Fedora Installation :: Fc11 Install Hangs At Checking Dependencies / Fix It?

Jun 11, 2009

I am trying to install fc11 on an intel mb with pentium4 and ati graphics
the install always hangs at the point where the sw packages have been selected
and the install is checking dependencies.

I have tried the regular install
the basic video install, and text install
with the same symptoms each time

the dvd drive lite is on and the hard disk activity lite is on and the system is frozen.
have to power off.

I have fc11 installed on another system (amd) and had install issues also but that was
with the preview.

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Fedora Installation :: F13 Install Freezes When Checking For Dependencies

Sep 1, 2010

Installing from a CD, and F13 constantly freezes at the same spot - "Checking dependencies in packages selected for installation" - gets stuck 1/3 to 1/2 thru.

Dell Dimension 2400, Celeron 2.4GHz, 768MB memory, 120GB drive.

I've used same CD set to install several other systems so CDs are good.

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Fedora Installation :: Fc11 Install Hangs After Remounting Root Fs In R/w Mode

Jul 8, 2009

I have a Dell Optiplex 760 Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E8400 @ 3.00GHz


I tried to upgrade to FC11 via download and DVD and in both cases the install hangs on bootstrap right after remounting the root filesystem in read/write mode.

Since it hangs in this manner, I have not been able to gather any logs...

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Fedora Installation :: Upgraded To FC11 From FC10 / System Freezes / Hangs

Jun 24, 2009

I upgraded from FC10 to FC11 yesterday.I had no problems using FC11 after I looked into the bootloader (not intuitive - Ha!).Tried to boot up this morning; and things seemed to work well until I tried to call up Firefox (added a few themes yesterday).The window pops open; but the computer freezes on the spot with an alarm (generic "beep", w/o the finishing "p").Tried it with Epiphany; and I get the same results with the exception of actually getting to the Home Page.Yum works for the most part - I reinstalled Firefox (no effect); but couldn't reinstall epiphany (keeps saying "there is no such package - did you mean 'epiphany'". No typos on my part - go figure). Doing Software/Package Updates (via System Menu) freezes the box as well.Did it with the system monitor on. It doesn't appear to be related to CPU Usage.

Had a FC10 liveUSB and used it for awhile (e.g. to check out the forums). After giving my ISP some grief about downloading speed, immediately received a note from their Abuse Department, saying that my machine had been infected with a virus and had been sending spam emails (post upgrade to FC11).

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Fedora Installation :: Fed 7 To 8 Upgrd, Hangs At Dependancy Checking?

Feb 6, 2009

Whenever I get to the dependancy check, it gets up to 99% and appears hung. I am in text, not GUI. Any idea why or if I just need to wait longer? I waited about 1/2 hour. Also, on newer versions, there seems to be no text install option. I saw in the stickies there is this option, and I was wondering how to get to it? I hit the function keys to get different menus while installing fedora 10 on my laptops but just can find a place to type text. I'm no guru, but I've been around the block and I'm just faster at the old text way. Old fart you might

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Fedora Installation :: Fc11 First Boot Hangs On "Verifying DMI Pool Data"

Oct 18, 2009

I had Fedora11 (default layout) running on a separate hard drive (winXP on the other drive). After the FC drive failure I replaced the drive and did a fresh install again. This time I tried a custom layout to keep the /home on a separate partition. The installation went without a hitch, but on first boot the system hangs with "Verifying DMI Pool Data......"

XP boots fine though. Looks like grub doesn't get loaded. I can boot with the installation cd and get into recovery mode, everything seems fine on the fedora disk. Fdisk result:


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Ubuntu Installation :: Grub With Full USB Install 10.04 - If Hdds Are Attached, Boot Hangs On "checking Dmi Pool Data..."

Feb 18, 2011

I've recently tried to do a full install to a USB stick using a 10.04 cd.

