Debian :: Necessary Packages Installed, But Unable To Figure Out How To Actually Connect

May 12, 2011

I am trying to access my Debian system from a MB Pro. I believe I have all the necessary packages installed,but I unable to figure out how to actually connect, because I don't know what my hostname should be.On the Debian system, my username is jack and the hostname is aceraspire. jack@aceraspire:~$ hostnameaceraspireOn the mac terminal, I type ssh jack@aceraspire but it says ssh: Could not resolve hostname aceraspire: nodename nor servname provided, or not known.I feel like I'm missing the .edu or .com portion, but what is it supposed to be/how can I set it or find it?

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CentOS 5 :: Figure Out Where Yum Installed My Packages?

Jul 30, 2010

How can I figure out where the files are installed? I am currently trying figure out where the mysql include / header files are. I need to install a package
and I need to pass parameter --with-mysql=/directory/to/includes

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Ubuntu :: Way To Figure Out Which Packages Have Installed In Addition To CD?

Dec 16, 2010

I'm planing a completly new install of my machine to get rid of things from version 8.04 and older.But, is there a way to figure out which packages I've installed in addition to the CD?

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Debian Installation :: Can't Download Any Additional Packages - Update The Version - Unable To Connect To The Internet

Jul 14, 2011

I'm trying to do a net install with the latest release of debian - but my ethernet card is not recognized/the drivers are not available because I have a card that requires a linux kernel version of 2.6.35. This is obviously a problem because I can't download any additional packages, and I can't update the version because I'm not able to connect to the internet. I have installed it, but it's only text (which I assume is because I could not install the graphical interface, correct me if I'm blaringly wrong here). So what can I do to install debian on my laptop and be able to use my Intel Centrino Advanced-N 620 network card?

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Debian Configuration :: Upgrade The Installed Packages From The Site?

Jul 22, 2010

I have just installed Debian Lenny and was trying to upgrade the installed packages from the site. when i asked synaptic to add the downloaded packages the would not appear, but when i checked the .xsessions file there are entries saying that the packages were being ingnored because they were either different versions, the MD5 did not match or even "can't find pkg". i have to use the local library to download the packages because i dont have an internet connection at home.


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Ubuntu :: Unable To Choose Which Packages Get Installed During The Installation Process?

Nov 25, 2010

I am using the (K, X)Ubuntu 10.04 alternate installation CD in expertmode. Although package selection is offered, I am not able to choose which packages get installed during the installation process. Best regards, owiknowi

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Networking :: Unable To Download Packages And Connect To Internet

Nov 21, 2009

I recently installed Ubuntu 9.10. I was unable to connect to the Internet with Firefox or to download packets using command line or Synaptic Package Manager, or run updates. I disabled IPv6 in Firefox and am now able to browse, but I still cannot connect to repositories, I cannot download packages, I cannot run updates either.

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Ubuntu :: Unable To Connect To The Wireless To Start Downloading Packages?

Jan 6, 2010

When I have completed the cli install. Am I able to connect to the wireless to start downloading packages?

If so are there any guides I can read through to find out?

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Debian :: Just Download Currently Installed Packages

Jan 7, 2011

I was wondering how can I re-download only all currently installed packages. I would like to save them to removable media, because I use netinst disc to install, and on slow connection it's hell to download 1GB of packages with console-only.

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Debian :: List Only Non-automatic Installed Packages?

Apr 20, 2016

How do you list only installed packages that were not installed automatically? I see in aptitude that it will list whether they were installed automatically or not, but it is hard to find them because the are a lot more installed automatically than non-automatically.

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Debian :: List Packages Installed From A Branch?

May 3, 2010

I can't remember if branch is the correct term but I am talking stable, testing or unstable.

i have looked through the dpkg and aptitude man pages but can't seem to find if there is a way to search which packages on the system are installed from a specific branch. Is there a way to do this?

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Debian :: Extra Packages Are Installed They Should Also Be Put Back?

Jul 20, 2010

I want to make a rescue disc for debian such that if anything goes wrong everything can be restored to its original condition. whatever extra packages are installed they should also be put back. most importantly zimbra and its dependencies.

