Fedora Networking :: Wireless Shows Connected Won't Browse Won't Ping?

Nov 22, 2010

new installation of fedora 14 intel pro/wireless 29251abgeverything ppears to be workingbut ping doesn't workand firefox doesn't workping resolves names but doesn't ping??

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Ubuntu Networking :: Connected To Wireless But Cannot Browse Or Ping

Feb 1, 2011

I have a edimax USB wireless and as soon as I plugged it in it worked i.e., it is able to connect to a wireless.


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Ubuntu Networking :: Wireless Shows Connected, But No Internet/Can't Ping Router?

Sep 14, 2010

So I installed 10.4 on a new Toshiba Satellite L645DWhen I connect to my wireless at home, the Network Manager shows that I am connected but I can't reach any websites via ping or firefox. I also can't ping my router. I also don't have wired access working at all.iwconfig shows connected to correct ESSIDI can ping localhostcan't ping google:

ping: unknown host www.google.com
can't ping my router (


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Networking :: Unable To Browse The Internet Although The Network Icon Shows The Computer Is Connected?

Jan 31, 2010

I have recently installed Fedora 12 on my pc but I am not able to browse the internet although the network icon shows the computer is connected.

I tried the dig command and got the following message:global options +cmd; connection timed out; servers could not be reached;

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Ubuntu Networking :: Wireless Router Connected - Can Ping But No Internet

Mar 1, 2011

This morning my Ubuntu 10.10 Meerkat desktop suddenly lost internet connection, but stayed connected to my netgear router. After the usual "tried turning it off and on again" methods didn't work, I booted into my Win Vista partition to find that connected no problem. I have another Ubuntu netbook and a Windows 7 laptop in the house as well as an Android. These all connect fine. It appears to be just the desktop Ubuntu.

I can ping my router and log into it's UI via browser. I can also ssh to the box. My router does not do any filtering or blocking. I've tried disabling the firewall and changing the nameservers in /etc/network/interfaces and dhclient.conf as well as the network manager. The network card is a Belkin 54g but I can't remember the exact model no. it was bought years ago.

$ping www.google.com
PING www.l.google.com ( 56(84) bytes of data.
--- www.l.google.com ping statistics ---
30 packets transmitted, 0 received, 100% packet loss, time 29004ms

traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets
1 * * *
...continues to...
30 * * *

When I do a restart of the networking service it spits out the error:
Ignoring unknown interface wlan0=wlan0
However, as I said the wireless itself works.

auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

lo no wireless extensions.
eth0 no wireless extensions.
wlan0 IEEE 802.11bg ESSID:"haters gonna hate" .....

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Ubuntu Networking :: Wireless Shows As Connected But Won't Load Any Sites?

Jan 6, 2010

I'm new to Ubuntu and i set up my wireless myself and I think I may have put in wrong settings. I looked through the forum and found these commands to put in the terminal from other posts. Could someone please see if they can fathom what I've done wrong. I have an wG111v2 netgear usb which works fine in windows but is very sluggish on Ubuntu. It worked for a while but since i have deleted and reinstalled my wireless numerous times I now can't get iternet at all. I have Ubuntu 9.10 on my machine which I duel boot with winXP.

ayte@kaytesRocket:~$ sudo dhclient wlan0
[sudo] password for kayte:
There is already a pid file /var/run/dhclient.pid with pid 1927
killed old client process, removed PID file
Internet Systems Consortium DHCP Client V3.1.2
Copyright 2004-2008 Internet Systems Consortium.
All rights reserved.


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Fedora Networking :: Can't Browse Internet But Cant Ping On F10

Jun 19, 2009

I'm using FC10 on my box at work. It is behind an anthenticated proxy for internet connection. In Gnome, I configured the Network Proxy through the GUI, as my browsers too.

So I can browse internet pages, install packages thru Add/Remove Software GUI, but I cant do it in the command line, using yum install, for example. Then trying to figure it out, I saw that it cant reach the package mirrors. It isnt a DNS problem, I set the /etc/resolv.conf correctly, as the host command works correclty. I can ping the local pcs on the network too. Firewall is disabled. Below some simple tests:

[rtovo@davinci ~]$ ping mirrors.fedoraproject.org
connect: Network is unreachable
[rtovo@davinci ~]$ host mirrors.fedoraproject.org
mirrors.fedoraproject.org is an alias for wildcard.fedoraproject.org.


