Fedora :: Burned CD Volume Levels?

Mar 28, 2010

I don't really now where this goes but figured i start in the general forum, mods please move as needed.I got my f12 install up and running great. I recently burned an audio cd. when i used it in my car i noticed i had to turn the volume up a lot more then on my other burned cds. previously i used my mac to burn cds. the mp3 files are the same, they are located on a external hd that both computers access. the difference is significant. any ideas on why this is?

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Fedora Hardware :: Intel ICH7 Alsamixer Won't Remember Volume Levels

Apr 15, 2011

I ran openSUSE way back since version 7.3, before that I was on Redhat 6 and briefly at 5 before that. I know my way around Linux pretty well but two problems with Fedora are bothering me right now. I'll begin a separate thread for each one to keep things clear.The first problem is with sound. I remember having problems with the Intel ICH7 chipset and pulseaudio on openSUSE, but the problem I have with Fedora is different. Sound works, but each time after rebooting, I have to open alsamixer to turn the master volume up from zero. Being an openSUSE user, I am comfortable with KDE, so I am running KDE 4.6.1 as my DE.Two sound devices have been detected, one is the Intel soundcard, which is recognized as snd_hda_intel. The primary sound device, according to alsa, is my Logitech UVC cam.

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Ubuntu :: Script To Set Volume Levels On Startup?

Jan 5, 2010

I am using UNR 9.04 with Alsa For some reason everytime I reboot my volume levels reset to headphone & speaker muted and headphone/speaker/PCM levels all set to 0%.

Does anyone know if there something I can that will allow my levels to be the same after I reboot? or if there is a script out there that will set my levels on startup?

If there isn't a script what would I do to create my own? also what would I do to have it auto run at startup?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Normalizing MP3 Volume Levels ?

Apr 24, 2011

I have a rather extensive mp3 collection.

The problem is some of the songs are louder than others, in other words set the volume and next thing a song comes along that scrambles your brains it's so loud, Or you get one you can't hardly hear.

I've used a couple of GUI's in the past, but all of them seem to do one song at a time. Not really an option with over 10,000 songs.

What would be nice is if I could pick one song as a base line and using terminal run a batch of say 500 songs through it.

Running 10.10 2 gig of memory

Use Rhythm box to handle music currently.

Been using since Dapper Drake, I'm not afraid of the command line, but I am far from an expert user, in other words I know just enough to be a danger to myself and others

I've never written a script file to automate anything but this may well be a time to learn one.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Mic/Input Volume Levels Change By ?

Mar 23, 2010

i have this weird problem with my pavucontrol. for some reason my input levels go up and down by themselves when i'm talking on skype...mostly up...and it's annoying because i'll be talking normally, but to the people i talk to on skype it sounds like i'm yelling, and i have to have pavucontrol open always to constantly keep the levels under control..i've made a short desktop recording showing what i mean.i didn't include sound, but as you can see, i'm not turning the levels up manually..i just talk and they go up by themselves

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Lower Volume Levels Have To Sound

Sep 29, 2010

I just recently installed ubuntu so I'm quite lost on some stuff. This little annoyance comes from the volume levels in Ubuntu 10.04. I have partitioned my computer to have dual boot into windows and ubuntu, so I know the problems are not related to the hardware itself as everything works just fine in windows. I am using a Dell Inspiron 9400, for reference.

The multimedia keys on the computer respond correctly but on the lower three volume settings sound completely drops out as if I had muted the computer. I went into the Alsa mixer to see if I could configure these sound levels and sure enough the master volume was down to zero, PCM and LFE are also low . I changed the settings of the lower levels but when I press on the volume up or down media keys to switch level the settings get reset. I tried just changing one level, exiting and saving through alsactl but it didn't stick. Even after reboot the settings are back to the zero volume on the first levels.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Volume Levels Jumping Randomly / Stop It?

Jul 7, 2010

I am currently troubled with a very annoying problem - the volume level of the PC is jumping higher and lower at random intervals. It makes listening to music very difficult, as at times the music can go from just right to overly loud, just to fall right down so that it is hard to hear. I've only noticed this problem in the past few weeks, and I can definitely say it wasn't an issue in 9.10. This is a fresh install btw, not an upgrade.

Some details:
Using motherboard sound, Realtek HD Audio, iirc. Below is the output of lshw, with the irrelevant parts cut out.code...

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: ALSA Mixer Resets Volume Levels At Startup

Dec 13, 2010

ALSA mixer resets my speaker volume to zero and changes my USB headset volume to a very low level. How can I get ALSA Mixer to remember my volume settings from last boot or if there's no other option, a way I can make it adjust the levels to a predetermined level automatically on startup. I'm using 10.10 with pulseaudio.

