Fedora :: Clock And Apps Tray Is Missing

Nov 14, 2009

After resolving the issue with updating Fedora, I have a new issue and it that my clock (as well as the network status icon, etc) and apps tray have literally disappeared (as shown by the provided screen shot). The only way I can can switch applications is with alt+tab. Sorry if this may sound dumb if it is a simple fix, but I have looked around in System>Preferences/Administration and could not find anything.

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Ubuntu :: Tray Icons Missing For Many Apps?

Apr 29, 2011

The tray icons for many apps (especially QT apps) are missing! Important apps that become unusable after being minimized to tray - due to having no tray icon:
* Pidgin
* KeePass
* JungleDisk

Anyone know if this can be fixed? A workaround? An explanation? Is this a known (rather extremely serious I should say) bug?

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Debian Multimedia :: KDE 5 And E17 - All Qt4 Apps Tray Icons Are Missing

Jul 26, 2015

All qt4 apps tray icons are missing. Debian decided to drop sni-qt support and wmsystemtray is actually piece of shit. Also I can't even use ubuntu version of sni-qt, because it also needs to have patched version of qt4, but debian refused to include that patches. What should I do to make skype icon visible in kde5 tray?

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Ubuntu :: Missing Apps - My Clock Preferences On The Top Panel Has Gone

Jun 5, 2010

Having used Lucid from day one without any problems, lately there have been a few niggles, first the Trash Can disappeared, since been restored, now my Clock preferences on the top panel has gone (You know, the Time, Weather, Location).And as I write this the off / on button has gone walkabout.

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Fedora :: GNOME Clock / Weather Missing Completely

Jul 5, 2010

After upgrading to F13 certainly - but from time to time my clock in Gnome will throw a wobbly. Not even consistent wobblies, sometimes the weather is missing completely, as now, sometimes only a slice of the weather icon appears, and the time/date display can be garbled. It seems to happen after a change such as booting up or a weather update, I've tried removing the applet from the panel and re-installing it, and even removing and re-installing the top panel. I'm reluctant to try removing and reinstalling Gnome-applets as that can remove a whole slew of dependencies and possibly bork an otherwise reliable install, after all I can live with it.

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Ubuntu :: No Tray Icons For Some Apps?

Jun 29, 2011

I noticed that some applications, like Amarok and KTorrent, do not get minimized in the tray when I close them. They don't shutdown either, they just disappear from the taskbar and do not show up in the tray icon space. If I execute "amarok" in the terminal, it says "Amarok is already running!" and then executes.

It's weird because Thunderbird and Virtualbox both show up as tray icons when I launch them.

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Ubuntu :: Fix Ugly Tray Icons From Wine Apps?

Sep 10, 2010

Guys is there any way to fix background for wine based apps in systray?

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Fedora :: Missing Apps In Windows List

Jul 19, 2010

Just noticed that the buttons for each open application, normally arrayed across the bottom menu bar, are totally missing. They're just not their, either for open or hidden apps!All I can think of that I've done since the new install is I did download gconf-editor and possibly opened it once, but I made no intentional changes.

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Ubuntu :: Want To Begin Some Apps Minmized To Tray Automatically At Startup

Jul 7, 2011

Kind of like Windows allows you to do. Specifically, I'd like to get Thunderbird to startup in the tray each time I log in.

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Fedora :: Missing /apps/nautilus Gconf Branch

Jun 23, 2011

I am missing the brunch "/apps/nautilus" in gconf in Fedora 15. Is there any other way how to control Nautilus settings (e.g. set nautilus to show "advanced permissions" in file properties) ?

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Fedora :: Manual Tray Reverts To Tray 1 For Print Page 2?

Aug 19, 2010

I am having troubles with my printer.

I have to use the manual feed, as the tray jams.

When set to manual feed, it prints fine in B&W and color.

However, page 2 goes from manual to tray 1! One page at a time works great.

FC 13, recent install, Dell 3100 cn printer USB.

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Fedora :: Change To Print From Tray 2 Instead Of Tray 1 ?

Aug 19, 2009

It should be a simple thing to change to print from tray 2 instead of tray 1. Tray 1 is a manual feed tray, how do I change this?

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Debian :: Insync Tray Icon Missing?

Mar 24, 2016

I have probllem with Insync (google drive synchronisation).I instaled insync and insync-nautilus, synchronisation was started, but I haven't icon in tray ( upper right corner of the screen ).My system that Debian 8.3 32Bit.

