Fedora :: Possible To Transplant System?

Sep 24, 2009

I'm going to sell my laptop. Is it possible to save the fedora system into a removable hard disk or dvd-r so that I wont need to install fedora and later every software on my new computer?

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Fedora :: System Fonts Wrong Until I Select System-Appearance Menu / Resolve This?

May 23, 2010

This is a bit of an odd problem that's been happening to me recently. My home folder is a version of Fedora old, I've been using the same one between Fedora 11 and 12 (which I'm now using).

When booting up, I notice that my system fonts are not the ones I have manually set. They're the ugly version, whatever exact font it is. It's only when I select System->Appearances from the menu that the system seems to detect my seletions to use Liberation fonts in all areas, and then everything instantly switches to the more visually pleasing Liberation fonts. This is a strange bug, I was wondering if anyone has experienced this or can point me in the right direction?

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Starting System Logger: Failed After Login To The System

Nov 17, 2010

When booting the system ,"starting system logger : Failed" after that i login to the system as usual but the system logger cannot start,even i use the service syslog restart command,how can i solve such problem ,thanks a lot

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Ubuntu :: Networking / Connect The System To The Fedora 13 System?

Jul 7, 2010

I just installed Ubuntu 10.04 on a 2nd desktop system. I erased Win XP and Ubuntu is the only OS on this system. I have Win Vista Ultimate & Fedora 13 on my other desktop system. The cable modem and dlink wireless router is directly connected to the Fedora 13 machine. I want to connect the Ubuntu system to the Fedora 13 system.

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Fedora Installation :: Use GUI Tool For Update System - No Response When Click The 'Update System' Button

Apr 28, 2009

I've tried to use the GUI tool for update system in Fedora 10. It listed all of the available updates successfully, but it have not any response when i click the 'Update System' button~

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Fedora Networking :: How To Access Shared Windows Files From Fedora System?

Mar 24, 2009

How can I access shared Windows files from a fedora system

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Fedora :: Fedora LiveUSB - After Reboot Machine - System Backtrack The Original One

Nov 1, 2010

Today I installed starDict in my Fedora LiveUSB, after I reboot machine. The system backtrack the original one, and then I update the kernel, the system also backtrack.

Why LiveUSB have this function. Can you explain theory about LiveUSB.

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Fedora Networking :: How To Share Folder To Acces Trough Another Fedora System?

Aug 16, 2011

Maybe the most stupid question you guys ever heard, but i do not find the solution.Now that i have acces on the netbook i would like to share a folder on my desktopcomputer so i can acces it with the netbook when im in the bedroom.(moviefolder)But how do i share a folder in Fedora 15?

Username and password are the same on desktopcomputer and netbook.
desktop computer is named koen-pc
netbook is named koen-net

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Fedora Networking :: Access A Virtual Box Installed Fedora System?

Aug 1, 2010

How does one access a Virtual Box installed Fedora system? I'd like to be able to ssh into this system (locally) but I've no idea how to do this. There is an ip address of Ping doesn't work (ping Should I just go ahead and assign a 192. address to this box before I go any further? It would seem that at this point the system isn't actually a part of my local network and I don't imagine it would be unless it has a 192 address.

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OpenSUSE Install :: Moving A Moderately Complex System From An Old System To A New System

Sep 25, 2010

My problem is that I need to move a moderately complex system from an old system to a new system. The old system is a core 2 duo running on an asus p5k-se (p35 chipset) M/B, Nvidia 8500 gt, 3 x sata II hard disks, 1 x sata dvd, 1 x ide hd, 4GB ram. It runs opensuse 11.1 kde 4 as a desktop system + samba server, apache server, database server + other non-opensuse software. In addition some of the opensuse software is not the default 11.1 versions as later versions were required. The nvidia driver is from the nvidia repo. There are several file systems, some under LVM.

The new system will be a core5 760, asus p7p55d-e M/b (p55 chipset), nvidia 240, 3 x sata II HD, 1 x sata dvd, 4GB ram and possibly 1 x ide HD. This M/B also includes USB 3 & sata III. I have no USB 3 devices but this may eventually change. I have no plans for sata III and believe that it may be better to attach any sata III SSD to the sata II bus.

