Fedora :: Completely Uninstall Wine ?

Aug 21, 2010

Hello people. So, some days ago, I Installed Wine in my machine, and it was working pretty good. But I decided to add WineTricks. Since then, I can not install any program using wine, nor open the installed ones (gives me errors). So, does anybody knows about a way to completelly uninstall Wine? I have tries "yum remove Wine" and "yum remove wine*", but it doesn't do anything. I am using Fedora 13.

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Ubuntu :: Completely Uninstall The WINE Program?

May 4, 2011

After uninstalling WINE through by clicking on the uninstall button in the installed programs section I found there still lingered in the "open with other programs option" a list of wine exe. and WINE which of course do nothing now. How can I completely uninstall the WINE program?

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Fedora :: Unable To UnInstall Wine ?

Jul 17, 2011

Got some links to remove wine, but its failing for me. When i search the installed rpm i can still see the wine rpms

Tried this command




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Ubuntu :: How To Uninstall / Purge Wine And Any Wine Installed Windows Programs

Apr 15, 2011

How can I uninstall / purge wine and any wine installed windows programs?I've tried deleting .wine (hidden folder)but in /usr/bin/ there are a number of wine related files.And wine sub menu still appears in Applications menu

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Ubuntu :: Uninstall From The PC Completely

Feb 25, 2010

I have only Ubuntu 6.06 LTS installed on my pc. previously I had Win XP AND linux on my pc(dual boot).

Question is: how can I start from scratch i.e. completely delete Ubuntu is the first step. however, I do not know how to.

Additional problem is that it asks for GRUB and I have to insert the Windows (?) disk and it starts working again. Why does Ubuntu need XP disk is beyond me.

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Debian :: How To Uninstall Skype Completely

Jan 27, 2016

I'm learning the apt-get package system, and I'm a little unsure of myself. Before I start removing packages/software, I want to make sure that I'm initially taking the proper approach.

Below is a script that I've used to successfully install Skype into Debian 8.2 "Jessie" 64-bit. (This script is a slightly modified version taken from: wiki.debian.org/skype). I want to know the right way to uninstall it.

Code: Select allsu
dpkg --add-architecture i386
apt-get update
apt-get install libc6:i386 libqt4-dbus:i386 libqt4-network:i386 libqt4-xml:i386 libqtcore4:i386 libqtgui4:i386 libqtwebkit4:i386 libstdc++6:i386 libx11-6:i386 libxext6:i386 libxss1:i386 libxv1:i386 libssl1.0.0:i386 libpulse0:i386 libasound2-plugins:i386
wget -O skype-install.deb [URL]
dpkg -i skype-install.deb
apt-get -f install

Now that I've installed Skype, how do I *UNINSTALL* Skype?

Will the following code completely remove the software added above, or will some "software-residue" be left behind, or will it remove other software that should have been left untouched?

Code: Select allsu
apt-get purge skype libc6:i386 libqt4-dbus:i386 libqt4-network:i386 libqt4-xml:i386 libqtcore4:i386 libqtgui4:i386 libqtwebkit4:i386 libstdc++6:i386 libx11-6:i386 libxext6:i386 libxss1:i386 libxv1:i386 libssl1.0.0:i386 libpulse0:i386 libasound2-plugins:i386
apt-get clean

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General :: Uninstall Git Completely On Ubuntu?

May 4, 2010

I installed Git on Ubuntu Lucid (latest) manually as following.

cd ~/tmp
wget http://kernel.org/pub/software/scm/git/git-
tar -xzvf git-
cd git-


Now, how can I completely uninstall it?

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Ubuntu :: Can't Uninstall Themes Completely ?

Jun 21, 2010

I use Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope). I recently installed four themes, Mac4Lin, Tigris, Raptor Slickness remix and SlicknesS. I dragged them into the Appearance Preferences window to install them (in the Themes tab). I didn't like the themes and uninstalled them. But, while I was customising the original theme (Human), I saw that window controls and borders of the theme were not uninstalled (1st attachment). Also, if I want to reinstall the themes, I get an error (2nd attachment). I have checked if any folders named after these themes were there in "/usr/share/themes", but didn't find any. How am I to uninstall these themes completely?

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Ubuntu :: How To Uninstall Completely Compiz

Apr 5, 2011

I want to uninstall compiz but I have some problems. When I completely remove the package with Synaptics, compiz is still installed on my computer! Few days ago I installed compiz following this website [URL] and it probably explains why. Now how do I revert the process? How do uninstall everything? I tried sudo apt-get remove compiz* but it tells me the it cannot locate compiz-check (even though it is installed)

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OpenSUSE Install :: Uninstall / Remove KDE Completely?

