Fedora Servers :: Gnbd_import ERROR "could Not Find Gnbd Registered In /proc/devices"

Jun 9, 2009

I am trying to import a gfs2 filesystem using gnbd_import, but I get the error: gnbd_import: ERROR could not find gnbd registered in /proc/devices. This probably means that you have not loaded the gnbd module. yum provides gnbd.ko does not list any packages. Where can I find the gnbd module?

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Fedora Installation :: An Error Occurred Mounting Device Proc As /proc: Mount Failed

Jul 6, 2010

I've got the F13 LiveCD that I was able to boot and use using the "nomodeset" boot option. From the desktop I'm trying to perform an Install to Hard Drive. I've read the Install from LiveCD post regarding the creation of a /boot partition and a / root partition. I've tried creating them without the LVM group and with. But every time I appempt to install I get...

An error occurred mounting device proc as /proc: mount failed: (9, None). This is a fatal error and the install cannot continue.

Hardware is a Sager 8887 (P4, 3.06HT, 60GB HDD, Radeon 9000 graphics adapter)

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General :: Alternative To /proc/bus/usb/devices For Use In A Terminal?

Aug 24, 2011

/proc/bus/usb/devices should not be used anymore (and can't be mounted anymore on Ubuntu 11.04) But what is an alternative to it, for use in a terminal? I could easily grep that output to look for a certain device, but I'm lost in all the /sys/ entries...

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Red Hat :: /proc/devices: Fopen Failed: No Such File Or Directory?

Jan 14, 2010

I am booting RH 5.4 over network (PXE) with custom initrd.img. I managed to get NFS working and switch root and do normal RH /sbin/init, but as RH boots it complains about /proc/devices missing:/proc/devices: fopen failed: No such file or directoryThe file is indeed missing, even though I'm doing "modprobe dm_mod" before. But still /proc/devices is not created. What am I doing wrong?init script for that initrd.img:

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/lib:/usr/lib:/usr/kerberos/lib


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Fedora :: Install Firestarter: Insufficient Privileges + Visudo Error + Error Reading /proc/ne

Dec 1, 2009

i try today to install Firestarter , unfortunately i got some problems regarding of the following messages:

1- insufficient privileges :
2- how can i change and save the file /etc/sbin/firestarter with visudo cammand
3-i got this message when i try to run it through terminal Error reading /proc/net/ip_conntrack: No such file or directory

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Ubuntu :: Remove Mouse Feature In /proc/bus/input/devices

Jan 7, 2011

ubuntu 10.10

I have a remote control (imon --> Harmony) that acts like a mouse. My goal is to remove that feature. Iam using lirc with Linux input layer (/dev/input/eventX) because Imon driver doesn't work at all. To get Linux input layer to work you need to choose the imon device.

cat /proc/bus/input/devices
I: Bus=0003 Vendor=15c2 Product=ffdc Version=0000
N: Name="iMON Remote (15c2:ffdc)"
P: Phys=usb-0000:00:12.1-2/input0


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Hardware :: Palm Device Listed In /proc/bus/usb/devices - But Not In Lsusb Output

Sep 5, 2009

When I connect my Treo 650 with a USB cable it works sometimes and not others. A little investigation showed
that it always works when I see the Palm device listed in the output of lsusb. While trying to diagnose why it appears sometimes and not others, I discovered that it sometimes appears in /proc/bus/usb/devices and not
in lsusb. I didn't think that was possible!

I've tried running kudzu (the Red Hat hardware discovery tool) and killing and restarting udevd.

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Fedora Servers :: Error: Cannot Find A Valid Baseurl For Repo: Base

May 1, 2011

I have a VPS with Fedora 13 32 bits.

[root@mbr ~]# cat /etc/fedora-release
Fedora release 13 (Goddard)
[root@mbr ~]# yum install cyrus-sasl-md5

Loaded plugins: fastestmirror Repository updates is listed more than once in the configuration Determining fastest mirrors YumRepo Error: All mirror URLs are not using ftp, http[s] or file. Eg. 13 is not a valid release or hasnt been released yet/ removing mirrorlist with no valid mirrors: /var/cache/yum/i386/13/base/mirrorlist.txt Error: Cannot find a valid baseurl for repo: base

I tried

# yum clean all
# yum list

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Ubuntu Servers :: Registered VPS With Another Host?

