Fedora :: Cold Boots Often Take Up To 10 Attempts Before The Computer Successfully Boots?

Oct 29, 2010

my desktop pc is acting very strange. cold boots often take up to 10 attempts before the computer successfully boots. after the 1st successful boot, i can expect 1-3 "glitches". here's what happens:

the first few cold boots fail at various points during the boot process. there appears to be no pattern to it. when it happens, the machine is completely locked up. it responds to nothing, except holding in the power switch for 5 seconds. i'll go through this procedure several times.

finally, it will boot all the way to a desktop. from there, once i log it, i can expect it to lock up completely, usually once or twice. and then, finally, the screen will go blank and it will suddenly be back at the login screen.

usually, once i log in that last time, it's at least usable, although hardly stable. watching flash video seems to cause a complete lockup, with the sound looping. it doesn't matter where the content is coming from (videos or similar) nor does it matter which browser i'm using (firefox or chrome). i've stopped visiting videos-type sites in the meantime.

this installation has always been a tad bit screwy. 99% of the time, firefox fails to shut down properly, resulting in a message letting me know that a crash was detected. earlier today, i was alerted to 3 kernel crashes simultaneously.

right now, i'm using the pc, as normal. the random nature of the problems would lead me to believe it was hardware-related, specifically something like memory (ram). however, i installed memtest86+ and ran it. i walked away for 4+ hours. came back, it was running, no errors were found. i stopped the test and booted, trouble-free.

the pc seems to be stable enough for a backup, but this does have me concerned...obviously. i'm debating wiping the drive clean and installing f13, just as a test. if it's screwy as well, it would have to be hardware-related, wouldn't you think??

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Ubuntu Servers :: Cold Boots Fine But Get 'Gave Up Waiting For Root Device' On Reboot

Mar 31, 2011

Recently setup Ubuntu Server 10.10 on an old Dell Poweredge 2650. It seemed to be working perfectly until I did my first reboot. I tried changing the 'root' reference on the linux line at the grub menu with no luck. I suspect the problem is something else but I have no clue.

So far the behavior seems completely consistent. If I physically power the machine down and start it back up everything works perfectly. However, if I do a sudo reboot now I'll end up at the initramfs prompt. I'm not comfortable setting up my dev environment on this box until I'm sure it will be stable. In case it matters the machine is running a single scsi drive and doesn't have a raid controller.

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Fedora Installation :: Fedora Boots But Not Always Successfully

Aug 6, 2010

I've dualboot system grubloader made by Mandriva. These lines in Mandriva menu.lst is for Fedora 13.Why is it that Fedora seldom managed to boot successfully in first time? Mostly i've to boot 3,4 even 5 times to reach the desktop. That blue&white line (kernel PAE) is always visible on bottom of screen but many times it stopped to black screen and no gnome cursor after that.

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Fedora Hardware :: Computer Boots And Dies

Mar 30, 2010

My computer starts up and, usually, gets to a desktop (I can login). If I click on a folder to open it, the computer just dies. No power at all. Sometimes it doesnt even make it through the boot up stage, just stopping before getting to grub. This happens in F10 and F13, whether the grub is on the harddrive or a USB key. I'm thinking that I might need a new power supply, but I'm also wondering if I might have fried the CPU, which ran for several days at 50 or so degrees, (for sensor one on the little gnome panel applet). But it did go over 60 a couple of times and die from overheating. These higher temperatures were achieved by running CPU intense software, with the cores in use running at 100% each. The higher temperatures were from running it with all four cores.

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Ubuntu :: Computer Boots Into Terminal?

May 2, 2011

I recently upgraded to 11.04, and after messing around with Unity for awhile decided I'd try out Gnome 3.After rebooting to finish the installation, I noticed that the interface had reverted to what my desktop looked like in 10.10, except the color scheme was different. I also got an error message saying my computer's graphics couldn't handle Gnome 3 (I'm on a netbook). Then I went online to look up instructions on how to switch back to Unity (since the option wasn't available on the login screen). After following the first step, which involved entering a command into the terminal, I left the house for awhile.

