Debian :: Doesn't Support Flash On The Web - Simultaneously Work With Two Or Three Different Languages?

Dec 10, 2010

I have worked with it for some weeks when I installed it over the summer on my PowerPC. I am now trying to decide whether Debian (vs. Ubuntu) is the right OS for my brand new Toshiba Intel Core i3 with 3 GB of RAM.

1. Flash -- it is true that Debian doesn't support flash on the web? It certianly did not support flash on my PowerPC. I would appreciate if someone can give me a straight answer on this.

2. Languages -- can I simultaneously work with two or three different languages on Debian? I frequently have to type in several languages (e.g., English, French, Persian, Turkish). I am writing a dissertation, so this is very important to me.

3. Finally where can I read a little about comparison between Debian and Ubuntu? My understanding is that Debian is faster than Ubuntu and generally better. Ubuntu is after all based on Debian which means that it's secondary in stability, features, speed, etc. to Debian. Is this generalization correct? Or am I completely off the wall?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Watch Video With Two Subtitles(different Languages) Simultaneously?

Oct 31, 2010

how to watch video with two subtitles(different languages) simultaneously?

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Debian :: Flash Doesn't Work With Iceweasel On Squeeze 6.01?

Jul 9, 2011

After using testing (now Wheezy) for almost a year and breaking my machine (latest nvidia broken packages), I went back to vanilla Squeeze (after updates, now at 6.02).Nothing from outside the stable repos; not even the nvidia driver (kept it at default and nouveau)Repo "deb stable main non-free" enabled.It seems flash is not working with iceweasel; I either have a message which says "Cannot play media: you do not have the correct version of the flash player. Download the correct version," with a link to Adobe's site, of media appears in broken pieces.In order to keep my system "clean," I haven't downloaded anything from Adobe, and a search on this forum suggested installing flashplugin-nonfree or flashplayer-mozilla. Did both (can't have them at the same time), restarted, no joy.

~$ apt-cache policy flashplayer-mozilla
Installed: 2:


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Debian Multimedia :: Flash Doesn't Play / Work

Feb 23, 2010

I installed the adobe plugin, and my browser crashes. I uninstalled it, and installed the one in the apt repository (mozilla-plugin-gnash) and it shows up in my about: plugins in iceweasel, but flash just doesn't play.

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Debian Multimedia :: Scim/skim Doesn't Show Other Languages Than English?

Jul 28, 2010

I use Lenny 2.6.26-1-686 and kde 3.5.10I installed scim/skim and a great load of related packages and some fonts. I changed a lot of configuration files, so many times that I'm at a loss about them right now. Skim is starting with kde, and an icon is showing at the lower right corner. If I press Alt+F2 to run another app though, this icon disappears. I configured skim at the meny "Main Toolbar Configuration" to "always show" [3]. So I can still configure it from this Toolbar that is always at the desktop. But I can't really use the programme.

Well, I'm trying to type romanized Pali fonts (Pali is the language of Buddhist scriptures).When I run openoffice, for instance, and try to select the "input method" there's only English/European; Raw Code; and Keyboard for alternatives.I created the file "/usr/share/m17n/sa-translit.mim" with a map for transliteration of the special characters. I learned how to do this here:The first thing I noted is that when I pasted the content of the file to the terminal, some characters appeared as "blank squares". So I guess my system can't find any fonts installed to print these characters. But I thought I had installed the fonts that supported them (Gentium, Dejavu Sans and others). I must be missing something.

At the K-Menu, if I go to "Settings" -> "SCIM Imput Method Setup" it doesn't work any more. No window opens. At first, when I was starting to try to make it work, I could open this setup window and the "sa-translit.mim" file was there under the "Other" category (but it didn't really work, I don't know why). Now this setup doesn't run anymore, and at the "Configure" window for Skim I have only "English/European" and "Raw Code" at "Global Setup"-> "Other".But I have many things at /usr/share/m17n/ which should be showing here, I guess.

My /etc/scim/global
SupportedUnicodeLocales = en_GB.utf8
/DefaultPanelProgram = /usr/bin/scim-panel-kde


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Software :: Flash Player Doesn't Support 64-bit?

Aug 24, 2010

So after a little while of trying to get flash player to work in firefox on Slackware, I finally figured something out.

It took me a little bit to figure out where the firefox plugins folder was, because everything I read said in "/usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/" Well in "/usr/lib/" there was about 6 or 7 folders, nothing else. I finally realized everything was in /usr/lib64.