2 things happen as I boot:

1. if Hdds are attached, boot hangs on "checking dmi pool data..."
2. if hdds not attached, "hdd error" scrolls across screen

boots normally w/o the usb stick. I've set up my partitions on usb stick as

1: fat32 2gb <<windows/storage
2: fat32 1.5gb << future persistent install
3: ext4 4gb << hoped-for full install

1 is the first partition so windows finds it nicely. Before install, i unplugged my hdds so that grub wouldn't get confused. I told the installer to put the full install on sda3 with no swap space. I checked (advanced button on summary page) that bootloader is being installed to the usb on dev/sda (sda since no other drives attached). This should put it in the MBR (i think?)

Seems like I pressed all the right buttons huh? Is there a way to diagnose grub and see what's wrong? is there a reason grub may not initialize properly from a usb drive?

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Fedora :: FC11 Boot Hangs On 'starting Atd'

Aug 17, 2009

Running kernel-PAE-

Boot hangs on 'starting atd'

Select 217.2.3 and it boots OK.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Installing 10.10 Hangs At Checking PCI Cards

Jan 16, 2011

I was having the dreaded black screen hang during install but got that figured out. Read [url] for my first problem.

Now that I've finally gotten it past the blank screen, it starts the install but then hangs while checking the PCI cards, I included a photo of where it hangs, and I don't have any PCI cards installed.

Here are the specs on my computer:
Everything is brand new, TOTALLY from scratch build.
Mainboard is a MSI NF980-G65
AMD Phenom II 6 core processor
8GB DDR 3 Ram
1 Samsung Solid state hard drive
2 Samsung 1TB HD
Samsung iHAS424 DVD/CD drive

I'm using the on-board graphics which is Nvidia GeForce 8 series

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Ubuntu Installation :: LiveCD Hangs On Checking Battery State

May 6, 2010

So much for an LTS release being stable. I try to boot from a LiveCD and it hangs on "Checking battery state..." I searched the forum for a solution but didn't really find anything. This is an old desktop machine with Intel onboard graphics -- nothing too fancy and nothing it should have a problem with. Yet it's not working.

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Fedora Installation :: Can't Boot After Fc11 Livecd Install?

Sep 30, 2009

I've lost my boot manager ,can't boot from harddisk ! I've installed F11 x86_64 kde livecd on a partition aside with FC10 and windows xp, created a /boot ext3 partition + a " / " ext4 root partition and a swap partition shared with F10.I've tried to restore booting windows xp with the windoze restore cd with the "fixmbr" tool, but it did'nt fix i

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Fedora Installation :: FC11 - New Install No Sound After Adding Non-free Pkgs For Mp3

Jun 15, 2009

New install from downloaded DVD. sound played after install. Installed rhymbox, which tried to install the various nonfree packages. I didn't have the keys installed so it failed miserably. From various websites I've used yum to install nonfree packages to support mp3. I now have both movieplayer and rhymbox which have no sound. Even more strangely, rhymbox 'slider' which follows the playtime remaining, simply doesn't move? Tried remove/re-install rhymbox to no avail.

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Fedora Installation :: Dell Poweredge 2850 - Fails Install On FC11

Aug 23, 2009

FC11 i386 dvd iso image passes pgp verify. Burns fine and verifies fine under nero. Boots fine and verifies fine on my athlon system and installs just fine. Not one issue at all. 1374 pkgs install without issue. Take the same disc put it into my dell poweredge 2850 (dual xeon) and the disc fails to verify.

Even if I go ahead and try to install, it will boot and go through the menus. Then on package install at some point it will say one is corrupt and halts the install. Yet ubuntu 9.04 installs just fine on it. So I don't see how it could be the dvd player itself, though not 100% ruled out.

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Fedora Installation :: Install FC11 X86-64 And Preserve Home Partition That Is In Ext3?