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Fedora Networking :: Bind And DNS : Ping Ok But Can't Browse

Dec 28, 2009

I've got a weird problem on my fedora 12.

My computer is running behind an ISP box, Firewall shut off, SELinux disabled.

I've a local IP address : dynamically given by the ISP through DHCP

I've got bind installed. I've defined a domain (let's call it mydomain.com) in the /etc/named.conf this way :

// named.conf
// Provided by Red Hat bind package to configure the ISC BIND named(8) DNS


Finally, the named service is running.

Here is the trouble : I can ping my domain, but when I try to browse to this domain in my browser, the connection is rejected !

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Fedora Networking :: F14: Ping, But Can't Browse Using Firefox?

Feb 28, 2011

Background: In attempting to move from XP to linux, I have a F14 live USB stick -- can boot Dell M6400, see the internal drive and USB sticks. Wired ethernet network is seen only if ethernet cable is plugged in before booting. Then, I can ping sites by name (yahoo.com, google.com) -- however, FireFox does not load any web-page over the internet -- it does not put up an error message either, it just keeps waiting (it is in on-line mode).Info on the system

uname -a
Linux localhost.localdomain #1 SMP
Mon Oct 18 23:57:44 UTC 2010 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

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Fedora Networking :: F13 Connected But Unable To Browse

Nov 11, 2010

I have a fresh install of Fedora 13 on my Toshiba Notebook. I am able to connect to the internet but can not browse neither by Ethernet or wireless. I have an Intel Pro/Wireless 2200BG wireless card and a Marvell Technology Group LTD 88E8036 PCI-E fast Ethernet card installed. The command ifconfig shows an ip address. I am able to ping by URL and IP address. It does the same with the firewall disabled. I have also disabled the iptable & ip6tables in the services. I have even set fire fox not to use proxy settings. I am just not able to browse at all.

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Fedora Networking :: [F14] Connected To WiFi, But Cannot Browse?

Nov 21, 2010

is the following (btw I'm new to linux) - installed f14, connected to WiFi from my home router, started Firefox, and it was not able to open any pageslong with that I successfully updated my system and applications (and even installed new ones) through the same internet connection.Being connected to WiFi on my workplace I am able to browse with firefox, but at home - not...What could be the problem? What additional info should I give?PS. Sorry if the problem was already addressed, I am trying to find the solution on the web - but no success. Also 1-day discussions on ru-net forums were not successful, unfortunately.

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Networking :: Dell Server With Fedora 12 - Can Browse But Cannot Ping

Jul 18, 2011

I have a small Dell PowerEdge 1650 server with Fedora 12 loaded. We can access the internet, (Google, our home page, Etc.) but can not ping any local or outside IP addressed. Our internal computers can ping each other but not the server. No, it is not the server firewall because we also disabled it and still the same results.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Wireless Network Shows Connected / Periodically Stops Working

Aug 8, 2011

I have one major problem that is going to cause me to switch back to windows. My wireless network shows connected and works fine for a while but periodically stops working. It always says it is connected but sometimes stops working to where I have to disconnect and reconnect for it to start back up again.

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Fedora Networking :: Can Ping But Cannot Browse - Outgoing Packets Dropped

Oct 5, 2010

In my Fedora13 machine, while in mobile broadband, i can ping and skype outside, but cannot browse/yum etc. Few output that may be of relevence are here:

$ netstat -s
149468 total packets received
6 with invalid headers
16174 with invalid addresses
0 forwarded
0 incoming packets discarded
118821 incoming packets delivered
101331 requests sent out
124 outgoing packets dropped
866 dropped because of missing route .....

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Fedora Networking :: Connected To Mobile Using Wvdial But Cant Browse Internet?

Apr 5, 2011

my wvdial.conf file content is:

[Dialer Defaults]


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Ubuntu Networking :: Wireless "connection Established" No Browse No Ping

Jul 7, 2011

Ubuntu 11.04, wireless adapter BCM4312.The connection works for a while, for a random length of time from a few minutes to a few hours, then stops working. The laptop says it's connected, and the router says it's connected, but the browser can't find any Web pages, it can't find the router, and there is no response to pings from the router or any other device on the local network or on the Internet. "Host unreachable." When I try to ping to the laptop from another one, it times out.If I shut down the computer and try again a few hours later, it works fine again for a while, then after a while it stops working again.

