a program to create a flowchart.I'm not looking for the likes of dia or such which require the user to do the creation please. I've read the posts on this and other forums but have found only user created charts, not from source. From several web searches I know winblows has such programs but I don't want windows on this machine!

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Fedora :: How To Do Installation From Source Code

Aug 23, 2011

Looking for a guide or thread that explains how to install from source code.What programs that I need to install like php or others and the steps to compile make and install the code.

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Programming :: Missing Stropts.h(apue Code Compilation In Fedora11)?

Feb 10, 2010

I want to compile the the source code given in a well known unix programming book(stevens) .I downloaded the codes but unable to build it ,giving me an errorerror: stropts.h: No such file or directoryI don't know what to do....I am using fedora 11 latest gcc in the system.
I also try to include the search path which include a file -I./usr/include/xulrunner-sdk-1.9.1/system_wrappers but itI open the header file and the definition is there #include_next<strops.h>so ultimately there is not the original file

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Fedora :: Can't Download The Source Code Of Cinelerra-CV

Sep 27, 2010

As I'm not familar with the git, I can't download the Source code of cinelerra-CV. who can send me the Source code of cinelerra-cv?

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Fedora :: Viewing Source Code For Package?

Mar 3, 2011

I was a die hard Ubuntu user for the last 2 years and decided to use something more advanced or different. My question (after searching the crap out of Google) is how can I view the source code of Fedora? I have found many sites explaining this but it is not written in terms that are easy for me to understand. I haven't been programming for years and using advanced features in Linux so most of these sites are not explaining out and most are explaining how to build and add on to the kernel.

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Source Code For Latest - Kernel

Apr 8, 2011

I need to download a latest kernel for my fedora ..and reconfigure it with some options.

Where can i download latest fedora kernel source code from ..

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Ubuntu :: Source Code Of The Krnel From The Kernel.org - Source Trees Organization

Apr 11, 2011

i am already a little bit familiar with linux and now i want to know better the linux OS. i have downloaded the source code of the krnel from the kernel.org and i dont understand the linux source trees organization, so can somebody do me a favor and give me a link to some internet page (or at least a book) that explains that?? i have searched in the internet with the tag:::linux source trees organization and i have not found nothing interesting

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Ubuntu :: Enabling Parallel Compilation Of Kernel Source?

Sep 17, 2010

enabling parallel compilation of kernel source.I've read that setting the CONCURRENCY_LEVEL environment variable should do that. The problem is that I see only one instance of a running gcc in top, notwithstanding I have set "export CONCURRENCY_LEVEL=5".

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General :: Error While Installing 2.6.31 Source Code In Fedora 12

Apr 13, 2010

while installing the linux-2.6.31 source code in fedora 12 I got an error:
[root@pratyush linux-2.6.31]# make install
sh /home/parag/rpmbuild/SOURCES/linux-2.6.31/arch/x86/boot/install.sh 2.6.31 arch/x86/boot/bzImage
System.map "/boot"
/sbin/new-kernel-pkg: line 277: /sbin/mkinitrd: No such file or directory
mkinitrd failed

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Ubuntu :: How To See Source Code Of Open Source Software

Sep 12, 2010

I want to see the source code of smplayer software.from where i can see source code of open source softwares?

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Ubuntu :: Stop An Upgrade From Over Writing A Custom Source Compilation?

Dec 13, 2010

I created a customized version of a package, and when I did an upgrade later the source build got overwritten.How can I configure the package system to stop that from happening even if the main repositories have newer versions?

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Fedora Networking :: VPN Client Asking For Kernel Source Code Directory

Mar 5, 2009

I am a little optimistic now after my problem of wifi was solved by stoat that presisted for about a year, now i am trying to install my vpn client. he asks me to write the path of kernel source code directory : and i answer by:/lib/modules/

But he answers no such directory or file and i dont know why

The build is covered by a red box when displayed by a terminal so can any body tells me where i can find my kernel source directory or i should install them, how

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Fedora :: Grub2 Source Code Installed But Not Found After Reboot

Nov 9, 2010

I recently downloaded grub2 source code for my F13 installation and it compiled and installed perfectly, but when I rebooted nothing had happened and grub was still version .97. Is there something I didn't do?

