Fedora Installation :: FC12 X86_64 Dell Optiplex 760 Install USB Keyboard Fail

Nov 18, 2009

When attempting to install FC12 x86_64 on a Dell Optiplex 760, my USB devices stop working after initial boot. I see anaconda, but am unable to change anything since my keyboard, mouse and any other USB devices are not powering up after kernel boot.

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Fedora Installation :: Install F8 With DELL Optiplex 755?

Feb 7, 2009

I have a Fedora 6 in DELL Optiplex 755. When I installed Fedora 8, I got the following error message:

"An unhandled exception has occurred. This is most likely a bug. Please
save a copy of the detailed exception and file a bug report against
anaconda at http://bugzilla.redhat.com"

This error message is from action of screen: "Installation requires
partitioning of your hard drive. By default, a partitioning layout is
chosen which is reasonable for most users. You can either choose to use
this or create your own."

I chose: "Remove Linux partitions on selected drives and create default
layout" or

I chose other options, but I still got same error message.

Then I switched to a new HHD, but I still got the same error message.

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Ubuntu Installation :: No Sound In 10.4 LTS Fresh Install - Dell Optiplex 380MT

May 5, 2010

I'm a Dell Optiplex 380 MT Workstation user which have a Intel HDA Integrated sound controller. I was using Ubuntu 9.10 32 Bits Karmic, and all works fine, but, two days ago I did a fresh install to Ubuntu 10.4 LTS 32 Bits Lucid. In Ubuntu 9.10 I didn't do nothing to make work all features of my workstation, but, in 10.4 LTS the sound don't work. The hardware appear in "Speaker Icon" and in the alsamixer menu, but nothing works. It's happens in the Live CD, Installation in Hard Disc, 32 Bits Version and 64 Bits version.

Here is the output of the command, in Ubuntu 9.10 & Ubuntu 10.4. The only difference that I see is the follow in lspci (bold text):
Ubuntu 9.10: 00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801G (ICH7 Family) High Definition Audio Controller (rev 01)
Ubuntu 10.4: 00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation N10/ICH 7 Family High Definition Audio Controller (rev 01)

At both version this is the which use (same output):
cat /proc/asound/card0/codec#0
Codec: Realtek ALC269

I've installed linux-backports-modules-alsa-2.6.32-21-generic-pae, reboot system and nothing happens.
lsmod | grep snd
Ubuntu 9.10 .....

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Ubuntu Installation :: Lubuntu Install Fails On Dell Optiplex GX150?

Jun 4, 2011

I'm currently stuck at the "lubuntu - Install lubuntu" screen on a Dell Optiplex GX150 (specs; Pentium III 1 GHz, 512 mb RAM, 20 GB HDD). I can hear the CD spinning up but nothing happens. Looking at the specs, the PC should be able to run lubuntu, right? Could somebody point me in the right direction? I've verified both the ISO and the CD checksum, both check out, so there should be no issue with the install media

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Hardware :: LAn Drivers Not Install Dell Optiplex 760?

Jan 22, 2010

i have installed windows as well as linux on my system(dell optiplex 760).i m trying to install lan card drivers but the following error occur."Error resolving dependencies "unable to resolve the dependencies for some packages selected for instalation.

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General :: Where To Get Device Drivers To Install Dell Optiplex 755?

Jan 28, 2010

Where can I find the device drivers so I can install RHLE v5.x on a Dell Optiplex 755?

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Debian Installation :: 6 On Dell Optiplex Gx 270 Computer

Jul 12, 2011

I try install debian 6 on my dell gx 270, but on some step of instalation I have error. I try other computer, also dell gx 270 but same problem. I try change cd rom, hard disc, ram .... but problem is still here. Is some chipset or something from dell is problem? I try install firmware-6.0.1a-i386-netinst.iso and debian-6.0.1a-i386-kde-CD-1.iso

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Fedora Installation :: Upgrade To F11 X86_64 On Dell E521?

