Fedora :: Slow Working And Hanging The System Unreasonably?

Dec 9, 2009

I installed Fedora 12, 64 bit on my Dell Latitude D820 laptop with Core2 Duo processor(7200 speed) and 2 gigabyte Memory.

I have updated the yum. I have enabled the rpm repositories.

It is very weird that my system suddenly works very slowly and hangs. every time I login after a while the CPU usage goes up to the end with out any reason!

Before this I had installed Fedora 12, 32 bit and I had the exact same problem.

I have installed Fedora 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 on my laptop before and I had non of these problems with them.

The interesting point is that after hanging my system works constantly slow even when I restart my system! It is slow even in booting the BIOS and start up and choosing the kernel page!

The only remedy to get rid of the slow working for a while is to Shut down the system completely and turn it on again. Restarting do not make it work normally just shutting down makes it normal for a while.

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Fedora :: System Hanging During Downloading?

Mar 14, 2010

My Fedora setup is working great so far, and I don't really have any complaints. I installed it on a portable hard drive, connected over USB. Thing is, I installed my system with the LiveCD, and I wanted to download the full DVD for a friend because of his needs for his system. When I try to download the full DVD (whether over Firefox or Transmission), the system hangs by suddenly showing a screen with the Fedora logo in the middle and a light blue background, the same as in boot up. Also, my caps lock blinks in a consistent fashion like a metronome. The same happens whether I try to download to the portable hard drive or to a FAT32 partition on my laptop's actual hard drive. Is there any way to fix this, or can I be calmed by the fact that it just happens because it's installed on a portable hard drive? This problem isn't happening on Ubuntu (which is installed on my laptop's hard drive), where I am downloading from right now.

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SUSE :: System Working Slow When Runnig Macromedia Flash 8

Jun 16, 2010

I have faced following problem in my office opensuse server there are 6 users working at a time from terminal.all are using java,php eclips programming application.The system is working fine for every user as reported.but it is going to be slow if we start any macromedia flash 8 releted web application on browser.I have checked memory,cpu usege also check iostat,mpstat everything on it ,no such difference.

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Ubuntu :: 11.04 Hanging While Working - How To Fix It

May 2, 2011

I have installed ubuntu 11.04 via wubi.My machine stuck while i was browsing internet.This is happening frequently.This happened with direct installation.Same thing happened when i tried 10.04,mint.

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OpenSUSE Install :: System Hanging Up / What To Do?

Mar 10, 2010

I am in serious trouble apparently.

System boots up to loading NVIDIA drivers, it shows mouse pointer then it hangs up!

This happened after brutal force rebooting, because system did not responded properly (especially Nautilus). Probable cause:
forget to unmount.cifs a windows shared folder in the network (mounted with mount.cifs). It happened to me already sometimes (to forget umount.cifs), but never ending with this permaenent hanging up)

-tried automatic system repair with suse boot DVD. It repaired something + changed the bootloader. Problem still there

-rebooted--> system hanging up after NVIDIA drivers. code...

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Ubuntu :: System Hanging On The Grub2 Boot Up?

Mar 1, 2010

I've read the various Grub2 posts and even the guide, but unfortunately for me I can't seem to come up with an answer to my problem. I installed Ubuntu 9.10 on a new hard drive on a friends laptop, but I have problems with the system hanging on the Grub2 bootup.I'll post the screen

if [ -n ${have_grubenv} ]; then save-env recordfail; fi
set quiet=1
insmod ext2
set root=(hd0,1)
search --no floppy --fs-uuid --set ac1b1d46-bac1-4140--953e-70a8a61be8b0
linux /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.31-14-generic root=UUI=ac1b1d46-bac1-4140-953e-70a8a61be8b0 ro quiet splash
initrd /boot/initrd.img-2.6.31-14-generic

If I hold down the left shift and then press E to edit and remove the search --no floppy line entirely then press ctrl-x the system boots just fine. I then opened up a terminal and did sudo update-grub to try that but it didn't fix it. Is this a problem in my bios looking for a floppy, I tried with the boot from floppy enabled and disabled (but always as the 3rd boot option) the floppy is not installed. Is there anyway to edit the file and save it so it will boot up? I was trying to research that and could not come up with it.

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Ubuntu :: Gnome-do Hanging System And Login

Jun 16, 2010

I'm running a fresh install of Lucid without any issues thus far. I have my computer setup to log me in automatically, without requesting a password.

I installed Gnome-do and set it up to run at login (as I always have). After a reboot, my system is not responding to input from my mouse or keyboard. I can move my cursor, but it will not accept input.

I see gnome-do, which is partially covered by the "Unlock keyring" dialog" (which always comes up, I think to unlock my wifi).