When I got back, the screen was black with white text (terminal-esque) asking for my username. After typing it in and pressing enter, it asked for my password, and after entering that it became a "terminal". This screen comes up every time I start my computer now, and I have no idea what to do. I could reinstall Ubuntu from a flash drive, but I want to be able to access my files. Is there any way to get around this, or recover my files without taking out the hard drive? As you can probably tell from my post, I'm very new to Ubuntu and Linux, and the mess I'm now in is the result of acting on uneducated impulse.

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OpenSUSE Install :: Run Script When Computer Boots

Jan 31, 2010

I have a laptop that runs openSUSE 11.2, KDE 4.3.*. I've connected an external monitor to this laptop. The problem is my laptop screen is broke and I want Linux to use my external monitor as the master output. When ever I boot it's always the laptop screen that's taken as the master and my external monitor always have the resolution of the laptop. What I want to do is disable the laptop screen and change the resolution of my external monitor when the computer boots. The following commands seem to do what I want


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OpenSUSE Install :: Computer Boots Up And Not Asking For Login

Apr 15, 2010

I'm relevant with linux but I don't know how to make it so that when the computer boots up it asks me to login. Right now it just logs my user in.

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General :: Measure How Fast Computer Boots Up

Jan 5, 2010

I just wanted to glean some sort of a general average and compare my system with everyones. post your computers:boot time of course hardware specifications (processor, HDD, RAM, etc.) distribution if it's a laptop or desktop (or a netbook ) Mine is 43 seconds, running Ubuntu 9.10 on a netbook. My hardware specs: Intel Atom 1.6 GHz 320 GB 7200 rpm HDD 2 GB RAM

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Ubuntu :: Computer No Longer Boots Constant Error

Dec 14, 2010

I have tried to keep away from posting this seeing how many have had the same problem but this is getting to the point of me just selling my computer out of shear frustration. Ive got Windows XP and Ubuntu 10.04lts. For a while they all ran fine together till my Windows drive gave out and ever since I tried to remove the drive GRUB recovery has been popping up. I even tried to put the drive back in and the computer still wont boot anything. Ive got 4 different live boots and neither one works, Ive tried to boot with my internal dvd drive and a usb one, there is always a Grub error. When I put in the ls command and find my only non"unknown filesystem" it still says "bad filename". I guess where im getting at is grub wont even let me reformat my computer or boot from anything without saying "no such device: 32d98-e0b3-451b-809b-ae6562ccb701"

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Ubuntu Installation :: No More Grub Menu When Computer Boots

May 5, 2011

i installed ubuntu 10.10 to my external HDD and it works. Recently, i reinstalled windows therefore, there is no more grub menu when my computer boots. I tried to reinstall grub to my external HDD but it doesn't work.

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Hardware :: Computer Turns Off By Itself And Boots To Blank Screen

Jul 23, 2010

My laptop will be fine, then it turns off then immediately boots itself to a blank screen and no hard drive activity. This has happened 3 times today and never before. what ive done so far The first time this happened i tried turning it off and back on, still no screen and no hard drive activity so i took one of the RAM sticks out. Booted fine... To confirm that the RAM was bad i put it back and tried booting again, unfortunately it booted fine... i thought it was a fluke.

Until his happened a second time and instead of taking the RAM out, i waited a half hour and rebooted and it started booting fine, i turned my back for a sec and it was dead again. I have taken that RAM module out and am hoping it will not happen again, but it could well be the other RAM module since i really don't know or even if it is RAM at all.

Question is. Is this a RAM issue or something else? Where can i find a log to see what happened immediately prior to it offing itself? What's the chances it's the heatsync? (the laptop doesn't feel as hot as it sometimes does)

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Server :: Auto Login As Root As Soon When Computer Boots Up

Jan 25, 2010

I would like to be able to auto login to my centOS 5.4 linux machine when it boots up. Is there a intuitive way to do this? I'm running the motif window manager. The problem is that my computer boots up into motif but it asks me to login as root. I would like to eliminate this.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Computer Boots Into Grub Command Line

May 16, 2010

I just installed Windows 7 and it erased my Grub bootloader. I followed this tutorial: URL...And now when my computer starts up it goes to the Grub prompt: Code: grub>I guess I did not do the right partition but I'm having a lot of trouble getting it back to how it was where my computer at least loaded the Windows 7 loader.

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Ubuntu :: When Computer Boots Half Of Panel Icon Goes Missing?

