Fedora :: GNOME3 Terminal Transparency - Don't Work ?

May 25, 2011

I noticed that the transparency profiles don't work on non-maximized terminal windows in Gnome3

Anybody else having this problem? Notice if you maximize the window your transparency suddenly works...

I'm assuming this is a mutter shadow problem?

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Fedora :: Gnome3 Crashes Immediately - Some Repos Disappeared / Don't Work

Jun 27, 2011

Two days ago I finally upgraded from Fedora14 (x64) to Fedora15 (x64). [A bit of backstory: I first tried the preupgrade method, I always try it but for some reason it always fails (gives me errors about dependencies that it cannot solve), so as usual I downloaded the full DVD and upgraded using it. It usually works but, as usual, the first time I boot I have to boot in runlevel 3 because after the update my Nvidia drivers aren't up to date with the kernel, so using runlevel 3 I was able to yum update both Kernel and Kmod-nvidia packages; after that I could finally reboot and enjoy the new Gnome3 interface]

When I was finally able to boot in graphical mode (see above), everything worked fine: I had my Gnome3 desktop in front of me, programs worked, all my settings from Fedora14 were still there, all installed programs were still working etc etc. Of course, PackageKit listed a bunch of updates that I needed to do (more than 700 actually), so obviously I gave it the thumbs up to update; unfortunately, some dependencies could not be resolved, to be precise they are dependencies for the packages Mono, RPM and VLC (more details later).......

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Ubuntu :: Removing Transparency In Terminal

May 7, 2010

By default in Lucid, Gnome Terminal is transparent.I was on my new Lucid install[1], in Terminal, typing away on the far side of some sshes, and reading some code, when I noticed how awkward it was to read because the background was showing through. "Fine", I thought, "I know where that setting is, although it's a strange default".But Terminal's "Edit Profiles->Edit->Background" revealed it was set to "Solid color". In fact, setting it to "Transparent background", and cranking the Shade up to Maximum was one way of removing the transparency.

A little hunting around revealed that "System->Preferences->Appearance->Visual Effects" could be set to None instead of Normal, and that would fix the problem.So, your choices for a functional terminal are to disable all Compiz eyecandy, or to turn on transparency in order to turn off transparency.Does this strike anybody else as wrong? Is there another control I've missed?

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Debian Multimedia :: Transparency With Gnome-Terminal ?

Feb 25, 2010

When I was running it before, that was Debian as well, I was able to make my gnome-terminal window decorations completely transparent and/or gone - so the terminal appeared to be typing directly on the desktop.

The method I used before to accomplish this was pretty straightforward, these options could be found in the actual terminal's interface and menu options.

However, now, I get the following result:

Click on the image for a larger size image so as you're able to see the picture in more detail.

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Ubuntu :: Transparency Of Terminal Window / Manage This?

Mar 21, 2010

I would like to use a transparent terminal window but meanwhile I want to keep a solid background while it is full screened. Is there a way to manage this?

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Ubuntu :: Terminal Loses Transparency After Upgrade

May 27, 2010

I lost transparent terminal windows in LL after you upgraded, you have fallen victim to the not-too-atypical "Preferences File Use Changed Krap". Essentially when you look at a preferences pane it appears that everything is ok, but actually, the way the preference file is being used changed in this version of Ubuntu and you are being punished for it. We need to get the new version of the program to fix the preference file for us, which is easy enough to do by just making the setting changes again.

So, in Terminal,
1) Go to Edit->Profile Preferences.
2) Pick the "Background" tab. You will most likely see that the "Transparent Background" radio is set, but the background is not transparent.
3) Click on one of the other radios (I did "background image") and the terminal window should become transparent.
4) Click on the Transparent radio again and dismiss the dialog.

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Software :: Terminal Transparency And Proper Refreshing

Apr 20, 2010

I am having some problems with finding a decent terminal program.

I am using Fluxbox, and so I don't want any DE specific terminal programs.

I have xterm by default, and have been playing with urxvt, aterm and mrxvt as well.

I originally wanted a terminal program with tabs and transparency, however tabs don't matter to me anymore and fluxbox has native support anyway. Now, just proper transparency is important to me. I understand Fluxbox can induce real transparency with xcompmgr, but this has the effect of making the entire window transparent. I am looking for a terminal that supports real transparency naively so the window bar and border will not be transparent, while the "terminal part" will be.

I'm not 100% sure, but out of these I think only urxvt fits the bill, with aterm and mrxvt only supporting pseudo transparency. Is this correct?

