Fedora Servers :: LTSP - ERROR: Fc14 Unsupported

Feb 3, 2011

when i want run "ltsp-build-client" command i get this error: ERROR: fc14 is unsupported i want know there is any plan for ltsp 5.2 support in fedora 14 and how i can solve this problem for use ltsp in fedora 14.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Ltsp Dhcp3.conf Error?

Dec 21, 2010

I have been at this for what seems like forever but i am getting somewhere after many errors i got dhcp3 reading the file and everything is almost there but now i got an error i cannot figure out.first my config file

HTML Code:
shared-network local {
subnet netmask {


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Ubuntu Servers :: "error 13: Invalid Or Unsupported Executable Format"

Dec 3, 2010

I run a small home/hobby server. I attempted to upgrade it this morning. It was previously using 8.04 lts. I followed the instructions found here, [URL].. Upgrade for Ubuntu Servers (Recommended) I followed the on-screen instructions. After the installation was complete, I rebooted the server. On start up, I was greeted by this message "error 13: Invalid or unsupported executable format." I have since tried booting into every 10.04 kernel listed. However, the results are the same. I have attempted to find a solution via web search, but have had difficulty finding a solution that is appropriate for my situation.

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Fedora Servers :: Which Is Based On FC5 Still Applicable To FC14?

Dec 3, 2010

Is this howto which is based on FC5 still applicable to FC14?[URL]...

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Fedora :: Emcas Error After Upgrade To FC14

Nov 25, 2010

after upgrading to FC14, i'm getting this when I run emacs file.sh:

GLib-GIO:ERROR:gdbusconnection.c:2270:initable_init: assertion failed: (connection->initialization_error == NULL)

Fatal error (6)Aborted (core dumped) This only happen when i'm logged in as root, on the Terminal session. As a regular user, or launching emacs from task bar icon don't happen.

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Fedora Installation :: Yum Update Error Fc14 - Fc15

Apr 25, 2011

I have work through fedora project guides and got these messages beneath.


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Fedora :: Preupgrade - FC12-FC14 - Now 'Walked On' Error

Jun 29, 2011

I upgrade from FC12 to FC14 on Monday last. Yesterday, I noticed that CUPS wasn't running, so I looked at services and started it manually. The services appeared to be set to start CUPS automatically, but today again it wasn't running. Looking at messages, I now have the following 'errors' that appear to be disabling CUPS due to some form of load dependency.

Message log extract:


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Fedora Installation :: Akmodsbuild Error After Upgrade FC14 - FC15

Jun 4, 2011

Dell Studio 1555 (Wireless WLAN 1397 Half MiniCard (4312bg)) I'd tried

# akmods --force is attached. How to build akmods?

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Fedora :: Error: Package: Libavcodec52-0.6.1-38_git20110115.fc14.i686 (atrpms)

Feb 23, 2011

Having trouble with ffmpeg install using fc14. [solved]#yum install ffmpeg . . . gives the following error:

Finished Dependency Resolution Error: Package: libavcodec52-0.6.1-38_git20110115.fc14.i686 (atrpms) Requires: libva-

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Fedora Installation :: Error - The File Upstart-sysvint.0.65.9.fc14.i686.rpm Cannot Be Opened

Nov 20, 2010

it's the installation media or the ISO is broken because i have reburned / redownloaded the fedora14 multiple times with the same result. I even tried burning the disc on a different computer just to make sure the burner is still working. This is the error i am getting when the "Starting installation Process" dialog displayed.

"The file upstart-sysvint.0.65.9.fc14.i686.rpm cannot be opened. This is due to a missing file, a corrupt package or corrupt media. Please verify your installation source" I remember fedora 13 and below i have to use nousb command or something similar to get fedora installed properly but not for fedora 14. It just pops up with the message above.

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Ubuntu Servers :: 9.10 To 10.4 Upgrade And LTSP?

Apr 30, 2010

Version 9.10 had been installed via the alternate CD as the LTSP Server Edition. In place upgrade to 10.4 completed normally via Update Manager. However, LTSP terminal boot now fails with error "Forbidden directory" and "Access Violation". The following was found . Ubuntu 10.4 uses tftp-hpa. Either this is a change from Ubuntu 9.10 or the default behaviour of tftp-hpa has changed. So now, the filename argument given in /etc/ltsp/dhcpd.conf must include the full pathname. The previous requirement was to exclude the chroot path. If this is documented somewhere, I missed it. And after modifying /etc/ltsp/dhcpd.conf, do not forget to restart the dhcp daemon $ sudo /etc/init.d/dhcp3-server restart

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Ubuntu Servers :: LTSP And Booting HPt5000?

