Fedora Hardware :: NVIDIA Driver - System Randomly Logs The User Out And / Or Restarts The Session With No Warning

Jan 31, 2011

I've recently installed Fedora 14 (x86_64) on my Alienware m15x laptop which has a NVIDIA GTX 260m onboard. Now I have followed leigh123linux's guide to installing those drivers on F14. The installation is a success and everything seems to be in working order, until the system randomly logs the user out and/or restarts the session with no warning. The screen goes black and the nvidia logo appears and then its back to the login screen again. This can happen many times with no apparent stop insight. This does not happen with the default F14 drivers that come with the installation, I have tried several re installations of the Fedora OS and several re installations of the NVIDIA driver, i still have the same problems.

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Ubuntu :: Session Restarts Suddenly Without Warning?

Mar 16, 2011

since a few weeks suddenly my session terminates and shows me the login screen again. It happens randomly.

Using Kubuntu 10.10

I am seriously considering a complete reinstall..

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General :: SuSE Always Logs A User In TVM Session?

Mar 16, 2010

I recently installed Suse Linux enterprise Desktop 11 on my box. I created an user and logged in first time into a GNOME session without any problems. Last time I logged in I selected the session as TWM and that got me into the T windows manager just fine. Now when I log out and try to log back into a GNOME session, it will still log me into the TVM sessionI have tried restarting the boxHowever, when I remote log in to the machine it will let me get on the GNOME session just fine. I'm guessing this is probably a really simple fix, however I am a Linux newbie and doing a google search isn't yielding me what I'm looking for.

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OpenSUSE Install :: HP Lips Printer Driver Stops Often Restarts Only Via Root User?

Apr 7, 2010

I installed the HPLips printer driver for my HP Officejet Pro 8500 Printer.

The driver often stops printing on its own (HP Device Manager => "Printer Control" tab shows "stopped"). I guess it does so when it encounters a situation where it cannot print right on.

The problem: Users without root permission cannot restart printing, even when everything is o.k.. They have to call me in order to "start printer", because restarting it needs root access.

Does anyone know how to solve the problem: either setting the driver not to turn to "stopped" or permitting a restart by normal users?

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Fedora :: Nvidia's Latest Driver Freezes System

Jun 26, 2011

Lately (F14 and F15), Nvidia's drivers have been making my system freeze unexpectedly when running X. The only work around I have is reverting to an older driver (173.14.30). Although no freezes occur when using the older one, I need the latest one to run a few games sometimes. The odd thing is that when running these games within Wine while having the latest driver installed prevents the system from its usual freeze. I'd just like to solve this problem so I don't have to consistently revert back and forth from the two. I have a Nvidia Geforce 8800m gts and I am running F15 x86_64.

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Fedora :: After Installing Nvidia Driver FC12 Not Able To Start System

Mar 9, 2010

I just install FC12 after all settings are done I install nvidia driver for PAE kernel whit the command # sudo yum install kmod-nvidia-PAE after reboot the system is not able to boot again.What I can do to uninstall the driver?

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Ubuntu :: Gnome Restarts Suddenly And Randomly?

Mar 14, 2011

Gnome restarts itself suddenly and (at least it seems so) randomly. Then I have to log in again and everything works fine as before.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Server Restarts Randomly?

Jul 2, 2011

I`m using Ubuntu Server 10.10. The system randomly restarts each day.Here are the logs: http://paste2.org/p/1499309Everything seems normal except that UDP: short packet thingy but even Google didn`t help me to find what`s thatBy the way, I think reboots started after I configured this PC as a gateway between internet and my local network

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Fedora Networking :: Ssh Session To A Particular Server Keeps Getting Randomly Dropped

Jan 23, 2010

When I am running linux on my laptop, my ssh session to a particular server keeps getting randomly dropped. What should I do to troubleshoot the problem?

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Ubuntu Servers :: Send System Logs To Another User?

Dec 3, 2010

We have a backup program that works with HP's ultrium tapes that whenever it's failing it's sending an error to the root's system logs. Now if I run mutt as root I can see the system logs and it's very easy to pinpoint any backup error messages.
Is there any way to copy all these system messages to another user as well so that someone with no root access could run mutt as well and check for these logs daily?