Apr 5, 2010

I ordered my VPS but my domain name that I registered my VPS with is with another host. So obviously I have to update the nameserver options there. How can i find out what my nameserver settings on my vps? I'm using webmin.

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Ubuntu :: U9.10 - Unable To Mount Audio Disc DBus Error Org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.InvalidArgs: Mountpoint Already Registered

Jan 13, 2010

When I install a commercial audio into the CDROM drive I get th following: Unable to mount Audio Disc DBus error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.InvalidArgs: Mountpoint Already registered

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Debian :: Sound Not Card Configured - Error 'Volume Control Did Not Find Any Elements And/or Devices To Control" - Driver

Feb 8, 2011

Laptop is Dell Latitude C600/C500 with Pentium III 850Mhz, 256Kb L2 Cache, 256MB RAM, ATI M3 video card, HD 20005 MB and sound card is EES Maestro 3i. After trying to do something with Windows 2000 which was installed on the machine, I decided to put Linux without keeping windows on the machine. First I try with Xubuntu (latest version) which was working but slowly, then I found that Debian could work fine on that machine. I have installed latest version 5.08 and was surprised how goodly old machine can work. I solved problems with screen resolution (change from 800x600 to 1024x768) but I couldn't find solution how to fix problem with sound.

Actually I don't have sound on the machine. I looked for a linux driver for that sound card and Dell is only providing windows drivers. Then I found that I can solve the problem with ALSA drivers but I couldn't find the easy way (or any way at all) to install drivers and to get back the sound. When I click on 'Volume Control' (top right corner of the screen) I get the message: 'Volume control did not find any elements and/or devices to control. This means either that you don't have the right GStreamer plugins installed, or that you don't have a sound card configured.'

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Debian Installation :: Error: Driver 'pcspkr' Is Already Registered, Aborting

Mar 15, 2010

I recently installed Lenny 5.0.3 i386 onto an old HP XE783 box. I've got a couple of errors that pop up on boot, and I'm not sure how to troubleshoot them. A couple of the lines from /var/dmesg that strike me:weird, boot CPU (#0) not listedby the BIOS. ACPI Error (dsopcode-0595): Field [ALB2] at 120 exceeds Buffer [CRSA] size 104 (bits) [20080321] {along with two other ACPI Errors (psparse-0530): Method parse/execution failed; and (uteval-0233): Method execution failed.}.Error: Driver 'pcspkr' is already registered, aborting.

The most annoying thing (I think) has to do with the ACPI errors: the box won't power down after issuing a shutdown command; it bumps into single user mode then prompts for the root PW.

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Server :: Mounting Nfs Files Locally - RPC Error - Program Not Registered

Jan 21, 2010

First of all, in whether I have interpreted this correctly: [url]

Where we want all users to be able to restore backups. This involves nfs exporting and mounting the backup directory ON THE SAME MACHINE, no...?

I have been trying to fix this all day, and can't figure out why its not working.

All my /etc/fstab /etc/exports /etc/hosts.allow /etc/hosts.deny must be correct as the file mounts (after booting, but NOT ON booting) with:

All the necessary (I think) services are starting on boot:

On bootup I receive the error:


I have other filesystems mounted from another server which all mount fine. Its just this one.

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General :: Find Which HT-cores Are Sharing A Physical Core From /proc/cpuinfo

Sep 2, 2011

There is a computer with two "Xeon(R) CPU X5550 @ 2.67GHz" CPU. The Hyper-threading is enabled, so it looks like 16-core system, but really there is only 8 physical cores.

I know that when hyperthreading is enabled, each physical core is splitted into two virtual cores. I want to know, which pair of virtual cores shares a physical core and which are not. Or, how (in what order) will Linux enumerate HT-cores comparing to real cores. (enumerating is done for sched_setaffinity and taskset masks).

I have a dump of /proc/cpuinfo file from the system.

I think there are possible:

CPU0-CPU7 are not sharing phys. core. CPU8-CPU15 too. But sharing is in pairs CPU0+CPU8, CPU(i)+CPU(i+8) and so on. or CPU0+CPU1 are from single physical, CPU2+CPU3, CPU(2*i)+CPU(2*i+1). or exotic CPU0+CPU15 sharing, CPU1+CPU14 ... or random?