Jul 4, 2009

I've tried to upgrade with prepupgrade and also to boot from F11 DVD, but just after anaconda starts, it hangs. (Just about when X starts) Maybe my hardware isn't supported yet or something but I can't find out. I don't find any anaconda log-file or anything to give me a clue what goes wrong.

description: Desktop Computer
product: Dimension E521
vendor: Dell Inc
serial: 709KZ2J


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Ubuntu Installation :: Dell Optiplex GX270 Boots To Blank Screen

Aug 16, 2010

My next door neighbor has a dell Optiplex gx270 and wanted Ubuntu installing.
1gb RAM
P4 2.4
Intel 82865g Onboard Graphics.
40gb HDD

I tried the live cd and it froze on bootup, so I thought it might not be enough ram as the case sticker said 512mb ram. So I booted the minimum install cd and installed ubuntu desktop on it and then rebooted, when it boots i get grub and then screen will either do 1 of 2 things.
1. I get another flashing cursor in top left corner and then cursor stops flashing and then nothing happens at all.
2. Then screen will go black and nothing will show at all.

I have tried updating the BIOS, adding i915.modeset=0 to grub, didn't work either. Also couldn't find the xorg.conf under /etc/X11 to change driver to vesa. After several reboots atleast 30 since the check disk think showed and then it froze again. it booted correctly so I tried the latest intel driver from xorg edgers ppa. Rebooted and still the same thing happens. tried 2 different installs now and get same results. I have had to put winxp on it so he can atleast use it, but this will run out in 30 days unless he decides to buy it.

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Fedora :: CD/ DVD Burning

Mar 23, 2010

I have been unable to burn CD's / DVD's while logged into FC12 with a full GDM session or with just the Gnome Greeter running. If I drop to single user mode and use wodim I can burn w/o issue.

GDM 2.28.2

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Ubuntu Installation :: Dell Optiplex GX60 And Getting A Black Screen With White Letters Of Errors?

Apr 8, 2011

I am trying to install Ubuntu on my Dell Optiplex GX60 and am getting a black screen with white letters of errors and other stuff.

For instance.bad_area_nosemaphore+0x90/0x130

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Fedora X86/64bit :: Upgrading To Kernel-

Dec 29, 2009

I have an issue with kernel- I ran the updates on Christmas Eve and it updated from kernel- to kernel- When I rebooted, I no longer received the Fedora Bubble boot screen. It comes up with the Fedora boot bar (across the bottom). Also, I receive failures during boot with the following:


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Fedora Installation :: F12 64bit On Optiplex 740 - Hang On First Boot After Install?

Feb 15, 2010

New install of Fedora 12 64-bit from DVD on an Optiplex 740 (AMD) with 8GB memory I had to use the mem= option to get the install past the EDD probe, but it seemed to install successfully. Now on boot it goes all the way through the "filling icon" progress meter, then switches to a completely black screen with an X pointer cursor that responds to mouse movement, but nothing else happens. Ctrl-Alt-F{2-5} do not switch to a console login, so the system's inaccessible.

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Fedora X86/64bit :: F13: Package Nss-softokn-freebl-3.12.4-19.fc12.x86_64

May 28, 2010

I have configured the Adobe repos and when I try to install Adobe Reader, yum gives me the following error:

Transaction Check Error: package nss-softokn-freebl-3.12.4-19.fc12.x86_64 (which is newer than nss-softokn-freebl-3.12.4-17.fc13.i686) is already installed I tried --skipbroken as a longshot to no avail. Obviously if I try to remove nss-softokn-freebl it tries to remove all of Fedora , looked in Koji but there is nothing in there either.

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Fedora :: FC12 X86_64 Rpmfusion K3b-extras-nonfree Conflict?

Nov 25, 2010

I am trying to set up k3b. It complains about a missing mp3 decoder. Following this solution, I set up yum to use the livna repository and then found I actually needed the rpmfusion repo, so set that up as well. Now when I run "yum install k3b-extras-nonfree", I end up with a transaction error: Transaction Check Error: file /usr/lib64/libfaad.so.2.0.0 from install of faad2-libs-1:2.7-1.fc11.x86_64 conflicts with file from package libfaad2-1:2.7-16.fc12.x86_64

Any idea why the repo is trying to install faad2-libs x86_64 1:2.7-1.fc11 rpmfusion-free when all the other objects are correctly shown as fc12 and how do I get around this without breaking something which is already installed?

