Fedora :: Unable To Login After Getting System Update Of 14?

Dec 14, 2010

I'm not able to login after system update tonight. whenever I try to login, the screen goes black briefly and it automatically logs off.

I tried both kernel, and, but failed.

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Fedora :: Unable To Login Following Update To 13

Aug 9, 2010

I am unable to login following an update, Fedora 13. The screen splashes after crond is loaded. The GUI does not come-up. In text mode i can't login as root or other user accounts except in kernel 1. I can access some files via FTP command. Is the password file corrupt ?

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Fedora :: System Asking To Login / Logout For Software Update

Aug 27, 2011

I was trying to update software and it told me to log out and login again. When I tried to login it told that there is a problem and I need to log out and to login again and it kept repeating the message and fedora is not working at all and before that it wasn't working right it kept suspending without reason and each time I turn the laptop off from the power button.

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Fedora :: Unable To Yum Update System?

Dec 9, 2009

I get the following message in my F11 system when I try to yum update system.

ERROR with rpm_check_debug vs depsolve:
kernel-uname-r = is needed by (installed) kmod-nvidia-


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Fedora :: Unable To Update F13 System / Sort It?

Aug 15, 2010

I have installed fedora 13 on my laptop and when I try to update the system using update manager system gives me the following error. code...

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Fedora :: Unable To Login System Through Gnome - Root Account

Sep 11, 2009

i,m using Fedora11 since some time.... to day i hav updated my system but after updation, im unable to login my system through Gnome, but i can login by KDE as usual. now there is another problem i can,t login system throgh root account although i can access root account through terminal

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Software :: Unable To Run VirtualBox After Fedora 12 System Update / Get It To Work?

Oct 31, 2010

I am running Fedora 12 on an Intel Core 2 Duo system.
I ran a software update which installed a new kernel ( along with many other things.
I am now unable to run VirtualBox which I had installed and running successfully before the update.
I tried removing and reinstalling VirtualBox from YUMEX, and rebooting. This did not help.
When I launch VirtualBox from a terminal, it produces the following output:

VirtualBox: supR3HardenedMainGetTrustedMain: dlopen("/usr/lib/virtualbox/VirtualBox.so",) failed: VBoxVMM.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I'm not sure what it is complaining about. The files VirtualBox.so and VBoxVMM.so both exist in the /usr/lib/virtualbox directory.

What can be done to get VirtualBox working again on this system?

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Ubuntu :: On Booting System I Get Login Menu But Unable To Login, It Says Some Critical Error Occurred?

Mar 15, 2010

System was fine with :Ubuntu 9.04 (had also installed kde )then....I wanted to try some change to gdm so i downloaded gdm while building it , it asked "PAM" libraries to be installed so i installed PAM ... but ignored the instruction to reinstall SHADOW (library i guess..),Now :on booting system i get login menu but i am not able to login , it says some critical error occured

1) install new copy of UBUNTU and remove old

ps :1) i can log into system through live cd

2) i can use recovery mode boot and log into terminal as root(startx is not working from this terminal..

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Fedora Installation :: Use GUI Tool For Update System - No Response When Click The 'Update System' Button

Apr 28, 2009

I've tried to use the GUI tool for update system in Fedora 10. It listed all of the available updates successfully, but it have not any response when i click the 'Update System' button~

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Ubuntu :: Unable To Login After Update?

Feb 7, 2010

I have used Ubuntu 9.10 for a few months. I like it because it seems faster than Windows XP or Vista. Nevertheless, it has happened many times that I couldn't log in Ubuntu after an update. I thus had to uninstall Ubuntu from Windows and reinstall a clean copy of Ubuntu again.

1. Is this common to you guys or just me alone?

2. What are the causes?

3.Does Wubi play a role in causing this login problem since I install Ubuntu thru Wubi?

4. What are other solutions in solvng this login problem?

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Ubuntu :: PC Not Restarting After Update - Unable To Login

Feb 20, 2011

I got a prompt for an update so I went thru with it. I restarted my PC but it wont boot up. I keep getting a black terminal screen which asks me for my log in. But when I put it in, nothing happens. I tried to reinstall gdm but it says its already installed.

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Debian Multimedia :: Unable To Login To KDE (morning Update)?

Nov 29, 2010

This morning (about 7 hours ago) I've updated my Debian testing KDE4 desktop. At load to KDM just fine. Now when I enter password and login it loads for some time then goes black and back to login screen (KDM). The same problem persists with a newly created user.

dash: ->
firmware-linux-free: 2.6.32-27 -> 2.6.32-28
libxi6: 2:1.3-4 -> 2:1.3-5


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General :: Unable To Login - Could Not Update ICEAuthority File

Jan 6, 2010

I installed Fedora 11 and was trying to setup a Web server for pure LAMP development and wanted to port forward with router so that my webserver can be access from inter net.

Server installation was perfectly fine. I was able to login from the user which I created during the installation. Instead of auto get ip I assigned and then I set a HTML Server port forward.