The hard moment in this case is that there are 2 physical dies of CPU (two sockets), and usual recommendation of using "physical id:" field can't help

The cpuinfo:

processor : 0
vendor_id : GenuineIntel
cpu family : 6
model : 26
model name : Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU X5550 @ 2.67GHz


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Ubuntu :: "Warning: Unable To Find A Suitable Fs In /proc/mount, Is It Mounted?

Mar 4, 2010

i got problem which slows my boot to linux. Before loading Ubuntu logo in console i see fast flash with words: "Warning: unable to find a suitable fs in /proc/mount, is it mounted? Use --subdomainfs to override." What should i do? To fix that warning?

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Ubuntu Servers :: Proc Folder Is Filling Up Filesystem?

Mar 1, 2010

My filesystem is almost full and the problem is in the proc folder.What does that folder contain and can I delete something from it?

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Ubuntu :: Getting /proc/mounts Error After Moving To 2.6.32

Mar 9, 2010

I recently installed a newer kernel to get the open source driver for my ATI card, but am now getting the following error between booting and logging in: Warning: unable to find suitable fs in /proc/mounts. Is it mounted? After doing some research I can see it has something to do with apparmor. My questions are:

1. Can I somehow get rid of this error message? Or rather, is there a solution for this problem?
2. If not, as seems to be the case, is my system safe and secure? Will I face any issues by ignoring this error?

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Networking :: Find Out What Is The Difference Between Wifi0 And Ath0 (atheros Wifi Card) In Terms Of Packet Counters Shown In Proc/net/dev Pseudofile

Aug 20, 2010

I'm trying to find out what is the difference between wifi0 and ath0 (atheros wifi card) in terms of packet counters shown in proc/net/dev pseudofile. The fact is that wifi0 and ath0 packet counters are different. I've read that wifi0 refers to the physical device and ath0 refers to virtual device over wifi0, so, as far as I know, packets counters in both devices should be the same, isn't it? Another annoying question for me is that ath0 doesn't show any erroneous packets, while wifi0 does.


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Fedora :: Akonadi Control Process Not Registered At D-Bus

Feb 8, 2009

Test 9 brings up this error:

Test 9: ERROR

Akonadi control process not registered at D-Bus. Details: The Akonadi control process is not registered at D-Bus which typically means it was not started or encountered a fatal error during startup. How can I solve this?

F10 x86_64

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Get Hanged On NET:Registered Protocol Family 2

Jan 18, 2011

it get hanged on NET:Registered protocol family 2

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Extend The Range Of Registered Serial Interface ?

Jan 25, 2010

Im currently using kernel version and i have recompiled. I have bought a serialboard(PCIe 7800) from addi-data and im not sure whether it is properly installed.

When i type in "cat/proctty/drivers", the listing contain a line:

When i type in "lspci",

From my card distrubutor, 7013 means it is APCIe-7800. meaning my system identified the board correctly. why is there an "Unknown" word in the line?

When i type "dmesg", it only shows i have 4 ports,

And i dun have the identification of the PCI slot in which the board is plugged from these "dmesg" command which are usually type MMIO.

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Ubuntu :: Unable To Mount IPhone DBus Error - "Mountpoint Already Registered"

Apr 25, 2011

"Unable to mount iPhone DBus error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.InvalidArgs: Mountpoint Already registered" The above error appears upon plugging in my iPhone 3GS using a USB connection on Ubuntu 10.04. Attempting to transfer tracks to the iPhone (using Rythmbox) results in this error: "Error Transferring Track Error while getting peer-to-peer dbus connection: The name :1.140 was not provided by any .service files"

The interesting part is that I can unmount the iPhone get back into Nautilus and the iPhone icon will still be there on the left side pane. Unmounting from Nautilus does not get rid of the iPhone icon until I physically disconnect the USB cable from the iPhone. Clicking on the unmount/eject icon next to the iPhone icon in Nautilus removes the unmount/eject icon, but it does not remove the iPhone from the left side pane. My other USB devices, such as the 2TB external iOmega hard drive, exhibit identical behavior. I'm guessing that this is a gvfs bug since it appears very similar to other gvfs bugs that I've found from a couple of years ago. I am using gvfs 1.6.2-1ubuntu1~ppa1.

My iPhone used to sync work perfectly using this same Ubuntu PC as late as November 2010. There were no changes made to the iPhone, only updates to Ubuntu -- I'd like to emphasize updates; no new software was installed on this Ubuntu PC.

