Fedora :: Getting Arial Font Installed For Open Office?

Dec 11, 2009

I've been spending the hours beating my face against the wall and going near insane trying to get arial fonts installed on fedora, so that they can be used in open office.

How might these be installed ?

yum -y install msttcore*
Loaded plugins: refresh-packagekit
Setting up Install Process
No package msttcore* available.

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Fedora :: Arial Font Replaced With Arial-black Under 14?

Feb 26, 2011

I've got a font issue on my system: The normal arial is missing from my system and all software substitutes it with arial-black. It's a system wide problem:Firefox, konqueror and chrome all render Arial texts as Arial-blackOpenOffice and GIMP only display "arial black" in font selection, not arialInkscape displays bot arial and "arial black", but they're the same font.I tried reinstalling liberation-sans-fonts package and even rebooted, but the problem remains. I checked my fontconfig configuration, but nothing seems to be wrong.I believe the problem first occured after I uninstalled VirtualBox (proprietary edition). But I'm not sure.

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OpenSUSE :: Missing Arial Font \ Installed 11.2?

Feb 16, 2010

I just installed openSuSE 11.2 and I am missing the font Arial and some other Windows fonts.The package liberation-fonts is installed but I remember some there where some errors during installation (could not download xyz)How can I reinstall these fonts? I tried to reinstall liberation-fonts already but it did not help.

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Fedora :: Open Office 3.2 In 12 - Font Toolbar ?

Apr 10, 2010

I have installed Open Office 3.2 on My SYSTEM. However, I think its look is some ugly, specialy its scrollbars, combo boxes to select fonst and size.

The previous version (3.1) looks much better. I think that version (3.1) is integrated with the system theme.

In the 3.2 version, the toolbar look is great... the problem starts in the font toolbar, continues with its scrollbars (seems ms w 95)

Is there any installation process to integrate OoO 3.2 perfectly with Fedora 12? (like OoO 3.2 and Ubuntu 9.10)

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Debian :: Downloading Additional Font For Open Office?

Nov 9, 2010

I am learning ubuntu and I have 10.10 installed. I am not a fan of open office but since I cannot install my copy of Office 2007 pro I will have to try and learn Open Office. I am trying to find an easy way to download more fonts for the program but I am not having much luck

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General :: Open Office - Drawing Sections Full Of Script Font

Apr 6, 2009

Today I assembled a machine and installed Ubuntu 8.4...I think. When I opened Open office, more specifically the drawing section, the toolbars were full of a script font and I am not sure of how to change it to something I can read.

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General :: Css - How To Disable Font Arial In Opera

Jul 4, 2010

After upgrade to Opera 10.60 on my Gentoo Linux it stopped reading fonts.conf all of a sudden and now I am not happy with how Arial bold looks in non-Latin letters. Particularly bold cyrillic "ΠΌ" letter looks almost as black square when Arial is used.I want to tell opera not to use Arial at all, there are plenty ofreplacements: Liberation fonts, Droid, etc. I found stylesheets, but not sure how to write statement which prescribes not to use Arial in web pages.I know that there is "not" selector in CSS v3, but could not make a valid statement out of it.

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Ubuntu :: Select Font Characteristics For The So-called MS Fonts (Arial) Instead Of The Menu Showing Bold And Italic

Mar 12, 2010

This is an interaction between OOo and the font package on Ubuntu, so I have searched both sets of forums fruitlessly. In Open Office when I go to select font characteristics for the so-called MS fonts (Arial for example) instead of the menu showing Bold and Italic, it shows "Negreta" and "Cursiva".

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Ubuntu :: Installed Office 2007 In Wine But Cannot Open It

Mar 16, 2011

I installed office 2007 in wine but i can not open it,Is installed i can see it in wine

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Ubuntu :: Why Does Open Office Not Have Base Application Installed By Default?

Jan 27, 2010

I am a complete newcomer to Ubuntu (or Linux in general for that matter) although I have many years' experience of Windows. It seems to me that the Base application of the open office suite of programs has not been installed by default. Why is this? And how do I install it in Ubuntu 9.1?

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Ubuntu Servers :: Removing Manually Installed Open Office On Hardy?

Oct 8, 2010

I need to change the location and language of open office on my server. (Hardy)

Not sure why it wasn't installed on apt-get, but it wasn't.

I'd like to completely remove and start again fresh (this time with apt-get) How can I do it?