Dec 4, 2010

I got myself a HP t5000 series Thin client to use on my LTSP 10.04. I changed the Bios to boot PxE. When i restart the thin client it asks for a DHCP and finds the LTSP-DHCP server all is good. Its got a IP address ok, the boot process starts. ok I get the Splash screen for Ubuntu. and all is going well. ok I no get a login screen. All is going very well. (As normal with Ubuntu). I can login all is good the login starts and i get the start up sound.But then where normally one would expect to get a desktop, one gets a login screen. Not knowing the full boot procses im not sure where to start to look. Knowing linux there would be a log file somewhere, that stores the LTSP Terminal Bootup/login process and would tell me where its stopping/failing.

The good news is that when i boot a fat client in all works ok and i an able to get in with a desktop.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Cannot Connect To NBD Server - LTSP

Feb 17, 2011

I setup Ubuntu 10.10 (edubuntu) along with ltsp. I have an environment with a windows network ( and a subnet ( that the new terminal server is on. Everything seemed to be connecting properly, but when I attempted to boot the first client, I get the error message: "Cannot connect to NBD server".

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Ubuntu Servers :: Install LTSP In Desktop Environment?

Jan 25, 2010

I want to been able to connect remotely via RDP protocol with a client (for example from work to house) and I found that I can use [URL... What packages I need to install, and how I configure it? I connect my laptop via wireless throught eth2.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Ltsp Fails In Tftp Under U9.10 / Sort It?

Feb 17, 2010

In Jaunty (9.04) I've setup a small (eleven-terminal) ltsp network at the local school. It handled around 6600 working hours with ease.
Now I've upgrade the server to Karmic Koala (9.10) and it just stopped working.
1) The clients have PXE NICs
2) They get the proper IPs from the DHCP server and respond appropriately to changes in the DHCP configuration files.
3) DHCP server also points the clients to
4) When the clients try to download the pxelinux.0 over tftp they just timeout
5) /etc/inetd.conf has an entry like
tftp dgram udp wait root /usr/sbin/in.tftpd /usr/sbin/in.tftpd -s /var/lib/tftpboot
6) The file /var/lib/tftpboot/ltsp/i386/pxelinux.0 exists on the server

I'm lost at all these configuration files and protocols.

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Ubuntu Servers :: LTSP Mount Terminated Status?

Mar 8, 2010

I've just installed Ubuntu 9.10 64bit on my new server and then built a 32bit image. When I try and boot my thin clients I get the following error on VT7:

mount: according to mtab, aufs is already mount on /
mountall: mount / [416] terminated with status 1.
mount: according to mtab, none is already mounted on /proc
mountall: mount /proc [409] terminated with status 1.
mount: according to mtab, none is already mounted on /sys


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Ubuntu Servers :: 10.04 LTSP Locks Up After 23rd Login?

Sep 3, 2010

I am currently running LTSP on Ubuntu 10.04. It is a dual gig nic setup with 16GB of ram and dual AMD quad core 2.4s. I installed all the latest updates as well as likewise-open so we can use AD authentication. When testing the configuration in the lab, I boot 32 clients that successfully reach the login screen. Here comes the interesting part, I can log in, using all unique AD accounts, up to 22 clients. When I attempt to log in to the 23rd client LTSP hangs. If I restart a client it will retrieve an IP address, but TFTP will eventually time out. All of the clients are connected to a Gigabit switch along with the server so network speeds are not an issue. When I run system monitor it only shows 3.6GB of memory in use and the processors are all under 10% utilization. I have beating my head against this issue for 2 days .

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Ubuntu Servers :: Running Localapps In 10.04 LTSP Clients?

Dec 8, 2010

I've successfully built my server, and any fat or thin client that I connect to it boots wonderfully, with great response. I've gone through this exercise because we need a more efficient way of testing computers before delivery to our customers. So, I'm trying to run Passmark's BurnInTest. I've run it before with previous versions (9.something, I think) and it worked well, but I needed to build a new server so we can test more computers concurrently, so I figured I'd get the latest release.

My problem occurs when I try to run BurnInTest - it must have root access to test the local USB, parallel, and serial ports, and the optical drive. For the previous iteration I used a script that dropped into a local xterm session, su'd to a root session, and called the BiT GUI. In this attempt, the same scripts, even when I single-step them manually, results in 'authentication failure' when the su is attempted.

I have enabled the root account and created a password for it in the chroot /opt/ltsp/i386, and rebuilt the image, multiple times, no joy. Using ctrl-alt-F1 I can log in as root, and using dmesg I can see the USB device register when I connect it, so as far as I can tell the root account is alive and well, just not available in a local xterm session for some reason.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Install Ltsp On 10.04 Without Hard Brainfucking?

Apr 1, 2011

In internets there are lot of successless stories installing ltsp on ubuntu 10.04. Most problems are in ndb, init scripts and somewhere else, which are hardly debuggable. It seems like ubuntu 10.04 has ltsp packages completely broken and abandoned. Have someone succeeded to install ltsp on 10.04 without hard brainfucking? Maybe it's better to install ltsp from scratch, or choose another distribution?