Mar 30, 2011

I am trying to streamline a desktop install into a more streamlined server-esk install. I have edited the inittab to change the runlevel at startup to 3. How do I now remove KDE completely? Also are there any other large programs I need to uninstall?

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General :: Temporarily But Completely Uninstall Ubuntu 10.4?

May 24, 2010

How do I temporarily but completely uninstall Ubuntu 10.4? I can't locate it in my registry, either using RegEdit or Revo Uninstaller. This is temporary. I will re-install on a different computer of mine that has much greater memory.

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Software :: Uninstall Mysql Server Completely ?

Jul 24, 2011

I recently screw up mysql server privileges and now im having problem accessing tables/databases. so i wanna uninstall mysql server completely and reinstall it. i installed it previously through yum install mysql mysql-server. how should i do it?

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Ubuntu :: Is It Safe To Uninstall Nautilus Completely / Just Use Pcmanfm?

Mar 14, 2010

I changed the file manager from nautilus to pcmanfm via Ubuntu Tweak in Linux Mint 8. Is it safe to uninstall nautilus completely and just use pcmanfm?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Remove And Then Completely Uninstall Software?

Feb 1, 2011

When Ubuntu Software Centre removes software, it leaves files behind in File System which is owned by Root preventing me from deleting them.

1. Could this be why Update Manager is insisting that I install updates for software that I have removed and do not use?

2. There is one application I would like to re-install because it asked me technical questions before I installed it. I think I gave the wrong answer and when I re-installed it, it didn't ask the question again. It seems likely that there is a file somewhere that Ubuntu Software Centre didn't remove, and I could do with deleting but is owned by Root. How do I do this?

3. Should I have posted this query under 'Absolute Beginner Talk?'. I'm using Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Lucid Lynx.

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Ubuntu :: Completely Remove/uninstall Hibernate And Suspend Feature?

May 4, 2011

There's a single command to achieve this result? I want those (never and not willing to use in future) features to be completly remove from all my systems (*buntu).

Prefered command like sudo apt-get autoremove and avoid "clicking/settting throug various menu" Battery level indicator prefereably kept

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Slackware :: Completely Uninstall Nvidia-driver And Reinstall Default?

Apr 12, 2011

I use slackware 13.1-current on desktop with 4gb ram, nvidia geforce 210, and AMD cpu.
I have problem with my X starting using 40-50 MB of RAM and after some hours suddenly rises up to 400-500 MB. I have tried KDE ( with and without desktop effects ), LXDE, 3 different nvidia drivers ( the one made from the slackbuilds ) but no luck.
I decided at last to use the default slackware's driver. I uninstalled the nvidia driver and do startx, but it says code...

I have no idea about GPU and drivers, it was a mistake to install a driver for my nvidia just to have desktop effects. I just want to bring the things back as at the beginning of the systems installation and the default drivers.
Do you have any idea how to do it?

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Ubuntu :: How To Completely Remove Wine

Apr 2, 2011

I want to completly remove wine, so i figured that using the package manager, and apt-get remove will make it work. Using apt-get, i get the message that there is no wine installed, even though the package manager is telling me the opposite. After that i removed wine via the package manager, but i can still run wine. And that is the point where i am getting completly lost, how the hack can i run a removed program? I did compile and install wine myself once, so the problem might hide there. But how to i remove a program without the routines of the package manager?

I seriously need to deinstall wine completly to figure out a couple misterious problems i am having lately.

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Ubuntu :: WINE Not Completely Removed?

Jul 28, 2011

I tryied installing wine patched for league of legends from the source code (./configure, make, sudo make install). Wine didn't appeared in the application tab in gnome and then i installed wine from its repo. After uninstalling it i saw that whenever i try to open an exe file, wine still tries to run it, regardless the fact that wine is not present in the application folder. After a search i find that wine libs and files are still there, even after the unistatll. I think they are there because the installation from source files so how do i remove them besides deleting them manually?

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Ubuntu :: Completely Removie Wine Installed Programs?

Mar 5, 2010

I can't remove nor uninstall the wine programs. I have tried the uninstaller that comes with wine but it doesnt work. How can I remove them from the start menu and the uninstall list as if they never existed on my pc? The only thing I can do is to remove the files.

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OpenSUSE :: Wine: How To Uninstall IE6

Jul 22, 2010

I have installed IE6 with Winetricks, but now I want to remove it. How can I do that without damaging other Wine applications?