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Software :: Mplayer/oggenc From Dvd: Why Does It Produce Output With Varying Volume Levels

Sep 6, 2010

I noticed that one DVD I encoded to ogg (vorbis) resulted in files with varying volume levels (some files have sound much softer than others... and the original DVD is not like that). I wonder if it's mplayer or oggenc's fault. I do it like this (suppose):


for i in 01 02 03 04 05 ; do mplayer-vc null -vo null -ao pcm:filename=$i.wav dvd:// -title $i-$i; oggenc $i.wav $i.ogg; rm $i.wav; done
I'm doing it by memory so I could have a mistkate or two in the sequence of commands but the idea is very simple

- Output the sound to a wav file using mplayer
- Encode it with oggenc
- Delete the wav file.

Why is the result having varying volume levels?

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Ubuntu :: Play A Small Blip/beep Sound To Let Hear/test The Audio Levels Upon Volume Change?

Mar 5, 2011

How might i be able to play a small blip/beep sound to let me hear/test the audio levels upon volume change? Mac OSX users may know what I'm talking about. I had a similar application in windows. It helps me guage my volumes before i play games/...../videos.

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Fedora :: Moniter The Ink Levels In Printer?

Jul 10, 2009

I'm new to Fedora and must say I love it. Previous Debian and Arch user but feel at home now. I'm after a difinitive answer for this issue as I can't seem to find what I need anywhere. I'm running Fedora 11 kde 4.2.4 with an Epson Photo Stylus RX425 printer / scanner combo connected via usb. Is there any way to moniter the ink levels in this printer? I'm tearing my hair out.

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Fedora :: F12 Default Mixer Levels

Mar 1, 2010

I am running F12 and I use Amarok to manage/play my music library.

I keep having a problem where the mixer 'Surround' in my alsa volume gets maxed whenever I switch tracks in Amarok. I want to stop this from happening because it causes my speakers to buzz just loudly enough to drive me crazy.

I have an SB Live! 5.1 (emu10k1) card.

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Burned Meida Not Working?

Mar 14, 2010

I am having problems reading burned media from my optical drives.I have a dvd rom and a dvd-rw I can burn media but after it's burned my drives do not read them, but if I use a different system it reads just fine.I have no issues with pressed cds though. I am a newbie at this so I have no idea what I did wrong.

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Fedora :: Adding SSH Server To Multiple Run Levels?

Oct 23, 2009

hHow would I add my SSH server to run levels 3,4,5? I have been trying to search google for this answer to my problem for hours and cannot have any luck.

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Fedora Installation :: 10 Install - Burned Dvds Would Not Boot

Jan 30, 2009

I'm trying to install fedora 10 via dvd without a lot of success. i'm doing this on an old hp 8765c computer. it has a sansung sd-612 dvd-rom player. the dvd's i burned would not boot. so, i checked the dvd. sha1sum. check verify dvd when burned. check boot on system where the dvd burned. check dvd verify when bootedc check ok, lets check the dvd player. From i can see on the web, this player had issues about not playing dvds. some relate to driver issue when upgrading me to xp. and, some refer to updating firmware. lots of post about the dvd player not playing dvds. None with a succinct solution.

Well, if anyone has a solution for updating the firmware for a samsung sd-623 dvd player, it would be helpful. For now, installing from the internal dvd player isn't going to work for hardware reasons. Plan B lets try installing from the dvd using a network attached dvd server. sing the net install cd. use linux askmethod, use url to point to the dvd. the image in retreived, select all the defautl options, format the drive, does the package selection, does the package dependencies, but errors on the retriving packages. puts up the download retry message. then show message about not being able to retreive the authcong-gkt... rpm. just let the net install go. i get to the nic configuration, it errors out. probably network manager issue about trying to set a static ip address.........

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Fedora Installation :: Evaluate The Checksum - Burned A CD With The Disc1.iso

Apr 1, 2010

I've downloaded the


files. I then downloaded "Fedora-12-x86_64-CHECKSUM" and ran sha1sum.exe on my iso files and compared the results. They were wrong for all 5 iso files. Figuring there was a problem with the way I was trying to evaluate the checksum I burned a CD with the disc1.iso. I received a "INSERT A BOOT DISK" error from my machine. I then tried downloading the disc1.iso again and ran checksum on my newly downloaded file and get the same checksum on both the old and new disc1.iso files.