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Debian Installation :: System Hanging On Upgrade To Jessie

Apr 5, 2016

I have an asus eee 1015px, which was running dualboot windows and wheezy with no problems (except the browsers seeming to take up a lot of CPU). Today having backed up everything, I wanted to upgrade to jessie. URL...

Everything seemed to be progressing fine, no strange messages, it took 1 hour for

Code: Select allapt-get upgrade

but maybe that's normal. However, then when I did

Code: Select allapt-get dist-upgrade

It froze at 17.30 with a weird screen. The sort of thing you never want to see on an install, a sad face and blocks instead of text.
pic: URL...

Then it moved on and gave a readout, which seemed pretty ominous
pic: URl...

It then moved and gave a readout, hanging again:
pic3: URl...

Now it seems to be in loop, moving on every 15 minutes or so but always ending up with the same screenful of text shown in the foto below, which ends with the last line reading like this:

Code: Select all[17798.587776] ieee80211 phy0: brcms_ops_bss_info_changed: arp filtering: enabled true, count 1 (implement)
or later
Code: Select all[20209.229273] ieee80211 phy0: brcms_ops_bss_info_changed: arp filtering: enabled true, count 1 (implement)

This pic shows the full screen: URL....

This is baffling for me I'm not very experienced with debian.

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OpenSUSE Install :: System Hanging For A Few Seconds Every 20 Min With Hd Encryption?

Nov 21, 2010

i have hd encryption activated on my swap and home disks. now every 20 min or so (not really periodic but definetly reproduceable) my system hangs completely for about 4 - 10 sec while the hd led is on. i have a dual core cpu which makes this even more odd. could this be a side effect of hd encryption especially on the swap partition?

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Ubuntu :: Mouse And System Freezing/lagging/hanging?

May 7, 2011

since installing 11.04 on a computer that was running 10.04 perfectly, the system hangs for a split second every 10 seconds or so. If you make little circles with the mouse pointer you will see it jump position when the computer hangs briefly. If you are listening to audio or watching video then this also hangs for the same very short length of time.

I had the exact same problem when I tired going to 10.10 and so had to go back to 10.04. I was hoping it may just be an issue with that version but it seems not. The computer is: 1.6GHz Intel Core Solo, 1GB Memory, the motherboard is a Jetway Mini ITX board with integrated Intel graphics. It has no problem running the 3D stuff in Unity (or any of the old gnome desktops). Changing to 2D or turning off desktop effects in 10.10 does nothing to solve the problem. 10.04 seems to be the last time Ubuntu worked properly with the computer.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Maverick Hanging And Ati Graphics Driver Not Working?

Oct 12, 2010

Recently i installed Maverick on my studio 15 laptop

It frequently hangs.Nothing works and i have to restart manually Is there any other way to restart Why is it hanging frequently?

Also i installed ati radeon drivers using additional drver bundled with Maverick.
After installing it shows d driver to be workinng fine

But while opening Ati catalyst control centre it says d driver isnot installed
how to solve it

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OpenSUSE Install :: 11.4 /1 - Hanging System By Installing Gnome Desktop?

Sep 25, 2010

By trying to install opensuse 11.4 / 1 the installation hungsup at a late level. After rebooting the system, the configuration goes on. When finishing the installation on that way, there are no menus so you can to simply nothing. The problem of system hanging exists also with version 11.3 final release but after rebooting the configuration goes on and when finished, you have the menus.

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Ubuntu :: Upgrade Hanging Up The System - How To Get Old Style Boot Up Screen

Feb 15, 2011

I just recently installed updates from Ubuntu and the system is hosed. I get the Ubuntu screen that flashes real quick then it goes to the Nvidia like cursor. I am pretty sure something is hanging up on startup. I cannot get to a console, cannot do anything but reboot with ctrl alt del. Then I get the briefest flash of the screen but not long enough to see where it was hanging up at. I ran the same updates on this machine, if I could get the old school informitive startup screen instead of the windows like tell you nothing start up screen I might at least know where to start looking. Right now I have zero clue as to what the updates broke. I cannot even get to log files as there's no console, no ssh, nothing. version is Ubunto 10.4 LTS.

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Ubuntu :: USB Disk - Slow Transfer Speeds And Slow System?

Apr 17, 2011

Whenever I transfer a movie into my 16GB USB flash disk, my whole system becomes windows-like and unusable!

When i drag the file(s) into the USB disk folder, it starts out fine and pretty darn fast (25mb/sec) then slowly decreases until it's unbearably slow (3m/sec) and as a side effect my whole system starts deteriorating. I basically have to wait for the file to finish transferring before i can use my desktop again!

