Fedora Installation :: Automatically Download And Install A PAE Enabled Kernel When Detects More Than 4GB Of RAM

Jan 5, 2011

I have 6GB of RAM and I'm planning to install Fedora 14 32-bit to achieve a higher degree of compatibility. Does fedora automatically download and install a PAE enabled kernel when it detects more than 4GB of RAM (Just like Ubuntu)?

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Red Hat / Fedora :: OS To Automatically Download And Install All Missing Libraries??

Feb 21, 2011

i a newbie at linux and i installed Fedora 14 with minimum services and software in order to install Dynamips/Dynagen (Cisco router emulator).when i try to install Cisco rpm -ivh dynamips-0.2.8RC2-1.i386.rpm file i get the following:

error: Failed dependencies:
libc.so.6 is needed by dynamips-0.2.8RC2-1.i386
libc.so.6(GLIBC_2.0) is needed by dynamips-0.2.8RC2-1.i386


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Fedora Networking :: Both Cards Are Enabled And Set To Connect Automatically?

Nov 15, 2010

I just installed Fedora 13 on my desktop computer and ran into the same problems I did when I tried to install which was i could connect to a network but couldn't access the internet. I decided to install Fedora 14 since I already installed it on my laptop. I'm still running into the same issue, I can connect to my network but cannot connect to the internet using my PCI NIC or onboard NIC. Networking is enabled and I'm getting a IP address from my router. I ran "lspci" and it shows me both network cards which, please correct me if I'm wrong, makes me think that the drivers are installed.

I'm also curious if the VNC client/server could be used through a WAN. I would like to remote into my computer at home when I'm not there and see the gui. I had SSH installed at one point but it was just text. If there is better program please let me know. why I would have Services on my laptop but not on my desktop? Both computers are running the same version. Both cards are enabled and set to connect automatically. I can get a IP with both NICs. I only have one plugged in at a time.

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Fedora :: Nvidia 8600m Gt Driver Fc12 - Kernel Automatically Will Change To Be A Pae Kernel?

Jul 4, 2010

my problem is on installing nvidia driver on fc12 32bit but, first of all, as i understood the pae kernel requires more than 4gb of ram,i have a 2.2 ghz cpu with 2 gb ram,but when i run command:uname -r it answers: [i have fc12 32 bit] when we try to download linux we have a 32bit edition or 64bit edition,do we have an edition which is only for pae? or when we install for example the 32bit edition on a computer with more than 4gb of ram then the kernel automatically will change to be a pae kernel??

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Fedora Installation :: How To Install Kernel Source Tree Of Fedora 14's Current Kernel?

Feb 23, 2011

I have installed the fedora 14, but there is no kernel source tree.I read the doc "building a custom kernel".But I don't want to rebuild a new kernel.I just want to install the source tree of current kernel.Could someone tell me the way?

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Ubuntu :: Num Lock To Automatically Be Enabled Before Login?

Oct 30, 2010

I just installed Ubuntu 10.10 64 bit (WUBI). I want Num Lock to automatically be enabled before login.

I read this but I am confused:[URL]...Which option should I choose?

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Ubuntu :: Get Burg To Automatically Update After Kernel Install In Same Way?

Sep 28, 2010

Title says it all really: is there an easy way to get burg to automatically update after a new kernel install in the same way that grub does it?

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Fedora Installation :: Download A Separate ISO To Install Onto HDD?

Jan 29, 2010

Does the fedora 11 Live CD include an installer as well or do I have to download
a separate ISO to install onto HDD

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Programming :: How To Install Kernel Modules Automatically After Device Insertion

Jan 18, 2011

ubuntu could delay kernel module installation until device is inserted?Take my usb ath9271 wifi adapter as an example: when kernel boot up, no ath modules are installed until usb wifi apdapter is inserted, ath related modules are insmod.Could anybody how to achieve this? udev or something else?

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Debian :: Nvidia-settings - Sync To VBlank Not Enabled Automatically

Jun 24, 2011

I have triplebuffer set up in the xorg.conf, i am using the squeeze Nvidia drivers (the ancient one), installed debian way.

In nvidia-settings, i have enabled all the entries of sync to vblank, but after i log in, if i go a glxgears, i get 1000+fps, then i start nvidia-settings, the screen flickers when it starts for some reason, resolution is still at native (1366x768), after starting and quitting nvidia-settings, starting glxgears made it 60fps.

How to i make sure sync to vblank is forced? i prefer it this way.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Automatically Run Script After Kernel Update?

