Debian :: Creating A .deb Packet?

Mar 24, 2010

I have to do a .deb packet which will be placed in the repositories of the company.When this packet is installed, it only have to copy a plain text archive i've wrote before, to a path where it's being installed.The other requisite is that it have to watch if there's a program (vim) installed, if it's not installed, then the packet i have created shouldn't install.example:

# ls /home/loopin (as we see, this directory is empty)
# apt-get install mypacket


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Ubuntu Networking :: Send The Keys Or Value As The Packet Data (content Of The Packet) In Ns-2 (for Wireless Environment)

Jul 12, 2010

I am the new user to ns-2. I would like to know is it possible to send the keys or some value as the packet data (content of the packet) in ns-2 (for wireless environment).

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CentOS 5 Server :: Authenticate/Decrypt Packet Error: Packet HMAC Authentication Failed

Sep 17, 2009

I got a problem with my CentOS server. Somebody told me OpenVPN Requires different changes inside my firewall settings. That could be the problem why openvpn wont load..I receive this error on my CentOS panel when im trying to connect into the centos openvpn (with my winxp pc):

Thu Sep 17 20:31:36 2009 TLS Error: incoming packet authentication failed from 84.xx.62.122:2622
Thu Sep 17 20:31:38 2009 Authenticate/Decrypt packet error: packet HMAC authentication failed
Thu Sep 17 20:31:38 2009 TLS Error: incoming packet authentication failed from 84.xx.62.122:2622


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Debian :: IP Packet Routing

Jan 27, 2016

I have recently upgraded a computer from Wheezy to Jessie, and I'm having trouble getting an internet connection shared via Ethernet by another computer (the provider) to work on it.I have activated the interface of the Jessie computer and configured a static IP on it in the same subnetwork as the provider's ethernet interface with the following commands:

Code: Select all# ip addr add dev eth0
# ip link set up dev eth0

I now would like to set the address of the provider as the default route with Code: Select all# ip route add default via dev eth0, but I get the following error message: Code: Select allRTNETLINK answers: File exists.

Indeed, when I run Code: Select all# ip route, the following comes up:

Code: Select alldefault dev eth0  scope link

I've tried to remove this default route to replace it with mine with Code: Select all# ip route flush table main and Code: Select all# ip route del default but these commands don't seem to work.

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Debian :: DVD Drive / Packet Writing / Squeeze

Jul 25, 2011

for the last three days, I have been trying to get my drive ( LiteOn iHas624 ) to work. Unfortunatly, it seems that I can only use the burner with Nero4Linux or Brasero, but not K3B.DVD-RAM/+RW packet writing seems neither to work out of the box, nor by the setup as suggested in /usr/share/doc/udftools/README.Debian or the media4linux howto(just to name the most promising, i definitly read more on the issue).

I tried to format the DVDs in various udf revisions, as well as ext2 just to check, but without success.As I am close to the point where I would rule out the possibility to obtain package writing capability, I dare to ask for help.I would be very grateful for any hint or reading recommendation on the issue.
Yours, Benjamin.

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Debian :: Force Packet To Remain On System Despite Conflict Ion

Feb 23, 2011

While using monofree package, trying to install mono presents a conflict but aptitude just erases monofree and installs mono anyway.Is there a way to force the system to keep monofree and show an error when I try to install something that conflicts?

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Debian :: Creating A Debian Live CD For The Base System

Feb 10, 2010

I am thinking about creating a Debian Live CD with only the base system. I would like to know how to make the CD bootable so that it can load the kernel and continue with the booting sequence.

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Debian :: Creating Debian Packages

Jan 30, 2010

I am going to start reading about how to create Debian packages. Yet I would appreciate a simple overview about the process.Specifically, I would like to start with something simple: building a package with the Firefox 3.5.7 tar.gz pre-compiled binaries.If I understand correctly, the source files from Debian are modified in some way from the upstream provider, but my little Firefox project is not dealing with sources at all. The binaries are already compiled. So I'll appreciate a simple overview about creating a package from those Firefox binaries.

I realize the Firefox binaries can be installed as is, along with needing to create three sym links. That is not my goal. I figured starting with pre-compiled binaries will be an easier start into the Debian packaging process. Further, I prefer to install software with a package manager as that provides a system that is easier to maintain long-term.I suspect that an aide to my learning would be to extract the Iceweasel package and then draw similarities from that.

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Debian :: Creating A Shortcut For Gedit?