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OpenSUSE :: Delete Libre Office Writer And Install Open Office Again?

Apr 28, 2011

Is it possible to delete Libre Office Writer and install open office again as Libre seems to be full of bugs and unusable? I have 11.3.

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Ubuntu :: Open Microsoft Office File Without Installing Microft Office For Sur?

Feb 22, 2011

how to open microsoft office file in ubuntu without installing microsoft office for sure

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Ubuntu :: Libre Office: Can It Read Open Office Documents

Mar 28, 2011

I just found out about Libre Office. I am currently using Open Office on my Netbook (ubuntu 10.10), and NeoOffice on my Macbook (OS/X 10.6.7).

QUESTION: I have some backups using these formats: .sdw, and .odt. Can Libre Office read documents saved in these (StarOffice / Open Office) formats?

FWIW: I would have preferred to use OO on both machines, but unfortunately OO never fixed a problem with printing envelopes in the Macintosh version. Hence my use of NeoOffice.

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Ubuntu :: Switching From Open Office To Libre Office?

Apr 22, 2011

I have both installed, but since LO is going to be the way Ubuntu goes for office applications, can I easily have my system setup for native LO? Native being if I double clock on a .doc file it will start up LO's Write program instead of OO.Will just removing OO achieve this or is there an easier way? I looked for file associations and didn't find it.

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Fedora :: Can't Run Open Office

Sep 13, 2009

I can't get open office to run. I believe I need jre1.60 to run this. I have jdk installed since I need this for java programming. Can I also install jre1.60 and use jdk as well? I am taking a class in Java programming so I don't want to screw up my programming environment. However, I need to use OO powerpoint for class as well.

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Ubuntu :: Get KDE Office Instead Of The Regular Open Office?

Sep 14, 2010

Sometime ago I realized my Open Office had changed, I don't remember having done anything in particular but today it isn't the regular open office but what I believe is a KDE version or idk. The theme changed and instead of regular menus I get "window" menus, in the sense that they get effects as regular windows. It's hard to explain it.


I tried uninstalling it and installing open office and also in the soft center open office is more than once, but I tried the different versions and I still get the same problem.

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Fedora :: Install AVG & Open Office?

May 30, 2010

how can I install AVG & open office?

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Fedora :: How Ot Install Open Office

Aug 22, 2011

how to install open office .org i have untar the tarball. but didnt know how to install it? followed couple of blog but ....no catch.

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Fedora :: Print A Document Out From Open Office?

Jul 6, 2009

I just recently upgraded my Fedora 6 to Fedora 10 on a brand new laptop. Unfortunately, everytime I try to print the apps freeze up. For example, I was trying to print a document out from Open Office and I chose FILE->PRINT. The print dialog box pops up but it remains grey and doesnt do anything.

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Fedora :: Open Office Crashes At Launch 12?

Jan 10, 2010

I have a problem when I try to launch openoffice at fedora 12.

I have installed it with yum:
yum install openoffice.org-impress.i686
and then:


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Fedora :: (Only) Open Office Impress Is Very Slow

Mar 19, 2010

I use Open Office Impress fairly often. I notice that when I build up a presentation and I use a few not too large jpeg images, the program becomes progressively slow. It never crashes and generally does not display erroneous behaviour. However, clicking around in the slide designer feels very slow. Just something to reproduce: After trying to select a different font size by clicking on that drop-down list box item in the text layout bar, it may take up to 3 seconds before a list with font sizes is displayed.

This may sound minor but when it takes a few seconds for each 'focus change' - from item to item - to happen, this seriously impacts usability. For reference, other Open Office applications I regularly use such as Writer and Calc are a lot faster / snazzier. I work on a fast Lenovo Thinkpad T61 (Intel T7100 CPU, 2 Gb mem) which runs F12 like a charm - except OOo Impress. I am using version 3.1.1-19.26.fc12. It seems to be X. When I use Impress, the X.org will use up to 96% of both CPUs for about 3 to 4 seconds.

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Fedora :: F14 And Latest Open Office Update?

Nov 20, 2010

Just last week I upgraded to F14. Just today I did the latest yum upgrade, and it included an update on Open Office. (1) I now have Open Office 3.3.0 OOO330m14 (Build:9542). According to the OO Web site, version 3.3.0 is still beta!!! 3.2.1 is still the stable release for download. What is Fedora doing? But that's just a general question; here are some specifics. Printing is virtually broken.