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Fedora :: Error: Unresolvable Requirement /sbin/ldconfig For Pixman-0.16.2-1.fc12.x86_64 (installed)

Dec 6, 2009

Today's update failed with this line tagged to every package:

Error: Unresolvable requirement /sbin/ldconfig for pixman-0.16.2-1.fc12.x86_64 (installed)
Error: Unresolvable requirement /sbin/ldconfig for libXrandr-1.3.0-3.fc12.x86_64 (installed)
Error: Unresolvable requirement /sbin/ldconfig for libedit-2.11-4.20080712cvs.fc12.x86_64 (installed)


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Fedora :: Boot Failure (F12 64bit On Nvidia 730i/9300 Chipset)

Dec 8, 2009

Just got the latest kernel update for fedora 12 64bit and it won't boot on my PC. I just get a black screen with some text that doesn't mean anything to me. Computer is a s775 E7200 with nvidia 730i/9300 integrated graphics. I am NOT using hardware graphics drivers at the moment, having decided to stick with Nouveau drivers for a time. What system log tools do I need to identify the problem?

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OpenSUSE Install :: All Login / Su Attempts Fail After Applying Su Update Patch (11.2 / X86_64)

Mar 16, 2010

Yesterday I applied the su security patch to my openSuSE 11.2 x86_64 system.After applying the patch, any attempt at su failed, and after rebooting the system earlier this morning any login (root, user, otherwise) fails with a "Permission Denied".Is it possible that the su update somehow messed up my (standard) pam settings?

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Ubuntu :: Using A Dell Optiplex 270 With A Penium 4 Processor 3 Ghz?

Nov 7, 2010

I have learned something that I wanted to share with everyone. I don't know if this has been posted before. I was using a Dell optiplex 270 with a penium 4 processor 3 ghz computer 4g RAM dual processor. I tried to put the new Ubuntu on it because everyone was raving about it. Everytime I put the 10.04 on it, it slowed down and became very sluggish. I then had to reformat it back to 9.10.

I had an extra computer here that I was not using. It was also a Dell but it was an Inspiron 530 with an Intel Celeron CPU 2 ghz and 2g RAM. Well, to my suprise, it works GREAT with Ubuntu 10.04. I have not had one issue with it since I installed the new Ubuntu. In my opinion, it is a processor issue. I don't think that Ubuntu 10.04 works with a Penium 4 processor. It does work GREAT with a Celeron CPU processor.

It has been my understanding that Ubuntu (Linux) was made and has been made for older and new computers. It does seem that the new releases have been made only for the newer computers. Has anyone ever had these types of issues or come to these types of conclusions?

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Hardware :: No Sound On Dell Optiplex 980 After Update

May 11, 2010

I recently switched my computer over to Fedora 12 from Win7. When I booted off the Live CD everything worked great, but after I installed and ran a yum update, I have no sound! The volume is not muted in any of the places I could find to look. I had the same problem in Ubuntu 10.04, which is why I decided to switch back to Fedora thinking I may not have the issue there ... but alas I was wrong. Here is some system info:

amixer output:
Simple mixer control 'Master',0
Capabilities: pvolume pswitch pswitch-joined penum
Playback channels: Front Left - Front Right
Limits: Playback 0 - 65536
Front Left: Playback 57016 [87%] [on]
Front Right: Playback 57016 [87%] [on]
Simple mixer control 'Capture',0
Capabilities: cvolume cswitch cswitch-joined penum
Capture channels: Front Left - Front Right
Limits: Capture 0 - 65536
Front Left: Capture 48777 [74%] [on]
Front Right: Capture 48777 [74%] [on]

lspci output (relevant part)
00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation Ibex Peak High Definition Audio (rev 05)
dmseg | grep hda output
hda_codec: ALC269: BIOS auto-probing.
ALSA sound/pci/hda/hda_codec.c:3881: autoconfig: line_outs=1 (0x1b/0x0/0x0/0x0/0x0)
ALSA sound/pci/hda/hda_codec.c:3885: speaker_outs=1 (0x14/0x0/0x0/0x0/0x0)
ALSA sound/pci/hda/hda_codec.c:3889: hp_outs=1 (0x21/0x0/0x0/0x0/0x0)
ALSA sound/pci/hda/hda_codec.c:3890: mono: mono_out=0x0
ALSA sound/pci/hda/hda_codec.c:3901: inputs: mic=0x19, fmic=0x18, line=0x0, fline=0x0, cd=0x0, aux=0x0
ALSA sound/pci/hda/patch_realtek.c:1288: realtek: No valid SSID, checking pincfg 0x411111f0 for NID 0x1d
ALSA sound/pci/hda/patch_realtek.c:1368: realtek: Enable default setup for auto mode as fallback

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CentOS 5 Hardware :: No Graphics On Dell Optiplex 780?