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Fedora Installation :: NVidia Driver - Unable To Find System Utility

Jun 15, 2009

I am a new user of Fedora 11. I am a Ubuntu user and could not get my GeForce 9100 on board graphics to work on my new computer with out crashing my computer so I decided I would try fedora. I downloaded the driver from NVidia and I am attempting to install it (Fedora didn't automatically find the driver). I get the following message:
"Error Unable to find the system utility 'ld'; Please make sure you have the 'binutils' installed. If you do have the bin utils installed, then please check that 'ld' is in your PATH."
I am running the driver from $Download as root. I don't know what ld or bin utils is or the check if I have it or if it is in my PATH.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Restrict User Session Numbers And Allow Resuming Previous User Session?

Jun 30, 2010

I am currently in a project to set up an LTSP server with 10 thin clients. I am using Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic).

Installing server and booting clients are working fine. Now, according to the need, I have to restrict user session numbers and allow resuming previous user session.

I have achieved to do the first one, but still could not able to setup the second one. As per requirement, if some thin can have power failure, the same session should be restored back. I am confused here, if I need to focus on saving xsessions or saving gnome sessions. I am looking for a concrete solution as I am running out of time.

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Ubuntu :: Lucid 64x Just Restarts Randomly When Playing Games

Oct 11, 2010

when I start playing some medium-intense game the computer just restarts randomly. I made a lot of search on it and even tested various things. I have been having this system for about a month and the problem appeared just one week ago.I am a big fan of "Spring: TA" and that's the easiest way to reproduce the problem, by playing that game(and the most annoying). The funny thing is that when I just start the game the gpu temperature raises very fast. If after some time the pc doesn't reboot on itself the temperature just gets lower and lower. I was suspicious that the problem had to do with temperature so I made some scripts and logged the temperatures in every instant time.

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Ubuntu :: Cairo Dock Restarts Randomly Loosing 50% Of Tray Icon?

Jan 13, 2010

Since I updated twice to the two newest versions (currently, Cairo Dock 2.1.3 beta) it every hour or so it randomly restarts which causes 50% tray icons to go bye bye (especially those of Wine programs). If I want to get them back, I have to restart the computer or at least the program with missing tray icon.Anyone knows why CD restarts or how to get back my missing icons after it does?

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Ubuntu :: Session Restarts Itself - 'black' Screen Of Death / What's Going On?

May 15, 2010

I'm having a really odd problem since I upgraded to 10.04 on my IBM T40 laptop. Every now and then, especially if I'm using Firefox (so it seems), I will be in the middle of something and suddenly I get a black terminal screen that flashes a few lines ending in "checking battery state" and I get bounced back to the login screen. I log back in and all my work is gone (Firefox and whatever else was open has closed). I was on the web for a while tonight and in a few hours it did it three times. I never had this happen before in 9.10.

Any idea what's going on? If it matters I'm on AC power when this is happening. I haven't used it long enough on battery to know if it does it then or not.

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Fedora :: Error - (nautilus:3979): EggSMClient-WARNING **: Failed To Connect To The Session Manager: None Of Th

Jun 15, 2009

Have you guys had this weird nautilus error? When I su to root and run "nautilus" in terminal, errors popped out:

Code: (nautilus:3979): EggSMClient-WARNING **: Failed to connect to the session manager: None of the authentication protocols specified are supported(nautilus:3979): Eel-WARNING **: GConf error: Failed to contact configuration server; some possible causes are that you need to enable TCP/IP networking for ORBit, or you have stale NFS locks due to a system crash. See http://projects.gnome.org/gconf/ for information. (Details - 1: Failed to get connection to session: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken.)


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Ubuntu :: Installation - Warning (process 257): GLib-WARNING **: Getpwuid_(r) Failed Due To Unknown User Id (0)

Jul 6, 2010

i just tried to install Ubuntu Netbook 10.04 on my old Amilo Lifebook P Series. But after the boot screen and the choice to install Ubuntu i get stuck at the Ubuntu screen with the little dots on the bottom If I hit esc i can see the warning (process 257): GLib-WARNING **: getpwuid_(r) failed due to unknown user id (0)

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Ubuntu :: Lucid Desktop Just Randomly Logs Me Off

Mar 6, 2011

So this has been happening a lot lately. My Lucid desktop just randomly logs me off. I notice that when it happens my RAM is usually over 85% in use as cache. Is this normal? When I first turn on my PC cache is most of the time at about 15-20% but that is expected. I was thinking that maybe some program that runs in the background has a major memory leek, which I would expect in C. This never used to happen and one day it just started, it now does it about 5-6 times a week.

