Fedora Installation :: F15 Wrongly Reporting Memory As 3.2 GB In 4 GB System / Fix It?

Jul 18, 2011

I had Fedora 13 64 bit before which was correctly reporting memory as 4GB. After I wiped off Fedora 13 and did a fresh install of Fedora 15 32 bit, the memory is reported as 3.2 GB in the system Info and also in free -mt command code...

Where is 600MB memory gone missing? I checked the BIOS setting and it correctly says total memory is 4GB.

The hardware is exactly same and I did not change anything.

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Fedora Installation :: (preupgrade Grayed Out And Rpm Reporting No Packages) - How To Recover

Apr 7, 2009

I have a system set up with Fedora 9 - the Fed10 installer choked on an older Intel video chip. I've decided to try updating to 10 in anticipation of further upgrading to 11. Reading this forum and elsewhere convinced me to try preupgrade. I started it and saw Fed10 as an available upgrade path, selected it. At that point, the system appeared to freeze -- the progress bar got about 10% along and everything sat for 10-15minutes. I exited out of preupgrade and tried the rpm path.

That didn't fly either -- I was told that there were no packages marked for upgrade. I read more about preupgrade, including the fact that it might give the appearance of having locked up although it was still working. So I went back to preupgrade. This time, Fed10 didn't show in the selection box. It was, in fact, empty except when I checked the box for beta/unstable and could see Rawhide.

How do I get back to where I was with preupgrade so that I can finish what I started? Alternatively, how can I do a 9 to 10 upgrade from this point (preupgrade grayed out and rpm reporting no packages)? I expect to further upgrade to 11 in a couple of months, so the step to 10 is necessary. I do not have a separate /home partition and I have some very expensive (and difficult to set up) software that insists on sitting in /usr/local, so a full install, though doable, isn't something I want to undertake -- I'd much prefer to do to upgrades from 9.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Wrongly Mkfs To /dev/sda1 Insted Of /dev/sdb1 Data Deleted?

Jun 6, 2011

I had a working Ubuntu 9.10 with Windows 7 installed, and i was writing an image of IPCOP [URL] to the USB drive incorrectly, i did mkfs on my primary partation i.e. /dev/sda1 now i am trapped in situation, i was trying to write and usb-hdd image of ipcop on USB Drive, while doing so, i have given following commands

1. mkfs.vfat /dev/sda1
2. e2label usb-pen
3. zcat filename > /dev/sda1

* now the stupid thing i have done, is given /sda1( My HDD ) instead of /sdb1 (USB Drive), it has successfully loaded IPCOP bootable on my primary drive, and my laptop is not working now.

Laptop Partation Info:
/dev/sda1 - NTFS (Windows 7 Prof)
/dev/sda2 - NTFS


now i want to get my partitions & data back, if anybody have idea about how to get rid of this situation. The good thing i have done, is that, i didn't tried to install anything on the drive after this happened, with hopes that i can get my data back i guess that it can be recovered but confusion is that, which data recovery software to use, and for linux or windows, as i had my data on NTFS filesystem and currently there is Free Space and EXT4 partition.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Mythbuntu System Hangs After Regular System Update: "out Of Memory" Errors

Aug 4, 2010

I have Mythbuntu 10.04 installed on an exclusive HTPC and working great... until tonight. After letting the system update some packages (161 packages if I remember right), I suddenly have an issue where the graphical system won't start. After researching I found three error messages that might be causing that.

1. At the start of splash screen I see "UUID=xxxxxxxCD7 not ready yet or not present" I checked in /etc/fstab and found that this is the swap partition. I don't remember seeing this before so this could be the culprit.

2. I'm not at the computer in question right now but I saw a Plymouth error about "mountall" and then the message "plymouth command failed". Not sure if this could be the main error.

3. after a while (usually ca. 1-2 min) I receive thousands of errors of the kind "out of memory"... "kill process XXXX" (process vary wildly e.g. dbus-daemon, mysql, etc)... "process killed"..."respawning"

After error 3, I'm not able to switch to graphical console (ctrl-alt-F7). If I was in the graphical console at this moment, I simply can't switch to the CLI console. I'm always afraid of updating my system since I've seen lots of things breaking afterwards (usually the proprietary graphic drivers) but this is really strange.

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Fedora Hardware :: Cannot Use All Of System Memory?