Apr 2, 2010

I have a brand new OptiPlex 780 from Dell, I downloaded CentoOS x86_64 from [URL]. The installer runs the graphics mode OK, when I reboot into normal, the graphics doesn't work.

The last messages I see are:

Red Hat nash version starting
starting clock,
starting UDev

then the display goes away, the montior says "Not Support" The monitor is 1 day old and supports VGA to 1680x1050.

I try pressing "I" (and/or "i") when Red Hat first starts, but the interactive menu doesn't show.

I have two idenical machines, the other is running XP (the CentOS was also before I loaded CentOS), WinXP is allowing screen resolutions of

- 800 x 600 @ 60Hz, 72Hz, or 75Hz
- 1024 x 768 @ 60Hz, 70Hz, or 75Hz
- 1280 x 1024 @ 60Hz or 75Hz
- 1680 x 1050 @ 60Hz
...all working on the same monitor.

During Bios boot, the monitor shows 600x800 @ 60Hz, during the text-only start of CentOS, it shows 720x400 70Hz. After CentOS boot shows starting udev, the montior breifly shows 720x400 70Hz, then "Not Support".

Why isn't CentOS using the same graphics mode it used during installation (that worked fine)

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CentOS 5 Hardware :: Won't Boot On Dell Optiplex 320?

May 6, 2010

I'm trying to run CentOS 5.4 (downloaded yesterday - CentOS-5.4-i386-bin-DVD.iso). Install process run well Pick default options on install. On partitioning part I've pick "Remove all partitions on selected drives and create default layout"

It get stusk after grub loading at : root (hd0,0) Filesystem type is ext2fs, partition type 0x83 Kernel /vmlinuz-2.6.18-164.el5 ro root=/dev/VolGroup00/logVol00 rhgb quiet [linux-bzImage, setup=0x1e00, size=0x1b3634] stops there, and not load the operating system

System : Dell Optiplex 320
PROC : Interl pentium D 3.00 Ghz
Mem : 2 GO DDR2 Windows XP SP3 was installed previously on this machine.

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General :: Blank Screen And No Login After FC12 Installation On Dell E6410

Jun 3, 2010

I am trying to put FC12 on a new Dell E6410 (laptop) with video "00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Device 0046 (rev 02)". I used the Live disk and successfully installed, but then I updated. Thereafter when I boot I get a black screen. I cannot even get to the login.

Unfortunately I really do not know where to start to try to trouble shoot. (I can get into run level 3 on the latest kernel). Also the issue seems to come about from kernel to kernel since the blank screen issue does not arise in the former. For now I switched the order of these kernel in GRUB so the older one boots first and this seems to work.

Although the blank screen is my most pressing issue, I am having others too (synaptic mouse, wifi, suspend, internal camera). Well, hopefully once I can run the newest kernel these issue will disappear.

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Ubuntu :: Kernel ACPI Bugs With Dell Optiplex 320

Dec 21, 2010

I'm trying to get WOL (Wake On Lan -suspend and hibernate don't work either) working in Ubuntu 10.10 amd64 on the above computer for a family member but seem to not be getting anywhere! WOL is enabled correctly I verified that after shutting down in windows XP that the computer came on with WOL. I have tried the following:

Enable wol
ethtool -s eth0 wol g

The computer shuts-down but won't wake up by WOL packet. Make sure the Ethernet (MAC0) can wake up PC
echo "MAC0" > /proc/acpi/wakeup
The computer shuts-down but won't wake up by WOL packet

Kernel parameters:
apm=power_off acpi=off

With all of the above, the computer doesn't not power down after shut down. The power button light is still on and has to be pressed to turn it off. Here is the strange thing: WOL works after manually tuning it off! I tried inserting apm module but it is not available.

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Ubuntu :: Graphics Very Slow On Dell Optiplex GX240

Feb 21, 2011

I installed Ubuntu 10.10 32-bit on a Dell Optiplex GX240, it has an ATI Rage 128 Pro Ultra TF (from lspci output) and all the graphics run very slow (I'm assuming because OpenGL and hardware acceleration are disabled). I Googled the issue and found several solutions but non of them worked. I tried installing the ATI Catalyst driver but it doesn't recognize the graphics card. I also tried to install the fglrx drivers but when I run fglrxinfo I get a segmentation fault. So the X server is running with the open source (r128) drivers and it's really slow.

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CentOS 5 Hardware :: Dell Optiplex 960 Screen Blanking ?

