Fedora Installation :: Gnome 3 Desktop Does Not Respond To Mouse Clicks Or Keyboard?

May 29, 2011

Have just upgraded (14-->15) using the dvd option; installed the nvidia driver (I think) and am able to startx and get to the Gnome 3 desktop (Wallpaper and top "task" bar look correct)..But, the mouse and keyboard have absolutely no affect. No matter what I click on, or what keyboard combination I use, nothing happens..(Have spent the last 3 hours researching it; and just seem to be getting nowhere.. I can do anything I need to from the CLI; but am not sure what to do..

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Debian :: Desktop Freezes Randomly And Does Not Respond To Keyboard Or Mouse

Feb 21, 2015

I am using Debian with a gnome desktop.

Code: Select alluname -a
Code: Select allLinux app-server 3.2.0-4-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 3.2.65-1+deb7u1 x86_64 GNU/Linux

My desktop sometimes freezes and does not respond to keyboard or mouse. I initially thought the CPU was overheating but it froze tonight when my CPU temperature was 32C and it has been up to 50C without freezing. I am beginning to think it is a software issue rather than a hardware issue but do not know. I looked at the pm-powersave.log and user.log but did not see anything suspicious.

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Debian Multimedia :: Windows Will Not Respond To Mouse Clicks?

Oct 11, 2010

It's been a long time since this started, and unfortunately I don't remember when this happened first. It only happens to Iceweasel and Icedove I guess. (I'm not sure!)

Used to happen in GNOME, now the same problem in Fluxbox.

The exact problem, is that when I have Iceweasel or Icedove open, and I'm using them, suddenly when I click nothing happens. But, if I use the keyboard it'll work... When this happens to Iceweasel or Icedove, the whole window manager becomes useless... When I want to close the windows, nothing happens, etc. Only the keyboard will work... Sometimes when I right-click on the navigation toolbar in Iceweasel, or somewhere like that, it'll work, and I'll be able to work for a few minutes... Then this will happen again, and usually, this time right-clicking on the toolbar and those areas will not work either... Even if I close the windows, the window manager will still not respond to mouse clicks... I don't understand what the problem is, but whatever it is, it's very annoying!

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Fedora X86/64bit :: STARTX - Keyboard And Mouse Won't Respond F11 New Install

Jun 15, 2009

I'm having trouble installing F11 x86_64, and I'm sure it is something to do with the video card.X will not even start if I have both nvidia quadro FX1700's installed. If I take one out, I can install F11, but it always 'hangs' when it starts X (which is to say, both the keyboard and mouse are locked - until I press the power button, but then it shuts down anyway).I've fiddled inittab so it starts in runlevel 3 so I can at least get in and tinker. There is no xorg.conf in /etc/X11, so I assume the system is building it's own and not quite getting it right (guess work based on other threads with similar symptoms).

I can connect to the system from another Linux machine via ssh, and I can ftp to it. I tried copying the xorg.conf from the other machine, but while it changed the screen resolution (ergo, it had some effect), it still went nuts. Starting X remotely via ssh allowed me to trap the messages, which indicate the lack of HAL has something to do with the problem.service --status-all reports hald stopped; I'm assuming this should not be the case. I've used yum to reinstall hal, but that made no difference. Nor did an update - it was already at the most recent level.F11 was installed from a DVD downloaded vai a bittorrent; the disk checked out ok.

My knowledge is limited, and I don't know what should be in xorg.conf for my machine, although I could type it in from scratch or ftp it across from here. It was 'okay' under F10, happily tolerating both video cards. But it seems to be sulking under F11. In case it matters, I'm doing everything as root; since firstboot starts X, I can't use that to create another userid.

- nomodeset, xdriver=vesa, selinux=0, remove rhgb as boot parameters - all to no avail (although these changes seem to be ignored for the most part anyway);

- start the HAL daemon manually (mine failed to start, as others have reported). It didn't like that! (the output is available, but is enormous)

- startx -configure - simply failed;

- dirconf didn't work;

- I've tried swearing at it during start-up, which turned out to be no more or less successful than anything else, but it was fun.