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Software :: How To Figure Which Package Installed Specific File?

Jan 14, 2011

I want to know which package installed a specific file. Can I do this?

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Debian :: Search Installed Packages And List Available Docs

Jan 11, 2016

I have realized that in not installing suggested packages I've missed out on a ton of doc files, which would really come in handy while I'm away from internet access.

Is there a way take a list of currently installed packages and find out which of them have doc packages available? Possibly install them in a single step? I have been playing around with aptitude and apt-rdepends, but I'm not quite sure how to go about this. Somehow take a list of installed packages, run it through an apt-cache search, and end up with a list of -doc packages to install? My bash-fu isn't the greatest, and I suppose this could be a bad idea to begin with.

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Debian :: How To Remove All Packages Installed From Testing Channel

Mar 13, 2015

I added 'testing' channel into my wheezy 'stable' box and installed packages comes from 'testing'. In this case, if I changed my mind to go back to 'stable', how could I downgrade packages updated by 'testing' channel?

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General :: List Installed Packages In Debian From A File?

Jun 25, 2010

I have a system that will not boot as /usr has been destroyed and I would like to get a list of installed packages before re-installing. I know that it's possible to get this using dpkg or apt, but I cannot run those.

Where in the filesystem is this information stored and what's the best way to get a list of installed apps from the files?

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Debian :: Why Extra Packages (Exim) Installed On System

Oct 17, 2010

Install One :
Installed Debian Squeeze onto my laptop using the netinst cd. During installation, I did not have access to the internet and installed "Standard System" during tasksel.

Install Two :
Installed Debian Sqeeze onto my desktop using the same netinst cd. However, this time I had connected the desktop to my router during installation. Similary installed "Standard System".

Both system later installed with KDE and working fine. Noticed that immediate after installation of the "Standard System", my desktop had more files installed eg. the exim package. Why the extra packages (eg exim) are installed? Are they actually required?

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Debian :: Getting List Of Installed Packages From A Dead System?

May 31, 2010

I have a dead system that was running Debian Linux (lenny). I can boot into emergency mode, but nothing else. I will likely have to reinstall Debian. I've read lots of things online about how to get a list of currently installed packages. Which is fine and dandy if the system is working and I can log into it. I'm basically wanting to extract such a list from a hard drive containing an installation I can't log into normally. I can access the filesystem just fine, and nothing related to aptitude has been damaged.

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General :: Minicom Installed But Unable To Connect To Router

Mar 14, 2011

I'm new to fedora and also new to Linux too. I'm using lenovo SL410 which is not provisioned for serial port. Now I want to configure cisco router via serial-usb (Z-TEK) converter, for that I have installed minicom and still I'm not able to connect to router. Do I need to install driver for converter that I'm using?

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Ubuntu :: Get To Connect To Ad-hoc Connections And Just Can't Figure It Out?

May 21, 2011

I've been searching and searching trying to figure out how to get ubuntu to connect to ad-hoc connections and just can't figure it out. Can anyone help me out with this?I have the Droid 2 Global and I use "wifi tether" and it works for getting internet on windows and on my 360. But I just installed ubuntu and can not get it to connect.

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Debian :: Aptitude Remove For All Packages Installed In Past Hour?

Nov 14, 2010

Is it possible to do an aptitude remove for all packages installed in, say, the past hour? I'm looking for an easy way to keep track of lots of installed packages without having to look through the logs and write them all down.

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Debian Configuration :: Remove The Packages Installed From Using Build Dependencies

Jun 15, 2011

Does aptitude(or apt-get) have the functionality to remove the packages installed from using build-dep? It just seems convenient if you want to remove a program that was built from source.

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Debian :: Export A List Of All Installed Packages In Aptitude Or Synaptic?

Feb 23, 2011

Can I keep the old 32bit_testing /home with all the hidden directories there when moving to 64bit_testing?