Now my second problem, the flash player plugin I downloaded directly from Adobe didn't work. Well a few searches fixed this, and I found a link to the 64-bit plugin at SlackBuild [url] Now I have a couple of questions. First off, Is there any resource that would help me find out exactly what the security risks that SlackBuild claims exist in the x86_64 edition of flashplayer are, so that I can take proper precautions?

Adobe says that they don't currently support 64-bit and they say you can just use a 32-bit browser. I am a bit of a newbie when it comes to 64-bit and 32-bit architectures, so I would just like to read about the advantages of using a 64-bit browser over a 32-bit, and it would help me if anyone could direct me to a website or resource all about the 64-bit and 32-bit architecture stuff.

And in conclusion: The point in me posting this is I would like to decide whether I should continue using the 64-bit firefox or switch to a 32-bit version so I can use the official version of flashplayer. I have a habit of generally preferring the default installed applications because I feel they are typically chosen for the best compatibility, and otherwise I don't feel like asking what application I should use for each and every field of applications.

For now I'll install the 32-bit version and see if I notice any differences.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Flash Doesn't Work In Firefox After Most Recent Flash Plugin Update (10.10)

May 19, 2011

Flash is no longer working in Mozilla Firefox after the most recent flash plugin update. I couldn't find any information on it.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Flash Doesn't Work And Removing / Re-installing Package Doesn't Fix It

Sep 1, 2011

I'm using 'Adobe Flash plug-in', installed from the package repos on kubuntu, and since the last update, it has broken all flash functionality in both rekonq and firefox.I have tried removing and reinstalling the package multiple times, both with and without the browsers open. Can anyone suggest a way to restoring functionality?

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Fedora :: Flash Doesn't Work Sometimes?

Feb 16, 2010

i just installed fedora 12 on my computer. installation went perfect, even tweaked it a little bit and everything works; except for flash player. i installed it by following some guide and i can watch videos vids and all, but sometimes the videos video player doesn't respond to my mouse. i can click on play/pause but it gives no response whatsoever; i can click on the sound but it gives no response whatsoever. sometimes it all works perfectly, but when i click on the next vid it suddenly doesn't respond anymore.

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Debian :: Chromium Does Not Support NPAPI Flash Plugin

Jun 28, 2015

I recently upgrade to Jessie and instead of installing Chrome from the google site I decided it was best to install Chromium from the Debian contrib and/or non-free repositories. After installing I then found that i had to install the pepperflash plugin. I find that viewing flash content ( I wanted to watch the SpaceX launch from the NASA website this morning) is almost impossible. The sound comes through okay, but the video comes through at about one frame per second. Fortunately I had Iceweasel as a backup.

Since Chromium does not support the NPAPI flash plugin, that is used by Iceweasel, are there other options? I can delete Chromium and install Chrome but I have heard there are issues with Chrome and Jessie. Perhaps I should just give up on Chrome/Chromium altogether, even though I think the web page presentation is much better with Chrome.

Things I have tried:
Uninstall and reinstall the pepperflash plugin
Changed flash settings

By the way, I don't have problems with Youtube because I receive HTML5 content from there. Maybe I should contact NASA and get them to broadcast HTML5.

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Fedora :: Fullscreen In Flash Doesn't Work?

Jun 13, 2010

Just as the title says, the fullscreen feature in Flash video players such as ..... does not work in Fedora 13 on my computer. Videos play fine in the window, though. When I press the fullscreen button, the area where the video was playing turns gray and the sound stops playing. I've tried fiddling with some settings in Compiz but it didn't seem to help. I had Flash Player 10 installed initially, when it started having this problem, and then I installed 10.1 and it continued doing this.

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Fedora Hardware :: HP USB Flash Drive Doesn't Work?

Jun 18, 2011

HP Mini 210
Fedora 15 - latest updates
I bought a HP USB Flash Drive v117r 16GB

I bought this 3 months ago and everything worked fine. However, I went to plug it into my computer and nothing came up in the file manager, the Flash drive was not detected.

I have PC running Fedora 15 and I have a iMac. The Flash drive didn't work for any of these. However, I have other Flash drives that I have had for many years and they still work. I have also tried different usb ports.