Jun 6, 2010

I just installed Fedora 13 onto a "new" (to me) box, and everything seems mostly fine, except that I only seem to be able to use about 900.2 MiB of 991.4 MiB of RAM memory, according to System Monitor. I haven't set up a swap partition yet, so the problem became very, very, very obvious. When I get to about 890 MiB usage, everything goes very quickly downhill, locking up, etc. The peak I saw was 900.2 MiB. What's going on? Does this have anything to do with the system being 64-bit? Might the memory be bad?

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Software :: Xorg Not Closing Files / System Reporting Full Hard Disk

Feb 9, 2011

I opened this thread in Ubuntu forums with no luck at all. Hope someone can give me a clue of what happens.URl...Recently, gnome has been warning me about low disk space, always less than 1.5GiGs. The problem is, baobab (disk usage analyzer) tells me that there are something like 50GiG free. I am sure that I have the free space ( I can write big files ) but the system keeps reporting low disk space.

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Fedora :: Root File System Out Of Memory?

May 22, 2011

I have worked in linux for a long time but never managed the system until I got my own server, which is running Fedora 14. I have a 3 TB Drive and apparently can only handle 2 TB. At least the Disk Analyzer is telling me that 2TB is 100% max capacity. Also viewing disk analyzer, I am only using 50GB of my 2TB but I am out of memory in the Root file system. If I run df -h, I get he following:

Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
50G 40G 7.2G 85% /


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Fedora X86/64bit :: Version 10 Won't Boot After Installing 4Gb Of System Memory

May 9, 2009

I have been using for over a year now, my 64-bit computer first with Fedora 8 and now with Fedora 10 with 2Gb of RAM just fine. Today I purchased an extra 2Gb for the system and upon installation from the GRUB screen Fedora 10 simply won't boot. It does boot with 3Gb, and it doesn't matter which stick I use for the 3Gb configuration, or what slot do I put the sticks into the motherboard, however if I place the four sticks, F10 simply won't boot. Should I pass a command line argument tot he kernel? If so, which?

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Fedora :: Swap Memory Full-system Stops Responding?

Jun 24, 2009

i have a RAM of 1 Gb & swap of 1Gb with fedora11 installed, initially in RAM programme memory uses around 300 Mb & cache uses 600-700 Mb , but after some time it starts using swap memory though my programme memory is still around 300 mb, it keeps on increasing swap memory as a result my system keeps on slowing down & finally when swap memory is 100% system almost stops responding but programme memory is still around 300mb.

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Fedora :: /dev/shm - 224 Mbyte Ramdisk That Is Consuming 224 Mbytes Of System Memory Whether Or Not Use It

Dec 5, 2009

I just noticed this in my "df" output:


There's an entry in /etc/fstab which mounts this automatically. If I interpret that correctly, that's a 224 mbyte ramdisk that is consuming 224 mbytes of system memory whether or not I use it. Is that correct? If so, will anything break if I unmount it and delete it from /etc/fstab? Do programs typically depend on it? I'd like to reclaim the system memory (low DRAM machine) for other uses.

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Red Hat / Fedora :: System Is Eating More Memory And The Usage Is Keep On Increasing And At Particular Time

May 5, 2011

My server is keep on hanging So I have rebooted several times in the last couple of weeks, the system is eating more memory and the usage is keep on increasing and at particular time it became saturated and my server hungs. I could not find which process is eating more memory. I have used the below commands to check if any process is eating more memory but no luck. No such process are using high memory.

1) Top
2) ps -eo pcpu,pmem,user,args


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Fedora :: Retrieving NTFS Partition Which Was Chosen Wrongly As Boot Partition?

Apr 19, 2010

Recently I reinstall Grub, but I have chosen on ntfs (windows 7 partition E: drive). After this I chosen /dev/sda which is correct boot partition.

Now Fedora 10 and Win 7 booth are working properly.

How can I get back my E: drive safely?

In Fedora 10 E: is not available, where as in Win7 it is available but asking for Format.

how to get back my E: partition which was chosen wrongly as boot partition.

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Server :: Df Reporting 100% But Du Reporting 20%?

Apr 15, 2011

Today morning I logged on to one of our servers (through ssh -X) to perform a routine maintenance. When I tried to open a GUI application, it failed to connect to the X server of the workstation. Eventually I ended up issuing the command


df -h /

and shockingly it showed that / is 100% used. I checked / using


du --max-depth=1 -xh /

to check the sizes of the individual directories, which showed that only about 18% of the / is used and that confused me badly. There was no quick solutions when I googled around; but luckily I found the following link which nicely explained the issue I had:


All I did was found out the services responsible for those unreleased files (using lsof +L1) and restarted them. That is it. Now df reports only 18% of the disk is used and all my X things started working again, thanks to Walker.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Lsb_release Reporting 10.04 On 10.10?