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Ubuntu :: How To Uninstall Wine

Nov 1, 2010

How do I uninstall wine? I did sudo apt-get purge wine, it said it isn't installed but in the Applications menu it says that it is still there. Even though I removed it and purged it.

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Slackware :: How To Uninstall Wine

Jun 8, 2010

I install wine with this as regular user:

Then to uninstall I do this as root:

Now if I try to install again it say this:


Warning ! wine binary (still) found, which may indicate a (conflicting) previous installation. You might want to abort and uninstall Wine first. (If you previously tried to install from source manually, run 'make uninstall' from the wine root directory)

We need to install Wine as the root user. Do you want us to build Wine, 'su root' and install Wine?

Enter 'no' to build Wine without installing:

Why it say conflicting previous installation? "make uninstall" not work?

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Ubuntu :: How To Fully Uninstall WINE

Sep 25, 2010

I was using WINE and MS Office 2007 properly when suddenly one day MS Office stopped working properly. When saving a file, the application would crash. I decided to uninstall MS Office and to reinstall it. I wasn't able to reinstall it, the installer crashed.I then uninstalled WINE, and erased the .wine directory. I reinstalled WINE and tried to install MS Office. Same problem, the installer crashed. It's a pain not to have MS Office on this computer.What could I do to remove WINE entirely and to start over with a new clean WINE install with MS Office?

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Ubuntu :: How To Uninstall Non-repository WINE

Mar 2, 2011

Currently, WINE stable is v1.22. Several months ago, I installed WINE 1.01 from the command line while following a forgotten instruction online. It does not show up in Ubuntu Software Center, so it did not update through the repositories. I've since added WINE to the repositories, but when I try to install v1.22, the installer finds v1.01, says it could be a problem, but only allows "cancel" and "install anyway" as options.

How do uninstall the old (v1.01) WINE from Ubuntu? Is it as easy as deleting the .wine folder from my home folder? How do I remove WINE from the Application menu?

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OpenSUSE :: Unable To Uninstall Wine Application

Jan 29, 2010

I installed some programs with wine. Then I uninstalled them all following the commands given in Wine Wiki. I don't see them in the uninstallation GUI but ı couldn't remove one thing: When I right click on an mp3 file and choose "open file with", winamp is still there. How can I remove it from the list?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Uninstall Programs In Wine?

Mar 3, 2011

I installed iTunes 7 through Playonlinux that then installed it on WINE. Itunes 7 installed but wont mount my iPhone so now I want to uninstall iTunes7.When I type in "wine uninstaller" in the terminal it opens the uninstall frame for me but the list of programs installed is empty.How do I uninstall this program then ?This is a 60mb program i dont want to be sitting on my hard drive doing nothing.I do not want to uninstall WINE, only itunes7 that was installed in wine.From my search it seems that uninstalling wine dont unsinstall programs installed in wine and when wine is reinstalled the program you installed previously is still there

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Ubuntu :: Safari Through Wine - Unable To Uninstall

Jun 4, 2011

So I used Wine to install Safari. First time I run Safari, it crashes. So I 'uninstall' it with Wine, except predictably Safari still opens after the uninstall. How would I go about removing Safari completely from Ubuntu? I can't even find my wine directory.

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General :: Install/Uninstall ITunes With WINE

Sep 1, 2010

I just installed Ubuntu 10.04 on my husband's laptop. He insists that I install iTunes. Wine comes with the 10.04 release. I downloaded iTunes and it appeared to install ok. It said it was successful. However, immediately upon the 'installation successful' notification, another window popped up that said, "iTunes was not installed correctly. Please reinstall iTunes. Error 7 (Windows error 126).

Whenever I try to open iTunes, this error message pops up. I used the WINE uninstall option for iTunes, however, the window pops up giving the option to either repair or uninstall, and when I click uninstall it appears to go through the process and even says it did - only to discover the fine print telling me that it "installed" the program sucessfully. This is very frustrating. I cannot seem to get the program to uninstall.

I found a thread that said to delete the files manually, but I don't know how to do this. I need to uninstall iTunes and reinstall it and make it work.

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General :: Uninstall Software Which Is Installed Through Wine In Ubuntu11.04 ?

Aug 9, 2011

I am using ubuntu11.04, I have installed windows applications using wine but now I wanted to uninstall that software..

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Ubuntu :: Completely Remove "wine" And Parts?

Jun 27, 2011

I installed WINE onto my Ubuntu Lucid v10.04 LTS workstation. Now I want to remove it completely.

When I use Synaptic, it tells me that Wine is not installed. However, when I select Applications from the top panel, Wine appears as the top-most entry and Wine --> Programs has contents.

How do I make Wine EVERYTHING go away?

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