In case it's relevant, sometimes when I restart networking from the command line, it says "ignoring unknown interface eth1=eth1," even though ifconfig -a lists eth1 as up with an ip address. eth1 is the wireless adapter. Another laptop with Ubuntu 11.04 connects to the same router with no problems.Using a fixed IP address doesn't change anything.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Can Ping And Browse By Ip But Not By Name

Apr 23, 2010

recently I got new wireless card, att usb Quicksilver(based/produce by Option?), for att.Regular gnome network manager freezes the computer when I am plugging it it therefore I installed the one from wicd.net.Also, I am using HSOConnect (to connect by to G3 network), and sometimes I connect to regular wireless g connection through router.

Under both cases I can ping the website by IP and can access the website by ip (ex. google) but can not ping or browse by name.As a side note... I can use and access Skype fine under g3 network and normal wireless.I tried browsing and finding other solutions in past few days but ended up breaking everything and reinstalling to get back to the point I am at now.I am working on the road, so not being to broswse is rather crippling to me.... also I can access internet normally only from home from different computer now.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Ping Fail But Can Browse?

Dec 23, 2010

I have a DSL connection, DHCP, able to browse and no problem with that.

But I can't ping websites or their ip address. Should I be worried? I'm using Maverick through Wubi.

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Fedora :: F14: Ping But Cannot Browse The Web?

Nov 7, 2010

I've just done a clean install of F14.have a wired ethernet connection (no wifi).Initially, I was able to browse the web with Konqueror... but after doing a big package update, and installing Firefox, I can no longer browse any website (Unknown host errors).The strange thing about this is that I can ping successfully via hostname

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Ubuntu Networking :: Connected To Internet But Cannot Browse?

Oct 14, 2010

I have installed ubuntu a few times in the past but if I've had to get messy with the command line I bailed. So given that I wanted to set up a home server/media center, I tried win server, but given research had told me that it is easier to accomplish all the features I wanted with Linux I decided the time had come to really see what I'd been missing out on. So what I am looking to accomplish is a full lamp stack, xbmc, samba, mail server, VMWare server, rtorrent, ftp, an probably a few others I have forgot because I can't get to my check list right now. Settled on ubuntu 10.10, had installed it a couple of times while it was still in beta, just to get a feel for it and get everything working so that when it was released I could do a fresh install knowing how to configure everything.

So on Sunday the time came. Everything was going fine until last night, I was installing roundtable webmail and all I came to download something and FireFox can't display any web pages, postfix can't deliver mail. The server can ping local machines but not google.com or another internet site, I can ssh into it an get a remote desktop session via various methods, both either over the local network, or internet. The website is getting served both locally or internet. I just cant seem to make any outbound connections to the outside world.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Connect To Networks And Even Ping Websites But CANNOT Browse In Internet Explorer Or Firefox?

Jan 21, 2010

I know this is not a win-doze forum but i always ask my questions here so here goes.I am having what appears to be a DNS problem on a friends laptop. He is running windows XP. I CAN connect to networks and even ping websites but i CANNOT browse in Internet Explorer or FIrefox.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Connected But No Ping?

Feb 28, 2011

I'm having a problem with my computer connecting to a speficic wifi. The problem seems to be between my computer and this wifi, because I can connect to other networks and other computers can connect to this wifi. I do manage to get a connection, but I can't ping any website, I always get an unknown host error.I have managed to connect to this network only once: it wasn't pinging and then it eventually started working, but I don't recall doing anything that made it work.


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Networking :: Ping Hangs When Connected Over VPN?

Mar 13, 2011

I've configured an FC14 installation and have been able to do everything over the internet as needed. Then I added a VPN client and can connect to the VPN. I can't ping a server I know is available on the VPN. Ping hangs, not getting any response (including timing out).My other Linux box (running all of the same software) can get to the server on the other side of the VPN so I know everything is okay except for my configuration.I had the same problem when I originally configured the other system and remember that I had to manually edit some setting in a file but don't remember what it was.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Unable To Ping Over Wireless But Can Ping Over Wired?

Jul 24, 2010

I have two machines on this network, one running Ubuntu and the other running Fedora.

When I'm using the Wireless network on the Ubuntu machine, I cannot ping the Fedora machine. Everything else works. I can browse the net fine.

If I switch over to the Wired Network then I can ping the other machine.

I don't understand why ping doesn't work only over the Wireless. I can ping the router so I'm guessing it's getting blocked by the router but I didn't block ICMP traffic.

I tried asking on IRC and they ran out of ideas too to find out where the problem is.