Oct 14, 2010

I just did a fresh install of 10.10. I was running 10.04 but formatted that partition when installing from a USB key. Pre-install, I ran:

sudo dpkg --get-selections > package.selections Post-install, I moved some of my etc files back in. I updated my sources.list. Then I ran
sudo dpkg --set-selections < package.selections
sudo apt-get dselect-upgrade

However, lsb_release is reporting 10.04. When I boot the system it doesn't show the typical boot screen but rather "Ubuntu 10.10" and output of what's loading up. On my laptop (upon which 10.10 installed fine), the splash screen shows the dots loading up with the new Ubuntu splash (10.10 style).

I go into Update Manager, and it thinks I need to upgrade to 10.10. Thing is, I'm already on 10.10. My kernel version is and I'm running Gnome 2.32.00 according to the System Monitor. I'm wondering if I'm getting 10.10 updates or 10.04 updates since my system incorrectly thinks I'm on 10.04.

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Fedora :: Yum Reporting Package Not Installed?

Sep 14, 2010

When I install some packages Yum seems to behave correctly until the the very end when it gives the error: xxx-package was supposed to be installed but is not! I am lookng for any advice which might solve the issue. Below is an example of the yum output.

4.4.2-7.fc12.x86_64.rpm | 75 kB 00:00
Running rpm_check_debug


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General :: Is There System Admin Tool For RHEL On Montioring And Logging System Memory

Apr 20, 2011

Is there a system admin tool for RHEL on montioring and logging system memory used and released that can dump to a log file?I'm having an issue with memory not being released when an application is closed. I need to have a tool monitor and log so I can troubleshoot to verify that it's an application not the OS.

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Fedora Networking :: How To Prevent Arpwatch From Reporting Changes On

Feb 2, 2009

I am running a sever for a local community. There is arpwatch service running and monitoring for new network cards. The problem is that each day I keep getting lots of 'flip flop' reports:


hostname: <unknown>
ip address:
ethernet address: 0:13:e8:43:b1:e7


I know where they come from: clients are obtaining ip addresses by DHCP, and initially are sending DHCP requests from I am running arpwatch with a specific option to NOT report such things, but it looks like it is ignored...


arpwatch -u arpwatch -e admin -N -s 'root (Arpwatch)' -i br0 -n

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Fedora :: Disable The Automatic Bug Reporting Tool?

Feb 8, 2010

How do I disable the Automatic Bug Reporting Tool?

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Fedora :: Every Boot Bug Reporting Kernal Crash?

Mar 5, 2010

At every boot I get an automatic bug reporting warning about the kernal. Not sure what is causing this or how to fix it. It is on a Dell d600 laptop.

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Fedora Hardware :: Checking Computer Memory - Specification Shows 2 GB Of Memory Instead Of GB

Feb 7, 2011

Fedora 14 xfce
HP Mini 210

I am looking to buy some memory for my netbook. Currently I have 1 GB of DDR3 memory. However, the specification says that 2 GB of memory is the max. However, when I do the following it says that 4GB is the max:


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Debian Installation :: Lenny In OpenSolaris - Reporting 520T Drive?

Mar 18, 2011

I am attempting to get Debian Lenny 5.0.8 to run on an OpenSolaris snv_134 lx-branded zone. Debian 6.0.0 is a total flop due to the included udev requiring a kernel >= 2.6.26 and the kernel provided by the lx26 brand being only 2.6.18.So I installed Debian 5.0.8 into a VirtualBox VM, configured it, then tarred up the install with the following command as root, from /:

tar -cjf /mnt/share/debian-5.0.8.tar.bz2 --exclude dev --exclude sys --exclude mnt --exclude proc *

I then installed that archive into a solaris zone, booted it, and had to run

perl -pi -e "s,1 1,1 0," /etc/fstab

in order to fix up the fstab. Now it boots (with a handful of warnings), but the problem I'm having is that I can't run apt. I get:

E: Couldn't determine free space in /var/cache/apt/archives/ - statvfs (75 Value too large for defined data type)

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Ubuntu Installation :: Radeon 4550 Black 3D / No Unity Despite Reporting 3D Being Ok

May 1, 2011

MSI P4M890M, 512M RAM
Gigabyte HD4550 512M

1. after install i got blank wallpaper+mouse (auto login)