Sep 8, 2010

I've just installed 12 new Dell Optiplex 960 computers with Dell 2009W monitors. They are identical hardware and OS installs. Some of them are exhibiting a weird problem with their screens: They boot up and run just fine, but then the monitor goes black for 2 or 3 seconds, and comes back, with the small DVI icon popping up in the upper left corner to show which video connection is active. This repeats at random intervals continously; sometimes just a few seconds between, and sometimes many minutes.

The problem initially happened on just one machine so I had Dell swap the motherboard thinking it was a hardware issue. That did not fix it. Soon after that, I got reports from several users of the same problem on other of the new machines.

I've done a very basic install of CentOS 5.5, skipping all of my local configuration management stuff, and it still happens. Then I installed Ubuntu 10.04 and over the last few hours the machine has been rock solid. No video issues at all.

Here is the output of lspci:

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Dell N7010 Ethernet Connectivity (13 X86_64)

Oct 25, 2010

There is no Ethernet (or wireless) connectivity for my new Dell N7010 with Fedora 13 64-bit. The drivers do not appear to be installed. Right now, the goal is to get the Ethernet controller (Atheros Communications AR8152 v1.1 Fast Ethernet) running. I have tried to install the AR81Family-linux-v1.0.1.13, but the tarball gives an error when attempting to extract it:

"tar: Child returned status 2
tar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors"

I also tried the compat-wireless-2.6 which also gave errors when trying to do a make:

"make: *** /lib/modules/ No such file or directory. Stop.
make: *** [modules] Error 2"

here are the specific things MikeTbob requested be run (via his "wireless setup" link):

[Ron AT localhost ~]$ uname -r

and the files lspci.txt, dmesg.txt and lsmod.txt are attached. Note that the command dmesg | grep firmware returned nothing. Also please note the website didn't like the dmesg.txt filesize, it was broken up into 4 separate files: dmesg1of4.txt, dmesg2of4.txt and dmesg3of4.txt<<< hit max file upload, so dmesg4of4.txt is in the reply to this post.

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General :: GUI Not Working After Changing Resolution In Centos 5.4 On Dell Optiplex 280 / Fix It?

Mar 2, 2010

After installing a Dell Optilex 280 desktop with Centos 5.4, I configured sendamil, squid and all the extras I needed for a proxy and email server. All was fine until I switched the machine off. I had changed the resolution before and all was working fine. Now I have lost my gui , the system starts O.K but goes blank after "starting udev". I can use webmin to administer the server from a nother desktop/laptop but the monitor is totally blank. I tried most configurations on the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file even tried to create a new one using X -configure but still nothing changed. I cant afford to reinstall because of the time it takes to update the box, our broadband connections are so expensive this end of the world (Zimbabwe) and not so efficient. I have looked at the logs and tried to google but the solutions wont work for me? I suspect there could be an issue with the intel graphics adapter?

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CentOS 5 Hardware :: Dell Optiplex 320 And Kernel-2.6.18-194.11.3.el5.i686.rpm Hang

Sep 17, 2010

I have read all of the articles I could find on the problems. I am using the lilo bootloader as grub doesn't work. I have also added pci=nomsi to my lilo.conf and ran lilo -v. I can get the system to boot with kernel-2.6.18-8.el5. However I can't get the system to boot with kernel-2.6.18-194.11.3.el5.i686.rpm. When I boot with kernel-2.6.18-194.11.3.el5.i686 the system hangs after it prints bios data check successful. I tried adding suppress-boot-time-BIOS-data to my lilo.conf (I ran lilo -v after the change) and the system still hangs. The Optiplex 320 is running bios 1.1.12

Why won't newer kernels work? Is there a way to get more information to print before the hang to aid in debugging?

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CentOS 5 :: Ver5 On Desktop (DEll OptiPlex), Power Cut Oops!?

Sep 10, 2011

I no expert and this was a bit of mucking around. Installed Version 5 dot something on a desktop (DELL OptiPLex) with a couple of extra HDDs, for a server to play with (samba to Windows). I used the drives as a single logical drive via LVM.

We had a power cut, now it doesn't work. In fact it's been hanging around for a couple of years and before I dump it I wonder if there is any chance of getting some of the wife's letters, pictures, etc that I promised I try and get off.

The /boot partition seems to be there and I've attached a photo of what happens at boot, and I admit....I haven't a clue what it all means. Also I did not think ahead and did not create a recovery disk. I know, I know heap damnation on me for being so reckless, but any chance I can get myself back in the wife's good books?

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