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Networking :: Connection Manager Shows Wired Connections And Shows Wireless As Being Disabled

May 2, 2010

My connection manager shows wired connections and shows wireless as being disabled. here is some terminal info getting wireless going?

Here is a bunch of things I have tried and the results.

nixon@nixon-desktop:~$ sudo ifup wlan0
Ignoring unknown interface wlan0=wlan0.
nixon@nixon-desktop:~$ sudo ifdown wlan0
ifdown: interface wlan0 not configured


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Ubuntu Networking :: Can't Ping Localhost When Not Connected To Network

Jul 8, 2010

I'm having trouble pinging localhost, specifically, pinging localhost when I'm not connected to a network. When I try it keeps telling me the operation is not permitted:


matt@mubuntu:~$ ping localhost
PING localhost ( 56(84) bytes of data.
ping: sendmsg: Operation not permitted
ping: sendmsg: Operation not permitted

if I connect to the network, start pinging then disconnect it continues pinging. Google seems to think it could be something to do with my iptables setup:


matt@mubuntu:~$ sudo iptables -L
Chain INPUT (policy ACCEPT)
target prot opt source destination


When not connected to network


matt@mubuntu:~$ route -n
Kernel IP routing table
Destination Gateway Genmask Flags Metric Ref Use Iface U 0 0 0 lo

But as far as I can tell there isn't anything in there which would stop me connecting to the localhost (I also can't connect to my local apache instance when offline)... (It's worth mentioning that a couple of weeks ago I had the pc setup to share it's internet connection with a laptop, ala this guide, however I've since disabled the iptables rules and disabled ip forwarding.)

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Ubuntu Networking :: Connected To Internet But Can't Ping Systems On LAN?

Oct 5, 2010

I've got Ubuntu 10.04 on my laptop and have recently (within the last 72 hours) started having trouble connecting to other machines on my local network. I'm unable to ping both my router and a server set up in the room beside me.

1. I have tried pinging my server and router from other machines and it works fine. Accessing the server via HTTP works from all machines except for my laptop.

2. I am, however, connected to my router via wireless and can access the internet. Also, if I connect via an ethernet cable I am able to ping both my server and router, although I'd love to be able to go wireless.

3. I assume something's wrong with my wireless setup, but I really can't figure out what. Possibly related note: my wireless has been disconnecting unpredictably on my home network (WPA).

Let me know if you'd like to see any command output and I'll get it to you asap! I've got a Dell Studio 1558 w/ the dreaded Broadcom BCM4312 wireless controller.

user@blue-skies:~$ cat /etc/network/interfaces
auto lo
iface lo inet loopback


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Ubuntu Networking :: Can't Ping Or Ssh When Connected To Cisco VPN Using Vpnc

Jan 21, 2011

When I connect to my company's VPN (it's a Cisco), it connects just fine and displays the broadcast message, but once connected I can't ping anything or ssh anywhere. Not on the private network, not on the Internet [URL], nothing. I can still browse the web without difficulties when connected to the VPN, but no ssh or ping. With ping, it properly resolves the host name, but I get 100% packet loss.

Once I disconnect from the VPN, a ping of [URL] works exactly as expected.

I don't have any firewalls set up on this host that I'm aware of (unless something is installed and configured by default).

I'm using Ubuntu 10.10, amd64 build.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Router Can Ping - Connected Machines Can't

Feb 16, 2011

I'm running into a curious networking hiccup with my router setup. I have a D-Link DIR-628 wireless router connected to our modem, and a wire running from that to a Linksys WRT-54G (v1.1) in our basement. This setup worked great for a few days, but then suddenly the Linksys stopped routing us to the internet. I can connect to the router page on the Linksys and using the diagnostic tools I can ping the web from there, but none of the computers connected to it can. Everything is fine when connected to the D-Link.

After fiddling around with just about every setting on the Linksys I finally gave up and tried resetting it to factory defaults--and it worked! Everyone could access the internet again. But then, every day or two it locks up again and I have to reset factory defaults again.

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Ubuntu Networking :: 10.04 Auto Ethernet Says It Connected But Can't Ping Out

Jul 19, 2011

I am unable to connect to the internet at work through the ethernet, previously working. I am not sure of the origin of this problem -- the result of an update or something that I did to the network settings.

In the NetworkManager applet is says Auto Ethernet is connected but I can't ping anything by name or ip address.

The wireless still works without any problem.

I have tried following some of the other threads on similar issues but the fixes proposed on them have not helped to date. And I may have mangled some of the settings files somewhat.

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