Fedora Servers :: Migrate Local Users And Sendmail Mailboxes?

Apr 21, 2010

I found 2 previous posts, one from 2005 and one from 2006. The 2005 post was not very helpful and the 2006 threads are not exactly what I was expecting. So I wanted to ask the question to be sure. I have already stood up the new fedora 12 server. The old server is also fedora 12. I need to migrate local users and sendmail mailboxes. In the past couple of years the environment was small enough to create a copy of the users and then have the users mail themselves, but I want to start migrating users/mailboxes properly.

On a unix level I am a jr admin, but I have extensive senior level experience as a windows engineer and network engineer. I do feel comfortable with using the unix command line, but usually operate the unix systems thru webmin because I am not familular with more complex commands. Ideally a software solution to migrate users and/or mailboxes from one server to another is what I am looking for, but in leiu of a software solution I still need to migrate user accounts and their mailboxes. LDAP is not in place, but if the process becomes easier with LDAP I am willing to do what is needed to set up LDAP. (I have no previous experience setting up LDAP)

I do not want to change my mail server from sendmail to different software. At least right now. Both systems are up and running. They can connect to each other via public ipv4 address' only. The new server has already been installed and configured with all the software to match the old server. How do I migrate users and sendmail mailboxes from one fedora 12 server to another fedora 12 server?

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Server :: Migrate Some Mailboxes Using Postfix?

Nov 8, 2010

I have postfix and mysql set up on one server running Ubuntu 6.10. I have to upgrade all them at their current versions and ensuring current email service on line. So, I installed in other machine the current versions of the same programs. The oldest server is the current MTA, the new machine is on line but I don't know where I should make changes that allow me move some mailboxes from one to other. I tried reassigning priorities in them MX's records but it didn't work.

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Fedora Servers :: Sendmail Delivery To Local Boxes

Jun 1, 2009

I have fedora running as our email server at work using sendmail. It used to have spamassassin and MailScanner installed, but one of those died over the weekend and killed the mail server. We do not need either of these as we are using a web based spam filter now (postini), so I tried removing these. I have discovered that the mail is in the mqueue waiting for delivery to the users mailboxes. I have tried using "sendmail -q -v":

Running /var/spool/mqueue/n51Jx6Gg023820 (sequence 1 of 1174)
<abaughman@grandproductsinc.com>... Connecting to local...
<abaughman@grandproductsinc.com>... Deferred: local mailer (/usr/bin/procmail) exited with EX_TEMPFAIL

Running /var/spool/mqueue/n51JsuRe023619 (sequence 2 of 1174)
<ksullivan@grandproductsinc.com>... Connecting to local...
<ksullivan@grandproductsinc.com>... Deferred: local mailer (/usr/bin/procmail) exited with EX_TEMPFAIL .....

I do not have a procmail config file: /etc/procmailrc. I am not sure why, or what it should be, perhaps that is the problem. I guess I don't exactly know how this server runs all that well. I was able to get it up and running but never understood it enough to now find what is not working correctly.

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Networking :: Sendmail - Change Domainname Local Users

Mar 26, 2010

I have the following problem and tried (almost) anything to fix it but without a full success.

We're running a server with CentOS 5.4. Every night a logwatch report is send. These mails are rejected by our mailserver because some invalid details. These mails are send to local user root which is redirected to another external mail address with /etc/aliases.

At first the mail was send from root@localhost.localdomain to root@localhost.localdomain. As you can imagine, our mailserver rejected this because the localhost.localdomain parts. So I changed the sendmail config with these options:

dnl EXPOSED_USER(`root')dnl

This solved my problem partially: Mail is now coming from root@domainA.com (which is OK), but is send to root@slave02.domainA.com (slave02 is the local hostname), which is not OK. I tried everything I could find to change that last part to, but nothing seems to work.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Migrate Users To New Installation?

Jun 23, 2011

How do I migrate my user list to a new server installation? I thought that just copying /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow would be enough. I recently tried upgrading a lightweight bazaar server to 11.04, and the upgrade crashed. I had to perform a new installation of Ubuntu to recover operation of the system. I installed on a different hard drive. I had a dozen other people with user logins, so that they can get or modify bazaar repositories.