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Ubuntu :: Fatal Error: Iostream.h: No Such File Or Directory Compilation Terminated While Compiling C++ Code

Dec 9, 2010

whenever i am trying to compile a c++ program i am getting the following error sample.cpp:1: fatal error: iostream.h: No such file or directory compilation terminated

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Fedora Hardware :: Find Source Code For OV2640 Web Camera Driver?

Jan 23, 2010

When I may find source code for OV2640 web camera driver?

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Fedora Hardware :: Installing SCSI Controller Driver (source Code Only Available)?

Aug 23, 2010

I have a dell PC running on Fedora 12, and I would like to install this SCSI controller card from adaptec:[URL]I see that the driver for Linux is available only as source code. Can somebody please indicate me how to proceed? I am not advanced enough in Linux to know what to do with it myself...I downloaded the most recent (v2.0.26) Source Code for Linux Kernel v2.6 on all platforms.Here are the contents of the tarball (if it helps in any way):

03/09/2007 08:42 PM 10,821 aic7770.c
03/09/2007 08:42 PM 8,088 aic7770_osm.c
03/09/2007 08:42 PM 51,838 aic79xx.h


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General :: Cygwin Script Compilation (f77) - Compiler Does Not Recognize As Fortran Source Files

Apr 5, 2011

compiler problem (f77) which arises when I try to execute a bash script ("compile" see [1] below) running under Cygwin on WinXP. The script finds the correct file(s) but the compiler does not recognize them as fortran source files. If the script is executed sequentially from the command line then there is no problem.

The directory structure of flh971da contains two subdirectories flh971da/scripts and flh971da/source. The compile script [1] is shown (in part) below. The script changes directory to flh971da/source, and compiles source from subdirectories flh971da/source/n where n=a,b,c etc and places the object files in flh971da/source/nobj n=a,b,c... etc. The response to flh971da/scripts/compile script is given below [2]. It is clear that the compiler (f77) locates the correct source file [4] (flh971da/source/a/a00aaft.f) but does not recognize it as a fortran source file. All relevant files have been processed with d2u. I suspect the problem is with the script, but I have no idea how to fix it.


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Fedora :: Source Code For Open Office, "spell Check"?

Feb 21, 2011

want the source code for open office, "spell check" where i can find those?

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Fedora :: Make A Nachos Directory And Download The Nachos Source Code And Cross Compiler?

Apr 28, 2011

I am trying to install NachOS on fedora, i make a nachos directory and download the nachos source code and cross compiler, then i extract the zip files and patch the make files and everything is okay till now. but when it comes to compiling nachos, i followed these steps.

* ~/nachos> cd NachOS-4.0
* ~/nachos/NachOS-4.0> cd code/build.linux
* ~/nachos/NachOS-4.0/code/build.linux> make depend


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Fedora Installation :: Cant Find Source Code After Installation

Jun 8, 2010

I followed the steps from [url] to download and install the kernel source code.

"Following Generic Textbooks

Many of the tutorials, examples, and textbooks about Linux kernel development assume the kernel sources are installed under the /usr/src/linux/ directory. If you make a symbolic link, as shown below, you should be able to use those learning materials with the Fedora packages. Install the appropriate kernel sources, as shown earlier, and then run the following command:

Where is my kernel source located which i can modify. I cant find anything in usr/src/kernels? Why?

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Ubuntu :: Where Is The Source Code?

Jul 20, 2010

I have been using Linux for 2 months, specifically Ubuntu, and been wondering where the source code is. Not only do I wonder where the kernel source code is but also where the source code for the installed programs are.

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