Fedora :: Auto-Hide Panel Will Not "un-hide"?

Jul 18, 2010

I just moved my bottom panel to the right side of the screen and set it to auto-hide., The panel hid it'self but will not un-hide when I move the mouse to the edge of the screen... I tried to re-boot, but the panel is still "stuck"Is there an easy way to fix this? Or will I have to manualy delete the panel and make a new one

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Fedora :: Auto Hide Top Panel In Gnome 3?

Jun 6, 2011

is this possible? I can't find a answer for this question..

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Ubuntu :: Add Auto Hide Button To Panel?

Sep 1, 2010

I want to add auto hide button or check-box to a panel. any way to do it ?

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Ubuntu :: Change Auto-hide Speed On Gnome Panel?

Jan 22, 2010

I like my bottom panel to auto hide. I have this setup on 2 computers. On one computer, it's much faster with hiding/showing than the other computer.Could it be a performance thing that effects it? mean, the one that's quicker is a quad core with 4gb of ram, whereas the one that's slower is a pentium 4 with 1gb of ram.

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General :: DBus Command To Toggle Auto-hide On A KDE Plasma Panel?

Mar 5, 2011

Is there a DBus command (or some other way from the command line) to toggle auto-hide on a panel in KDE Plasma? (I'm running KDE 4.6.)

I have a game I run in WINE that doesn't work right if it's autohidden and it would be nice to run it from a script that takes care of that for me.

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OpenSUSE :: Turned On "auto Hide" In The Panel Properties (Gnome) To Maximize The Screen?

Oct 3, 2010

I have the panel (taskbar) positioned on top. I then turned on "auto hide" in the panel properties (Gnome) to maximize the screen.The panel surely disappeared. The problem is that I cannot get it back no matter how much I hoover or click with the mouse - it is gone!...So how do I get it back??? I am rather new to Linux, but I figure that there should be a config file somewhere where I can set "auto hide" to false or something like this.

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Fedora :: Gnome Panel Playing Hide And Seek

Aug 21, 2009

I like to autohide my panel. But for some reason, it won't show unless I mouse over one of the bottom corners of the screen. The whole bottom edge where the panel hides should summon it if I mouse over, and I have been able to do this before, but now, after a system update, it only appears when I mouse over those bottom two corners. Does anyone else get this, or know how to fix it?

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Ubuntu :: How To Hide Last Panel

Jul 2, 2010

Running The GNOME Panel 2.30.0, and since I'm using Avant Window Navigator, I'd like to hide the last panel.

I want to keep the shortcuts (like alt+f1, f2, etc...) so killing it isn't what I need.

I've been looking around but I always end up getting a 1px panel on top. Anyone has any suggestions for this?

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Ubuntu :: Unable To Auto Hide Launcher?

Oct 11, 2010

I have been unable to set the launcher on the left of the screen to auto-hide. With only 1024 px wide, the launcher takes in space, which I would like to reclaim when using apps full screen

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Ubuntu :: Hide The Unity And Top Panel From 11.04?

May 13, 2011

After I delete those screen-short software, my unity bar goes hide and never come, please help here is the picture which i delete. Now using classic desktop but i want to use unity but it comes only the full wallpaper and no bar comes. If i right click the mouse it works but where i can show the bar?

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Ubuntu :: Disable The Auto-hide In Global Menu Bar In 11.04?

May 4, 2011

i want the menu bar on the top to show and not auto-hide.

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Ubuntu :: Hide Top Panel For Maximized Applications?

Mar 6, 2010

Is there anyway i can hide the top panel for maximized applications? It being gone reminds me of my X days I really dont want to..Also, I dont want to auto hide it, but just sent to background when an application is maximized. (i use chrome for browsing - when maximized the tabs are at the top and if set to auto hide, i keep revealing it while changing tabs which is annoying. )

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Ubuntu :: Hide Panel On (virtual) Desktop 4?