The new installation is running, and I can read all of the files on my old system's / drive. I tried copying the /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow files onto my new /etc -- but that did not seem to work. (When I looked using the System->Administration->Users-and-Groups GUI tool, there were no users visible, so I restored the old files.) What I intended to do was to clone the /etc and /home trees over to the new system. What am I missing?

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Server :: Setup Different Local Delivery Agents For Different Users In Sendmail

Jun 9, 2010

The problem is to make sendmail use different LDA for diferent users in the same domain. For example, deliver bob@some.domain with procmail and genry@some.domain with mail.local.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Local Users Are Sending Mails Through Ms Outlook Using Local IP?

Jul 26, 2011

I have a postfix mail server on ubuntu 10.04 lts behind a router. so all local users are fetching/sending mails through ms outlook using local IP. Sometimes when internet goes down and any mail send then it bounced back immediately saying domain not found. Can u please tell me how i configure to hold all mails in postfix server rather than bounce when internet fails and will pass through when restored the internet around 15-30 minutes?

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Debian Configuration :: Local_parts_suffix - Exim Documentation To Allow Suffixes On Mailboxes For All Users

Feb 28, 2010

I'm trying to follow the exim documentation to allow suffixes on mailboxes for all users. For example, if user@domain is a mailbox, I want all mail directed to user-*@domain to be delivered user@domain. I've got the split-config-files option and have edited /etc/exim4/conf.d/router/600 to include local_part_suffix lines as follows:


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Fedora :: Mapping Remote Users To Local Users In SSH?

Jun 7, 2010

Is it possible to map a remote user to a local user in SSH? The object is to avoid using $ssh user@server and instead just do $ssh server instead.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Add Users To Vsftpd Without Making Local Accounts?

Dec 3, 2010

I'm using vsftpd as my FTP server. I have set it up so I can access my home directory via FTP, requiring my login.

But I want to make a folder in my documents (or anywhere really), which only my colleague can access. But I don't want to make a local Ubuntu user account. He just needs to be able to send files to this folder, connecting remotely, using his own login details.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Postfix Relay Mail For Local Users?

Mar 1, 2011

I have a mail server running Postfix and the problem I'm running into is that when trying to send mail, I get a "relay access denied" error.Inside my main.cf, I did not specify 'smtpd_recipient_restrictions' so by default, the variable is:

smtpd_recipient_restrictions = permit_mynetworks, reject_unauth_destination
The 'mynetworks' variable looks like this:


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Red Hat / Fedora :: Setting Up A Local Mail Server On 5 Using Sendmail?

Sep 22, 2009

i have fedora5 installed on my machine MACH1, which acts as a linux server for few machines. Its over network and we have a dedicated mail server too which is globally accessible. I wanted to set up a local mail server on MACH1, so that i shall be able to send/receive mails from all the users as well as to our other global mail server(on internet).

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Fedora Servers :: Migrate System To New Hardware?

Jul 11, 2009

I have a working system running some older fedora, and new hardware running a fresh, new fedora install. I want to basically transfer my computer's "soul" into the new system ( user's stuff, firewall configuration, the various server & security configurations, etc.) and basically any customizations and non-hardware related packages installed that weren't part of the standard fedora install process. I'm looking for a magical easy button I can push to do all this (pause for laughter). Essentially, I want to "upgrade", but starting with a clean install on a different computer with different hardware. I have a vague idea of what needs to happen, like copying the /etc/*.conf files, /home directory, etc. but this seems very tedious, and the likelihood of me forgetting or overlooking something is 100%, and copying over entire disks or partitions wholesale is not necessary, and does not work for this scenario. I need to place/merge just the right files/directories in just the right places with surgical precision. Is there a utility for this? Maybe a way to diff the packages of the 2 computers and install the difference? Or at the very least some sort of checklist that could be scripted for my system? I'm desperately trying to avoid the pain, human misery & suffering encountered getting everything in the 1st system going.

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Fedora Servers :: 389-ds: Migrate All Passwords From Plaintext To Hashed?

Mar 31, 2011

I have a 389-ds with a large user base. All passwords are stored plaintext. I would like to convert all these stored passwords to a hash, say SHA-1.

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Debian Configuration :: Migrate The Users Without Resetting Their Passwords?