When I run:

I get the response:

It seems to me the checksum value should be:

What am I doing wrong? I've installed many different distros in the past and am pretty sure I burned the iso file not just copied it to the CD.

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Fedora Hardware :: Optical Drives Not Reading Burned Media?

Mar 12, 2010

I am having problems reading burned media from my optical drives. I can burn media but after it's burned my drives do not read them, but if I use a different system it reads just fine.I am a newbie at this so I have no idea what I did wrong.

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Fedora Installation :: ISO Image Burned On CD - Dell 300SC Server

Jul 20, 2010

I have a Dell PowerEdge 300 SC that won't boot to the Fedora ISO image burned to the CD. I unpacked the .iso and the CD has the boot, isolinux and LiveOS folders visible. In the BIOS, I put the CD driver ahead of the hard drive in the boot sequence. It just doesn't see it. Is my hardware simply obsolete?

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Fedora :: Changing Run Levels - Error - Failed To Create Symbolic Link

Jun 27, 2011

Ok now since f15 does not use inittab file for default runlevel anymore how do you change it.

I have tried ln -s /lib/systemd/system/multi user.target /etc/systemd/system/default.target

And get the following error ln: failed to create symbolic link `/etc/systemd/system/default.target': File exists

I have even tried changing the /etc/systemd/system/default.target to my multi-user.target file to no aval.

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Fedora :: Dumb Lvm - Volume Group And Volume Names Are Gone From View

Jan 22, 2011

I don't know much about lvm and I've managed to screw up a drive. I had a 500GB drive with FC14 on it and I wanted to copy over a load of data to my new 1TB that was replacing it. I set up my new install the same way as the old...including the same volume names (error number 1 I think) I successfully mounted the old/500GB drive (using vgscan and vgchange -a y etc.) using a laptop (running FC13) and an external hdd cradle. I could access the files I wanted but this wasn't the machine I wanted to copy them to (I was doing this while waiting for the install to finish on the new drive).

When I tried the same process on the new install I found that having two lvm with the same name meant I couldn't mount the external one. So I opened the disk utility (palimsest) and was going to change the name of the old volume group but it wouldn't let me do that. I then thought maybe I could get away with just changing the name of the partition where the files were and maybe I could add it to the mounted group or something so I changed it to lv_home2. This changed the name of my new/1TB lv_home to lv_home2 as well. So thinking that wasn't the answer I just changed the name of the new lv_home2 back to lv_home.

From that point on I haven't been able to see the old drives partitions (the new volume group still works so far). I has a physical volume but the volume group and volume names are gone from view. When I try to vgscan on my main computer or the laptop I had it working on earlier I get:


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Fedora :: Mapping The Mute / Volume- Up / Volume-down?

Aug 13, 2010

I'm running f13 on eeeeeeepc netbook .... gnome and compiz The <FN> keys that control volume are not working, but brightness, for example, works fine. The keyboard settings in gnome do not seem to allow me to set the volume to the <fn> key combos.

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Fedora :: Managed To Reduce The Logical Volume To Free Some Space But Cant Seem To Reduce The Physical Volume

Jan 1, 2010

so i have f12 installed on my hd with lvm using the whole extent of the HD , i want to reduce it so i can dual boot it with a windows system, i managed to reduce the logical volume to free some space, but i cant seem to reduce the physical volume, is this possible and how ?

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Fedora :: Volume Control Keys On Keyboard Don't Control Volume Anymore

Oct 29, 2009

Volume up, volume down and mute keys on the keyboard don't control the volume any longer.They worked before. Hitting the keys brings up a progress bar widget with the volume level unchangeable, set at 0% (which is not accurate at all).It looks like the key mappings or key bindings are working, but there is a disconnect with actual functionality. The volume cannot be changed or muted anymore from the keyboard.

This worked just fine in KDE on Fedora 11 before upgrading KDE components yesterday with Yumex. I am now using KDE 4.3.2 I don't think that it's a coincidence that it stopped working after doing an update.
I updated the kernel and nVidia drivers too, but this problem exists when I went back and tested with the previous kernel, so I don't suspect the kernel upgrade. No info in Xorg.conf about the keyboard. Is there a setting that I am missing?

