Debian :: Locating A Certain Folder - No Such File Or Directoy

Feb 28, 2011

I'm trying to run a "Garry's Mod" game server on my dedicated server. I'm using a very helpful tutorial on the Gmod wiki (I cannot post a link to it as I don't have 15 posts or more ).

Now I have very, very little experience with Linux (I am running Debian on it). However, I've gotten quite far in the tutorial, and everything looks to be perfect. I am using putty to access my server, but I also have FTP on it.

Basically, when I need to access a certain folder called "orangebox" (using cd orangebox), an error comes up saying this:-bash: cd: orangebox: No such file or directory.

However, I know that there is such a folder, as I can see it fine on FTP.

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Software :: Locating Appropriate File In Ubuntu System

May 14, 2011

I need to locate a file in my system having to do with backing up the hard drive. I have the file name, but where do I place it to find the appropriate file?

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Security :: Locating Process Which Delete Some Specific File

Jun 27, 2010

On my RHEL5 system one of my key file in one specific directory gets deleted when I start my application suite (having multiple processes). Is there some way to narrow down which specific process is deleting this file?

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Debian :: Create Folder From Filename And Move File Into Folder

Feb 13, 2011

this is posable but am trying to do this "Create folder from a filename and move the file into the folder" i have 500000+ file's i need to do with is there a easy way?I really don't want to download them all make/move them with filemonkey just to re-upload them

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Debian Configuration :: Locating Kernal 'C' Headers?

Jan 27, 2011

I am in process of installing a VMware tools PKg and am being asked for the path to the C headers for the kernel. I've browsed every folder, found lots of 'C' header files and tried these paths but none are being taken by the script. which path I need to provide for 'the C headers' for my kernel? running Piapix, Deb5. The os is running perfectly so I doubt there is error other than I am not 'wise' enough to locate these little buggers!

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Debian :: "locate" Is Locating Files That No Longer Exist (have Recently Deleted)?

Jul 23, 2011

"locate" is locating files that no longer exist (I have recently deleted).How can I 'flush' locates cache?

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Debian :: File Run Only From Local Folder?

Mar 31, 2010

I have an exe-File called 'pas'.The file run wihtout problem when I call it from the same folder . For example:

$ ./pas
But when I call it from another folder, it does not run. For example:
$ software/pas

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Debian Multimedia :: Bluetooth Phone File Browser / Cant See Or Access To Any File Or Folder Into The Phone?

Mar 1, 2010

I have a dell precision m4300 laptop with a 360 wireless bluetooth dell adapter On my system there is a debian lenny with kde3 and backported enable(everythings is p to date except bluez-utils and bluetooth holded at version 3.36-3)

Nowadays bluetooth more less works fine, I can send and receive single file to/from my phone (nokia n70)

The hell begin when I try to browse my phone files from konqueror...with bluetooth:/ I can see the list of all the device near me with sdp://[address]/ i can see two icons (obex file transfer & obex object push)
but I cant see or access to any file or folder into the phone.

I also try to update my bluez-utils to 4.60-1~bpo50+1 but in this case kbluetooth totally fail and a see the contextual menu of the system tray icon all disaled.

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Debian Installation :: Cannot Find The Iso File In The Downloaded Folder?

Jun 11, 2011

I downloaded debian-6.0.1a-i386-netinst.iso. i would like to burn the cd as iso image but i cannot find the iso file in the downloaded folder. i am going to browse the iso file on vmware.

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Debian :: Nautilus File Browser - Open Folder By Using The Shift And F4 Keys

Mar 21, 2011

In the kde realm, with the dolphin file browser, I can open a terminal in whatever folder is in the gui by using the shift and f4 keys. I'd like to be able to accomplish the same in gnome with the nautilus file browser but can't figure out how to do same. So far I have to open a terminal and then cd to the desired folder. Or do I have to use some other file browser and which one?