Feb 9, 2011

as I found an easy way to create a shortcut for the terminal on the net, I was trying to apply the same method to create a shortcut for gedit, which is a great text editor that I use very often.I don't know what when wrong but I must miss something because it obviously doesn't work.Here is what I did:1.ran: sudo gconf-editor2. went to /apps/metacity/keybinding_commands3. Set "command_2" to "gedit" (I also tried with "gedit-2" as it is the name of it in the list of the applications in the apps folder)4. went to to /apps/metacity/global_keybindings5. set "run_command_2" to the key I wanted, <Control><Shift>g(I tried as well with other combinations such as <Alt>g, <Shift>g, no successAnyone knows what I didn't do or did wrong?(I suppose that it comes for the name of the command on step 3, but I don't know what could be the name to put (if you guys could also tell me where to find a kind of list for the names to put in, like for others programs, it would be nice)

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Debian Installation :: Creating Disk From ISO?

Feb 16, 2010

I have downloaded 4.37 gigs of Debian yesterday and have unzipped it. How do I create a bootable disk?

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Debian :: Creating A New Swap Partition ?

Jul 3, 2011

Currently my system runs on two disks, sda 30GB and sdc 1GB. sdb is my data disk. I have set the partitions as sda1 /boot, sda2 /(root) and sdc1 /(swap).

Thinking that sdc was udma33 i used the disk for a swap area. Later i found out that it is pio4 and i want to relocate my swap area to sda.

Using GParted Live i am planning to create a swap partition to sda. Will fixing the entry in fstab be enough to correct this or do i need to do something more?

I could also use some advice on which live debian image i can install in sdc, to use for rescuing purposes. The capacity of the disk is 1080MB.

As a side note, the images i find for usd-hdd are direct download. Are there any torrent files for these?

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Debian Configuration :: Creating A DVD Repository?

Jul 25, 2010

I have a server running debian 5 in a closed intranet (I can't get to the intenet). I want to install some program and update others.

Is there a way to download part of a repository (using a FTP client) so I could burn it on a DVD?

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Debian :: Creating An Icon For Mozilla?

Apr 14, 2010

Ok I just installed mozilla firefox or at least believe I did with this here.

apt-get remove iceweasel
mv firefox-3.0.5.tar.bz2 /usr/lib/
cd /usr/lib/


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Debian :: Creating Local Repository From 5 DVD Set

Jan 6, 2011

I freshly installed debian lenny using the 5 DVD set that I downloaded from I want to create a local repository for all packages that are available in DVD so that I do not insert the disc everytime I install a new software. I have searched various forums but not able to figure the right way to do it.

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Debian :: Creating Terminal With Exact X And Y Coordinates

Feb 26, 2010

I remember, long ago when I used Linux, that I was able to launch a terminal, or any other program at that and have the ability to pass exactly where on my desktop I want it to appear. I would do this by placing some arguments in the applications launcher like
Does anyone know how to do this, I'd like to be able to launch a few different terminals, with different profiles and have them default to certain locations on my desktop/work area.

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Debian :: Creating Offline Package Backups?

Apr 6, 2010

For a project I have had to migrate from FreeBSD to Linux and I have decided to choose Debian because I have had good experiences with it.However, since my main development machines are completely offline I have run into a little bit of trouble.Is there a way to specify a .deb package and get a tool to recursively list (and fetch) all dependency packages that are not included in the base install and put them in a folder?

I do not like to be tied to the internet (Never a good idea) and so this would save me a heap of trouble (and journeys to an online PC)Once I have these folders containing packages, then I can simple cd into one of them, dpkg -i the relevent .deb and not have to rely on the DVDs or worry about connecting to an online repositoryLife will be good!Suffice to say FreeBSD can do this well so I strongly believe that Debian will be able to aswell but since it is not normally done, I havn't found much on google about it

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Debian :: Creating Certificate Signing Request - CSR?

Jun 9, 2015

I need to renew my SSL cert for my Mahara site and I follow the instructions below. But after I finish answering all the questions for the csr, I'm supposed to copy a portion of the cert into a web form. However I can't seem to find the server.csr so I can do this. Were this file goes?

Here is a step-by-step description:

Make sure OpenSSL is installed and in your PATH.

