Fedora Hardware :: Digital Persona Fingerprint Reader Not Working On Dell 1535

Jun 12, 2010

Digital Persona Fingerprint reader is not working on dell 1535. I am using fedora 13 64 bit edition. I have tried using lsusb |grep -i finger but nothing has come up. I have installed all the fprintd packages but still no luck.

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Authentec AES 2501 Fingerprint Reader Not Working

Feb 21, 2011

I am working on a project that requires fingerprint reader support. So, I installed the libfprint and libfprint-devel packages on my Fedora 14 system, to support my Authentec AES 2501 fingerprint reader. I know that my device is alright because it is working fine on the Windows 7 installed on the same system. In fedora, the fingerprint reader is recognized, when I run the fprintd-enroll command. The prompt to enroll the fingerprint is displayed on terminal. But, it just stands when I swipe my finger. I have tried everything but cannot resolve the issue. The output of usb-devices command shows "Driver=none" under fingerprint sensor usb device. But, I have the libfprint installed.

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OpenSUSE :: Fingerprint Reader Not Working With 11.2 KDE

Mar 25, 2010

I just installed openSUSE 11.2 KDE when I tried to enable fingerprint authentication yast didn't ask me to swipe my finger it was working properly on GNOME.

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General :: Can't Find Digital Persona Time Recorder For Ubuntu

Nov 29, 2010

Just want to ask if anyone knows an attendance time recording software for Ubuntu using Digital Persona fingerprint scanner?

Our disk only works for Windows.

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Fedora Hardware :: APC FingerPrint Reader?

Aug 3, 2010

Does anyone know how and where I can install the drivers for the following device:

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Fedora :: How To Enable Bluetooth On Dell Studio 1535

Jul 30, 2009

how to enable bluetooth on Dell Studio 1535.

From the Fedora 10 to the beginning of the Fedora 11, I was successfully enabling bluetooth device on my Dell laptop by putting hid2hci command as a system startup module:

# echo "/usr/sbin/hid2hci" > /etc/sysconfig/modules/bluetooth.modules
But the latest hid2hci command in bluez package now displays help information instead of turning on the (default?) bluetooth device:


Now your bluetooth device should be enabled during startup. Only one problem still exists, the state of the bluetooth device will be reset if you will turn it off using the hardware turnoff button. If you will turn it on again, you will be required to enter hid2hci command manually.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Get The Fingerprint Recognition Working On A Dell Vostro?

Aug 4, 2010

how to get the fingerprint recognition working on a dell Vostro?

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Fedora :: Fprint DigitalPersona U.are.U 4000 Fingerprint Reader - Does Not Recognize Anything

Mar 14, 2011

I have a DigitalPersona U.are.U 4000 Fingerprint Reader. I can run fprintd-enroll, and the device turns on, but it does not recognise anything that touches it. 'yum install *fprint*'

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General :: Fingerprint Reader Not Device Found?

Mar 2, 2011

i attach microsoft fingerprint reader but in linux os when i compile my program dev : not device found error occurethis is usb device if i want to load driver module then what to do
i use dpfc lib

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: Fingerprint Reader In 11.1 Doesn't Work?

Aug 12, 2009

Does any one know about fingerprint in HP dv4 to work.

fprint is installed but didnot detect the reader.

Bus 007 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub
Bus 005 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub
Bus 003 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub
Bus 006 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub


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Ubuntu :: System Behaves Strangely Whenever I Log In Via Fingerprint Reader (AES2501) / What To Do?

Jun 12, 2010

I've recently noticed that whenever I log in via fingerprint reader (AES2501), my system behaves strangely.
For example, the Gnome panels take almost a full minute to appear after everything else has been loaded, and there's no NetworkManager icon in the panel - even though nm-applet (and thus NetworkManager) is running as shown by top; that can be (partially) solved by killing NetworkManager, restarting dbus, and then manually running NetworkManager.
None of that happens when logging in using a password.

Short of not using my fingerprint reader, what can I do?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Getting Mic Jack To Work On Dell Studio 1535?