What I would like to do is to move the hard disks from old system to the new system. What I would like to know is, if the system is left at 11.1, is the system likely to work with the new hardware. If the answer is no, if the system was upgraded to 11.3, would the transfer of the hard disks then work? In order to upgrade from 11.1 to 11.3 using the DVD i believe I should get rid of all non-default repos. I assume that I should also get rid of anything that was installed from them, e.g. the nvidia driver and any software versions installed manually outside RPM. Also is there any default 11.1 software that should be removed either before or after the upgrade to 11.3

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Creating A Fedora CD From An Existing System

Apr 6, 2009

I want to find out how to create a Fedora installation CD from an existing Fedora System. I cant find my CDs and I want to set up another system. What commands do i use or how do I go about it.

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General :: Upgrade A Fedora 11 System To Fedora 13?

Jul 7, 2010

I want to upgrade a fedora 11 system to fedora 13 is there a way what do I need to do.

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Ubuntu :: Internal Disk In A Running System Usb-booted System Does Not Result In The System Detecting The Disk

Feb 27, 2011

My system decided to crash on me, hard. It was humming along happily for about 2 months and now doesn't boot. If I boot from hard-disk, I get grub. Launching the first kernel choice hangs. I thought maybe the install was corrupt, so I booted from usb install disk. The usb hdd didn't boot; something about an error trying to access /dev/sda . Unplugging the internal disk and plugging in the usb install disk does result in the system booting. Plugging in the internal disk in a running system usb-booted system does not result in the system detecting the disk.

How do I know if the disk is physically broken? This seems unlikely since it does manage to launch grub consistently. Or is this still possible? How can I try to mount whatever is left? The usb install disk doesn't even list the /dev/sd*. Any pointers on how to reformat the drive if it's not being mounted?

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Fedora Installation :: Grub Doesn't "see" Fedora On Triple Boot System?

Mar 11, 2010

I'm brand new to Fedora. I ran the live cd and installed Fedora. I then installed OpenSUSE and Mint. When Mint formated the hard drive, Fedora wasn't in the graphic, even though sda1 was ext4 and sda3 was lvm2. When Mint rebotted, Mint and OpenSUSE were on the menu, but Fedora wasn't.

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Fedora :: Can't Go To Win System?

Jun 17, 2011

i'm gewtting dyzzy i want to go to my windows sytem but i can't

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Fedora :: 10 - WinSCP Cannot Log Into The System

Nov 16, 2009

I figured out how to fix the no eth0 present error. I ran depmod -a, and also removed the HWADDR line from the ifcfg-eth0 file.

My problem now is that WinSCP cannot log into the system - the error is that the shell is not set properly.

I have set root's shell to /bin/bash. But am not able to log in. WinSCP is using ssh, port 22. I have allowed root login on the Fedora server.

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Fedora :: Get No System Sounds ?

Aug 2, 2010

At the moment i'm dual booting Mint9/Fedora 13 (both gnome). Although sound works fine in both, i've noticed i get no system sounds in Fedora, other than at log in. I've done all the usual checks in sound & pulse audio, everything is unmuted etc etc, seems to be set up fine. There's even more sound options than Mint in usr/share/sounds/freedesktop/stereo.

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Fedora :: Can I Run M Visio In System

Nov 23, 2010

Can i run M Visio in linux ?? how?

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Fedora :: How To Enable System Log

Nov 26, 2010

Whenever I try loading ksystemlog application I get an error message saying "The file '/var/log/syslog' does not exist". Can anyone let me know how do I fix this issue? Screenshot of the message attached.

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Fedora :: How Could I Rescure My System?

Mar 19, 2011

I wanted to clean up the contents of /tmp, but sadly I removed the /tmp folder. Now I can not log in the X system and some softwares do not work now?

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Fedora :: F14 System Crashes / What To Do?

Sep 22, 2010

Well, turns out that when I rebooted into the installed system a user setup utility launched, but now whenever I try to log in as me, X crashes and GDM starts up again, telling me to relog in.