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Fedora Hardware :: BIOS Broken Message When System Starts / Restarts

Jul 1, 2010

Since I have installed fedora 13 in my system (HP pavilion 1506tx) I rtsam getting this error every time my system starts/ restarts. I don't know how to correct this error. Here is the message displayed in Automatic Bug reporting tool

------------[ cut here ]------------
WARNING: at drivers/pci/dmar.c:647 check_zero_address+0x7d/0x191()
Hardware name: HP Pavilion dv4 Notebook PC
Your BIOS is broken; DMAR reported at address zero!
BIOS vendor: Hewlett-Packard; Ver: F.55; Product Version: 039B140000241210100020000
Modules linked in:
Pid: 0, comm: swapper Not tainted #1
Call Trace:
[<c0436df5>] warn_slowpath_common+0x65/0x7c
[<c09d92a3>] ? check_zero_address+0x7d/0x191
[<c0436e40>] warn_slowpath_fmt+0x24/0x27
[<c09d92a3>] check_zero_address+0x7d/0x191
[<c05edc18>] ? acpi_get_table_with_size+0x53/0xa1
[<c09d93c8>] detect_intel_iommu+0x11/0x69
[<c09bd888>] pci_iommu_alloc+0x8/0xa
[<c09ca721>] mem_init+0xe/0x245
[<c09b776a>] start_kernel+0x1bf/0x34b
[<c09b73e7>] ? unknown_bootoption+0x0/0x18e
[<c09b7099>] i386_start_kernel+0x99/0xa0

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Ubuntu :: Computer Shuts Down Randomly - Where To Find Logs

Dec 18, 2010

My computer randomly shuts off sometimes and I'm not sure what causes it. It doesn't always happen when I'm doing the same thing.I know this is hardly any info, but if someone could let me know where I can go to find logs and Also, if this means anything, to restart my computer I need to physically turn it off (the I/O switch on my PS) and let the capacitors on my board empty out before starting it up again.

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Software :: Printer Stopping Randomly (logs Added)

May 16, 2010

I am trying to print a file on my HP Photosmart 2575 + Ubuntu 10.04.This could very well be a hardware error because the printer behaves weird on windows too!Anyway, it stops randomly when printing things, however always on the same place. For example this file. It always stops after the third page (printing reverse, so 3rd from the last).

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Hardware :: NVIDIA 8800 GTS - Dual Boot Fedora 10 Does Not See The NVIDIA Driver

Feb 5, 2009

I am experiencing the following issue. After enabling SLI and PhysX in windows vista, my dual boot fedora 10 does not see the NVIDIA driver.

Doing: cat /proc/drivers/nvidia/0 I get? in the VGA bios for both cards.

I disabled both SLI and PhysX in vista, but the problem persists. I powerdown and unplugged the rig for several hours without results.

Here are my specs:

CPU: Intel Q9300
Board: MSI P7N Diamond
CARD0: EVGA Gforce 8800 GTS
CARD1: EVGA Gforce 8800 GTS
RAM : 4 Gbytes OCZ gold PC6400 (4 x 1 Gbytes)
PSU : Thermaltake SLI ready 850 W

It is important to mention that initially Fedora did see the cards and I was able to set up a dual monitor system. It right was after I enable SLI and PhysX and re-booting into Linux that the problem showed up.

I have seen this issue before in another machine with an ASUS board, but not until today I associated with the SLI setup. My guess is that there has to be something that the driver is enabling in the cards that messes up the interface between the nvidia.ko module and the kernel, but I don't know what may fix it. I need this system for some numerical calculations.

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: Can't Load User's Graphical Environment After Nvidia Driver Installation

Jul 20, 2011

I have my first problem with drivers in Linux! I installed openSuSE 11.4 x86 on my computer (Intel Dual-Core 2,5 Ghz; Nvidia 7300 GS) and after installing graphical drivers (proprietary) I can't load the system. All I have is a progress bar of user's profile loading and playing the startup sound. I already installed openSUSE 11.4 x86_64 version on this computer and there was no problem with drivers.

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General :: 9.10 Randomly Hanging With No Warning After Upgrading?

Jan 30, 2010

Acer veriton 5000 pentium4 1.7mhz 2Gb ram. double booted with win2k.I had no trouble upgrading from Ubuntu 8.04 to 9.04. For some reason 9.04 would not upgrade to 9.10 so I installed from disc, with minor hics. Now works well but randomly hangs with no warning and I have to switch-off and restart to continue. Very annoying. I do not get any error alert it just hangs and when rebooted carries on quite unperturbed.

Additional info.
on booting in recovery mode got following::
754677 Render error detected eir??????