Jun 8, 2010

I have a Dell Studio 1535 and can't seem to get recording from the mic jack to work. I was wondering if anyone has got it to work or not on Ubuntu 8.10 64 bit. I fiddled with the settings in System->Preferences->Sound and in Volume Control: HDA Intel (Alsa mixer), as well as the settings in the semi-CLI program alsamixer, but it doesn't matter what I do. I have failed to get it to record from the mic jack. It will only record from my internal mics, and I don't want that at all.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Cannot Get Wireless Internet To Work On A Dell Studio 1535

Feb 5, 2011

I am having trouble getting my wireless internet working on Ubuntu 9.10 on a Dell Studio 1535 laptop. My wireless card works just fine in an earlier version (8.10) of Ubuntu. In fact, it worked right out of the box on Intrepid. However, in 9.10, I can not get it to work. I have installed Wicd Network Manager in it, and it shows no networks visible, even though if I reboot and go into my 8.10 version (I have a multiboot), opening Wicd will immediately show several wireless networks within range. So I'm thinking that the 9.10 version is missing a driver for my wireless card, which 8.10 has.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Audacity / Record In Audacity In 8.10 64 Bit On A Dell Studio 1535?

May 10, 2010

I am trying to record in Audacity in Ubuntu 8.10 64 bit on a Dell Studio 1535 laptop.The problem is not that its not recording, per se.Rather, the problem is its not recording the way that I want it to.

Its recording from the built-in mic, and I want to use the mic jack instead as a line in from a guitar (well, technically, an acoustic-electric resonator, but its close enough to a guitar to call it a guitar).

I have tried using various devices for recording, and changing settings in both the Volume Control and Sound Preferences, but no matter what I do, Audacity still records from my built-in microphones, instead of from the line-in.

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General :: Dell Studio 1535 Screen Resolution - System Won't Get Past The Loading Screen Anymore

Aug 4, 2010

Unfortunately my experience in the Unix* based world up to this point has only been using web servers and administrating them, no GUI experience of any kind so I am completely unfamiliar with the setup and entire usage of Xorg or any other Window manager at this point. The issue I am having is with the screen resolutions I am being allowed to chose for my Dell Studio 1535 running Fedora Core 13 and the KDE 4 desktop GUI, thus my issue since I am not really familiar with how to run a Unix* based GUI in the first place.

The basic information, if there is more needed just advise what and what command gathers that info (or what conf/log I should look into in order to find it). Laptop is a Dell Studio 1535 Video is the Mobile Intel GMA X3100 ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics. LCD interface is the LVDS.

So far it seems to give me modes for 1024x768 and on down, nothing above this. I believe I am supposed to use the radeon driver being that is the type of card it is but every time I change the xorg.conf file to use this instead of vesa the system wont get past the loading screen anymore upon reboot and nor can I seem to find a way to bring up a command line so I can hit up the Xorg.0.log to see what is wrong or change the xorg.conf file back to the original driver it had listed.

I am going to assume this is a missing driver or something else it hangs on but without being able to get access back to the system and having to rebuild it again (re-install via live CD) I am basically out of luck at this time. Sorry for the rather poor post but I do hope to receive some basic directions on where to go from here with this issue

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Software :: Fingerprint Reader/Software For CentOS 5.X?

Feb 23, 2010

I have been struggling to try to get a fingerprint reader working for CentOS 5.X. It seems that everything I read refers me to BioAPI-1.2.2 and pam_bioapi. I currently have an older model of a UPEK fingerprint reader and downloaded the SDK that is compatible with the model, but have not quite made it that far. I can't seem to get the BioAPI to install and compile properly.

From what i've read is that the BioAPI is so old that the code just isn't compatible with CentOS 5.X, only 4.X and other early OS's. Does anybody have any tips for me or suggestions for a desktop fingerprint reader for CentOS 5.X? (yes i have thought about other distros, but it's not my choice, its the head honcho)

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Fedora :: Adobe Reader Plugin For Firefox Stopped Working

Mar 17, 2011

System: Intel E5400 "Intel 64 Architecture for 64-bit Computing"
Fedora: F14: 32-bit version from OSDisc.com
uname gives the following:
Linux localhost1.localdomain #1 SMP Mon Feb 7 07:04:18 UTC 2011 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux
Firefox: 3.6.15 using yum
Adobe Reader using yum from "adobe-linux-i386" repository
Plugin listed as: Adobe Reader 9.4: nswrapper_32_32.nppdf.so

Since a week or two, clicking a link to a pdf file will not load in Firefox. I tried removing Adobe Reader and reinstalling it. Then the pdf files loaded, but now again they will not load. It just stopped working! No error messages.

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Fedora Hardware :: Wireless Not Working On Dell E6400?