Second to this, and my more urgent problem, is that none of the terminals except xterm seem to fresh properly. in xterm I can do everything I can do in a real tty, I can edit with vi, use curses programs etc...no problems. However each of urxvt, mrxvt and aterm behave the same way, and do not refresh properly. If I try to edit a file in vi in any of these, I can only see maybe one or two lines of the file, and can't scroll through or anything...it's impossible to actually edit.

I also note in urxvt, mrxvt and aterm the home and end keys don't work, however they work in xterm just as they do on a tty. For example in each of the non xterm terminals pressing home just gives a tilde, which means I have to hold down the left arrow to get to the end of the line, which can be frustrating.

Obviously the other 3 terminals are are emulating a different terminal type to what xterm does...perhaps. However I have not found a way to test this. For those people using a non xterm terminal, how did you solve this?

I also had some somewhat related questions that I hope I don't need to make a separate post for(they seem so trivial but really bug me)

1. How would I press alt + enter inside a terminal? For example running wicd-curses from a terminal(Even an xterm) you need to press alt + enter to save settings, however from a terminal alt + enter has no effect. Is their any way to force this key combination?

2. I notice when starting a terminal, the shell lacks a prompt. Why do terminals start interactive shells by default, and why do interactive shells not have a prompt? Is their a way to make interactive shells inherrit the same prompt that login shells use? I use both zsh and bash. Is their any practical difference between using a login and interactive shell?

3. If I am running an X session as a normal user, and su to root in a terminal, is their any way I can start X programs as root and get them to display in the X session of my normal user? I normally get an error similar to unable to open display

3a. I just tested...I normally 'su -' out of habbit, and then I get an "unable to open display" error. I just used su, so roots profile was not loaded, and I can start X programs as root. Why does this work?

4. I was wondering if it was possible to have the titlebar of a terminal show the current command or path? Something more unique than just every window open saying urxvt or whatever.

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Ubuntu :: Disable Gnome-terminal Transparency In Compiz ?

Feb 14, 2011

I am running Ubuntu 10.04 with Compiz enabled (Visual Effects = Normal, in the System-Preferences-Appearance)

The gnome-terminals are transparent. I would like to disable the transparency, because I have a lot of terminals open at the same time and I don't want to be able to see one below another one.

In the gnome-terminal preferences, Background is set to "solid colour". However, Compiz seems to be over-riding this somehow.

I have the CompizConfig Settings Manager installed. I have looked through it but I can't find an option which disables the transparency for terminals. I tried the Opacity, Brightness and Saturation plugin, but it only allows you to vary the transparency level, not disable it entirely, and there doesn't seem to be a way of setting a default.

I like Compiz very much, so I don't want to disable the desktop effects. Does anyone know how to just disable the gnome-terminal transparency?

I'm not using lubuntu. Somehow I selected that and I can't get rid of it now. I'm on Ubuntu with Gnome.

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General :: Transparency For Terminal -gnome/ubuntu - Zorin ?

Jun 9, 2011

I am currently reading a few different command line tutorials and have my terminal set to almost completely clear. In dreamlinux it made it easy to see what the tutorial said, While still letting me use the terminal as I read. In zorinOS (Ubuntu build using Gnome) I have it set to almost total clear, and what I get for the background is my wallpaper ... Regardless of whether there is a window open or not. The only changes I have made are in the preference settings, and not to any files.

But on the part where I set transparency here are my options (grey is not selectable,[x] is chosen option,{dir} is drop menu, --*---- *=current setting):


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Debian Multimedia :: Jessie Upgrade - Gnome Terminal Transparency

May 1, 2015

Under wheezy, I could set gnome-terminal profile to partial transparency, i.e., to display the desktop wallpaper behind the text. (E.g., a picture of my girlfriend.) But after upgrade to Jessie, this option completely disappeared, and now I can only pick a solid color. Do I need to flip a setting or something to get this back? Am running default Gnome desktop (not fallback mode) though I think I only have 2D acceleration.

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Ubuntu :: Panel Transparency Doesn't Work?

Apr 30, 2010

I'm using Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, and I'm trying to make my panel semi-transparent.

Unfortunately, the whole thing won't go transparent, only the blank areas without applets!

I know you can hack it in Compiz, but then everything goes transparent, including text and icons, which I don't want.

As you can see from the screenshot, I'm using the Radiance theme, but this also occurs with Ambience.

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Ubuntu :: 64x Natty Install Using Gnome3 Ppa ( Official Ppa From Gnome3)?