Oct 1, 2010

Sometimes when I boot my computer the icons on the panel (pieces of them) are missing. Like half of my wireless just the mail icon from the indicator applet half the trash can or show desktop or just the power button from the indicator applet session. After I log out and log back in either once or twice that usually fixes it. I am using Ubuntu 10.04 with gnome 2.30.2.

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Ubuntu :: Configure Boot So That The Computer Boots Straight Into Windows Xp

Dec 5, 2010

How do I configure boot so that the computer boots straight into windows xp, unless I press a key during boot?

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Installation :: Get Rid Of Boot Menu Completely So Computer Boots Straight Into Ubuntu?

May 10, 2010

I installed Ubuntu over my windows partition but kept the other NTFS partitions that I use for storage. For some reason GRUB shows up with the option to boot into XP (which isn't there). How do I get rid of the boot menu completely so my computer boots straight into Ubuntu?

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Ubuntu :: Installed An Nvidia Driver For 9.10. Now Terminal Appears When Computer Boots Up

May 15, 2010

I'm not sure what Nvidia driver I installed the other day, but it's messed things up. After Ubuntu boots up and asks for login, I am greeted with terminal. Setting 1152Xwhatever resolution failed. Setting to 1024X768. My xorg.conf.old file is completely empty, so I have no idea what the original settings were. I have tried removing and reinstalling xserver.xorg but that hasn't seemed to get me anywhere. I have also used the "apt-cache search nvidia" command to see what drivers could be installed, but every single driver that I attempt to remove isn't installed.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Computer Boots Up Anf Stops Half Way Through Loading After Upgarde

Jun 21, 2010

I upgraded to the new Ubuntu and when the computer boots up, it stops half way through loading and this message is displayed: "Starting periodic command scheduler crond Checking battery state... ...Done."

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Ubuntu :: Desktop Computer Boots Into Text Mode After Nvidia Drivers Installed

Jan 12, 2011

After installing ubuntu 64 bit, I installed all my updates and installed the current nvidia driver for my 9800 GTX+ from the additional drivers page. After restarting my computer, ubuntu boots into text mode. I used google and found out a couple of commands like:

After i hit control+alt+f7 it hangs on checking battery state with NO ok to the right of it. after running sudo apt-get --purge remove nvidia -current and restarting the computer, the boot hangs on the ubuntu screen everytime.

My specs are:
Core i7 860
4 GB of ram
Nvidia 9800 GTX+

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Ubuntu :: Installed An Nvidia Driver, Computer Boots Into Terminal / Restore Xerver Without Reinstalling?

May 14, 2010

I just installed the only Nvidia driver available in the software center for Ubuntu. I'm running Ubuntu 9.10. I don't know which Nvidia driver I installed, but the screen resolution the Nvidia driver tried to set fails at login, so now I'm stuck booting my computer into the terminal. . I used sudo apt-get install xerver-xorg in attempt to restore the screen; however, the xerver-xorg package cannot be found. How do I restore xerver without reinstalling Ubuntu? How do I restore my original driver?

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Start The Computer It Automatically Boots Into Ubuntu Instead Of Mac Os 10?

Feb 21, 2011

Ive installed maverick meerkat on my mid 2009 mbp and now whenever i start the computer it automatically boots into ubuntu instead of my mac os 10. how do i go about changing the boot sequence without having to install refit and pressing the option key all the time.p/s: i dont like using refit because it takes 30 seconds just for the option screen to appear on boot up.

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Fedora :: F12 (with KDE) Boots In Wrong Resolution

Nov 18, 2009

I have no other gripes but one minor problem; After the boot, the KDE4 desktop starts with a resolution of 1152x864 instead of 1280x1024 selected at display settings. Strangely, it seems to activate the correct resolution instantly when I enter the display settings menu that shows the intended resolution (no need to apply anything). Going to the settings menu is a bit bothersome after every boot.

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Fedora Hardware :: Laptop Boots All By Itself / Fix It?

Jun 25, 2011

New Toshiba R830-8300 laptop
All BIOS settings I can find relating to self-starting are turned off.
Three times, this silly thing has booted - while closed and being otherwise ignored - all by it's lonesome. I've discovered it pretty much by accident when I notice the power LED and the wireless LED are lit. (You can see them glow under the front edge of the cover.)
Everything I can find in the BIOS setup, wake-on-LAN etc. has been turned off, and still this thing ghost-boots.
The CAT5 is disconnected, the local wireless radio is shut off, the power cord is unplugged, and the power button doesn't otherwise display any slop or sensitivity in movement.
No IR or remote in this Toshiba, just wireless and bluetooth.
In short ... WTH is up with this?!?