Where the problem started.

I wanted to configure few users on vsFTPd and I tell you truly there is no place on Google where some one has defined a descent way which any person can understand that we can add some users.

Somewhere I found that Linux normal users can also access ftp if the local_user directive is set YES which i did and I added 3 users.

I wanted that whenever user is connected by vsFTPd returned them /var/www/html directory. Where as vsFTPD was taking them to their home directory (respective to each user)

I was unable to find any way that I can configure vsFTPd to set one default directory path which take every user to www/html directory so that developers can deploy websites.

I notice Gnome GUI offers each user a home directory path so I though why not I gave every new user and existing user /var/www/html as their home directory

which i did... and this is how my Server stop responding to any further login attempts.

FTP is still working fine if I left it open It let the ftp client to connect but Linux server is not allowing login by any user

It gives an error 'Could not update ICEAuthority file /var/www/html//.ICEauthority'

And when i click close then next message is : 'There is problem with the configuration server (/usr/libexec/gconf-sanity-check-2 exited with status 256)'

Is there any way i can undo? Is there any way i can go directly to shell and remove those users and re-add some new users in the default way - I believe if I can add one new user with default directory /home/user I will be able to login

After this is resolve still I will need to search how we can add FTP users and take them to the directory /var/www/html

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Ubuntu :: Unable To Login Into 9.10 System

Apr 2, 2010

For some reason I am no longer able to log into my Ubuntu 9.10 system. I get to enter the password and it accepts it, starts to log me in but then throws me back to the login screen again without even a glimpse of the desktop. What could be causing this? Everything was working fine yesterday and I haven't made any changes to the OS.

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Software :: Unable To Login Into System?

Dec 9, 2010

I am using Linuxmint8. I have done some mistake and my /root partition cannot load at booting.Only a console is being appeared for maintenance for root user,Is there any way I can login?

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Ubuntu :: Unable To Choose System Sound - Login Windows

May 21, 2010

I am having a problem with my Lucid L. I installed Mac4Lin and when trying to change login window, grub window, splash screen, or even system sounds, I simply don't have the option.

I go to the application like System-Preferences-Sounds and simply don't have the option to change the system sounds, all I have is 5 tabs without that option.

Login widows is the same thing, I can only choose if I want a login sound or not and that's all, I can't even choose to make auto login since it does not give a user as option.

I tryed also with art manager, but the "Install" button is greyed, and startupmanager does not give me any of those options too.

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Ubuntu Installation :: 11.04 After Latest Updates Unable To Login To The System

Jul 15, 2011

I have installed Ubuntu 11.04 32-bit on my new desktop. After installation all gone well.

The initial upgrades after fresh installation also ran well and I was able to reboot and use the system successfully.This was before three-days.Yesterday night I ran again the Update Manager and installed the available (4-5) updates and then I installed Sun-Java-JDK using Synaptic Package Manager using the packages from the canonical partners.

After installation was done I shut down the system and in the morning when
I restarted the system the login screen is coming up but on entering the login credentials a black screen with some text(unable to see the text) flashes and returns me back to login screen.I tried logging in with both normal and admin type users.But admin type user too encounters the same problem.

I have partitioned my 500GB into 5 partitions and there is sufficient data on each partition.

I assume fresh installation would fix it and the data on logical partitions would be intact but doing this re-installation would require me to install the updates again and do all the settings I did till now again.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Unable To Connect To Internet After System Update

Mar 1, 2011

I Have Installed Ubuntu 10.04 according to the steps mentioned in the following pdf [URL] the problem is after installation i am unable to connect to internet. i have connected internet on LAN but cannot detect it on console. unless i update the system i cannot get GUI.

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Ubuntu Installation :: After Update System Unable To Find Home Dir

Mar 10, 2011

Yesterday did a fresh install of UNR 10.10, all went well with that. After the first log in it found the Wifi and checked for updates. Updated the system and then it went to restart the system due to a Kernel upgrade. Once I did this, that is when the issues started. Firstly when booting up, it just sat at the Ubuntu boot up screen saying:
"The disk drive for /home is not ready yet or not present"
'Continue to wait; or Press S to skip mounting or M for manual recovery'

So firstly I hit S, this presented me with several error boxes (as expected due to setup/config files sitting in my /home folder), I then found that I wasn't able to connect to my wifi (not that it can't see it, just that it won't connect) each time I try and connect it just comes up saying that the wifi is disconnected. Of all the things to fail I was expecting the Bluetooth to and it didn't. Anyway the computer specs are: MSI Wind U100, upgraded to 2 Gig Ram, 320Gig HDD, and wifi card is the Realtek RTL8187SE.

HDD is setup as:
4Gig for Swap (/dev/sdb1)
6Gig for / (/dev/sdb5)
Remainder is /home (/dev/sdb6) (I did make this an encrypted partition)
Can't do any screen shots as I am not able to connect to the internet on that machine (having to use another computer in the house). I have tried to view the fstab file and I am not able to.