May 5, 2011

I am trying to solve multiple issues with my 64x natty install using gnome3 ppa( official ppa from gnome3). I have this setup on two machines, one is a fresh install the other is a upgrade. They both have most of these issues. Here they are: 1) Nautilus will not launch from the favorites bar. It does launch from a shortcut on the desktop. It will not run from the terminal unless I am root. 2) Number lock is disabled at startup (enabled in my bios). I used to be able to enable after nattty had started, I no longer can, though num lock light is lit - number keypad does not work!

3) I have set gnome3 set to let nautilus draw the background and desktop, I get a white screen at boot until Nautilus is launched then I get a background and some desktop icons(no computer or network icons). If I plug in a usb drive the icon appears on my desktop, when I select it I loose the background and have to select it again.

4) Wireless randomly will drop the connection, have to reconnect, sometimes it will, sometimes I have to reboot. I have Fedora installed on a 2nd hard drive on the machine with a clean install and the only similarity is it displays the default desktop until I launch Nautilus, then my background and desktop are displayed with all of the icons. From there on out Fedora has none of these issues. I have used Ubuntu Gnome and XFCE as my only os since 6.0 and have never had this many problems. Both machines would not run the gdm because of Nvidia issues after the upgrade and clean install. I DO NOT want to give up on Ubuntu as I tell all my friends and family to use it.

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Fedora :: Gnome Panel Transparency ?

Feb 8, 2010

I am using fedora 12 x86_64 gnome. if i turn on panel transparency, whole panel becomes distorted, same thing happens if i choose a panel background.The problem was not there at the time of installation as i once tried it but after updates and all this glitch has appeared. I have experimental ati drivers installed. Is this a recognised bug with panel or drivers.

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Fedora :: Wine Work Well With 14 - Install Through The Terminal?

Mar 21, 2011

I am currently using Ubuntu 10.10 and am wanting to switch to Fedora 14. I have always loved the way Fedora looked and felt. So I am finally making the transition. But I am wondering does Wine work well with Fedora 14? If so how do I install through the terminal. I know it is the harder way but I find it gives me more customization. I prefer it, so what would the command be? With Ubuntu it is sudo apt-get install wine1.2 what is it in Fedora?

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Fedora X86/64bit :: Transparency For Windows - Ksonole ?

Jun 10, 2009

Trying to enable transparency in konsole theme , and its warning me I have no such support for such things atm, and wondering how I enable this ?

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Fedora Networking :: Accessing VPN And Terminal Server At Work

Aug 20, 2009

Loving my new Fedora system and the steady march towards making a MS free house but I have a problem. I need to be able to connect to my company server via VPN and then initiate a terminal server connection. Two clicks on XP but I have no idea what to use now. As soon as I have this down I can remove my XP partition forever as I have everything else I need daily working like a charm.

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Fedora Networking :: Iwlist Scan In The Terminal But That Doesnt Seem To Work?

Jun 24, 2010

generally whenever there is a wifi connection available fedora will detect and i can establish the connection but today i am not able to see any such wireless network available. I am in a wifi accessible area and i need to know how this can be rectified. i tried iwlist scan in the terminal but that doesnt seem to work

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Fedora Networking :: Set Up Samba Using Command Line Terminal / Network Does Not Work

Nov 29, 2010

I set up Samba using command line terminal, and my network does not work. I have Samba username and keyring passwords all set, then I go to gui system-config-samba, and my samba user profile password is incorrect. In the past, I have used a 10 letter password, however, every time I boot the computer, I have to go back in and re-enter the password.I wonder if samba is truncating the password because it only accepts an 8 character password? I have deleted the user, and added a new username, and it is still doing it.

If I go into the gui and re-enter the password, usually I can get the network back up with my windows machine. All of the parameters are correct, I use the network to transfer files from my Windows to my Fedora drive all of the time when it works.

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Fedora :: Can F14 Users Use Gnome3

Apr 7, 2011

How can our F14 users use Gnome3?

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Fedora :: Change Name In Gnome3?

May 29, 2011

Click on the user menu, "My Account" , click on unlock and then click on your name to change it to whatever you want.

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Fedora :: Distinction Between F And Gnome3?

Jun 17, 2011

This may seem like an oddball question, but I ask because I don't know. When working with Fedora 15, which parts of what I see on screen are actually Fedora, and which parts of Gnome 3? I'm trying to understand where the separation lies between the OS and the shell, and I'm not quite clear when I'm "doing things" if I'm using a feature of Fedora, or Gnome 3. I know when I'm in a terminal window, that's the shell/Gnome3. But what else that I do is actually the shell, and not Fedora?