Intel Q6600 64 bit. Twin nvidia Quadro FX1700 cards (one removed for the time being) driving two 1920x1200 monitors each. Please let me know if there is any other relevant information I can supply.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Desktop Seems To Be Unresponsive To Mouse Right Or Left Clicks After Upgrade To 11.4

Jun 11, 2011

After I have upgraded from 10.10 to 11.4 I have a very strange problem. My desktop seems to be unresponsitve to mouse right or left clicks. The file browser only starts if I use thunar. Nautilus will not run at all. I am not sure if they are tied together but everytime I reboot i get the error message the file browser is still open. If my iphone is plugged in i get a metacity error. I am booting into classic with no effects. I can work kinda but mostly starting everything from inside a terminal. Also Nautilus only will run if I start it under sudo...

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General :: Emulate Mouse Clicks With Keyboard?

Feb 28, 2010

How can I emulate a mouse click on a keyboard on linux, e.g. by defining that my right CTRL-key should behave as if I clicked the right mouse button?

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Slackware :: Define Keyboard Keys As Mouse Clicks?

Nov 10, 2010

For example I'm setting key F1 & F2 keys mouse 1 and mouse 2 click in keyboard..

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Ubuntu :: 9.10 Stops Accepting Mouse Clicks And Keyboard Inputs

May 12, 2010

I am running Ubuntu 9.10 on an Acer Aspire 5920 laptop. For the most part it works well, but it seems to occasionally become mostly unresponsive (~1 / 2days). I say mostly unresponsive because I can still move the mouse, but I do not seem to be able to click on anything (either to open or close programs or windows, or interact with menus). The keyboard is also partially responsive. When I use my keyboard shortcut to get access to the Applications menu, the menu highlights and depresses as though it is opening, but nothing appears on the screen. I can eventually press Ctrl+Alt+Del to start the shutdown procedure (and the shutdown screen pops up with the 60s countdown).

But I cannot use either the keyboard or the mouse to select another option (Restart, Suspend, Hibernate, or even Cancel), nor can I select the Shutdown option to cause it to shutdown right away - I just have to wait the sixty seconds for everything to turn off. This seems to happen no matter what I am doing with no warning - browsing the web, playing a game, or working on a document. The only consistent thing is it only seems to happen when I have more than one program open and I am trying to switch between open windows.

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Ubuntu :: Keyboard And Mouse Won't Respond

Aug 8, 2010

I'm having some weird problems with my mouse and keyboard. I'll be moving the mouse and keyboard about and all of a sudden the keyboard won't respond and the mouse moves and is fully working, but it seems to be a problem with the desktop, more then the mouse, because it'll highlight stuff and certain stuff will open when I click them, but when I go down to the toolbar, and try to click applications, places, and system, it'll highlight it but not respond when I click it. This happens about every 45 Minutes, to 1 hour of time with ubuntu running [10.04] [Additional details]

- I'm using an HP Pavilion Dv6000 Laptop, 64 Bit Ubuntu 10.04
- My drivers are all up to date
- Could it be because my Laptop gets really hot? But it dosen't happen ever when I'm running Windows, so I'm not so sure about that.

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Ubuntu :: Random Freeze - Neither The Mouse Or The Keyboard Will Respond

Jun 14, 2010

I am running Ubuntu 10.04, randomly while working in gnome with no particular application I get a freeze periodically. Neither the mouse or the keyboard will respond. I am running it on a lenovo Z61m laptop. I have had previous experience with Posix systems but I am a recent migrant from XP as my primary operating system. I never had such an issue with this computer which leads me to believe that it is not a hardware issue.

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Slackware :: Lockup - Dell 2350 - Keyboard Stops Working - No Response From Mouse Clicks ?

Dec 5, 2010

I'm installing slack 13.0 in a Dell 2350 for a friend. once installed, it works ok for a while then within some somewhat random period of time, just plain locks up. the keyboard stops working, the mouse cursor still moves, but there is no response from mouse clicks. i was ssh'ed into the machine one of these times to see if i could read the logs during a lockup. the machine stopped responding to the ssh session as well (actually i had an instance of mc running at the time, and the machine still responded to it. when i exited mc, i was stuck in console never-never land). the logs show absolutely nothing. /etc/messages keeps showing MARK long after the lockup. all other logs are not updated since boot. this machine has an i810 chipset, is there a driver issue here?