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Ubuntu :: Kde 4.5 - Move A File Or Folder Into Another Folder, All The Icons Arrange Back To The Left Side

Sep 14, 2010

When I position icons on the desktop in specific places, then I choose to move a file or folder into another folder, all the icons arrange back to the left side. This happened in an earlier version of KDE 4.x, disappeared the next version, and reappeared. how to keep this from happening. It makes using the desktop a pain in the you know what.

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Ubuntu :: Drag File/Folder To Taskbar Button Creates Launcher, Not Bring Folder To Foreground?

May 20, 2011

After upgrading to 11.04, I noticed something strange, being that when I want to drag a file or folder from one Nautilus folder window to another which is not visible, I can no longer hold the item over said folder's taskbar button and wait for it to appear. It just shows the + for copy, and when I let go (which I have no choice but to eventually do), it creates a launcher to that item (I assume it's doing that, and not actually copying there, but the + has me unsure).

I've looked in Nautilus's preferences to see if this is some new behaviour that I can revert back to, but could find nothing there.

I'm of course using the Classic desktop with bottom panel being the taskbar. If you know how I can rectify this, please let me know, as the times I would want to create a file or folder launcher without the usual hassle would be rare, but I am constantly dragging stuff from one folder to another, and it would be a real pain to have to line up source and destination folders each time.

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Software :: Build File Or Folder Missing In Modules Folder

Apr 14, 2009

i am trying to install a driver for my belkin wireless usb adapter but when i type make it says cannot find lib/modules/<debian version>/build so it does not configure the sources.

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Software :: Copy A File Or Folder In Some System Folder?

Dec 1, 2010

When i want copy a file or folder in some system folder like sbin, me error about privilage but when I'm in console i use su command for become admin and i can copy my file or other operation system like windows user can copy anything,i want know for direct copy my folder in linux without console what should i do? i must join my user name in root group?

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Programming :: Make A New Folder For Each File In A Particular Folder

Mar 28, 2011

I been using linux for a while, but I havent had the time to really learn it. Something Id like to get more familiar with is bash so here is a simple example of something I would like to do:

I have a directory full of files. For each file in the directory create a new subdirectory with each files name.

I tried this:

#im already in this directory
for a in $aaa
do mkdir $a

One of the problems is that there are spaces () and - in the filenames so I get many subfolders with names like "-" which i don't want.

I tried stuff like:
for a in $aaa
do mkdir "'"$a"'"

This of course also did not work.

Additional I tried just creating a folder with the name of one of the files and I got this:

mkdir: cannot create directory `(audio) - R56339.EXE': File exists
Well yeah a file exsists with that name, but I want to create a folder- why is there a conflict?

Just to be clear here are the contents of this folder:
~/Desktop/LAB/Media/Drivers - (Image Deployment)/Optiplex_GX260/XP> ls
(audio) - R56339.EXE (NIC-Onboard-Intel) - R54402.EXE
(Modem-datafax-V92) - R54403.EXE OEM_Applications


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Ubuntu :: Locating The Pointer With Ctrl?

Mar 2, 2011

Some time ago I did something on my laptop in Ubuntu 10.4 which enabled the Ctrl key to create concentric rings around the cursor so I could find it. I still have that, and it's very useful. But I discovered that it also created very pretty ripples in my wallpaper, as if a stone had been thrown into a pond, and that additional effect has suddenly gone away.I can't remember where this keybinding was set up, and I have searched in vain in CompizConfig for it.

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General :: Locating FTP - Command Not Found

Aug 8, 2010

Using fedora, when I try "ftp" I get command not found. I have tried "which ftp" and and get "no ftp in" then the bin dir's. I have tried the "locate ftp" but also can't see it: I see lftp, but never heard of it before, is this new and replaced ftp.

locate ftp
/lib/security/ .....

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Ubuntu :: Locating Temporary Internet Files?