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Fedora :: F15 Gnome3 Alternatives?

Jun 24, 2011

F15 running on my Dell Latitude 505 laptop. During installation (last week) I got "Gnome3 not fully supported - using fallback mode". I found out later that my Intel 855 video doesn't support 3D, which Gnome3 requires.

System seems to run fine and boots into fallback video. But I'd sure like to have access to my "desktop" so I can drag and drop folders, etc. there. Currently I now have to open the Desktop folder, and then drag and drop, etc. And without an "active" desktop screen, added devices (external drives, cameras, etc.) don't show up unless I open the Desktop folder. Is there an alternative to Gnome3 I can install? I assume without the need for 3D which my Intel video 855 doesn't support.

If there's an alternative or two, could someone point me to exactly how to install them? If there's a more appropriate forum here for this request,

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Fedora :: Use Mikogo Under F15 Gnome3?

Jul 31, 2011

has anyone tried to use Mikogo under Fedora 15 with Gnome 3, i have tried with the instructions on the site but nothing happens, it might be because the app is not gnome 3 ready or something I am missing.[URL].. the way it is supposed to work, you just download it and run it like blender.. and it should start a task bar app (the reason why i think it does nothing) and then you can use it..

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Fedora :: Get Back Old Alt+Tab Behavior In F15/GNOME3?

May 28, 2011

After upgrading to F15 I noticed that Alt+Tab behaves now differently. For example, if I have several terminal windows open, I can't cycle through all of them by just pressing Alt+Tab repeatedly. Now the system just displays one terminal icon and icons for each terminal window, but if I keep pressing Tab (Alt being down all the time), it does not switch the window.

I want back the old behavior of the Alt+Tab keys!

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Fedora :: How To Enable Gnome3 Extensions

May 29, 2011

ALT+F2 R to restart the Shell, your extensions will be enabled

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Fedora :: Change Computer Name In Gnome3?

Jun 3, 2011

How do I change the Computer Name (ras) in Lovelock?

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Fedora :: Remove Gnome3 In FC15?

Jun 28, 2011

I'm going to remove Gnome3 from FC15 and, possibly, install KDE. I'm not sure about the options I have for it:I saw I can remove just the gnome-shell package. This makes me wonder if it is possible to replace the gnome-shell functionality with a gnome-2 equivalent, getting some of the gnome2 back how much of gnome-related packages can I remove? For example, is it advisable to remove gdm in favour of kdm? Are there gtk/gnome programs that are "better" than kde equivalents and are thus best left untouched, along with their dependencies? finally, somewhat unrelated, do you know good tutorials for gnome2.X expatriates to learn modern kde?

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Fedora :: Any Rainmeter Like Software For F15 Gnome3?

Jul 18, 2011

is there any rainmeter like software for f15 gnome3?in short: i want live rss feeds right on desktop. is there a way?rainmeter is a lightweight software in windows in which widgets like rss feed, gmail inbox, fb notifications, system info, hdd partitions, music player, weather, app launcher etc can be customized on custom sidebar panels/bars.

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Fedora :: App To Edit The Menus In Gnome3?

Jul 20, 2011

Whats the app to edit the menus in Gnome3, I've tried alacarte, but it has no effect

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Fedora :: No Fading Animation In Gnome3, F15?

Jul 25, 2011

I've recently decided to switch from KDE 4.6 to Gnome 3. I've always been a KDE user, since version 2, really. But I happen to really like the new look of Gnome. To me it looks more professional somehow. Very little in terms of distractions.On both my laptop and my desktop, I have installed the Gnome 3 packages through Packagekit and on both machines it runs nice and smooth. There is one difference, though. On the desktop machine, when I lock the screen, it goes to black instantly. On the laptop, it fades to black. I really like the look of the fading animation and I'd like the desktop machine to do the same, but for the life of me, I can't figure out how to do it.

The difference between both machines is that the laptop has an Intel graphics card whereas the desktop machine has an Nvidia 6800 GT, with the proprietary driver running. I followed Leigh's excellent guide to install that driver and it works like a charm. I do have desktop effects in KDE 4, so I know the driver is installed and running. I also am able to run hardware accelerated games in Wine without a problem.Being new to Gnome, especially Gnome 3, I have no idea where to look for these kinds of special effects. The System Settings program seems sort of Spartan and the gconf-editor doesn't show me anything that I can relate to this fading effect.

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