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Fedora Installation :: GNOME Desktop Freeze - Keyboard Becomes Unusable

Mar 24, 2010

i'm using Fedora 12, 32 bit, kernel while using add-remove program to install programs, my desktop frezes, the keyboard becomes unusable, can't do anything so i have to do a hard boot.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Show Mouse Clicks In A Desktop Recording?

Dec 18, 2010

I can record my desktop for instructional aids but saying "And now click here" is not too cool and the user could miss the what-where. How do I have each mouse click play an audio sound or have a right click cause circular waves and a left click square waves around the mouse? Something graphic and/or audio. (My android tablet has the option of a click sound when a touch is recognized.)

I hope for something more obvious for the viewer. I don't use Compiz but would be willing to try it if that is the answer. Turning on Visual Effects (x) Extra does not do it. I didn't see anything in Assistive Technologies.

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Fedora :: Mouse Clicks Not Being Handled

Dec 30, 2010

I'm using Fedora 14. I used pre-upgrade from Fedora 12. I'm using KDE and the nvidia driver.

My problem has to do with the mouse. Basically, only mouse clicks on one window at a time are being handled. If I have Chrome and Thunderbird both open then the mouse will behave normally on Chrome but clicking anywhere on Thunderbird will have no effect. By clicking I mean both left and right mouse button.

To get clicking on Thunderbird to work I have to right-click anywhere on the active window (Chrome in this case), then right-click on the window I want to be active next (Thunderbird). This will allow me to use Thunderbird normally but then Chrome becomes inactive. Typing works even if the window is inactive if the cursor is on the window.

I've found that if I log out and then log back in, the problem disappears. I also tried creating a new user and logging in with that user but the problem still persisted.

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Fedora :: Mouse Not Responding To Clicks?

May 8, 2011

I'm running:
Fedora 15 Beta
Gnome (not 3)
Cyborg RAT 5 mouse

Well I just installed Fedora today on my desktop, and it went all smoothly. Mostly. And when I installed a bunch of updates and restarted my computer, my mouse would be able to say ope up Pidgin or FireFox, and then not be able to click on anything else. I could still move the cursor around, and use the keyboard, I just couldn't click on anything. it's pretty hard to troubleshoot when I can't click on anything!

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Fedora :: X Server - Gnome Screen Saver Cuts In And The System Remains 'as Is' Until 'woken Up' With The Mouse Or Keyboard

Dec 2, 2009

If I remain 'connected' (with the KVM) to the linux machine the gnome screen saver cuts in and the system remains 'as is' until 'woken up' with the mouse or keyboard. However, if I switch to another machine using the KVM, within a short time (maybe even minute or two) the linux machine goes dead. Now it has not crashed, as I can log in from a remote machine and do anything I need from a terminal, but the machine seems not to respond. I can't even use ctrl-alt-fn to switch to a console screen.

I initially tried entering telinit 3 from a remote machine but it made no apparent difference. However, if after telinit 3 I then killed the Xorg process and later issued a telinit 5 the X server restarted, but with a curious black 'notch' at the top of the screen. I am using an NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GS graphics card. I am now adding the backtrace from Xorg.0.log. It seems that when the KVM switches to another machine for more than a very short time the X server crashes.


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Fedora Installation :: Keyboard And Mouse Not Working On F11

Jun 11, 2009

I'm having an issue installing Fedora 11. The install goes fine, but after restarting (when I get to the initial configuration screen) my keyboard and mouse don't work. I can boot into the Live CD without issue. My boot.log file is below:

Welcome to Fedora
Press 'I' to enter interactive startup.
Starting udev: [OK]
Setting hostname Ste-PC: [OK]
mdadm: failed to add /dev/sda1 to /dev/md/imsm0: No such device or address
mdadm: Container /dev/md/imsm0 has been assembled with 2 drives
mdadm: Started /dev/md126 with 2 devices .....

HAL is failing to start, could that be the issue? If so, how should I go about fixing it?

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OpenSUSE Wireless :: KNetworkmanager Doesnt Work - Doesnt Respond To My Clicks

Nov 23, 2010

I want to connect my OpenSuse 11.3 Distribution with the Internet via WLAN. But i can't open the KNetworkManager. It doesnt respond to my clicks. If I click on the KNetworkManager "Button" it doesen't react.