Jul 21, 2010

I've been searching much for this, but have been unsuccessful. Is there any way to hide a panel on a certain virtual desktop, or have different panels displayed on different virtual desktops?

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Ubuntu :: Hide Gnome-panel On One Of The Workspaces?

Dec 6, 2010

Is it possible to hide the gnome-panel on the fourth workspace?

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Ubuntu :: Get Code::Blocks To Auto-hide The Dialogs At The Bottom?

Mar 9, 2011

Is there a way to get Code::Blocks to auto-hide the dialogs at the bottom? I can't find an option anywhere.

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Ubuntu :: Unity - Unable To Resize Launcher Icons Or Set To Auto-hide

May 2, 2011

I recently upgraded to 11.04 and I've been tweaking Unity to get the desktop just the way I like it. I've come across two minor problems though:

1. When I tweak the icon size settings in the Unity tab of CCSM, the icons do not change size; they remain at the default "48" setting regardless of what I type in.

2. When I set the Unity launcher to auto-hide (also in the Unity tab of CCSM), it stays at the default "dodge windows" setting.

Are there any workarounds to change these settings when tweaking them in CCSM's interface does not work? (Or is there some trick I don't know to get CCSM to work properly?)

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Ubuntu :: Hide Partitions/Drives From Nautilus (side Panel)?

May 29, 2010

I have 2 drives formatted NTFS, which I'm mounting with /etc/fstab to ~/Movies/ and ~/Music/ and an EXT4 partition on my primary drive for games, mounted to ~/Roms/ and I would like for these drives to NOT show up in the side panel of nautilus.

I've been doing some looking around, and what I've found so far is that supposedly if you mount a partition/drive somewhere besides /media/ nautilus will ignore it. I'm finding this not to be the case, and it's driving me bonkers. here's my fstab:

# /etc/fstab: static file system information.
# Use 'blkid -o value -s UUID' to print the universally unique identifier
# for a device; this may be used with UUID= as a more robust way to name
# devices that works even if disks are added and removed. See fstab(5).


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Ubuntu :: Move The Side And Or Top Task Bars As Well As Change There Properties (auto Hide) ... 11.04

Aug 14, 2011

Is there a way to move the side and or top task bars as well as change there properties (auto hide). I know how to add programs to the side bar but can't figure out how to change the top bar menus. When I ran 32bit thru a windows vm I had a top bar where I could access the programs and no side bar. I liked it better than the 2 bar setup in my 64bit wubi install. Can it be changed?

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Ubuntu :: Unity - Hide The Top Panel Or (better) Remove It Completely (I Can Live Without Global Menu)

May 2, 2011

To make Unity useful for me I need to make some changes. I wonder if it's possible to:

1. Hide the top panel or (better) remove it completely (I can live without global menu).
2. Make the Unity Launcher work like a panel - so it won't be possible to move windows behind it.

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Fedora :: Brasero Hide Files In The CD?

Dec 1, 2009

i've tried adding files in my CD which is full of pictures.if i tried listing likeQuote:

[benicio@localhost Pictures in CD]$ ls -l
total 8
dr-xr-xr-x. 2 benicio benicio 8192 2009-12-02 09:22 NITZ BDAY


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Fedora :: How To Hide The Program Launcher In Menu Bar

Nov 21, 2009

1st, I got the OS install. I just want to hide some program launcher from menu bar. In the old Gnome, it work this way, I put the mouse on the menu bar, and then right click, choose preference then I can hide everything I wanna hide. But I can not do that on F12 any more, I tired to refer to Gnome instruction manual on Gnome web site. It seems like they did not change anything on Gnome 2.28. Since the instruction remain the same.

2nd I also want to ask, how do I change the default interface language setting in F12? In previous version I just need to do that in SYSTEM-->Preference. But I can not see the option any more either.

3rd I can not install the NVIDIA proprietary driver even though I got GCC and kernel development header in place. The install log said:" The binary file is not for the kernel" Well, I just use the regular i686 kerenl as usual. It does not make sense it will not work.