Now it's the case of "A setup utility launches and I set up my user, only to try to log in and get kicked in the face by GDM, having done all that work for nothing".

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Fedora :: Where To Get Free Cd's Of System?

Nov 21, 2010

Where can i request a free Fedora cd's from online..
I could not Download Because my Internet connection speed is very low..

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Fedora Installation :: Changing System Language After Fresh Fedora 12 Installation

Dec 31, 2009

after a fresh installation of the English version (Live CD installer) of Fedora 12 (Gnome) I would like to set the default system language to German.But I would like to have the whole Gnome desktop in German. What is the recommended place in Fedora to set this? /etc/profile or are there any Fedora specific configuration files for this purpose?Btw, the GDM login screen doesn't provide the German language as a choice. Do I miss a package? I already browsed the DE packages for localization packages I did not install but it seems there is no one missing.

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Fedora :: Package "sqlite" In Fedora X86_64 System?

Jan 21, 2011

i often got transaction error problems by the package "sqlite" in my fedora x86_64 system.so, i issued rpm -e --nodeps sqlite.

after this,
i am getting,
There was a problem importing one of the Python modules required to run yum. The error leading to this problem was:


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Fedora :: Cant Get MOC Player Installed On System

Jan 10, 2009

I prefer moc player as my main mp3 player but i cant get it installed on a fedora system. Unmet dependencies.Is there anyone out there using this player on FC10?

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Fedora Security :: How To Become The Root On System

May 8, 2009

i still can't see quite well the security reason for not allowing one logging in as root on Fedora, but anyway...how to become the root on my system, Fedora 10, please?i did open a terminal and typed s - root then my password, now im the root, but only on the terminal, as CLI, but what if i want to change the munu.lst inside grub i.e.? and some other files or settings that there's no option to just type in the root password, how to overcome that please?

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Fedora Networking :: Cannot Ssh Into Remote System?

Jun 4, 2009

I have a computer that i set up for a friend, and tried to ssh into it for her to update it and add do maintenance for her, so that she doesn't get aggravated with trying to do it herself, but ssh hangs and times out. The firewall is set to allow ssh, and eth* is set as trusted by the firewall, and i have the correct ip, and the ssh service is running.

I can connect to my home computer from hers, which is setup the same way (in this regard), but not vice versa. She has no router; she is directly connected to the DSL modem.

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Fedora Networking :: Windows Can't See System / Why Is This?

Jun 12, 2009

I am setting up my network , I have onlinux box and 2 windows, Thee linux box can see both win boxes, but the win boxes cant see the linux box. I have samba alowed in the firewall, and firewalls turned off in the win boxes, all at set up to be on the same group, What am I missing?

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Fedora Installation :: F11 On A System With Multiple OSs?

Jun 16, 2009

My system already has Winxp, Vista and Ubuntu. I'd like to try F11 on my system with about 50 GB free space. How do I set up the installer so that it will install F11, configure the boot loader to recognize all (multiple Oss) so I can load any one of them? I know Fedora has no problem to boot winxp and Vista, but how to set things up so it can also boot other Linux OS on the same system?

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Fedora :: 11 System Freeze With Dd Dump

Jul 17, 2009

i've got a non-typical problem here. i've got kvm-ed freebsd (its not so important here) stored on a block device - /dev/sdb8. i wanted to install fedora rawhide there but first i thought it's a good idea to do some backup. so here we go dd if=/dev/sdb8 of=freebsd.img bs=4k

theoretically, dd should do the thing without saying a word, but it doesn't. every time it stops after reaching 16GB filesize (partition is about 35GB) and completely locks the system (only reset helps).the dump worked only once, but when i tried to compress this big image 7z got stucked too and the system froze . the problem occurs when copying to the same drive or to different drive. i've got a partial kerneloops logs, but so far i haven't found the answer.

Kernel failure message 1:
BUG: Bad page state in process bash pfn:14a224
page:ffffe200048377e0 flags:0040000000000000 count:0 mapcount:0 mapping:0000000000000002 index:2a4b (Tainted: P )
Pid: 9711, comm: bash Tainted: P #1
Call Trace:
[<ffffffff810a2be0>] bad_page+0x11d/0x130

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