Aug 13, 2010

I have an old server running CentOS 5. The encription method used was the default MD5 for the shadow file. I would like to migrate the server to Debian Squeeze which uses SHA512. I have already copied the passwd, group and shadow file with the user accounts information but the Debian machine doesn't let the users login. I have already looked in the pam files to make it accept the MD5 encryption without any luck. how can i migrate the users without resetting their passwords?

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Fedora :: Pulseaudio - Access For All Local Users ?

Apr 8, 2010

This one made me scratch my head for a very long time

I want to give access to the sound device to all local users.

Currently only the user currently using the X11 system and root are able to use the sound hardware.

So it appears it's a problem of permissions but I couldn't figure where ...

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Fedora :: Ssh Local Users Could Not Open Session Error

Nov 1, 2009

I have some typical issue while trying to connect to my root or other users from my terminal.

like su - asking for password and after that it displyed a message like $su -

Password: could not open session

I tried connect using ssh then I am getting the following $ssh root@localhost Last login: Sun Nov 1 14:13:45 2009 from localhost Connection to localhost closed.

Background: Before this happended, I was tryied modify sshd_config in /etc/ssh/ folder to allow passwords less than 2 words.

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Ubuntu :: How To Map Domain Users To Local Users Group

May 27, 2011

how to map all domain users form group Domain Users to local group users (and maybe some more)? Im using Ubuntu 10.04 x32. Its connected to my domain using Samba and Winbind, I can login using my domain credentials, automatically map user folder form DFS server, but I think that domain users have too much priviledges in the system and want to restrict them as much as possible

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Software :: Import Windows Users / Passwords Into Openldap Server - Ldap Migrate Migration?

Nov 18, 2009

I am looking for ideas for getting windows users into an ldap server. I am currently running a Linux server for my department and need to create an LDAP server which mirrors the username/password information for all of us as they are stored in the windows server here. I have the openldap server up and running on Ubuntu 8.04 and it works great; I now need to find some way to import user info into this from windows. I've seen discussions of using ldifde.exe to export the AD users into an ldif file. Is this the simplest way to go about it?

Our Linux server is currently providing us with much needed services using apache, and apache is authenticating using LDAP to our windows server (Using our windows username / password is required functionality). This windows server has some problem which causes it to delay for inordinate amounts of time between authentication requests and responses. The situation is such that this problem will not be addressed by IT staff. However, I have control over the Linux server so I am looking to just mirror the windows server on an LDAP server of my own. I could get away with updating the passwords in the Linux server.

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Fedora Servers :: Sendmail Server Configuration?

Mar 26, 2009

i have two Pc in my home , in my first pc i installed Fedora 8 and it has a ip adderss and DNS Name client.redhat.com And in my second system i installed Rehat Enterprise Linux 5 it has a ip address and DNS name server.redhat.com , and this is also my DNS server(, and i also want to configure sendmail server on my second system and also tell me what is necessary entry should i make into my DNS forward lookup file for running sendmail server, i read lots of post

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Fedora Servers :: Sendmail Broke (tcpwrappers) / What To Do?

Aug 28, 2009

I updated sendmail during a routine set of updates. I found it replaced my old sendmail with sendmail+tcpwrappers. I had to create an entry in hosts.allow as my hosts.deny was set to deny all. Never had to do this before, but I had not updated sendmail in a while. Just a heads up in case anyone else is about to perform updates.

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Fedora Servers :: Apache - PHP - Sendmail - TrustedUser ?

Jan 13, 2010

I'm running a fresh F12 server configuration install from DVD, and I'm having some issues with getting sendmail to actually function when called from a php script..

I'm using a mail() function in php run by apache. The httpd error log reports.

Httpd Error_Log



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Fedora Servers :: Sendmail Server Configuration ?

Nov 14, 2010

I am having problem with my Sendmail Server configuration. I had configured my send mail macros and make it. but i m having problem with "dnl"..i dont know what to put in this line.my ISP's name or localhost..? I am trying to create sendmail server with my dynamic IP address. i Just want basic configuration to use sendmail.

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Fedora Servers :: Sendmail / Genericstable / Virtual Domains?

