Fedora Security :: Find A Tool To Track Configuration Files Changes?

Mar 30, 2009

I am trying to find a best tool to track configuration files changes. I did find some information about osec and mactime, but, it seems, that they are not included in fedora/rpmfusion package databases. is there any tool that can be installed as a package?

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Security :: Track IPsec Module's Operations / Find Such A Log File - Entries In System?

Feb 25, 2009

How can I track IPsec module's operations? Can I find such a log file or entries in Linux?

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General :: Can Find Configuration Tool Like 'Yast' That Works On Solaris 10 ?

Jan 27, 2011

does anyone knows if i can find a configuration tool like "Yast" that works on Solaris 10 ?

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Software :: Best Tool To Find Duplicate Files ?

May 16, 2010

I have a 1TB drive that has MANY duplicate files all over it. a good linux tool that can find duplicate files on such a large drive (almost full) drive?

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Software :: General Tool To Manipulate Text Configuration Files

Mar 25, 2010

Is there any Linux tool to create new or modify exiting key/value pairs in text configuration files? For example, to change a setting in xorg.conf, or change something in etc/networking/interfaces? I know it could be done by sed or by perl scripts, but it could be easier to have a program for this purpose. There are many difficulties for this job that the program should consider, and I am facing nearly all of them:

- Some configuration files may have sections. Like in Windows-type INI files (for example: "[something]"), or like Section in xorg.conf. More sections with the same name can occur, like in xorg.conf.

- If the key/value pair originally does not exist, then the program should add it. But not to the end of the file, but tothe end of a predefined section.

- Config files can have remark lines. Remark text can be even at the same line than the key/value pair. After modifying the value, the original remark text should not change at the end of the line. The remark-starting symbol is not always.
- The values in configuration files are not always simple numbers or simple words, but in rare cases, they are composed by more words, for example: item=name address phone

And of course, we can have remark at the end, like this: item=name address phone # remark text

- The key-value separator depends on the file. Some files use "key=value" format, some other use "key value" format, or even "key1 key2 value", like xorg.conf. The as separator can also occur.

- Case sensitivity can also be an issue.

- Sometime to desired task is not to modify a value, but to add or remove a line beginning remark to a certain line.

I think that managing all these possible cases by a perl or sed program is nearly impossible. I begun to write a C program, but maybe there is already one?

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Networking :: Which Tool To Track Scheduled Download Quota

Jul 24, 2010

My ISP has implemented a download quota between the "peak" hours of 8am and midnight. It is restricted to 100GB over a rolling 30days. I would like to track peak and off peak if possible, but only peak is really necessary.

Prior to the limits in certain hours I was using VnStat with a couple of home made scripts to log usage and calculate the rolling 30 days total. I don't really know how to tackle changing it to log only limited hours and am fairly certain my scripting skills just aren't up to it.

Is there another tool that can do what I need, I would very much prefer a console based solution. If it is console and only handles peak and off peak then I can try and script for the 30days again.Or has anyone managed to script something like this parsing from VnStat already ?

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Fedora :: Yum Install - How To Track Where The Files Go

Apr 16, 2010

How to track where the files go when I issue:

yum intsall php

I wann know where exactly the files go? What will change?

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Fedora :: Compiz-Configuration-Tool Is Not Functionable

Feb 9, 2010

I noticed, that the "official" Compiz-Configuration-Tool is not functionable. I change the properties of some effects, and even after reboot, no change can be seen.Then there is the tiny Fedora-Compiz-Tool. The settings I'm setting here are applied immediately.Is that a normal behaviour? Could it be that the official Compiz-Config-Tool is not compatible with the Fedora-Compiz?

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Security :: Use To Track Security Incidents?

Oct 1, 2010

What do you use to track security incidents? open source software that does this?

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Security :: Passwords In Configuration Files

Aug 31, 2010

Lately I adapted my /etc/fstab to mount samba shared network drives. I had to put the password in the configuration file in order to log in automatically. Isn't there another way? It feels a little akward to me to put passwords in a plain text-file.