Any ideas what's going on here?

BTW, to add another interesting dimension to the problem, several weeks ago, I also discovered the HP Pavilion Fukushima laptop had booted itself once as well. Heard it beep when it posted about 0345hrs. When I came in to check, it was in the process of booting up ... while closed.

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Updated Kernel But Still Boots The Old?

Jun 16, 2010

I just finished an update on the kernel and it seems to be ok as shown in the grub:




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Fedora Installation :: Machine No Longer Boots

Jan 22, 2009

In completely new to Fedora. After a clean install, I went through, configured yum, did all yum updates and rebooted. I then installed the graphics card (m9500 gs) using RPMfusion and restarted again. After doing so, the comp shows the fedora loading bar but once it finishes, it hangs there and you see a small flashing box. I have no idea how to uninstall that nvidia driver.

to my xorg.conf. Still same issue. Finally I went through and added the "notap" to the grub.conf. I am at a complete loss here. When I try and manually load the driver, the Nvidia installer gives and error about not finding any preconfigured kernels for the package. Then It try's to build its own kernel but says its missing the "cc" in the "gcc" package. Any ideas? If you want to know exactly what I've done so far, I pretty much only followed the guide at my-guides.net. As you might be able to tell, I am very NOOB.

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Fedora :: Fc12: Incoming Ftp Boots SSH Connection?

Mar 24, 2010

duplicate ip, my mistakewhen logged into a fc12 server with ssh, and a node tried to connect to the server using ftp...

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Fedora :: F13 Crashes On Half Of Boots / Resolve This?

Jun 12, 2010

Hello everyone. I switched over to Fedora a little while ago, maybe a month or two, towards the end of when 12 was out. 12 ran just fine, but around when I upgraded to 13 I started experiencing issues. I first upgraded by switching repositories and installing via yum, which seemed to run fine for awhile. However, came to the point where about every other boot (a little more often, actually), the system would crash at the login screen, not allowing me to login. Ctrl-Alt-Backspace or other rescue keys don't work- in fact, if the mouse is still working, they freeze the pointer as well.

Finally I decided to get the 13 DVD and re-install. Downloaded, media checked out, ran the install... and I'm still having the same issues. I know I should be providing more info here, but I'm not sure what log files to look for and post here. A few notes of relevance are that I've tried changing the ACPI settings in my BIOS to be as compatible as possible, and also tried booting using noacpi, which doesn't seem to be fixing it- I also have Nouveau installed.

So, what should I do? Anything I need to provide to help troubleshoot, I'll gladly do.

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Fedora :: GDB Update Boots Into A Stationary Desktop?

Feb 16, 2011

I have 64-bit Fedora 14 with the latest kernel. A short while ago a yum update of gdb, ssl and ssl 64-bit suddenly and automatically turns my desktop into a stationary screen with just a Fedora logo, not even a whirling orb inside the F-logo. I reboot a few times but I cannot go beyond this desktop to log in.I realized because F14 won't boot, this thread should be in Installation Help so would you mind moving it for me?Questions for all members:How do I get into "rescue mode" (a) from FC13 in an adjacent partition? or (b) from a Fedora14 Live CD?Is grub.conf messed up? If so, how do I fix it? don't really know exactly what went wrong so I threw just a few questions out for folks to look at

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Fedora X86/64bit :: My Windows Partion Won't Mount On Some Boots

Jul 30, 2009

It mounts sometimes, sometimes it doesn't ! what could be the problem ? i have tried mounting it manually but no success.

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Fedora :: F11 Boots To Wallpaper But No Gnome After Kernel Update

Sep 8, 2009

Applied several updates last night including a kernel and a suggest kmod-nvidia but the 5-43 kernel boots to a wallpaper gnome screen the first time.

Booted to the "fallback" 2.6.29....17 kernel and it worked fine.

Then also booted but without nvidia.

Installing akmod-nvidia as sugggested in other posts. Also see a kmod for this kernel.

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