2. learning to Ctrl+Alt+F1 and pkill X gave me login screen where Safe Mode got me in sans Unity

3. $ /usr/lib/nux/unity_support_test -p


OpenGL vendor string: X.Org
OpenGL renderer string: Gallium 0.4 on AMD RV710
OpenGL version string: 2.1 Mesa 7.10.2


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Ubuntu Installation :: Thermal Reporting For Required Devices Not Enabled - Aborting

Oct 30, 2010

i have a vaio, with a nvidia geforce 330m. i upgraded from 10.4 to 10.10, using the same driver i had before (256.44, form the nvidia web site) and following the same instructions i found useful the previous time [URL]. my problem: now my login has no graphic interface: i am displayed this error:

Quote: thermal reporting for required devices not enabled, aborting.

and i can log in and use ubuntu only by command line interface, i tried also to make a clean install using a live cd, but nothing changes. have i to go back and use 10.4?

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Fedora Installation :: 15 LXDE Out Of Memory?

Jul 21, 2011

Tried an install of Fedora 15 LXDE. Says I need 1100 MB of RAM to install and only have 1000 MB of RAM. So will not install. First time I ever needed over 1GB of RAM on my netbook, especially LXDE which should run on 512 MB, install and everything.

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Fedora Servers :: Apache Updated - Reporting 2.2.0 On Any Error Page

Sep 1, 2009

But after it updated and I restarted the service, it's reporting 2.2.0 on any error page. Yet through yum it's reporting 2.2.13-1. Is that normal? I've only ever used 2.2.x, starting with 2.2.6ish.

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OpenSUSE :: Keyboard Shortcut Is Working Wrongly

Jan 1, 2011

I use Opensuse 11.3. I had configured my Gnome so that when I press the home hotkey it launches Firefox (the standard web browser). And I configured Firefox so that it starts on my selected home page. Everything worked out right until I installed and trie KDE yesterday. When I went back to Gnome and pressed the home key it launchs Firefox but rather than appearing my home page on it what appears is the content of my home folder. I got so mad at it that I uninstalled everything related to KDE. Deleted .mozilla folder, what reset Firefox. Nothing worked at all! I deleted the folder that stores keyboard shortcuts on Gnome, what reset all shortcuts. But when I redefine the home key or any other key to launch web browser, what the key does is to launch Firefox with the content of my home folder.when I launch Firefox from menu it starts on the home page I selected. When I launch it from any custom hotkey it starts on my home folder.It may seem a little thing but it is so disgusting for me that sometimes I even feel willing to re-install the whole system, and i just didn't so because it took me several days to configure it the way it is.Does anyone know what is happening here and how can I change it?

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Fedora Installation :: Can't Install 13 On An 8 GB Memory Stick

Jun 30, 2010

I have tried to install F13 on an 8 GB USB memory stick (flash drive, thumb drive) but have had limited success. I used the Live USB Creator method as suggested in the Fedora web site and although I ended up with a bootable USB memory stick, I was unable to save any changes even though I allowed a 2GB persistent overlay.

I then tried to do it using Unetbootin and again got a bootable memory stick but again was unable to save any changes. Could someone explain what I might be doing wrong or is it just not possible to make a bootable memory stick with F12 that will save any changes?

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Fedora :: Automatic Bug Reporting Tool Blinks Indicating A Bug In Python 2.6.2-2.fc12

Dec 14, 2009

I have been trying to run Yumex under F12, x86_64. It always crashes when it finishes to resolve the repositories and then the Automatic Bug Reporting tool blinks indicating a bug in python 2.6.2-2.fc12. Anyone else has seen the same bug? What have you done to solve it?

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Ubuntu :: Recover Ext4 After Wrongly Converting It To Ntfs

Jun 29, 2011

i wanted to change the format of my backup drive from ext4 to ntfs. what i thought would be possible without erasing the data, was simply done by formating the drive. but because this took only 6 sec, i have still hope that my data was not completely destroyed. are there any possibilities that i get my data back? i unmounted the drive afterwards and did not write anything to it.

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General :: Character Conversion - Wrongly Displayed Filenames

Dec 10, 2010

Having problems displaying French chars. They are dumped into an nfs share by a Windows/cifs configuration which has been blamed for this unwanted behavior but when I transfer a file continaing � via WinSCP to the RedHat, instead of getting the filename Response.txt I see R?sponse.txt. When I refresh WinSCP to view the file it views it ok.


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