Once thing that is positive in my /var/log/messages I get the following:

Jun 18 18:01:59 stevenet kernel: [95007.342161] usb 1-4: new high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 29
Jun 18 18:01:59 stevenet kernel: [95007.981728] usb 1-4: New USB device found, idVendor=03f0, idProduct=af07
Jun 18 18:01:59 stevenet kernel: [95007.981743] usb 1-4: New USB device strings: Mfr=1, Product=2, SerialNumber=3


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Ubuntu Installation :: USB-Flash-Drive Doesn't Work

Oct 13, 2010

I have installed Ubuntu 10.10 on a 16GB USB-Stick using the Startup Disk Creator. After booting from it, I saw the progress dots running on the start screen running for ever (30 minutes until I switched off my Laptop). The whole time the in-use LED of my Harddrive was on. What is Ubuntu doing so long on my Harddisk?How can I manage, that it will work properly?

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Ubuntu :: Flash Installed But Video Doesn't Work?

Mar 23, 2011

[URL] Even though I have flash installed.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Flash In Opera Doesn't Work Any More?

Jun 19, 2011

after I upgraded from Lucid to Natty, Flash doesn't work in Opera any more. In Firefox I have no problems.

As suggested in another thread, I tried installing Flash-Aid for Firefox and reinstalled Flash with this extension, but no luck. I also tried purging and reinstalling Opera:

sudo apt-get purge opera
sudo apt-get install opera
No luck.

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Ubuntu :: Installed Updates Now Flash Doesn't Work?

Aug 21, 2011

I ran Update Manager and installed updates. Now flash video and other things with flash content wont work.

To give one example. I go to a web I use frequently and the following message is displayed at the top: "Additional plug-ins are required to display media on this page"

I click on "install mising plug-ins" and select Flash Player-installer. Bu then it tells me it's already installed! This has only happened since last night when I installed the updates!

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Software :: Flash Plugin Doesn't Work - Error Installing VLC

Sep 19, 2010

i installed the adobe flash plugin (for linux) following adobe's instructions (download, decompress, and copy the correct ".so" to the plugins directory).

however, the plugin is not detected by either videos or firefox (checked using "aboutlugins"). something must be wrong with adobe's plugin version 10.x!

i want to try a firefox extension called "download videos videos as mp4 and flv," which rewrites the videos pages to include a download button which allows you to directly download the video in mp4. however, it requires vlc media player on linux.

i have slackware, and followed the instructions on this page [url] to use the slackbuild from alienbob. i set require_yasm=no.

however, the build produces the errors below (it tries to build with yasm, and it doesn't find "libvpx.a"):


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Slackware :: Sometimes The Sound Doesn't Work For Flash Content Or Pidgin

Oct 10, 2010

I have a fairly fresh Slack install. When I start or shutdown X, the sounds that are supposed to play do. Also, sometimes everything else that is supposed to play sounds does.

However, sometimes the sound doesn't work for flash content or pidgin. I have never had a similar problem and I don't know where to start in resolving this issue.

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CentOS 5 :: Installed Flash-player For Firefox But It Doesn't Work

Jan 1, 2010

I can see that it installed correctly but it doesn't to get flash to work right on Firefox in CentOS?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: When Sound At Remote Sink Flash Doesn't Work

Jan 23, 2010

i just reported a bug to launchpad (#511562. i'm not sure if this bug is in flashplugin-installer or pulseaudio.when i use firefox or chrome for watching a flash video from videos for example, all works good. i then transfer the sound to a remote sink using sound preferences > output > internal audio analog stereo on myuser@otherhost. after this is done, the flash video halts. this is also true if i restart firefox and start a new video, already having transferred the sound. sometimes you can see the video taking huge skips forward. for example, on a 3 minute music video, i see 3-4 different frames from different places in the video. the sound is ok though! 100% reproducible and if i transfer the sound back to local speakers the video resumes and plays perfectly.

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Fedora :: Firefox Still Work If Remove Languages?

Jan 26, 2010

I installed Fedora 12. I noticed that every possible language support is included in Firefox. What is the reason for this? Will Fedora and Firefox still work if I remove these languages?

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General :: Debian Lenny Expects Udev On Vps That Doesn't Support It

Feb 17, 2010

Primary symptom: /proc/self/fd is there and normally populated, however /dev/fd is not. Process substitution therefore fails, because bash wants to create files under /dev/fd./dev/.static/ and /dev/.udev are populated. aptitude udev shows that the Debian package is installed, even though udev cannot be supported on this Xen vps (and, I believe, isn't supported by default until later stable versions of the Linux kernel).