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Starting System Logger: Failed After Login To The System

Nov 17, 2010

When booting the system ,"starting system logger : Failed" after that i login to the system as usual but the system logger cannot start,even i use the service syslog restart command,how can i solve such problem ,thanks a lot

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Fedora :: Comand Line To Update The System Via Yum Update?

Jan 28, 2011

Yesterday i have installed F14 and then went to the comand line to update the system via yum update. It was about 860MB of updates in 430 packages. The strange thing is that only one package was a delta rpm and all other were normal rpm. Is Fedora giving up on presto or it needs some special configuration?

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Ubuntu :: System Technically Useless - Broken Dependencies - Unable To Update Or Diagnose

Jun 28, 2010

I can't update, download packages, or even diagnose due to an elusive error.

If I try to update or check using terminal I get this:

I even tried to restart in recovery mode to check for broken packages and I got this error:

I usually find answers in the documentation but this time I'm really stumped. I am Running 64 bit Ubuntu 9.04.

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Fedora :: Cannot Login After Update

Sep 10, 2009

This morning I had the notification that there were 21 updates available, and I selected to install them. The system then notified me that a restart was required and I clicked the restart button. After restarting, the system boots to the GUI screen and I select my name and enter the password. It then plays the login sound, the cursor "swirls" and it cycles back to the login screen. Switching over to another terminal screen I can login from the command line.

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Fedora :: Can't Login After Yum Update In Fc 11

Oct 20, 2009

I did a 'yum update' in fc11 and later I am not able to login. When I click on my user name, it says 'unable to authenticate user' without even entering any password. stuck with this problem for quite some time. I am a newbie to linux.

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Fedora :: Fedora 11+KDE - Login Screen Not Responding To Keyboard And Mouse After Update?

Nov 10, 2009

It's two days now I'm in deep troubles after my last "yum update". The system boots as usual, the graphical login pops up the normal way but no input is handled by either the internal keyboard (the system is a laptop), the mouse pad, the external USB mouse and keyboard.

The hardware itself seems to be working as I can pop up the BIOS menus and even edit the GRUB booting line. But, after GRUB there's no possible input. I've tried to boot the system with the Fedora 11 DVD, rescue menu and then chroot. This in order to run a "yum update" in the hope that the problem was in some broken update. No chance: there's no update.

My questions are:

1. Is there a way to boot Fedora withou any graphical interface from GRUB (or anything else to skip the KDE)?

2. Is there a way to have the (cabled) network activated at boot *before* the graphical login?

3. What the he** is happening to my otherwise pefectly working laptop?

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Fedora :: Cannot Login After Security Update

Sep 13, 2009

Yesterday, I updated my system with the latest security update and other software updates. Following the update, I am not able to log into the system after restart.As usual, I was prompted with the login page which looks as per normal. I chose my login id and entered my password. It brings me briefly to my desktop showing only my wallpaper (without any upper and bottom taskbars/panels). Then the screen went blank and the login page appeared again.I entered the login id and password, was shown the desktop wallpaper, screen went blank and the login page appeared. This continues over and over and over. After multiple tries and with some luck, I am able to log in as per normal.What seems to be the problem?

1. How do I check the system for errors?
2. How do I check which update has been updated?
3. Is there any way for me to restore to its original state (I migrated from FC10 to FC11 via yum update)?

The only other change apart from the security update is that I installed wine - which has been uninstalled the moment I was able to re-logged in.I attach the details of my grub.conf file below which I hope could be of some useful info.

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Fedora :: No Login Box After Update To And Above?

Sep 20, 2010

Recently I upgraded my kernel to and then also did an update to Both of these kernels I do not get a login dialogue box. I still have the one kernel that works and it is The system I am on has a Radeon graphics card, but I don't think the graphics card is the issue since I get the login screen's background, but not the login screen itself. <Later> After messing around with this for a while I came to the conclusion that livna-config-display was messing with the xorg.conf file. Removed it and things seem to be working fine now.

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Fedora :: After Update Today No Gui Just Terminal Login?

Feb 12, 2011

after update i can not longer see the splash login gui screen but i can only see the log in terminal... works ok but how can I enable the gui login

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Fedora :: F14 Does Not Load After Update - No Login Window

May 9, 2011

I have a problem with my Fedora 14, only on Fedora 15. Been out of my home for a week, when I arrived home and turned the PC on first thing I made was the update, as usual. But when I reboot or shutdown the PC and when I go to do login, the Fedora get's stuck and doesn't show me the login window to insert my login. Made a clean install and it worked fine, until I made the last updates and it became again, stuck before the login window appears. Is there any update making this? What could be? It must be some update, because when I made the clean install it worked fine, and with the first update also worked fine.

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Fedora :: Unable To Login As Root

Feb 15, 2010

I'm using fedora 12 along with Windows XP the problem is I'm unable to login as root but I'm able to authenticate with the same password as another user.

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