Sound works just fine. I can listen to whatever source I like. This is not a problem with the sound drivers as far as I can tell.I just want to be able to control the volume with the keys on my Logitech Illuminated Keyboard, model Y-UY95. Is anyone else experiencing this?I can adjust the volume with Kmix 3.5 or GNOME Volume Control V2.1

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Fedora Installation :: I2O Controller - No Volume Groups Found Volume Group "VolGroup00" Not Found Unable To Access Resume Device

Apr 8, 2009

Dual PII 400, 512Mb with a Promise SuperTrak 100 IDE Array Controller. At present I have only one drive on the controller, configured for 1 JBOD array. I install FC9 with no problem. New partition is created and formatted, Grub is installed, and then... Grub is found and booted, but then I get:

Reading all physical volumes. This may take a while... No volume groups found Volume group "VolGroup00" not found Unable to access resume device (/dev/VolGroup00/LogVol01) mount: could not find filesystem '/dev/root' I can boot in rescue mode, chroot to the installed system. I changed the kernel boot parm "root=/dev/VolGroup00/LogVol00"

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Hardware :: Burned DVD-R Cannot Be Mounted

Feb 10, 2010

I am able to burn DVDs with either Brasero or k3b, but opensuse then cannot mount them .Those DVDs do contain the burned data since I can see it and read it on a Mac.Never had any problems reading other DVDs. This is the first time I burn my own DVDs. So is there something particular that I should do when burning in order to make them readable on Linux? What shall I check for? The error message mentions a 'wrong fs type'. I didn't format the DVDs before burning them - just used them as purchased - can that be a problem?

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Hardware :: Can't Boot From CD If It Was Burned?

Mar 3, 2010

So I picked up a new (too me) laptop Dell Laditude C640, Tried to install Ubuntu 9.10 on it, won't boot, all bios setting correct. Couldn't figure it out. Went through my stack of distro CD's Oddly I found It WOULD boot FC12, and a Debian Lenny Netinst CD (But not the full install one). Even weirder. Assumed bad CD, re burnt with new;t DL'd iso, Nothing. Tried on different media, Nothing. Burned it on my GF's laptop (Win7) WORKED! WTF kind of crap is that? what can it be doing that K3b / Brasero isn't.

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Ubuntu :: Why UFW Disabled In All Run Levels

Nov 15, 2009

I am an experienced redHat/Fedora sysadmin but I'm completely new to ubuntu/debian world and the-way-the-things-works. I am trying to understand a few things. One of them is security related. Is AppArmor an extra security layer that protects individual services based in what is the normal and expected behavior, right? Why it is disabled in all run levels expect level 6 (reboot?)? Should I enable it on all run-levels? Should I select which service to protect or the defaults are fine ?

Is netfilter, the basic packet filter on Ubuntu 9.10? I founded iptables and I installed firestarter, but looks like firestarter is protecting nothing from outside, based on this iptables -L output:
Chain INPUT (policy DROP)
target port opt source destination
ACCEPT all anywhere anywhere

This is right? The default policy is DROP but there is a rule that allows anything from anywhere? This make any sense ? And finally, what is ufw and why it is disabled in all runlevels? Is ufw a replacement for iptables, or firestarter or it is a completely new animal? Should I use ufw instead firestarter? I am impressed about how different is Ubuntu/debian from other RH based distros. I just realize how much I have to learn about this new stuff.

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Ubuntu :: Could Not Install With Burned Iso?

Feb 24, 2010

i downloaded version 9.10 and created installation cds with infrarecorder, iso recorder and an old version of nero. i could boot to the installation screen but that is how far i could go. selecting and pressing "install" would not start the installation. do i have a bad iso or i burned it the wrong way?

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Ubuntu :: 10.04.1: All 'nice' Levels At 0

Sep 30, 2010

I have freshly installed an Ubuntu 10.04.1 by internet.

All is running well, but my nice values are all set to 0. Is there a script that handles these at boot time? How can I reset them to "appropriate" or "normal" levels (e.g. not all at 0)? I know in other installs, my nice levels vary depending on the process and the user.

Attached is a screen shot of my gnome-system-monitor, and aside from init, which I had set to -15, all others are at 0.

Computer specifications:
Linux AMD-LNX000 2.6.32-25-generic #44-Ubuntu SMP Fri Sep 17 20:05:27 UTC 2010 x86_64 GNU/Linux
AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3000+


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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Different Priviliges In Run Levels 3 And 5 ?

Jan 28, 2011

I noticed that thare are different default priviliges for the user depending if I boot in run level 3 or 5. Normally I use init 5 and login in graphical mode straight to Gnome desktop. Then all my USB devices (memory and external USB sound card) are accessible and work. If I log in throught termina (init 3) then USB has to be mounted and the sound card is not recognized.

Is there any general rule for such behaviour? If I plan to use level 3 shall reconfigure the system go get immidiate acces to usb sound card?

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