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Debian Multimedia :: Some Icons Missing In Gnome Tray

Nov 26, 2014

I use Debian Jessie which includes a gnome shell version 3.14.1. The problem is that icons of some applications such as Viber or Starcal are not shown in the tray while the icons of other applications (e.g. Skype of Dropbox) are shown without problem.

By the way, the problem does not relate to loading, because all applications are loaded and a space is considered for each in the tray, but the problem is that for some of applications the pictures of their icons are not shown.

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Ubuntu :: Tray Icon's Apps With The "Ambiance" Look?

May 20, 2010

just tried the new ubuntu and i like the way some apps fit with the "ambiance" theme, but some other looks horrible. So, there is some place or there is someone working on system tray icons for all the popular apps so they match with the new ubuntu themes?

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Ubuntu :: How To Restore Missing Volume Button To System Tray After Upgrade

Jan 2, 2011

I'am Using UBUNTU 10.10 version i upgraded my os then the volume control button on system tray and the previous "Indicator Applet" were gone. Now i added the volume control button by adding "Indicator Applet" from Add to Panel option at tray. But i also tried the following:

"Use Alt+F2 to open the Run Application app, paste gnome-volume-control-applet into the text field, and click the Run button" Then i had two volume control buttons after that i tried to remove the volume button which is came by the command line Not from the Indicator Applet Next i tried the following code in terminal to remove the volume button which was came from command line:

"sudo apt-get purge indicator-sound"

But the wrong thing is the volume button on Indicator Applet was gone I also add the indicator applet but the volume button doesn't coming back with the applet Now i want the Original Volume button along with the applet Not the other button.

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Ubuntu :: Missing Things In Area Near Clock

Oct 10, 2010

i think installed Ubuntu 10 2 weeks ago and it was working as far as this problem is concerned and then recently stopped showing Skype and the internet connection thing that is two arrows when connected. Both items are supposed to be next to the sound icon. You can see the blank area in the attached pic. I also do not get the top bar and bottom bar of the desktop about every 2 boots.And why is it when i save to the desktop i have to go to home>desktop instead of straight looking at the desktop. Sorry this is all happening at once and maybe it is all related?

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General :: Enhanced Real Time Clock Support - Missing Kernel Option

Jul 6, 2011

In regards to compiling a custom kernel:

When using make menuconfig - under Device Drivers --> Character Devices --> there should be an option with the label "Enhanced Real Time Clock Support" (CONFIG_JS_RTC).

The problem is that this option seems to only show up while using the menu method when other options are either enabled or disabled and I've entirely forgotten what should be what. I swear fingered it out once.

This is on an older computer (P4) so HPET is no good.

You would think that disabling the HPET option would enable the RTC option but that does not appear to be the case.

I understand I can just add the option to the .config file and avoid this hassle but I'm very interested to know how to make this work.

To show my appreciation I will do something nice for you such as call you a nice name or tell you that you are pretty (or ugly if that's what you prefer).

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Ubuntu :: 9.04 Clobbered - Most Apps Now Missing

Sep 22, 2010

I was having problems with using sound in 9.04, and decided that I needed to upgrade to 10.04

So, did a bit of cleaning up, before doing a backup to another disk. In the process of cleaning up, I removed, what I thought was "just" sqlite, but it removed firefox, kmail, nautilus, networking, internet, just about all menus, the whole system is shot.

Fortunately, I use simple backup, and was able to 'see' that a full backup was done yesterday, and an incremental just before my 'clean up'. The sbackup only does /home , and system data held in /etc,/usr/local and /var , so not ALL of the system is in the tar files.

Now when I boot into Ubuntu, it just goes to a command prompt. To copy those .tar files to another drive on the same computer, I need to run nautilus or similar, but can't, as no internet. The same with sbackup, basically it won't run anything. I did try the 'recovery option in GRUB, still no go.

I do have Beyond compare on the Ubuntu box, and I _think_ it may be ok to run, and possibly copy those .tar files across. As it won't even do a 'mount' either, I can't copy to CD, or load a USB stick, etc, etc.

I'm 99% certain that the .TAR files will be all that I need. They have all the data, and all the config. type files.

Just wondering if there is any method to get Ubuntu 9.04 up and going again, like a restore point I guess. But, every time I tried using apt-get, it wanted the internet, which is not working on Ubuntu (fortunately I have XP on this same computer, and can connect).

The XP computer can't access the Ubuntu HDD, but Ubuntu can access the XP HDD, and copy to it, but ONLY if I can mount the XP drive first.