Sep 12, 2010

I'd like to have my own script be executed automatically after doing a Linux kernel update. Is there somewhere i can link into this process that isn't touched by the update itself? The purpose of this idea is to try automate the installation of sound (alsa 1.0.23-2) and video drivers (nvidia from website) that i typically need to do after every kernel update.

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Fedora Installation :: Download , Compile And Install Vmware?

Feb 25, 2009

I have installed vmware but it is asking for GCC 4.3.2

GNC C Compiler (gcc) Version 4.3.2

how do I download, compile and install it?

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Fedora Installation :: Download Codecs On Another Computer And Install Them?

Nov 3, 2009

I need to install restricted codecs (MP3, WMA, etc) in Fedora but I wanna download them at home. Is there a way I can download them in Ubuntu, put them on my USB Hard drive and install them from there?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Wired Connection - Can't Connect - Dhcp Enabled Automatically

Jun 20, 2010

Since that time I moved to Archlinux and I love it. I do however run lubuntu live from a USB for my work PC. I am having a problem with it. I think it's okay to post here because the core of the system is still Ubuntu. I don't think LXDE is the problem. I start up the live environment and it says 'wired connection connected' but I can not load any pages or do anything.

I thought it may be a problem with configuration so I copied down (from Windows) the IP, Subnet, Gateway and DNS. I put them in manually and it doesn't say connected any more and still no connection at all. I am unsure what to do from here. I am not really familiar with Ubuntu enough to try much. I tried to 'dhcpcd eth0' but dhcpcd isn't installed. I guess the default Ubuntu network manager has dhcp enabled automatically.

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Fedora Installation :: Full Install F11 From Upgrade Files Download

Jul 29, 2009

I was happily running F10 and against my better judgement when it offered to upgrade me to F11 I decided to give it a try. The F11 install hung at 893 of 1626 packages installed. Some SE Linux package was in process of install. On the next boot the installer fails to upgrade for a corrupted root. It says I can backtrack and do a full install, but crashes with a bug when I choose backtrack.

So here is my question - Can i edit the command line and tell the installer to full install rather than upgrade? Or am I stuck with downloading a DVD ISO and doing a full install that way. I've done F8, F9 and F10 so full install from DVD doesn't bother me.

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Ubuntu Installation :: 10.04 Does Not Detects WD HD?

Mar 20, 2011

I tried to install ubuntu 10.10 Lynx through livecd , but the partitions in my 160gb western digital hard disk is shown as unallocated free space . Through the linux terminal when I fire the command sudo fdisk -l it does not display anything. In my current HD I have installed windows XP successfully.

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OpenSUSE Install :: Getting A Link To Download A Version Of Suse With Either Kernel 2.6.26 Or 2.6.28?

Jul 21, 2011

Is there a link to download a version of Suse with either kernel 2.6.26 or 2.6.28? For some reasons I have, I need one of these kernel versions. The newest download here, 2.6.37, won't work for me.

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Networking :: NIC Detects When Booting Live But Not After Install?

Jan 19, 2009

I am using a laptop with a realtek8139 integrated adapter. When I boot the live cd (Puppy), I go to configure the internet connection, and shows the module for the card has automatically loaded, and I just set it to DHCP and that is all. After installing the os, however, I go to configure the connection, and it tells me that no module has been loaded, so I should manually choose from the list. When I do, it tells me that it failed to load. I have also tried allowing it to probe by loading every possible driver, to no avail. I have reinstalled the os twice, and it does not recognize the adapter, but when I boot live, it works fine. Any reason why it would do this?

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Fedora Installation :: Find A Download For The Desktop Version - SERVER X64 Download

Jun 5, 2010

This is our first time choosing and installing linux. Our other servers are all windows 2008 x64. We were told to install fedora 13. I can only find a download for the desktop version and we're looking for the SERVER x64 download. Could I please get a link?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Install Tcl With Non-thread Enabled For Some Other Software

Sep 4, 2010

I have an ubuntu 10.04 system. I have been trying to install tcl with non-thread enabled for some other software. If I install tcl from synatptic or use activetcl, then it gets installed with thread enabled option.

So I thought that I have to compile tcl from source. So i downloaded tcl8.5.8-src.tar.gz file of tcl and extracted it in a folder.I then entered the /unix folder and i ran ./configure --disable-threads and got this output:

I then did sudo make and got:

make: *** No rule to make target `/../unix/Makefile.in', needed by `Makefile'. Stop.

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Fedora :: Why Does VirtualBox Download Kernel

Jan 22, 2010

I wanted to try VirtualBox so I did:
yum install vboxgtk

In the list of dependencies I found that it needs to download kernel. I was just curious to know that why can't it manage with the PAE kernel. It requires the kernel whereas I've got its PAE version working right now. Can someone please explain why is it so?