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OpenSUSE Install :: How To Find Kdm Configuration Files

Aug 9, 2010

I'm trying to find kdm configuration files where I could add post user login script to execute. I just cannot figure out what files are read and executed at what time. I'm trying to load ICC profile after user login. I needs to be executed by root before starting users KDE/Gnome/... session. Loading ICC profile requires running X, so /etc/init.d would not work. Setting s bit on a script run by user is the last resort due to obvious security implication. ... produced nothing useful. I would know what to do in older SuSE versions. In Ubuntu I'd put it in /etc/gdm/PostLogin/Default ...

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Fedora :: Tool To Convert XLS Files Into CSV?

Apr 1, 2010

I wanted to convert some XLS files into CSV format in my Linux box. Could you please tell me is there any command line tool available in Linux. Since i have a requirement for automate this job via a cronjob , so i would be needed a command line tool.

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Fedora Shell Scripting \ "Find In Curent Folder For Files, And It Copy First File He Find With Name Gived By User?

May 18, 2011

shell scripting in Fedora14I want a script"Find in curent folder for files, and it copy first file he find with name gived by user, if name already exist then echo error message and finish"command usage " bash scriptname copyASname"

smthing like Code: #!/bin/bash
for files in /home/user/*


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Fedora :: Tool For Deleting Useless Files?

Aug 3, 2010

I want to get rid of all my useless files. It seems like my hard drive space keeps on shrinking also..& sometimes my PC freezes also..it hard to work on it.. so need a tool that can delete junks out ..

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Ubuntu Security :: Nepenthes Configuration Files Missing

Dec 7, 2010

I am doing a honeypot project, and after I install nepenthes: $ sudo apt-get install nepenthes

$ nepenthes

I find that there are no configuration files in /etc/nepenthes/, and only a signatures document.

I searched in the internet, all the install guides do not mention this problme, just say that if updating the nepenthes, the /etc/nepenthes/*.conf will not automaticly update.

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Security :: Generate Passwords And To Store And Keep Track Of Them?

Jun 6, 2011

I have joined a number of websites over time and it seems harder to manage them. Would like advice on how to generate passwords and to store and keep track of them. I would like to hear of systems or programs that are good for this.

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Security :: Track DDoS Attack On A Server?

Jan 25, 2011

how can I track a Dos and DDoS attack on a server . Does linux have any goiod known command line utilities and log files to us e in this way?

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Security :: Make Connection Track For Port 80?

Jan 24, 2010

i need to do a statefull firewall actually i try the ESTABLISHED state but as we know that some people can play with the TCP header so i want to do a "connection track" state, they told me in mangle but i didn't find can someone paste for me a link about "connection track" or write for me rule for ex: to make connection track for port 80!

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Fedora :: Single Tool To Tag Different Files ((images - Music - Video And Documents)?

Dec 27, 2010

Is there any single tool to tag different files on Linux? (images, music, video, documents...

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Banshee: Unable To Find CD Info - Track/Artist

May 3, 2011

Banshee can't find any information about track or artist with a CD in the drive. She can play it and rip without error just no info... I have had a good look about the menu's and can not find any way of changing the site where it gets the info from.

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Server :: Disk Filling Up - How To Track Down Rogue Files

Feb 5, 2010

I'm running an OpenSuse 11.2 box at home which updates a mysql database 4 times a day then posts 34Mb to my website. It's exactly the same amount of data each time, and my scripts*TRUNCATEs then rewrites the database with the latest data - so the database size remains the same.

There's a problem (I think with the script) however which means that everytime the script runs, approximately 34Mb of space on my hard disk is mysteriously taken up. I'll have to get that script fixed...

I can't, however find the files which are eating up my diskspace at the rate of 140Mb per day. I've done various searches (mainly with Dolphin) including hidden files immediately after running my flaky script and looking for any files created/modified in the previous few minutes when the 34Mb has disappeared.

There are LOTS of files in /proc (which I don't think is actually on my HD right?) and also in /var. There's nothing much in /tmp (on a separate partition) or any log files that I can see. The box has been running this script daily for the last 6 weeks so I'm hoping there's a load of files somewhere I can get rid of, then fix my script.

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Debian Configuration :: Bash Seems Messed Up - Use "locate" To Find Files

Aug 16, 2010

Forever I've been able to use "locate" to find files, but now it finds NOTHING at all and I have no clue why.. I tried apt-get install locate and it installed it, but it's not working in bash.

