Fedora :: Missing CLOSE - MINIMIZE - MAXIMIZE - Buttons

Jul 19, 2009

I just had an update and after that it required a reboot. When I logged on the system there was no CLOSE, MINIMIZE, MAXIMIZE buttons on windows!

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Ubuntu :: Close, Maximize - Minimize And Restore Buttons Missing

Jan 9, 2010

I have a pretty strange problem, when I booted the computer and logged in on Ubuntu none of the close, minimize, etc. buttons were showing up.

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Ubuntu :: Minimize - Maximize - Close Buttons Are Missing From Every Window

Jul 29, 2011

As title states, they are missing, and from every window. I have googled this and found fixes but in doing some of the "fixes" the bar at the top of the screen disappears and docky becomes effectless.

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Ubuntu :: No Close Minimize Maximize Buttons?

Jan 9, 2011

all the windows i am trying to open don't show the close, min, max buttons. also, rhythm box and grooveshark (inside of chrome) won't play audio, i click play and the progress bar in the playing stays at zero. however audio in runescape works so its not the audio card...

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Ubuntu :: No Minimize And Maximize And Close Buttons?

Mar 6, 2009

Some how I managed to get rid of this buttons. I tryed to write ?sudo aptitude purge ubuntu-desktop && sudo aptitude clean && sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude install ubuntu-desktop && sudo /etc/init.d/gdm? in terminal, and then restarted my laptop. There is still no effect I wrote ?metacity? in terminal and I got this message ?Window manager warning: Screen 0 on display ":0.0" already has a window manager; try using the --replace option to replace the current window manager. So how should I fix this problem.

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Ubuntu :: Maximize, Minimize, And Close Buttons Not Showing At All?

May 16, 2010

After I completed the upgrade to Lucid, my maximize, minimize, and close buttons disappeared. I looked around on the forums and i didn't see any other posts about this problem. I'm sorry if i might have over looked one though. Anyways, the buttons are not on the left or the right, they just don't show up. I tried messing with the theme settings and I also tried some of the things that were recommended on the main sticky about bugs with Lucid, and i still don't have them. Dose anyone know how to fix this or will it fix itself with updates?

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Ubuntu :: Minimize, Maximize And Close Buttons Disappear?

Aug 21, 2010

I seem to have caused my minimize, maximize and close buttons disappear. Is there a GUI way to turn them back on?

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Ubuntu :: Moving Close - Minimize - Maximize Buttons ?

Sep 12, 2010

I have ubuntu 10.04 and installed a theme that I really love. However, this theme puts the buttons in the top-right corner of the window (close, minimize, maximize) is there any way to move them back to the left?

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Ubuntu :: Close / Minimize And Restore/maximize Buttons Gone Sometimes

Feb 1, 2011

The close, minimise and restore/maximise buttons are randomly gone! Its kinda irritating, it seems to consistently happen with Open Office word processor. So is there anything i can do about this?

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Ubuntu :: Minimize / Maximize / Close Buttons In Unity

Jun 17, 2011

how to get the minimise,maximise,close buttons on a menu in Unity Ubuntu 11.04 ?

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Ubuntu :: Close Minimize Maximize Buttons Moved To Left?

Apr 30, 2010

How do I get the close minimize maximize buttons back on the right? I looked in appearance, and all of the little previews of the themes have them on the right, but they are on the left when I apply them. Is there any way to change them back? this is very frustrating.

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Ubuntu :: Put The Minimize, Maximize & Close Buttons Back On The Right Side?

May 11, 2010

1. How do I put the minimize, maximize & close buttons back on the right side?

2. everytime I leave my PC for about 5 mins and come back the screen is locked, this is very annoying and pointless as I have a desktop. How/where can I set it to never lock screen when idle?