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Fedora Installation :: Install Kernel Headers And Devel From Installation Disk ?

Feb 8, 2009

Ive also tried downloading RPMs to a usb stick and it said it was the wrong ones for my machine.

How do i find out if my machine is x32 x64 x86?

Anyway im trying to install kernel headers and devel from the fedora installation disk but i dont know how to get to the cdrom thru terminal as i cant copy the RPMs to desktop by drag n drop or using software installer.

I dont have an internet connection to the pc so i cant use yum (which would make things so much easier) so can anyone tell me how how to install these packages thru terminal?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Download All The Sources Files Of Kernel?

Feb 11, 2011

I have an assignment as a CS student to code over Ubuntu Kernel but I am surely a beginner. I need to download all the source files of the Ubuntu kernel source code, make some changes then compile and use it as a custom kernel.

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General :: Grub2 Detects Mac OSX On Sdb But Doesn't Install It To Grub.cfg

Feb 13, 2010

Working on a quad boot system. Two Karmic installs (I find I tend to hork one every once in a while by playing too much, so having a backup around is nice), windows 7, and Snow Leopard. I got everything up and running, except I had Leopard installed instead of snow leopard. At that time, I had the following:

sda1->win 7
sda5->karmic 1
sda6->karmic 2
(others for swap / extended / etc)

Grub2 detected everything just fine, made a real nice grub.cfg file and away I went.Now, I've made a change. Snow Leopard required GUID partitions and I had my stuff all set up as MBR and was /not/ about to reformat and start over. So I added a second drive, sdb.

Now, I can boot to that drive independently. Fine.I can boot to sda just fine and go to either Ubuntu install or windows just fine. Great. Grub2 finds Mac OSX on /dev/sdb2. Awesome (sdb1 is a fat32 bootloader for hackintosh reasons). It not only doesn't update grub.cfg, it leaves the old /dev/sda2 listing for my old Leopard install ... whose partition I deleted. It isn't visible anymore.


> sudo update-grub
Generating grub.cfg ...
Found Debian background: radar.png


But nothing after Ubuntu 9.10 on /dev/sda6 shows up in grub.cfg? I'm at a loss. Any ideas how to get it to populate? I'd rather not hack grub.cfg and have to rebuild it by hand every once in a while especially as grub was fine with finding it.

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Fedora Installation :: How To Install The Kernel

Sep 28, 2009

How can I install the newest kernel, if possible? I believe I'm having issues with the 2.6.30 kernel and lockups. I would like to try a different kernel. If I can't upgrade to newest kernel, what about installing an older one? This was a fresh install of F11 about two weeks ago so I only have two kernels. The default one, and, which is the one when I added nvida kmod drivers. What does the PAE represent in the first kernel?

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Fedora Installation :: Can Install The F12 Kernel In F11

Nov 25, 2009

What I want to do is exactly what I wrote in the title... Why? Because my ethernet card doesn't work with the F11 kernel and it does with the F12 one (2.6.31.something).

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Fedora :: Rsync Only Download Kernel Update?

Nov 23, 2010

I use Fedora 14 32 bit at home and I d not have internet in home , so I download all packages are depend on Fedora 14 in my work place and move all of them to home by USB flashI use rsync for download all packages , in home I make local repo and install all packages I need by use local repo ,right now I want update my kernel , and I want use rsync foe download kernel update for fedora 14 .How I can do this , I want rsync only download update are depend on kernel and does not download other thing How I can do this ?

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Slackware :: 64-current Installation Detects I686

Nov 18, 2010

I am trying to install Slackware64-current into a virtual image. The hardware is 64bit and the host system is Slackware-13.1 (32-bit).


The installation DVD iso starts to boot and then says


This kernel requires an x86-64 CPU, but only detected an i686 CPU. Unable to boot - please use a kernel appropriate for your CPU

It says this no matter what variable I use for -cpu

Any ideas how I can modify the command to allow Slackware64-current to install in a 32-bit kvm-qemu image running on 64-bit hardware.

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General :: Install Regexp Enabled 'rename' On Fedora?

Jun 26, 2011

I have a batch rename task and I find the 'rename' command in Ubuntu and Fedora is different.In Ubuntu, rename is written in Perl and has regexp support. Is there anyway to install it on Fedora?

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Fedora Installation :: Install An F12 Kernel From Koji?

Jan 23, 2010

How do you install an f12 kernel from koji without having to also retrieve the dependencies it asks for individually?

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