Sep 25, 2009

I'm planning FC11 x86_64 with a live cd , but I would like to preserve my /home partition that is in ext3 . or is there a way to do an install and keep my /home and convert it after in ext4

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Fedora Installation :: DVD FC12 Install / Upgrade Wiped Everything On Disk Old FC11

Nov 24, 2009

Was using preupgrade from FC11x64 to 12x64. Preupgrade caused alot of problems like /boot not enough diskspace. After some searching found the steps and preupgrade proceed happily but after reboot got kernel panic grrr.

Took 3 days to find another machine to download and burn the FC12x64 disk. So I booted via the FC12x64 disk and selected the 1st option to install/upgrade. I thought it is upgrade and so choose replace my existing linux system however it wiped out everything on the disk. I have some important data in my home directory. I think it is in LVM, not a partition like /dev/sda1. How can I recover them? Was using stock settings.

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Fedora Installation :: Firefox Freezing System In New FC11 Install Not Upgrade

Dec 20, 2009

I installed FC11 from installation cds twice and I'm having a problem with Firefox freezing the system. The mouse cursor will move but nothing else is responsive, including mouse buttons and keyboard.I checked the media on every disc and they all check fine.I never had this problem with FC10. I tried upgrading Firefox -- with the necessary dependency upgrades too but without success.I tried to downgrade to FC10 Firefox and ran into a great big hassle with that.

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Slackware :: Checking - And Finding The Source For Dependencies ?

Nov 23, 2010

I'm looking to install, and perhaps create a SlackBuild) for an application that I think might be interesting.

The dependencies listed are:

libx11-dev, libxt-dev, libimlib2-dev, giblib-dev, and libxinerama-dev

I've checked to see if the packages are installed w/:


I've also looked for any existing SlackBuilds, but the only one that showed up in the database is: "giblib"

Where can I look to find these dependencies, their sources, or determine whether they're already installed in Slackware64 13.1?

Also, how would one determine if this can compile for a 64bit, non multi-lib install?

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Fedora Installation :: Can't Install FC10 Or FC11 For Desktop With Intel GMA X4500HD Graphics - Screen Goes Black

Jul 20, 2009

I cannot install FC11 or FC10 on my Dell XPS One/A2420 machine. Every time I tried to install the Linux operating system, the screen goes black and the computer goes no response. It seems to have something to do with the video card--Intel GMA X4500HD Graphics.

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Fedora Installation :: Downloaded The All Neded Dependencies And .rpm Files, But Cant Install Them?

Mar 8, 2011

A game I found recently through an web repository. Downloaded the all neded dependencies and .rpm files, but cant install them.. terminal output below:'

[root@localhost Downloads]# yum localinstall luola-1.3.2-2.fc6.rf.i386.rpm luola-levels-1.3.2-1.0.rf.noarch.rpm luola-debuginfo-1.3.2-2.fc3.rf.i386.rpm


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Fedora Installation :: F10 New Install - Hangs Up During Boot

Jan 19, 2009

I have just completed a dual boot installation of FC10. The install was done from CD's I downloaded from the Fedora website. The installation (seemed to have) went fine, and the machine still boots into XP if selected from the menu. The Fedora installation does not complete the boot process. I have three bars that move across the bottom of the screen, and the Fedora 10 graphic tuns white, and then the system hangs. I have let it sit at this screen for as long as 30 minutes. The screen will blank occasionally, but returns to the same place if I hit a key on the keyboard.

I have it installed on an old HP E800 netserver, running dual P3-866mHz processors, 2GB ram, a ATI Radeon 7000 video card, and three 36GB SCSI drives, non-raid. I know FC10 will run on this machine, as I have a friend running it on another E800 without any problems. This machine does have on-board video that is disabled only by plugging a different video card in (Phoenix BIOS).

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Fedora Installation :: F11 DVD I86_64 DVD Hangs On Install?

Jun 10, 2009

I have found two problems with the DVD (checksum and media test are both OK).

1. On the Install boot loader (grub) page , if you change the name of the install from Fedora to something else, anaconda crashes, lol.