I can solve the immediate problem by symlinking from proc/self/fd to /dev/fd, and putting the appropriate script in init.d. But are there any risks arising from Debian being misinformed about what my vps can do? And if so, what should I do about it?

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Debian :: Intel Driver For 82G33 / G31 In Squeeze Doesn't Support 3d Rendering

Feb 5, 2011

according to [URL]... glx server only supported in 2.6-32-21-generic. so to get 3d rendering support i need to compile a that kernel version in squeeze or install from sid/experimental?

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Debian Multimedia :: Theme Not Working Well - Gnome3 Apps Doesn't Support / Achieve It?

Jun 27, 2011

I have Debian Testing. My theme is Equinox Light and it was working well except for "Passwords and Encrypton keys" app (Version3.02). That doesn't bothered me. But after todays upgrade from gnome-terminal (2.3.2-1) to gnome-terminal3 Equinox theme doesn't work. My themes are installed in /usr/share/themes folder. It doesn't matter if i copy them to my home theme folder. It seems that gnome3 apps doesn't support

Reverting to previous version fixes the problem but i want to have version 3 with nice theme. Ho w can i achieve it?

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Debian Hardware :: Wheezy Doesn't Properly Support Proprietary Firmware For Wireless Card

Mar 17, 2015

I recently installed the XFCE spin of Debian (amd64) on my Lenovo L440. I tried installing it before, but apparently the 3.2 kernel that ships with Wheezy doesn't properly support the proprietary firmware for the wireless card, blah blah. So I wound up using Windows 8.1 for a bit, and then Fedora (boo). Anyway, with the wheezy-backports kernel (3.16.7-ckt4-3~bpo70+1) everything works like a charm. Everything, that is, apart from the sound card — the entire system is completely mute. Well, apart from the system beeper. I searched the forum and found another thread, but that guy was (for some reason) just running dwm — I figured XFCE might feature a more complete sound system. But maybe the output he gave will be useful in my case as well:

Code: Select alleirik@gerhardsen:~$ aplay -l
**** List of PLAYBACK Hardware Devices ****
card 0: HDMI [HDA Intel HDMI], device 3: HDMI 0 [HDMI 0]
  Subdevices: 1/1
  Subdevice #0: subdevice #0
card 0: HDMI [HDA Intel HDMI], device 7: HDMI 1 [HDMI 1]

I also tried running alsactl init (as root), which doesn't appear to have made any difference.

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General :: Flash-player - Firefox Crashes On Open - Adobe 64 Bits Plugin Simply Doesn't Work On Any Browser

Sep 18, 2010

I use slack 13.1 64 bits on my intel i7 machine. That is I can't find a flash-player plugin that works on all browsers. The firefox crashes on open. The release of adobe 64 bits plugin simply doesn't work on any browser. I use slack 13.1 64 plus kde. Anyone knows some that works?

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General :: Work Simultaneously With Windows 7 And Redhat?

Feb 8, 2011

how to change the screen from windows to linux very easily just like in windows (whenever u press alt+tab to switch between two or more windows).

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Debian :: How To Add Languages

May 5, 2011

I installed "squeeze" in English. I would like to add, at minimum, another language.I read through the various Debian manuals, but could find no reference to adding a language.I have googled for an answer for over one and a half hours. There were numerous inputs, but none, that I could find, gave me the answer.I searched for an answer in this forum in "Beginners' and in "General".All kinds of answers here but again, I came away without knowing how to add a language.I am coming off Ubuntu, which contained a simple method to add a language, so I have been spoiled pretty badly, I think.

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Debian :: Get Flash To Work On Lenny?

Jan 24, 2011

Just installed Lenny. As usual flash doesn't work. Anybody can point me to a stepwise solution how to get flash to work on Lenny? I tried everything I could google, no go. Cpu is intel 32bit and flash worked fine with previous older Debian version, so it must be Lenny-specific.

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Fedora Installation :: Flash Plugin Installation Doesn't Work - F11 - Mozilla 3.5

Oct 7, 2009

I have already downloaded and installed the latest version of Adobe Flashplayer...


But flash still doesn't work - there is no flash plugin in Firefox plugin list also.

I've tried to close-open Firefox, log out-log in, reboot - nothing.

OS Fedora 11 x64. I don't know, what am I doing wrong?

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