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General :: Error "driver Mdio-gpio Already Registered Aborting" Of Booting On Kernel 3.0.0

Aug 3, 2011

i did compiled and installed kernel 3.0.0 on ubuntu 10.04 lucid lynx. well everything is fine except, a error message shown during the booting. Code: error: driver mdio-gpio already registered aborting how can i solve this error?

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Software :: Cann't Find The Device Created Through Device Mapper In /proc/partitions?

May 15, 2011

Recently, I created a device sc0 through device mapper. The divice could be found in /dev/mapper/sc0. My problem is that the device doesn't exist in /dev/partitions which will block my following test.BTW, I found dm-0 in /dev/partitions. Is it the same as /dev/mapper/sc0? But the device /dev/dm-0 doesn't exist!

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Fedora Hardware :: Keyboard / Mouse Stop Responding; Replugging Isn't Registered?

Jan 23, 2011

Today my keyboard and or mouse repeatedly stop responding some minutes after boot. Currently the mouse stops responding after a few seconds of movement immediately after boot. Yesterday I used the machine most of the day, yet this issue didn't arise. Today I used it for a few hours before the issue developed. I did a full system update from the fresh install yesterday night. It's therefore possible that this issue has arisen as a result of the update, and that today the onset was delayed for some reason.

Earlier today I had the same problem with the keyboard. I replaced the batteries thinking that this was the cause. Now it looks like both keyboard and mouse are affected by the same problem. When the mouse stops functioning and the keyboard remains active, I unplug the mouse and replug it in, but it still does not respond, and only the unplug, and not the replug, are detected and logged in dmesg. I noticed ever since I installed Fedora yesterday that plugging in new usb devices after boot did not result in them being recognised, and that if I unplugged a mouse or keyboard and plugged them in again they would not work (requiring a hard reset). Currently the machine isn't usable as I cannot use the mouse for more than a few seconds. I haven't tried a PS2 connection, and currently I have keyboard access.


Fujitsu LZ945230BH1 USB Mouse
Microsoft Arc Bluetooth Wireless USB Keyboard
Running Fedora 14.

I haven't tried PS2. My keyboard and mouse appear to be working again (25 mins and still responsive).I unplugged all USB devices except for the keyboard, mouse, and wifi dongle. This appears to have solved the problem. Other devices that were plugged in were a USB to SATA external HDD caddy (powered off), and a serial USB connection to a Sheeva Plug computer (mini server). how I can use all my USB ports in future without this issue arising?

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General :: Cannot Find Grldr In All Devices

Sep 17, 2010

I'm running wubi on XP machine. Started out originally with 8.04, and gradually upgraded to 10.04. Recently, I was creating linux bootable USB drive, and put it in my system to see if it would work. After booting the LiveOS, and rebooting my machine, I know get the error Cannot find grldr in all devices when booting Ubuntu. I don't know what grldr is, but I assume it is the GRUB Loader.

Did booting the LiveOS screw with my MBR perhaps?

How can I fix this, and if not, is it possible to reinstall wubi, without losing anything of what I have now?

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Ubuntu :: Find A List Of USB Devices?

Mar 2, 2010

Not long ago I lost all sound, but I got it back eventually-the system wasnt snesing my usb speakers.

Now its stopped recognising them again and I cant remember how I got it back before.

How do I find a list of USB devices?

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Networking :: Find All Devices/hosts?

Mar 31, 2010

How can I find all the devices(printers,etc...) and computers along with their OS if any installed that are connected in my intranet (devices/computers may be down here)?

I did this earlier using netstat or nmap not sure what I used and how I did.

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OpenSUSE :: Can't Achieve Runlevel 5 As X Can't Find Any Devices

Mar 28, 2011

I'm installing 11.4 as a guest under Citrix's XenServer. The only access to a guest's graphical desktop is via VNC.The problem is that I can't achieve runlevel 5 as X can't find any devices. With 11.3 I was able to run Sax2 and add a dummy screen device to Xorg.conf that it created.When Sax2 was removed from 11.4, what was the fall-back for configuring X?

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Ubuntu :: 10.10 And WinXP - How To Find And Manage USB Devices

Nov 19, 2010

Dual booting 10.10 and windows XP.
1. Where do I find my windows files when I am booted up in Ubuntu?
2. Where do I find and manage USB devices. My second monitor doesn't turn on in Ubuntu. It uses a USB attached device to connect.
There are probably some other things I should ask but am too new to know it.

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