2. Worse, the installer hangs just after that .


Retrieving installation information for installation repo is displayed, but the system just sits doing nothing.

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Fedora Installation :: 11 Hangs On Welcome Screen After Install?

Jun 12, 2009

Install from x64 DVD seems to have gone OK but 1st boot to welcome screen where user is added always hangs.I've done the install multiple times and no joy on any of them.I'm experienced with Fedora and had 10 installed on the same machine with no problem.Hardware is an HP d5000t.Quad core IntelNV graphics adapter8 Gig of memoryVista on a raid 0 by itselfFedora on a 320 Gig WD drive by itselfSuse 11.1 on another 640 Gig WD drive by itself

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Fedora Installation :: New Dell XPS 15z Hangs On Install?

Jun 3, 2011

I just got a new dell 15z and it hangs on the install "Waiting for hardware to initialize"of the 64bit fedora. I have tried both the nomodeset and noprobe and still to no avail. I have also tried installing ubuntu and the installer will not run so im at a loss. Any ideas from the fedora community.Is there any way I can debug anaconda so I can see where it is hanging?

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Ubuntu :: Boot Hangs After 'checking Battery State'

Apr 29, 2011

I upgraded from 10.10 to 11.04 last night.

The boot process hangs just after 'checking battery state' and I can't reach the login screen.

I can boot in using an older kernel OK.

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Ubuntu :: Kubuntu 10.04 Hangs On Checking Battery State?

Jul 31, 2010

I can get to a terminal with it in this state and use a ps aux [pipe] grep acpi and kill processes but how do I get it to resume booting after this? Typing startx doesn't work as xserver is already running on screen zero displaying the never-ending loading screen.

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Fedora :: How To Install VimDiff On FC11

Nov 5, 2009

After a base install of FC11 i don't have vimdiff nor can i get it with yum

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Fedora Installation :: Full DVD Install Process Hangs Constantly

Oct 20, 2009

I am trying to install Fedora 11 from a DVD. Not the live DVD, the full DVD and it hangs constantly. I had to wait 10 minutes for it to Find Storage Devices, 10 minutes to input a root password and now I am waiting for the drive shares to be setup. It's already been 10 minutes. I verified the disk and everything was fine. Why is this taking so long?

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CentOS 5 :: Resolving Dependencies For Updates Hangs?

Dec 31, 2009

I just installed CentOS and I tried updating software. Unfortunately it hangs at Resolving dependencies for updates.

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Red Hat / Fedora :: FC11 X86_64 Install Freeze ?

Oct 1, 2009

Fedora 11 (64 bit) installation on a clean system hangs at various points. The farthest it's gotten is just over half of the 1035 packages tagged for installation (cd 2 of 6 was the last prompted). At that point, the screen goes black except for a blinking cursor in the upper left corner. Keyboard is dead (e.g. cap/num lock is unresponsive).

Other attempts have stalled at other spots, such as creating the file system - system became unresponsive, no mouse movement, etc.; or installing brasero-libs when it simply stopped installing, mouse/keybd were OK, CD would not respond or eject.

These situations persist when using basic video mode, along with acpi=off and ide=nodma. Below is a description of the hardware in use.

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-EP45T-UD3LR
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Kentsfield Q6700 2.66 GHz
HDD: 300 GB Seagate IDE ST3300831A as master, single cabled with CD-ROM as slave connected to the sole IDE motherboard port
Video: NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS

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Fedora Installation :: Live CD Wont Install Hp Dv6707us. Hangs On GMD Screen?

Jul 11, 2009

Im trying to install fedora 11 from the live CD and when i get into the CD meny where it says "boot" and "press tab for boot options" i press enter. then a bunch lines flash across the screen with a lot of error messages. then the fedora loading bar at the bottom loads. hangs for about 1 minute at the very end. then the GMD screen appears. But the GMD screen is all out of place and its patchy as if my graphics card was causing some kind of error

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