So, I guess even if I could do a mount of that XP HDD from Ubuntu, that will be a start.

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Ubuntu :: Controls Missing - Can't Drag Apps Around By The Top Bar Anymore

May 15, 2011

Just put 11.04 on my core2 machine (3 GB ram, Nvidia 250 gts) and graphics just aren't right. Installed the recommended Nvidia driver, did updates. Where is my X to close apps? used to be at top right of running apps. Can't drag apps around by the top bar anymore. Enabled Desktop switcher and it doesn't work. Won't switch desktops. Are these bugs I'm experiencing or what?

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OpenSUSE Network :: Network Icon Missing In System Tray (KDE)

Apr 20, 2011

In the LiveCD there is an Icon. You can see it left of this pic.

This Icon is missing in a FULL INSTALL of openSuSE, how can I make it shown up.

I have KDE Desktop.

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OpenSUSE :: Repo Apps Missing - Both Mplayer And Kdelnive Are Not Found By Yast

Jan 14, 2011

I just had to do a reinstall of 11.3 when plasma refused to run. Now I'm noticing that applications are missing from (pacman) repo, but when I browse the repo with firefox, the rpms are there, they're just not being found by a yast search... Both mplayer and kdelnive are not found by yast. There are probably others...

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Slackware :: Failure Building Multiple Apps Due To Missing Library Jscore?

Jan 26, 2011

I'm having a problem building some applications (e.g. Qsynth and FreeCAD) with sbopkg relating to an unfound library named "jscore". I've been keeping my system up to date with slackware64-current.Google searches have turned up very little about this library. There is a sourceforge page that has no files and seems to be related to a google hosted script jsCore.js... but I don't think that's what's missing here. I've come across some vague references to this jscore library being part of webkit. Can anyone verify this? I updated my webkit library itself and found no apparent results. Perhaps jscore was removed in an update to Qt (both of the example applications mentioned above link to Qt) as it seems to have it's own webkit library, libQtWebKit.

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Ubuntu :: Conky Clock And Top Panel Clock Not In Sync

May 27, 2011

I'm using a very simple conky script to diplay the date and time on my desktop. I've noticed that he conky clock is a few seconds early compared to the time displayed in the right hand side of the top panel (Natty). I guess both displays are based on the same "internal" time, so I'm left wondering how this could happen, and how to sync back the clocks.

It seems that Conky is in sync with the system date, while the panel clock is 2 seconds late (on my system). Checked with while true; do date; sleep 0.1; done

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Ubuntu :: Possible To Have Clock In Center Of Task Bar Centered Clock In U11.04?

Aug 2, 2011

Just curious as to if it is possible to have the clock in the center of the task bar centered clock in Ubuntu 11.04?

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Hardware :: Interface To A Quartz Clock That Can Be Used For A TOD Clock?

May 2, 2011

Does anyone know of an interface to a quartz clock that can be used for a TOD clock?? I want to interface it to an Arduino board. Can be GPIO or USB.

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CentOS 5 :: Get Rid Of Virtual Clock And Use Physical Clock?

Sep 2, 2011

I had cloned a centos 5.6 installation from virtualbox virtual machine to physical box. Everything work fine. However, the time showing in os using date command differs from bios time by roughly 4 hours. I am running ntp services which sync the time with another centos server on the network. It appears that some services are using virtual clock and some use physical clock. How do I get rid of virtual clock and only use physical clock?

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Fedora :: Thunderbird Tray Notification For New Emails?

Oct 26, 2009

how to get this working? I mean have an icon in the tray alerting of new emails. I used to have it working using moztraybiff [URL] in Thunderbird 2, but since I installed F11 and thus started using Thunderbird 3 I haven't been able to get this working. (Evolution, on the other hand, has this and it works fine, but I'm having trouble, [URL], with using Google calendars in it. If I could get that working I would think about switching to Evolution).

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Fedora :: Tray Icon For Keyboard Layout?

Dec 19, 2009

I'm searching for a tool that can show current keyboard layout in GNOME tray panel. As I reminded there was such tool for KDE, but at this time I'm using GNOME and it's a really problem to find such stuff. Is there any tool for GNOME (showing keyboard layout tray icon) like in KDE?

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Fedora :: Minimize Rhythmbox To The System Tray?

Sep 11, 2010

Can I minimize the rhythmbox so that it appears only as a item in the system tray in fedora 11?Ctrl + W seems doesn't work.

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