(2) Just opening the File -> Print window takes almost 5 seconds. The blue bar along the bottom of the window shoots across 8 times!! I'm hoping this is not the price paid for the new feature of having an unreadable copy of page 1 appear on the left side of the "Print" window!

(3) The "Properties" button is definitely broken. Click it and select the "Device" tab. I set "Printer Quality" to "Draft Grayscale." Then suppose I print 5 pages. Then I want to print the next 5 pages. The Print Quality is back to Normal! And that's without even closing the document, much less closing OO. Closing OO should save the printer settings for a document. But printing two times in a row without closing the document should definitely preserve the settings I make. It doesn't.

(4) Under System -> Administration -> Printing, I set the print quality for the printer to Draft. That also is completely ignored by OO.

(5) In OO Tool -> Options -> Load/Save I have checked "Load printer settings with the document." That should surely imply that when you save a document, the printer settings are saved with it. They either are not or they are not loaded or they are ignored.

(6) When I select the page numbers to print, that is so slow, the numbers don't even appear the instant I type them. That blue bar across the bottom of the window keeps shooting across until all the numbers finally appear.

(7) Under System -> Administration -> Printing there are two driver choices for HP Officejet 5600: hpijs and hpcups. Neither makes any difference for this behavior.

(8) I have several printers. Not even the printer I selected for doing the printing is preserved from one set of 5 pages to the next.

Who has ruined everything? Fedora or Open Office? On a more practical level, any ideas? Am I missing something? I've used OO with Fedora for years. None of this ever happened before. I NEVER had to select the printer and reset printer quality EVERY TIME I printed without closing a document. Plus, for any new document, the printer quality options in OO would be set to what I specified in System -> Administration -> Printing.

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Fedora :: Open Office Wont Launch?

May 12, 2011

I installed Open Office with yum. When I tried to launch the program it simply didnt do anything.

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Fedora :: Open Office - Mixed Package Version

May 20, 2010

I'm running fedora 12, am a relatively new user, and downloaded OO 320. package is 9483. I installed it before I realized fedora already included an OO version. Now, I click the icons and nothing happens. I looked at the desktop-integration area, and see the package for the icons is 7823? Yum will now neither update, nor remove OO. I hate having to revert to Windows to do some of my work.

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Fedora :: Can't Seem To Get Open Office To See The Evolution Address Book?

Dec 3, 2010

Running Fedora 14 (64bit) - can't seem to get open office to see the evolution address book. Any ideas what extra component I need to install to get the connection working?

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Fedora :: Lost User Permission For Open Office?

Dec 8, 2010

It has worked in the last week or so. Not sure when I ran it last. Now only root can run Open Office. The menu and a quick start Icon both give no response but su can call from the command line. I,user, can't. Seems there was a big OO update in the last several days, this might be the cause. I spoke too soon. Now su will not get it either. I tried su -l and su with no success. Also an Icon for OO quick start has gone away.

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Error - Cannot Open 6x12 Font

Jul 13, 2010

I'm running Windows 7 Pro 32-bit to access through ssh a RedHat Linux machine using the Cisco VPN client and Putty. I am trying to run x applications from the command window, but I get an error message that says "Cannot open 6x12 font." I am also using Xming to be able to connect to the x server. The x applications seem to run, but they will not give any figures or charts that the Linux machine alone will give me.

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General :: How Yum Messages Up Open Office - No Longer Worked - Fedora 12

Aug 18, 2010

I had open office 3.2 installed and working perfectly then I ran yum update it installed a lot of packages

Open Office no longer worked

On the net I found (note it is truncated in th edisplay but if you put your pointer on it it disp[lays correctly

Code: [url]

It explains the problem, .. yum installs a package that is incompatible with OOo 3.2


It explained how to edit yum.conf so it will not do this and how to reinstall open office.

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Fedora :: Open Office - Resize Multiple Images And Move Them All Together And Crop Them On The Fly

Nov 23, 2010

Before migrating to Fedora/linux, during my window days, one of my programme of choice was MS word. regardless of all it's bugs, it did all i needed it to do (eventually). Now in Fedora I have Open Office. As far as word processing it's fine. But when it comes to inserting Images I hit a brick wall.

when it cam to making bingo cards, I could choose multiple images and resize them with one click, move them all together and crop them on the fly. Open Office doesn't do that. My question is: What other option are there in the fedora world that could help me.

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