This has been happening with every version since Karmic (all 64bit)- I put up with it because I don't use the USB stick that much.. but lately it's been my go to source for transfering large files to/from work.

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Hardware :: Badblocks Hanging / Not Working... On Corrupted Disk [data Still There Inside]?

Oct 3, 2010

this sector 36017793 is dead visibledd is not working althought

f, sector 36017793
[ 598.463416] Buffer I/O error on device sdf9, logical block 0


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Fedora Security :: Slow - No System Updates ?

Oct 4, 2010

My system went for three days w/o a software update... Is this normal(anyone experiencing this?)...?

It seems like to me.. Fedora 13 has a longer update interval than Fedora 12.. I remember back in Fedora 12 I get security updates like every other 12 hrs.. (I know as with security patches the less the "better"(in some way))..

But I am still concerned.. security updates has been slow for me.

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Fedora :: Samba Causing System Slow Down?

Apr 28, 2011

I am currently running Fedora 14 on an x86_64 system that acts as a whole house server for named, dhcp, nfs, nis, htpp, samba, etcMy issue has existed for a few years and I am just now getting around to posting about it.I have a simple samba configuration for sharing files to a windows VM on another box.Here is the config:

workgroup = NERD
server string = Samba Server on NERD


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OpenSUSE Install :: 11.3 Startup Options - System Hanging On The Automatic Configuration

Aug 22, 2010

I had some issues with my system hanging on the automatic configuration of the install so I searched the web for the issue. After reading this thread: Hangs at end of SuSe 11 install I used acpi=off apm=off nolapci as the install options and it worked. My question is, do I need to add those options to the /grub/menu.lst or will the install do that?

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CentOS 5 :: Blank Screen After Fresh Install / Why System Hanging Before GRUB Menu?

Mar 28, 2011

I installed CentOS 5.5 last night using the DVD ISO (from a USB drive thanks to the Universal USB Installer). I selected the Server and Virtualization packages, and finished the install all the way through. At the end, the installer asked me to remove any installation media and reboot the system. After rebooting, the system hangs on a blank screen with a blinking cursor in the top left corner that does not accept text. This is before the GRUB screen appears. For partitioning, I created a 4GB swap partition on sdb and a 16GB ext3 partition on sda, mounted at /, with the remaining free space on sdb mounted at /storage.

Does anyone know why this system is hanging before the GRUB menu?

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Fedora Hardware :: Nvidia Drivers From RPMfusion Working But Slow In F14?

Nov 3, 2010

After upgrading from Fedora 13 to 14 via preupgrade (works well), the nvidia drivers for my "nVidia Corporation GT218 [NVS 3100M] (rev a2)" (it's a ThinkPad T410S) work - including 3D, but every thing paints slowly. The Desktop Effects work, but everything visual (menus painting, dragging windows, etc.) are all noticeably slow (and worked fine in F13).

Update - apparently this issue is related to the GTK theme in use. The default (Fedora, or Clearlooks, or a few others) results in this slow behaviour. Other themes, like Nodoka and a few others perform fine.

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Fedora X86/64bit :: Slow Internet On X64 FC12 System / Speed It Up?

Jan 11, 2010

Does any one have a way to speed up the internet on Fedora 12? I have a dual boot system with Vista x64 on the flip-side, and my wireless connection there is just fine. But when I get on this side, it goes back to the dial-up days (yes I said the DU word). yum updates seem to be just fine, and e-mail seems to be fine. just firefox is slow. And now that I put the x64 Flash in (thanks to leigh123linux), with that working too it seems even a little slower again.

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Fedora :: File Transfers (cp, Mv And Rsync) Slow System Tremendously

Aug 24, 2011

When ever I transfer large files using cp, mv, rsync or dolphin the system will slow down to the point that it's unusable. It will sometime hang completely and not accept any input until the file is transferred. I have no clue what could be causing this problem but I know it shouldn't be happening.I am using Fedora 15 ( with KDE 4.6. have a Phenom II 955 processor, 6 GB of system ram and the OS and swap file is on an 80 GB SSD. Copying files in the SSD doesn't cause any problem, but moving files between my other two large HDDs causes the extreme slow down. Using htop I can see that my system load jumps to between 3 and 4, but my RAM and CPU usage stays low during the transfer. Here are two commands that take about 10 mins to run and make the system unusable while it's running. It usually transferring around 2-20GB worth of data during the transfers:

cp -a /media/data.1.5/backup/Minecraft/backups/* /media/data.0.5/backup/Minecraft/backups/
rsync -a /media/data.1.5/backup/ /media/data.0.5/backup/
/media/data.1.5/ is the mount point for a 1.5 TB internal SATA drive, and /media/data.0.5/ is the mount point for a 500 GB internal SATA drive.