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Ubuntu :: Close / Minimize And Maximize Buttons At Wrong Side

Nov 16, 2010

I dont want the buttons at the right side, as in windows, I liked them at the left, but when I choose GTK in compiz fusion, they go to the right side as in windows, they only work at the left side using emerald, but no with GTK, someone can help me to keep the buttons at the left?, I dont know why they have changed to right side.

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Ubuntu :: Moving Close - Minimize - Maximize Buttons Back To The Right

Dec 2, 2010

When ubuntu decided to move the close minimize maximize buttons to the left side, then here is your solution! i wrote this little script to help:

just go to your terminal and type this: (replacing /where/you/put/it/ with where you actually put the file) "sh /where/you/put/it/MoveButtonsToRight.sh"

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Ubuntu :: Put The Minimize / Maximize & Close Buttons Back On The Right Side?

Apr 25, 2011

1. How do I put the minimize, maximize & close buttons back on the right side?

2. everytime I leave my PC for about 5 mins and come back the screen is locked, this is very annoying and pointless as I have a desktop. How/where can I set it to never lock screen when idle?

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Ubuntu :: Close, Minimize & Maximize Buttons On Title Bar Instead Of The Panel?

Jun 25, 2011

Most of these threads relate to missing buttons or moving them to the right side. However, I'd like to know whether it is possible to get the buttons to show normally on the title bar instead of the panel? I think having the buttons on the panel is butt ugly and fairly inconvenient.

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Ubuntu :: Move The Minimize/Maximize/Close Buttons Back The Right Side?

Apr 29, 2010

If you are like me, you can't stand the new placement of the Minimize, Maximize, and Close buttons. Here is a useful how to guide, with screen shots, on how to put them back on the right side:[URL]

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Ubuntu :: Closing 3 Window Bars - Dont Have The Minimize Maximize Or Close Buttons

May 20, 2010

So I have these three bars that I suppose are some kind of left over fragment of windows I had up the last time I rebooted. Anyhow, whenever I boot now, these three bars show on my desktop, and I cant get rid of them, they dont have the minimize, maximize or close buttons. Yet when I click the, "show desktop" buttom, they then minimize. HOwever, they don't show up on my window list. I've tried restarting my xsession and that didnt work, I've restarted nautilus that didn't work, I cant right click on them, I already tried xkill and force quite and that doesnt work. They're just always there.

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Ubuntu :: Window Manager Thats Fast And Dosen't Have To Have The Minimize, Maximize, And Close Buttons At The Top?

Jun 17, 2010

I am trying to build a linux distro based on xubuntu that I will install in my car. I need a window manager thats fast and dosen't have to have the minimize, maximize, and close buttons at the top. I also have somewhat of an idea on how to change from xfwm4 but not 100%

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Ubuntu :: Align Desktop Icons To Grid / Move Close , Maximize And Minimize Buttons To Left Side Of Window?

Apr 30, 2011

1) How do I align my desktop icons to a grid?
2) Is it possible to move the close, maximize, and minimize buttons to the left side of the window? I prefer that to the since I'm used to GNOME Unity.

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Debian :: Maximize And Close Buttons Missing With Squeeze?

Jul 22, 2009

About a month ago I upgraded from Lenny to Squeeze and everything seemed fineBut sometime between then and now I lost the maximize and close buttons (I still have the minimize)This is only a minor annoyance for me but a major one for my wife.I searched the web and some other forums but have found no help.

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Ubuntu :: Missing Maximize / Minimize / Close Icons - Invisible Cursor

May 3, 2011

I have installed recently a bunch of distros and settled with xubuntu 11.04 for my old laptop. Everything worked fine out of the box except some times wireless stopped working and the pc needed a restart. One of those times i restarted and because restart seemed unresponsive I clicked again but a problem tab poped up. Every time that i clicked restart, the pop up appeard I was forced to force shutdown.

1. Maximize/Minimize/Close buttons are completly missing. Even windows settings (where you can unjust those buttons) does not work. It is blank.

2. Cursor is invisible but when i click something appears , stays visible but the cursor is a different icon than before.