Feb 18, 2009

WTF am I doing wrong with sendmail? I am trying to reverse alias a user as follows:

USER1@hshlnb.hsh.com USER@MYDOMAIN.COM

That is how I have the entry in the genericstableWhen he sends mail, it comes from USER1@MYDOMAIN.COM, so I have the domain rewrite correct. The forward mapping in virtusertable works fine as well - he gets all mail redirected to the user1 account as specified.My sendmail.mc file has this:

VERSIONID(`setup for linux')dnl


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Fedora Servers :: Configure Sendmail To Send / Receive Through IP?

Sep 23, 2009

Regarding few things I am facing problem :
1. How to send one copy of that outgoing mail generated from the source. It should cc to another mail id in server's backend while mail sending.
2. I don't have any domain - internally or externally. Only have static ip, accessible from outside. Can I configure sendmail to send-receive through that ip.
3. How to transfer all mails and addressbook from exchange server to linux sendmail server.

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Fedora Servers :: Catching The Spam At The Sendmail Level

Oct 16, 2009

I'm running FC10, with the sendmail that was part of it in Feb 09. Anyway, Up till now I've been using the user client to do spam filtering, But I'd like to start catching the spam at the sendmail level. What are my options today? I tried searching the forums and found a bunch of threads from 2001-2006, but I figured many of the ideas are now longer vaild.

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Fedora Servers :: Sendmail And Home Network Woes?

Feb 22, 2011

I have a rather interesting issue. I have set up a home network and a fedora 14 box as a server. I am running the version of Sendmail that came with fedora 14. I wrote a PHP script that changes http access passwords(to give authorized access to the outside by multiple users) once a week and emails the users their new passwords. It also finds out my WAN IP (because it is dynamic, and I am using a Linksys router with NAT), and E-Mails users when this has changed along with the new access password. I have Sendmail set up so that it should log on to my websites mail server (smtp.example.net) and send the email through it.

The problem I am having is that I have set up my home server with an internal domain like exampledomain.home, but the wan IP reverse lookup returns xx.xxx.xxx.xxx.static.xxx.xx.charter.com, so that when my sendmail server connects to my smtp server for my website it gives "EHLO server.exampledomain.home" then my smtp server rejects it because the connecting IP (WAN IP) resolves toxxx.xxx.xxx.xxx.static.opls.la.charter.com gives a host not found error. Or it gives the error because server.exampledomain.home is obviously not a valid host name on the internet. I was hoping someone out there had some insight on how I could get around this without editing or adding any DNS entries to my websites domain. I would also like to avoid getting a static IP for my house as it is more expensive. I thought about making a dynamic DNS entry with dyndns.com and then making Sendmail use that host name. I dont know how to trick sendmail like that though.Here is a copy of my sendmail.mc (scrubbed of course).

dnl #
dnl # This is the sendmail macro config file for m4. If you make changes to


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Fedora Servers :: F15 Sendmail Service Not Starting On Boot-up?

May 29, 2011

Just upgraded to F15 and I cannot seem to get the sendmail service starting at boot time.It starts and works just fine by hand after boot, so there's nothing wrong with the sendmail
configuration itself."runlevel" shows a current run level of 5 and "chkconfig" shows sendmail on for run level 5.All the other mail service (mailman, clamd, etc.) start fine.Doing "service sendmail start" after boot gets everything up and running just fine, but itsure would be nice to have it run at boot like it used to

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Fedora Servers :: Fedora 10 - Sendmail / Dovecot Relay

Jun 7, 2009

I am trying to setup sendmail on a fc10 box with dovecot running imap. I have everything configured and running on the server. For example, when I run "echo 'test' | mail -s test user@mydomain.com" or even to someuser@gmail.com, the mail goes through just fine. I can then reply from both of those accounts back to the server, no problem.

Relaying denied Cannot send mail. The SMTP server does not recognize any of the authentication methods supported by Entourage. Try changing the SMTP authentication options in Account settings or contact your network administrator.

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General :: Sendmail Not Authenticating Users?

Jan 24, 2011

Can connect to our mail server using telnet onto port 25 and this works correctly, 'ehlo whatever' shows output as expected.

However using a mail client to connect it gives an authentication error and the following appears in the maillog file;

did not issue MAIL/EXPN/VRFY/ETRN during connection to MTA

what to look for in the config, this works correctly on our development box but not on our production server. Could it be another program is interfering with the connection?

Sendmail is running in standalone mode not through the xinetd daemon.

I am using the PLAIN AUTH method as to try and avoid getting more errors.

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