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Fedora :: System Shutdown Only Logs Out

Feb 14, 2011

I currently run kernel (sort of). When I select from the Gnome menu System -> Shutdown and select Shutdown from the dialog, my system only logs out, presenting me with the greeting screen. While this is a minor problem and I rarely shutdown my machine, it is mildly disconcerting.I have dropped back to and that shutdowns properly using this method. (Also, works properly). I can imagine that it might close some security issue in which an unauthorized user is able to halt the entire machine. Especially if this is something that will continue in future releases of the kernel.

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: X Session Is Randomly Crashing?

Jun 12, 2011

My X session is randomly crashing with the following backtrace:

[ 36277.010] 0: /usr/bin/Xorg (xorg_backtrace+0x28) [0x483068]
[ 36277.010] 1: /usr/bin/Xorg (0x400000+0x5e6d9) [0x45e6d9]


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Ubuntu Installation :: 10.10 Nvidia Driver Install Causes System Reboot Crash

Nov 3, 2010

This was my first experience with Ubuntu, I was told to switch the hard drives on my computer and put the Windows drive in a safe place for the install. The first time I did the install on the hard drive (which was the clean second hard drive that came with my computer), I either didn't realize I believe I didn't realize I had to click a button and thought the install had gotten stuck, and therefore cut off the install midway through. The second time around the install went without a hitch, and I was able to boot to desktop once. There, I was notified that I needed/should install NVIDIA drivers, I believe version 173 was listed as the next most recent drives (the other was "current"), I have an NVIDIA GeForce 7350LE graphics card, and after installing the drivers, I went to the restart menu as directed and clicked restart, not shut down but restart, and there were several listed errors on the text/DOS screen, shutdown errors I believe (the errors were 5 digits and were something like 56759 or something like that, I can't be certain if I'm remembering right, though, but there were two errors going over again). I then proceeded to turn off the computer manually, and upon it coming on again, instead of the normal Ubuntu flash screen before login, a more choppy Ubuntu 10.10 screen popped up and it led me to the DOS mode, where I was able to login, but it did me no good because I don't know command logic for Ubuntu. The best I did (its the best I ever do when these things happen) is get menus to pop up that are basically useless. I turned the computer off and on again three times, and tried booting directly from disk, but that failed.

I'm actually using the same computer I just reinserted the Windows drive back in after the frustrating experience. Windows has been giving me problems itself, and I really wanted to switch to Ubuntu but I need to know that this is a fluke and not the norm. I can live with this sort of thing being so uncommon I must have did something that was very strange and out of the ordinary to my computer. But if its commonplace, I want to know that too, because that's just something I can't live with.

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Fedora :: System Freezes Randomly - How To Troubleshoot

Mar 26, 2010

I am running the Nvidia driver. My system freezes randomly. I've had to reboot my system over 5 times today alone. When it freezes, everything is frozen, even the second hand on the analogue clock. One more issue, and I'm not sure if it's related, my stupid screen goes black after 5 minutes of no typing or mouse movement. This never happended when I first installed it. The issue just started within the last 3 weeks. Kpackage Kit is hidden. I was using it to do my automatic updates. Now I just use yum. between the time I first installed Fedora 12 and now, something has happened to my build to cause these issues.

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OpenSUSE Install :: Warning: Cannot Open ConsoleKit Session

Dec 28, 2010

I am currently running Suse 11.3. I continue to get the following error when logging into the KDE login manager with my user account

"Warning: Cannot open ConsoleKit session: Unable to open session. The name
org.freedesktop.ConsoleKit was not provided by any .service files."

After acknowledging the error, it resets back to the login manager screen. If I login with root, I get the same message, but it continues on and logins into the session

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CentOS 5 :: GnomeUI-WARNING **: While Connecting To Session Manager?

Mar 19, 2010

2.6.18-164.11.1.el5 x86_64 x86_64

I have been updating my system and making a few changes and now I have a serious problem with GNOME (as far a I understand). In the Desktop if I try to start some applications such as the text editor gedit it crashes and won't start. Some applictions start from the menu some don't (e.g. services) and others start and then crash if I try to example manipulate them (e.g. open a file in openoffice).

In the case of gedit if I try to run it from the command line as root I get the following

# gedit

(gedit:6475): GnomeUI-WARNING **: While connecting to session manager: Authentication Rejected, reason : None of the authentication protocols specified are supported and host-based authentication failed.Illegal instruction [code]....

When I try to start the services (i.e. /usr/bin/system-config-services) I get:

Mar 20 00:35:54 ##### kernel: system-config-s[6536] trap invalid opcode rip:3e18ffd008 rsp:7fffeeffdb30 error:0

in /var/log/messages

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