Result : I can't modify my WLAN-Connection.

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Fedora Installation :: Mouse / Keyboard And Screen Freezes

Aug 19, 2009

I am trying to install fedora 10, 64 bit on computer with the following specification but the installation stops during installation (mouse , keyboard, screen freezes).
Motherboard Gigabyte GA-MA790GP-ud4h rev.1.0
processor AMD phenom ii 940
I have updated the bios to the latest version.

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Fedora Installation :: 11 Freezes On Start-up & Mouse And Keyboard Don't Work?

Sep 21, 2009

recently i tried to install for the first time and everything booted up fine but when i got to the post install configuration my mouse and keyboard don't work! after that one time whenever i try to load linux it just sits at the boot screen where the colored bar goes left to right and has fedora text in the bottom right corner. i don't know if this matters or not but i'm dual booting with windows XP also i tried using a live cd of fedora 11 it always boots up to the login however just like above i can't use my mouse or keyboard for that one either.

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Fedora Installation :: 11 Live CD Won't Detect Keyboard Or Mouse And Speakers During Boot

Sep 12, 2009

I am running Vista on my C: drive and I just got Fedora 11. I planned to dual boot Vista and fedora 11. I Downloaded the Live CD from the site (680 +- MB) and burned the files IN the .iso file to an empty DVD and CD. Shrank my D: drive and now have about 27 GiB wort of unpartitioned space. I booted from the Live CD. everything went OK until i chose Boot from the Boot Menu that came up. First it took me to a screen with the following message:

ACPI: expecting a [reference] package element found type 5. and then in went on to boot normally. Then when it reached the user login screen, I found that my mouse and keyboard were'nt responding and that there was no lights on any of the keys. I checked the USB cables and did a hard shutdown and booted from the Live CD again, but the problem persists.

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Ubuntu :: Loss Of Desktop Control (mouse And Keyboard)?

Nov 2, 2010

In the past few days Ive noticed a lot of updates. Yesterday morning several times I went to click on items on my desktop and I couldnt. I thought it was just my batteries getting weak. Yesterday afternoon it got so bad I couldnt click on anything for hours at a time. I could only power offIve been reading lots of forums and threadsd there are lots of possible problems to this but they all come down to xorg file and usb issues.

An example of one possible problem: When I have the system log open I can not move the app around, make it bigger or smaller, I can only scroll on the right pane and have to use the mouse keys to navigate the left pane. And if I want to shut the app down, sometimes I can use the ctl+F to close it but sometimes I cant.After I shut the app, any app that is, the mouse pointer turns to |< and I cant click on anything for 5 min to 5 hours. It was suggested to run sudo dpkg �reconfigure �phigh xserver-xorg but when I did I didnt see anything visually or in the terminal occur.

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Ubuntu :: Keyboard Has Suddenly Stopped Working In Gnome - Mouse Still Works

Jun 16, 2010

My keyboard has suddenly stopped working in Gnome (Ubuntu 10.4 LTS, Toshiba satellite laptop, P300). It works fine to logon, and with KDE.

The last thing I did before it stopped working was to hold down a shift key for too long, while I was thinking about what I wanted to do. The 'sticky keys' prompt popped up, which I killed. After that the keyboard has died - in *all* applications (e.g. gedit, terminal etc.)

The mouse still works. If I logout of Gnome, it comes alive again to type in the logon password. I had a look in messages, but without any enlightenment.

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Fedora Installation :: Lockup At First Boot Screen - Can't Move The Mouse And Keyboard Doesn't Work

Jun 11, 2009

I downloaded the Fedora 11 KDE livecd, installed it, and after the reboot when I get to that "firstboot" screen, I can't move the mouse, the keyboard doesn't work, I have to hold down the power button to turn off the computer.

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Ubuntu :: Mouse Clicks Functions L & R Are Gone?