Jun 8, 2011

I'm new here and still searching how this forum works, but can anybody tell me where i can find the temporary internet files? In windows it was easy, but ubuntu 11.04 is totaly diferent. I use it now for 5 days and i'm happy i changed to ubuntu.

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Tar Command - Locating Package To Unpack?

Jun 19, 2010

I want to unpack tar.gz package. Where should I locate the package I want to unpack?

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Server :: Locating Infected Files In Logs?

Oct 29, 2010

I ran a scan (clamscan -r --remove /home/) on my user's home directory yesterday & since I have so many users on my mail server, it takes a very long time to complete. I came back in this morning and realized that there were two infected files found during last nights scan:

----------- SCAN SUMMARY -----------
Known viruses: 847768
Engine version: 0.96.4
Scanned directories: 23114
Scanned files: 1066439
Infected files: 2


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Ubuntu :: Locating Mail - Perl Script For FetchYahoo?

Jun 18, 2010

New Ubuntu user here switched from Windows to Linux. I finally was able to install a program that allowed me to forward my pop3 to Evolution mail so that I have easy access to my emails. However, once I ran the Perl script for fetchyahoo, it asked me what the path was on the system for my mail spool or mailbox. Where exactly is my spool or mailbox for Evolution so that I can get my Yahoo! mail into the client? I have the free version of Yahoo, so I am trying to use fetchyahoo in the hopes that I can circumvent Yahoo's no-pop policy for free users. Found a mail location that I was able to get Evolution's mail client to look for emails in. Still having nightmares getting fetchyahoo to run properly, however. This is a mildly infuriating process.

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Programming :: Locating Copy & Paste Source Code?

Mar 20, 2011

I've never really taken advantage of Linux being open source before but I was wondering how the copy and paste functions look like. So far I have found out that they are handled by the X Window System (by reading this thread).But I don't seem to get much further than that.

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Debian :: Mysterious Folder Called "file:"?

Nov 19, 2010

A folder called "file:" appears periodically in my home directory.It contains an empty mirror of my home partition's directory structure down to my user folder, under which is an empty Desktop folder. Deleting it causes no obvious problems. My home partition has an XFS file system and I think this is somehow related to that since I've never seen it on an ext3 home partition.

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OpenSUSE Install :: Locating Installation Directory For Preinstalled RPM Packages?

Sep 12, 2010

When configuring certain programs for compilation from source it's required to include path to required libraries/packages. I don't know how to obtain that information. For example, how do I know the installation prefix for openssl on my system? It's not in the default directory (/usr/local/openssl).

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Ubuntu :: PCMan File Manager File/folder Numbers In Wrong Order?

Jul 25, 2011

I have recently switched to using LXDE on my PC and I am on the whole pretty pleased with it. However,PCMan is giving me a really odd problem. Some of the files/folders are being displayed in the wrong order where they contain numbers. They are being ordered by their first digit not the whole number.


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General :: File Privileges - Check And Set Who Can View Or Open A Given Folder Or File?

Jul 30, 2010

How can I check and set who can view or open a given folder or file?

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Programming :: Make A Folder For Each File In A Directory Then Move The File Into It

Nov 29, 2010

Initially I thought - use a for loop with ls in it:


However this causes lots of problems (folders have extensions, I have duplicate folders, the names with spaces create a folder for each element of the name).

The contents of the folder is basically movies (some with subtitles). Some of the names have things like (original) or CD1 CD2 in them.

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OpenSUSE :: Locating A Rpm Package Called "alien"?

Feb 12, 2010

I need help locating a rpm package called "alien". This is to work with "deb" as shown available in Software Management.

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Ubuntu :: Folder Becomes A File

Feb 5, 2010

I have a folder that I don't know why becomes a file and now I can't open it. Can I do somthing to convert again into a folder. I thinking about commands like chmod somthing like that.

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Ubuntu :: File To Folder With Same Name?

Mar 8, 2010

Is their a way, or a script/command that can move files into their own folder, naming the folder the same name as the file?

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