Apr 18, 2011

The internal wireless is not being detected, so I bought a DLink Nano. In following the driver install guides I receive the following error when trying to create drivers;

make ARCH=i386 CROSS_COMPILE= -C /lib/modules/ M=/home/username/Downloads/rtl8712_8188_8191_8192SU_usb_linux_v2.


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Fedora :: Dell Wireless Mouse - Scroll Is Not Working

Jun 4, 2011

The wheel is acting as a middle mouse button and clicking. But the scroll is not working

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Fedora Hardware :: Sudo Does Not Work With Fingerprint (SU Still Do)

Jan 20, 2010

Since yesterday my sudo doesn't work with my fingerprintreader anymore. su and GDM still do. sudo just asks me for the password instead of asking for a finger-swipe. AFAIR I changed nothing, but I accidentally forwarded the USB-Port on which the scanner is connected to VMware. I disconnected it, but maybe there could be the problem.
Fedora 12 x64, Thinkpad T61 integrated Fingerreader.

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General :: Brightness Keys Not Working In Dell Inspiron Laptop With Fedora 12 OS

Apr 25, 2010

I have installed Fedora12 on Dell Inspiron laptop. Here are my key details of my laptop.

<Fn + F4 > ---- For decreasing Brightness
<Fn + F5 > ---- For increasing Brightness
<Fn + F2 > ---- To enable Bluetooth

I am able to enable bluetooth by pressing <Fn + F2>, But I am not able to increase OR decrease brightness of my laptop screen.I have attached keymap of my laptop by the output of

xmodmap -pke
Please find the attachment keymap.txt.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: 10.4 - How To Get My Digital Audio Working

May 27, 2010

I just installed Ubuntu 10.4 64bit and cant figure out how to get my digital audio working. I got sound using the 3.5mm jack.

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Fedora Security :: Faking OS Fingerprint Scans (defeat Nmap)?

Oct 4, 2010

Are there any possible options to archive this w/ the 2.6.34 kernel? I know windows can do this w/ a button and BSD can drop packets when connected to closed ports...is IP personality usable in 2.6? Do I need work-arounds? any more options??Currently I've managed to @%#$ my OS fingerprints so results won't show as Linux.4/2.6...etc, but the problem is.. instead it's got the word "Redhat" in it (which is well... worse... because now.. if someone looks at my machine he/she'll know I am on either RHEL/Fedora )

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Pulseaudio Digital Out Has Just Stopped Working

Oct 10, 2010

For no conceivable reason, pulseaudio will no longer output via the spdif connection on my onboard sound card.Up until now, various applications could output digitally (mostly using via the alsa plugin) fine. DVD playback would passthrough DD/dts bitstreams if the application was set to communicate with alsa directly. The sound profile in Ubuntu's audio applet would have to be set to Analog Stereo Output for this to work, no idea why.

Now, all the works is digital passthrough via alsa (i.e DVDs). So definitely not a hardware issue. Regular audio either via the alsa plugin or using pulse directly does not work so no music/system sounds/flash etc. All sliders are unmuted (see pics linked below) and the volume meters all show movement with sound activity. Changing the Profile setting does nothing, I thought maybe it had been fixed so digital actually meant digital.This has happened before (sometimes triggered by DVD playback and DD passthrough) but usually fiddling with the mute toggles fixed it.Possibly this has been caused by a recent update.

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Ubuntu :: 9.04 - CAC Reader Not Working In Firefox

May 19, 2010

I am running Ubuntu 9.04 and need to access government sites that require a cac card login. I followed every instruction posted [URL] on how to set up the cac reader, but it is not working in firefox. Pcsc_scan detects the card reader and the card when it is inserted with the following output:

wulu@MLP:~$ pcsc_scan
PC/SC device scanner
V 1.4.14 (c) 2001-2008, Ludovic Rousseau <ludovic.rousseau@free.fr>
Compiled with PC/SC lite version: 1.4.99
Scanning present readers
0: O2 Micro Oz776 00 00 .....

Possibly identified card (using /home/wulu/.smartcard_list.txt):
3B 7D 96 00 00 80 31 80 65 B0 83 11 17 D6 83 00 90 00
DoD CAC card issued Jan 14, 2010

When I loaded the device in firefox's security devices, it loaded fine without any error, but does not allow me to login (the button is disabled). In the Details pane the status is shown as "not present".

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Ubuntu :: Automount Stopped Working (digital Cameras, Usb Sticks)?