Is there a way to export a list of all installed packages in aptitude or synaptic, so that when reinstalling, it can be easily imported? (reinstalling the same system)

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Debian Multimedia :: Perl Base Downgrade - Packages Couldn't Be Installed

May 5, 2011

I have debian squeeze (and a bit of sid, actually). I wanted to install the newest pidgin, so I added at sources.list the sid repository, and tried to install pidgin, but it needed the newest perl-base 5.12.3-6 (from 5.10.1-17). So I let it upgrade. after that I realized that my mysql server isn't running, and actually this is my problem. So I tried reinstalling it, home:/home/amalia# apt-get install mysql-server-5.1. Reading package lists. Done Building dependency tree Reading state information. Done Some packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have requested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable distribution that some required packages have not yet been created or been moved out of Incoming. The following information may help to resolve the situation: The following packages have unmet dependencies:


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Debian Installation :: Cannot Connect To Internet / Can't Install Packages

Jan 1, 2016

During the installation of Debian ( debian-8.2.0-amd64-CD-1.iso ) I couldn't connect to any mirror probably because the internet wasn't configured.

Thus, after the basic installation I wasn't able to install any packages ( trying to install sudo as root prompted me to insert the media disc - the USB drive I used wasn't detected going in an infinite loop ). Judging by the fact that I don't have a window manager installed.

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Ubuntu :: Can't Figure Out The Fstab Entry \ Connect To Is Not Browseable And Is Read Only=no?

Apr 16, 2011

I am trying to mount a smb share on an ubuntu machine and for the life of me I can't figure out the fstab entry. The server is running fine and the windows machines can map their shares fine, I just cant figure out the fstab entry for an ubuntu this point the fstab looks like this(although I have tried many variations)

//server/path/share /path/mount/point smbfs credentials=/root/.credentials, uid=1000, gid=1000 0 0


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General :: Unable To Install The USB_ModeSwitch - Unable To Connect Micromax 300G Modem In Debian

Jun 30, 2011

I couldn't connect my Micromax 300G modem in Debian Linux. From internet (in Windows Vista), I came across the information of USB_ModeSwitch and then I downloaded it. While going to install it, I came across the problem that TCL-interpreter is not available in Debian Linux. Then again I restarted my laptop in Windows Vista and connected my Micromax modem and from internet downloaded TCL8.5.10-src.tar.gz. But while going to install it, I came across the problem that " configure: error: no acceptable C compiler found in $PATH " . Also as presently, I am unable to connect my modem therefore I am unable to issue the code:" apt-get update ".

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Debian :: Unable To Install Packages

Jul 16, 2015

For about the last 24 hours I have been unable to install any packages with APT. A connection to can never be established.

1) Is this a problem on my end, or is this mirror down?

2) Is there a way for me to (temporarily) change mirror?

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Debian :: Unable To Install Packages / Dependencies - Jessie

Oct 8, 2015

I have been using linux for about a year and have run into a new problem I am unable to solve. It started when I attempted to install some packages I needed to get VirtualBox to run VMs. I am on Jessie.

I am unable to install various packages, including gedit, aptitude etc. I do not think it is a problem with my sources.list as my laptop has the same sources.list and I am not encountering the same problems on it. Packages will not install any dependencies. -f install isn't doing anything for me.

My sources.list...

deb [arch=amd64,i386] jessie main contrib non-free
deb-src [arch=amd64,i386] jessie main contrib non-free

deb jessie-updates main contrib non-free
deb-src jessie-updates main contrib non-free

[Code] ....

I tried to check for held packages with

userone@localhost:~$ dpkg --get-selections | grep hold

But get nothing.

sudo apt-get install -y

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Debian :: Unable To Fetch Some Packages / Source List

Mar 6, 2016

I'm a fresh user of Debian 6 64 Bit. I'm trying to install wine on it to run bluestacks. URL... but when I use the following command, it can't seem to fetch some files/packages. I have these as my sources list at the moment.

sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list
deb stable main contrib non-free
deb-src stable main contrib non-free
deb wheezy-updates main contrib non-free
deb-src wheezy-updates main contrib non-free


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