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Fedora Installation :: What File System Should Use To Partition A Slow And Old Hard Drive

Nov 25, 2009

What file system should I use to partition a slow and old hard drive? I know that ext2 was best for old computers which mine is not but I am using an old hard drive for extra storage and I was curious if anyone knew if using ext2 or ext4 would show any performance differences.

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Fedora Hardware :: Automount Windows Partition At Boot - System Very Slow

Feb 18, 2010

After a new Fedora 12 installation, i cannot automount my Windows partition. My system is setup originally at windows XP ,partitioned, then change to Fedora 10. Change to Fedora 11 through update.System very slow.

I decided to upgrade to fedora 12 by DVD installer, then i have to mount manually to access my back-up, when typing su -c '/sbin/fdisk -l' at terminal, this is the code:

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Fedora Servers :: System Clock Is Slow - Loses About 10 Seconds Every Minute

Mar 27, 2010

My system clock loses about 10 seconds every minute. The hwclock is fine. I've tried different kernel args (clocksource=acpi_pm, nohz=off, highres=off). None of these have any effect. I am running Fedora 11 with kernel 2.6.30-105.2.23.fc11.x86_64 on an AMD Istanbul node (Processor 2439 SE).

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Fedora :: Process Hanging On Futex?

Sep 24, 2009

I am working on Fedora core 4 with kernel verion 2.6.11.. I am running a Manager process which spawns child process. If a child process exits , the SIGCHLD signal is processed in parent process and it is forked again. When the parent process receives a SIGTERM signal it first tries to kill the child process using SIGTERM signal . if the child process dosen't get stopped then kill it using SIGKILL. Now,the Parent process sometimes gets hanged and the strace shows :
futex(0x98535e0, FUTEX_WAIT, 2, NULL <unfinished ...>

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Fedora Installation :: F13 Is Hanging On Boot

Jun 11, 2010

I've been having trouble with my desktop ever since I upgraded from F 11 to F 13 last night. Finally, however, I got the proper version of the nVidia drivers installed. However, it's stopped completing boot. I've edited grub at boot to get it to show the boot messages and find that the last thing it reports is success in registering the binary for Windows applications. After that, it just sits there, doing nothing. I can go to an alternate console an d log in, but that's all.

If I log in and run startx, it fails.It reports that it was unable to load the nvidia module and "no screens found." Does anybody know what I should do next?I've removed both kmod-nvidia and akmod and am going strictly with the nouveau drivers.I've booted, used Ctrl-Alt-F2 to get a console, logged in as root and run the setup program to configure X to run that way, then returned to the main console and logged in as myself. Shortly after my wallpaper shows up, and long before I have a working desktop, it goes white and stays that way. Aside from getting a different video card (The old one worked Just Fine right up until I upgraded.) what else can I do?

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Fedora :: Adobe Reader Hanging?

Jul 19, 2010

I installed adobe reader quite some time back. It was working fine. Nowadays it gets stuck up and then the screen fades out and then after some seconds it gets back to normal. What could be the problem.

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General :: Hanging Fedora When It Is Booting?

Jul 19, 2011

I'm having problems booting up my Fedora 14 system. I see the Fedora splash screen (the one with the egg-like logo that colorizes as it loads); the logo fills up completely and then everything hangs - all I see is the egg logo, and nothing else is ever displayed. I also can't get to any of the ttys via the CTRL-F1 sequences.

I can boot into single user mode just fine. The install scripts all run just fine. The system itself is actually up an running, so I suspect this is either something in the KDE startup, or after init processes all of the start up scripts.

I'm assuming this isn't a startup script problem, because I see a "started XXX" message for every service in the rc.5 directory - in other words, all the startup scripts ran from rc.5.

So, how do I find out what is hanging? I'm not seeing anything in /var/log/messages, and pstree didn't tell me much about what init was doing.

I used to be able to follow inittab to see all the things it did at boot, but since inittab was stripped of everything it used to do a few releases ago, I don't know what init is doing anymore.

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Fedora Installation :: 12 Hanging On Boot (most Times)?

Nov 26, 2009

I have just installed Fedora12 x86 64. On booting more often than not it hangs just before completing the login screen.I will try some of the options in the wiki. In the mean time has anyone else experienced this and resolved it.The odd thing is although the keyboard is not on, (num lock light goes out as boot starts and only comes back on if it has fully booted), the mouse will move around the screen but the click has no effect.Note the same behaviour was shown on the x86 64 live cd which I needed to install to enable me to create a bootable usb stick from the x86 64 DVD.

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