Oct 24, 2010

I'm running ubuntu 10.04 and suddenly when plugging my cameras or usb sticks, they don't automount anymore, but they did before. What changed is last days I tried to build and install nautilus-sendto manually from source, and it required dependencies including GTK+3.0 (unstable), I don't know what happened exactly or if my system is broken, because some of this packages built and installed fine and others failed. If someone wants to help with that to get my installation to its original state it would be awesome.I could mount my usb stick installing usbmount, it worked, but I didn't need this before.What I want now is to mount my cameras: here is the output for:

gvfs-mount -l


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Ubuntu :: Digital Output (SPDIF) Not Working With HDA Intel ALC269VB?

Aug 15, 2011

I have a shared headphone/spdif jack on my ASUS B53J and am running Ubuntu 11.04 Natty. I am not able to get the digital spdif output to work. I have tested the spdif out under Windows 7 and it works perfectly.

aplay -L


Playback/recording through the PulseAudio sound server
Playback/recording through the PulseAudio sound server


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Hardware :: Digital Output (S/PDIF) For SoundBlaster Live! Not Working?

Feb 19, 2010

After many fruitless weeks of reading forums, newsgroups etc, I still fial to get digital output working my SoundBlaster Live Platinum. Ordinary PCM output is passed to the digital receiver witout a problem, but as soon as I try AC3 or DTS it's all silence. I have unmuted the IEC958 channel in alsamixer and added gain to them. However all still fails. find below the output of relevant commands:

uname -a
Linux Mediacenter 2.6.31-14-generic #48-Ubuntu SMP Fri Oct 16 14:04:26 UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux
aplay -L


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Debian Hardware :: SD Card Reader Not Working

Jul 18, 2011

Stuck an SD card into my laptop (acer timelinex 5830tg) for the first time today, and to no avail. I've done an lspci, but don't seem to see my card reader there. here's the output

00:00.0 Host bridge: Intel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Processor Family DRAM Controller (rev 09)
00:01.0 PCI bridge: Intel Corporation Xeon E3-1200/2nd Generation Core Processor Family PCI Express Root Port (rev 09)
00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 09)
00:16.0 Communication controller: Intel Corporation 6 Series/C200 Series Chipset Family HECI Controller #1 (rev 04)
00:1a.0 USB Controller: Intel Corporation 6 Series/C200 Series Chipset Family USB Enhanced Host Controller #2 (rev 04)
00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 6 Series/C200 Series Chipset Family High Definition Audio Controller (rev 04)
00:1c.0 PCI bridge: Intel Corporation 6 Series/C200 Series Chipset Family PCI Express Root Port 1 (rev b4)
00:1c.1 PCI bridge: Intel Corporation 6 Series/C200 Series Chipset Family PCI Express Root Port 2 (rev b4)
00:1c.2 PCI bridge: Intel Corporation 6 Series/C200 Series Chipset Family PCI Express Root Port 3 (rev b4)
00:1c.3 PCI bridge: Intel Corporation 6 Series/C200 Series Chipset Family PCI Express Root Port 4 (rev b4)
00:1d.0 USB Controller: Intel Corporation 6 Series/C200 Series Chipset Family USB Enhanced Host Controller #1 (rev 04)
00:1f.0 ISA bridge: Intel Corporation HM65 Express Chipset Family LPC Controller (rev 04)
00:1f.2 SATA controller: Intel Corporation 6 Series/C200 Series Chipset Family 6 port SATA AHCI Controller (rev 04)
00:1f.3 SMBus: Intel Corporation 6 Series/C200 Series Chipset Family SMBus Controller (rev 04)
01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation Device 1050 (rev a1)
02:00.0 Ethernet controller: Atheros Communications AR8151 v2.0 Gigabit Ethernet (rev c0)
03:00.0 Network controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR9287 Wireless Network Adapter (PCI-Express) (rev 01)
04:00.0 Unassigned class [ff00]: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. Device 5209 (rev 01)
05:00.0 USB Controller: NEC Corporation uPD720200 USB 3.0 Host Controller (rev 04)

I'm running kernel 3.0-rc6. Issue still remains when booting into 2.6.39 also.

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Ubuntu :: Evolution Mail RSS Reader - Can't Get Working

Feb 5, 2010

I got the RSS reader to work in Evolution Mail by installing "evolution-rss" in synaptic. What I cant get working is the displaying of articles in HTML as seen on this page about half way down... [URL]

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