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Ubuntu Servers :: Upgraded To 11.04 And Lost LTSP Network?

May 2, 2011

I upgraded my Edubuntu 10.10 LTSP server to 11.04 and I've lost my network. The server boots fine but none of the workstations connect. They start the boot process but hang-up as it starts to load the GUI.The screen on-which the computers hang displays Ubuntu 10.10.Do I have to manually update the LTSP image?

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Ubuntu Servers :: Installing LTSP When Using A Separate DHCP And TFTP?

Mar 17, 2010

I want to install Ubuntu LTSP on top of an already existing system. However, I want to use a different DHCP and TFTP server. Do I simply just install 'ltsp-server-standalone' with apt and run 'sudo ltsp-build-client', stop the DHCP and TFTP server and stop them from starting automatically? Would I then just copy over the pxelinux.cfg/default file from /var/lib/tftpboot along with the initrd.img and vmlinuz images to the TFTP server?

Edit: Do I need to actually copy the whole /var/lib/tftpboot/ltsp directory over to the TFTP server?

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Ubuntu Servers :: LTSP Mounting Windows Shares At Login

Apr 21, 2010

I've been asked to investigate the possibility of using LTSP in our school to provide a more "real world" programming environment to our students. We have a Windows 2003 Server domain and no plans to change it.I've set up the LTSP server, joined the domain and everything seems to be working fine, I can login to the LTSP server with a student account.

The next thing I want to achieve is give the students access to their "My Documents" folder on the Windows 2003 server. Is it possible to have a student log on to the terminal server (who has never logged in before) and have it automatically mount their share on the windows server?

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Ubuntu Servers :: 10.04 Ltsp Fails And Kernel Panics - Nbd Errors

Apr 7, 2011

Server is 10.04 server edition


soon kernel panics. What else to fix here?

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Ubuntu Servers :: LTSP Thin Client Splash Change

Jun 6, 2011

I have been working/implementing LTSP based thin clients now using Ubuntu 10.04 LTS 32bit server. I intend to change the default purple Ubuntu splash. I have already removed the "quiet splash" parameters in the pxeconfig file. And it works, giving me a text boot. But what i needed was a replacement for the splash.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Error After Upgrading To 10.4 And LTSP

May 18, 2010

after i've upgraded to 10.4 and after i've upgraded LTSP the system gives me the following error:


Is there someone who knows what I should do?

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Ubuntu Servers :: Serial Ports On Client Side Ltsp Setup?

Dec 12, 2010

I have recently installed an ltsp system, client and server. Everything works except i cannot get my client side serial ports to work or register for that matter. Can anyone point me to the steps i should take to get these working.

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Ubuntu Servers :: LTSP Video - Log On The Client Successfully But Didn't Get The Window Environment

Feb 9, 2010

I have setup Ubuntu 9.10 ltsp server, and have the client connected with login screen. I can log on the client successfully , but I did not get to the window environment, just see a busy mouse pointer on client screen and the screen of the server is scrambled ... and not viewable. I built the image by ltsl-build-client The server is amd64 version and the client is i386 version.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Install And Configure LTSP On A Server For A HP Thin Client To Boot Off?

Jul 22, 2011

I am trying to install and configure LTSP on a server for a HP thin client to boot off. The version of Ubuntu that I am using is 11.04 x86 and it is a fresh install on a dual core system with 2GB RAM. I followed a guide which comprised of these commands.

sudo apt-get install ltsp-server-standalone openssh-server sudo ltsp-build-client or if your on a 64-bit system with 32-bit machines do sudo ltsp-build-client arch i386 for editing the servers IP values use /etc/ltsp/dhcpd.conf after that you need to restart DHCP server sudo /etc/init.d/dhcp3-server restart
and update sshkeys -sudo ltsp-update-sshkeys and if you updated dhcpd.conf then you need to update you image also by typing in terminal ltsp-update-image

Everything seemed to install as it should but when I try to boot from the thin client it just times out and says no DHCP or proxy invites received. I turned DHCP off on the router and even tried another router, but I still get nothing. I am at a bit of a loose end and I hope someone on here can point me in the right direction of where I am going wrong.

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Ubuntu :: Error 13: Invalid Or Unsupported Executable Format?

Jun 25, 2010

I've searched all over the internet and have found numerous threads on this topic, none of which have helped me fix the problem. I'll post as much info I can about my setup.I have 3 hard drives... one is for ubuntu (9.10), one is for my data, and one is for Windows7. It looks like this:

1st drive (hda) = ubuntu
2nd drive (hdb) = data
3rd drive (hdc) = windows


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Ubuntu Servers :: View Cannot Be Shown Because It Uses An Invalid Or Unsupported Form Of Compression"

Mar 3, 2011

I'm successfully hosting an https site on my single available public facing IP address - but I want to expose a couple of internal web sites. Essentially, I have:[URL]..I get most of the way there by using mod_proxy and the directive:


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