I got the driver running by using the rpmfusion driver, not the one from Nvida

By the way, The nouveau driver in F12 works far from OK on my GO 7300. It just like a slave driver that whip the GPU at full out all the time, let alone it does not have 3D capability.

The live cd does not include GCC and kernel development header. That made me feel like walking on the moon but forgot to put the gravity suite on.

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Fedora :: Configure GDM To Hide Individual User ?

Jul 1, 2011

This sounds like an old topic. I have an active user account in my system that I don't want it to be listed in GDM greeter. In the past (prior to Gnome 3), it can be achieved by configuring the "Exclude" option of the "greeter" section in the Custom.conf or by creating the user account with UID smaller than MinimalUID. But it seems the same old trick does not work for me in Gnome 3. I have tried the "Exclude" option with no effect at all. Using the UID approach only solves my problem partially, as it only exclude it in the GDM greeter during "switch user" but it still being shown in the list in the initial greeter after a cold boot.

Anyone know how to do this in Gnome 3?

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Fedora :: GNOME 3 Hide Software Categories?

Aug 9, 2011

in Gnome 2 I was able to hide applications and software categories from the Applications menu. this way I could prevent misuse of system preferences from my family users.I searched for this option in Gnome 3 and this forum but found nothing.is it possible to hide selectend applications from the Activities > Applications panel in Gnome 3?how2?

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Fedora :: Hide Individual Raid Drives?

Sep 1, 2011

I have a RAID 1 that is mounted and working. But for some reason I can also see the individual drives under gnome Devices on gnome-shell. Is there a way to hide them from gnome or linux in general. (So only the raid 1 can be seen)

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Option In NFS Server Like 'hide And Nohide'

Aug 11, 2010

There is an option in NFS server like 'hide and nohide'. how to work with these options(Practically).

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Fedora Security :: Hide Username In Login Screen - GDM

Jul 29, 2009

Is there any way to hide my username in login screen (GDM)? I ask this because in Ubuntu I have seen that you need manually enter your username.

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Fedora :: Hide Windows System Ntfs Partition?

Nov 21, 2009

I have a dual-boot system, Windows XP on primary HDD and Fedora on Slave HDD. NTFS -3G is installed in Fedora, but I would like to hide (or not mount) Windows system partition on Fedora boot, as I have multiple users in Fedora and do not want them to access this partition. I do want to mount/display my NTFS D: partition in Fedora. Is there a way to exclude an NTFS partition from mounting by default?

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Fedora :: Exclude - Hide A User From GDM Logon Window

May 31, 2010

If you need to to exclude one or mode user from your gdm login window you must edit "/etc/gdm/gdm.schemas" and add the user you want exclude from the <key> "greeter/Exclude" (near the other user in <default></default>)

When Fedora could have a gdm config again?

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Fedora :: Udev Rules: Hide Arrays From Nautilus?

Aug 19, 2010

In the not so distant past, I was able to hide arrays/encrypted arrays from nautilus with udev rules as follows:


## HIDE Encrypted "dm" partitions from nautilus
## NOTE: not needed by Fedora


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Fedora :: Completely Hide Gnome Panels Without Deleting Them

Feb 25, 2011

I am trying to completely hide the gnome panels on my desktop. When using auto-hide there is still a visible line of about 1 pixel, and the panels are still there anyways. I have gone into gconf-editor and changed the autohide size to 0 and it still doesn't completely hide it or make them so when i hover near them they don't appear. I am also not looking to completely delete the panels either. I went into gconf again and blanked out the required_components field, (didn't turn out the way i expected, lol), and had to start gnome-panel manually afterwards and lost a lot of functionality in the OS.

I found this tutorial last year for sending gnome-panel to the widget layer for Ubuntu, but cannot get it to work in Fedora.This works perfectly in Ubuntu (once you log-out), but it doesn't work in Fedora. Does anyone have any suggestions on how i can this exact same thing to work in Fedora. It seems like it tries to work, but maybe my syntax is wrong or something.

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