Sep 7, 2010

i have lost left and right click functions in mouse and touchpad. This only happens when in a window - as in running App. when on top or bottom bar L&R click function normally and on cairo doc too. but inside any APP window left click turns into a hand and grabs it and moves the whole window around. Right click pops up the menu to close it , move workstation Right or Left etcetc So it is like the whole window is now like the title bar area

i have to hold Shift+control down to have normal mouse/touchpad function

I was playing with the Sugar App and its an emulator an educational toy for kids

it tells you to hold shift+control down so you can move the mouse out of the sugar window

and to hold Shift+control+any key for keyboard function

god knows what keys i hit

get my mouse / touchpad functions back

i have already removed all the SUGAR apps via synaptic

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Ubuntu :: Mouse Clicks In Keybindings?

Oct 13, 2010

how to add mouse clicks to keybindings? (apps->metacity->global_keybindings)

P.S: I have fair experience with Ubuntu, 1 year as default OS, and minimal usage before, so no need for basic tips.

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: Spontaneous Reboot - KDE4 Desktop Comes Up With The Keyboard And Mouse Not Working

Jan 16, 2010

I have a new system with Asus M3A78-EM mobo, 4 GB RAM, AMD Phenom II quad-core 955 3.2 GHz CPU, on which I've installed the 64-bit version of openSUSE 11.2. It's a lightweight server as well as a desktop machine, and is on 24/7 (and on a UPS). The problem is that the system reboots itself spontaneously, on average a couple of times a day, at seemingly random times. After one of these reboots, an examination of the system log shows nothing at all suspicious logged in the minutes prior to the sudden reboot. Sometimes the system recovers after the reboot, but about half the time the KDE4 desktop comes up with the keyboard and mouse not working. The system log in that case shows that the USB subsystem is wedged, with the message "task khubd:38 blocked for more than 120 seconds", followed by a series of call traces. At that point, I can usually log in via SSH from another local machine and execute a shutdown/reboot, and the system usually recovers fully after that... until the next spontaneous reboot. The only thing unusual about my USB setup is that I have a Hauppauge HVR-1950 TV tuner plugged in, and the pvrusb2 driver installed on the system.

The mobo has an onboard ATI Radeon HD 3200 graphic controller, and I installed the proprietory ATI driver for it in the hopes of improving system stability. It didn't.

Due to the lack of syslog warnings before one of these reboot events, I was inclined to think the hardware was at fault, and my first thought was bad memory. However, fairly extensive testing with memtest86+ showed no errors. Of course, it could be other more obscure hardware problems, but it would be nice to be a little more certain before I resort to replacing the motherboard or the whole system.

Other info... booting in failsafe mode doesn't seem to cure the problem. Setting acpi=off in the boot menu doesn't seem to help either. There are some suspicious things in the boot log, though, such as:

My system does not have ECC memory, so it is indeed properly disabled in my BIOS. Again, I see discussions of this bug(?) on the net, but little indication of whether it is anything serious.

At this point, I'm running out of ideas... I'm still not sure whether the hardware or openSUSE 11.2 are at fault, and I don't want to give up on either prematurely.

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Debian :: Associate Mouse Clicks With Actions?

Sep 14, 2010

I just bought a new mouse, that has 7 buttons! Beyond the normal left and right click, middle button, and buttons to navigate on the internet, I'd like to be able to associate custom functions to the other two buttons. I've tried to use keyboard shortcuts. However, it doesn't recognize the mouse click as a valid key.

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Debian Hardware :: R.A.T.5 Mouse Clicks Not Always Registering?

Mar 21, 2011

I just installed Debian 6.01a and when I click with my RAT5 mouse the clicks aren't being registered. This happens about maybe 40% of the time. There is nothing wrong with my machine physically and this is a clean install that is not virtualized. I've had similar issues with Kubunutu though blamed it on the virtual machine...now I know it's a Linux specific issue.

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Ubuntu :: Mouse Clicks Not Working On Flash?

Mar 2, 2010

Whenever I try to watch a video on the internet half the buttons don't work. Some times i cant change the sound, sometimes i can't pause the video, sometimes i cant even play the video, etc. It is different for every video and different every time i refresh the page the video is on.

I found THIS LINK describing the exact problem I had. The first solution doesn't work because i am running 9.10 64 bit. When I tried to do the second solution this is the result:

ryan@ryan-desktop:~$ sh fix_flash.sh
Stopping any Firefox that might be running.
[sudo] password for ryan:
firefox: no process found


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