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Security :: Chroot Can't Find Any Files In The Jail - Error 'empty' Jail

Mar 27, 2010

chroot in two mini distros (Tiny Core and SliTaz): chroot jail appears 'blind'. Chroot can't find any files in the jail and exit with error code. Example (ugly):

# mkdir /mnt/test
# mkdir /mnt/test/bin
# mkdir /mnt/test/dev
# mkdir /mnt/test/proc
# mkdir /mnt/test/lib
# mount /dev/hdb1 /mnt/test
# mount -t proc none /mnt/test/proc

chroot: cannot execute /bin/bash: No such file or directory Where is the problem?

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Fedora Security :: Can't Find Any Tools Available To Either Set It Up

Jun 20, 2011

It seems the fingerprint reader is detected, and several related packages are installed, but I can't find any tools available to either set it up. or activate it for use.

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General :: Can't Find Tool Bar In Kubuntu?

Feb 5, 2010

I accidentally deleted my toolbar at the bottom of the desk top page and now i can not figure out how to get it back.

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CentOS 5 :: Unable To Find Rpm Tool

May 12, 2009

I wanna uninstall ipp 6.0 and reinstall ipp 5.3 under linux centos 5.3. I'm not able to uninstall ipp 6.0 and I'm getting this error: ERROR: ERROR: Unable to find rpm tool, add its location to your PATH and restart uninstallation

Also, I'm not able to install ipp5.3 and I'm getting the same error ERROR: ERROR: Unable to find rpm tool, please add its location to your PATH and restart installation

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Fedora Security :: Free Radius Configuration + F10?

Jun 10, 2009

i installed freeradius 2.1.3 on fedora 10 and want to use it with ieee802.1x using peap.when i run command to start radius service in debug mode the following output come

[root@Fedora ~]# radiusd -X FreeRADIUS Version 2.1.3, for host i386-redhat-linux-gnu, built on Dec 8 2008 at 15:31:31 Copyright (C) 1999-2008 The FreeRADIUS server project and contributors. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A
PARTICULAR PURPOSE. You may redistribute copies of FreeRADIUS under the terms of the
GNU General Public License v2.


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Software :: Recommended CMS For A Web Configuration Tool ?

May 18, 2011

I have inherited a web configuration tool based on mojoportal (which uses C#). As the web server hosting this site is on a Linux machine (currently Ubuntu + mono), I would like to recreate it in a more Linux-natural environment.

The web application I inherited needs to allow creation of configuration profiles for other Linuxes(including setting their IP tables, QoS and many other network protocols). These profiles are downloaded by the Linux clients and a local parser does the configuration accordingly.

The main properties I need are:
* Receive and display a lot of structured data to the user (i.e. iptables chains or QoS hierarchies) and of course process it
* Manage several users with different permissions
* Use MySQL as the database
* Allow FTP access to receive configuration files created
* Display monitoring data and graphs (a low-level NMS)

I do not need forums, blogs or any other user input apart from entering data in the forms (possibly a text editor, but that's about it)

I used to be very proficient in Python and Perl (so am sure it would be easy to regain these abilities) and am versed in SQL. I know HTTP and CGI but never worked with PHP.

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Security :: Tool Use To Dectect Sniffers ?

May 31, 2009

I'm looking for a nice tool to detect sniffers.

I've found several tools but many of theses projects seem to be down :

- sentinel (offical website seem to be down, no place to download the software)

- netped (not powerful enough)

- sniffdet (the project seem to be down)

- antisniff (works only for detecting windows sniffers ...)

Wherever I look for I get dead links and outdated softwares .... Do you know a serious tool I could use to dectect sniffers?

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Fedora Security :: Firefox Browser Cannot Find Server

Jan 10, 2010

Browser can't find server at att.yahoo.com so no internet. My folding at home client with Stanford can't download {an upload went ok}. I have 2 other fedora boxes & 3 windows boxes thru the same router and they are all fine.

I can manually ping Stanford ok,
Add/remove software within fed. works ok.
I can type in & get the page for my router
The only thing I did between working & not working was to install
Nvidia Cuda driver for my GTX275

My guess is something in the firewall got tweaked. but I've compared it to 2 working boxes & nothing jumps out at me.

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