3. other problems as well. I cannot move terminal etc.

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Ubuntu :: Moving The "close/maximize/minimize" Buttons On 10.04 LTS?

Jun 20, 2010

I like Ubuntu 10.04 LTS pretty much but the one thing that's kinda bothering me is the fact that the maximize, minimize and close buttons have been moved to the left hand corner of the windows. This isn't really too big a deal but like other people, I've gotten used to have those button over at the right hand side. Is there anyway to move the buttons back over there?

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Fedora :: Minimize Resize Close Buttons Window 15 Gnome 3 Gconf 2

Jun 4, 2011

No where are how enable get back minimize resize close buttons windows top tab Fedora 15 Gnome3 gconf2

There is a question about this in this thread but the thread title did not have any of the above words in it and since most "new" folks don't think to use the "posts" option, I thought I'd make a new titled post.

This seems to be a big irritant of a lot of people around the net with Gnome 3 so I'm going to confirm what other people have said about how to fix the situation.

In "add software" enter this search term:


You will see quite a few returns, you should click the following:

A process-transparent configuration system (G Conf1-2.3 yada yada)

Graphical Gconf untilities (it may be pulled with the above however).

Install it/them.

One can then type "Gconf2" in terminal and it will open but then close when the terminal is closed, or one can go to activities/applications/tweak advanced settings( the symbol will be the same as for settings in Gnome 3).

In the "Shell" button one will see "Arrangement of buttons on the title bar". Surprisingly, "All" will already be apparent. One need merely verify that it is on "all".

Close gconf.

Nothing will have happened in terms of new buttons even if one closes and opens, say FireFox.

Then reboot.

After the reboot, all three buttons will be present.

There are not a LOT of configuration items in gconf2 but this one seems to be of paramount importance to a lot of people.

One can also do it from command line, and if someone wants to post that please feel free it won't hurt my feelings.

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Ubuntu :: Opera 10.6 Minimize Maximize And Close?

Jul 5, 2010

I installed opera 10.6 today. first thing I did was remove the title bar(using the window decorations item in compiz) and now im wondering if there is a way to add buttons to opera that maximize, minimize, and close a window?

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Ubuntu :: No Minimize - Maximize Or Close Icons ?

Jun 9, 2011

Hey, bars and in the Places menu if I click anything from Home Folder to Downloads I'll get an error like: "Could not open location 'file:///home/michael/Downloads' No application is registered as handling this file"

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General :: Close Maximize Minimize Disappeared?

May 30, 2010

I installed LM9 and it seems like my close maximize minimize disappeared

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Ubuntu :: Close, Minimize And Maximize Button Not Showing?

May 2, 2011

i have upgrade 11.04 it not showing the close,minimize, maximize buttons in any windowshow to fix this.

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Ubuntu :: Unable To Have Minimize, Close, Maximize Icons

Jun 11, 2011

I was using Compiz, and was going to check out the 3DBox add on. I clicked it, enabled it, and then my windows vanished. I rebooted. Then, when I came back, all my windows open now in the top left of the screen, and the close, minimize and maximize icons are gone. I cannot even see the top bar of a window to move it.

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Software :: Compiz No Minimize, Maximize, Or Close Menu?

Dec 17, 2008

I am using compiz in Kubuntu and I have run across an interesting problem. Occasionally when I reboot and login kubuntu will load but there is no window manager (ie no minimize, maximize, or close) and compiz doesn't actually load (no effects work). Like I said this only happens occasionally. I can fix the problem by using the following command:compiz --replaceOnce I type this command compiz loads and the window manager finishes loading as well. Other times when I reboot Kubuntu will load just find as well as compiz automatically with no problems. The problem is really intermittent. Any ideas on how to fix the problem?I installed the program through the adept-manager and I enabled it through the kubuntu menu->system->desktop effectsI didn't modify any file to make it load automatically it just did it by itself. I also do not have any nvidia card installed and once compiz is loaded it runs flawlessly.

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