Create a RSA private key for your Apache server (will be Triple-DES encrypted and PEM formatted):

$ openssl genrsa -des3 -out server.key 1024

Please backup this server.key file and the pass-phrase you entered in a secure location. You can see the details of this RSA private key by using the command:

$ openssl rsa -noout -text -in server.key

If necessary, you can also create a decrypted PEM version (not recommended) of this RSA private key with:

$ openssl rsa -in server.key -out server.key.unsecure

Create a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) with the server RSA private key (output will be PEM formatted):

$ openssl req -new -key server.key -out server.csr

Make sure you enter the FQDN ("Fully Qualified Domain Name") of the server when OpenSSL prompts you for the "CommonName", i.e. when you generate a CSR for a website which will be later accessed via, enter "" here. You can see the details of this CSR by using:

$ openssl req -noout -text -in server.csr

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Debian :: Creating / Storing And Executing Scripts

Sep 17, 2015

Here is my script to create a sitemap with wget:

Code: Select all#!/bin/sh

wget --spider --recursive --no-verbose --output-file=wgetlog.txt http://
sed -n "s@.+ URL:([^ ]+) .+@1@p" wgetlog.txt | sed "s@&@&@" > sedlog.txt

I named it and in /Home I had made it executable via the file properties. In the terminal I entered:

Code: Select all./Nixcraft
and got
Code: Select allbash: ./Nixcraft: No such file or directory

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Debian :: Creating A Bash-shell Script

Dec 1, 2015

how to do in Debian

1. am required to create a bash-shell script called terminator that terminates all processes of a name given to the shell script as an argument. Make sure the terminator shell script will not take any crucial file system services as arguments.

2. Show how you would configure an Ethernet card by reapplying your existing IP and network mask

3. Install a workable nfs file sharing system between your system and a remote system, using optimum values for resize and wsize.To demonstrate send a 512Mb block of random data between client and server using the dd command.Write down the relevant steps and procedures

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Debian :: Creating Live .iso Image (without Remastersys)

Jul 12, 2011

i feel like this is a stupid question as i have seen many different ways to make a debian live cd, but the only way i understand is remastersys.i am trying to make a snapshot of my own debian unstable (sid) to be capable of re-distribution. remastersys will ONLY work on ubuntu, lenny, and squeeze.if anyone knows of any relatively simple tools i could use or could write an easy how too that would be very much appreciated. i am attempting to stray away from ubuntu and ubuntu based distros and use debian instead, although i cant find any distribution based on debian that i really like (maybe linux mint debian edition based on debian testing), but i really want the software right out of unstable (sid) and i would like to be able to make a distribute-able snapshot for myself and others that may be interested. (xfce + compiz + others, hopefully plymouth, out of the box). i have made some very good headway on this, but i dont know how to make a live cd out of an installed system without remastersys.

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Debian Configuration :: Creating A Custom Live CD

Feb 24, 2016

I'd like to create my own custom Debian live CD — the idea being to have my own rescue CD with my favorite Debian tools installed. I read about bootcd and was going to give that a try, after creating the ideal system in a qemu virtual machine.

How much exactly can you install on a system so that bootcd can still fit it on a CD? I'm presuming there is some kind of compression involved. When I tried to create my VM, I coudln't get Jessie + LXDE to install onto a 2GB virtual drive (net install) so naturally I'm wondering what I'm going to be able to put on a 700MB CD.

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Debian Multimedia :: Creating Sub-menus In GNOME?

Jul 22, 2011

I recently changed from Ubuntu 11.04 to Debian 6.0 and I'm having some trouble editing the applications menu. If I use alacarte to add sub-menus to the Games menu they appear in Applications>Debian>Games rather than Applications>Games. So I tried to do it the manual way. I created .desktop files for all my games and put them in ~/.local/share/applications here is an example:

[Desktop Entry]


But none of my new sub-menus or menu entries in sub-menus appear in my menus or alacarte. I also tried using just categories in but that didn't work either.So what I have at the moment is all my games in one long list, what am I doing wrong?

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Debian Installation :: Creating And Booting Jessie Installer

Aug 15, 2015

I am installing Jessie to a dual-boot Dell Inspiron 1150 laptop currently booting Windows XP + Ubuntu 9.04. I downloaded the small installation image:

Select all//
and created a live dvd using growisofs.

The Jessie install documentation says: "If you downloaded an iso image, check that the md5sum of that image matches the one listed for the image in the MD5SUMS file that should be present in the same location as where you downloaded the image from." For the downloaded image this produced the result

Select all~$ md5sum debian-8.1.0-i386-netinst.iso
095a83b715e1b74b6d30b2259275f4af  debian-8.1.0-i386-netinst.iso

There is no MD5SUMS file in the download directory. There is an md5sum.txt file included in the iso image: this lists the md5sum of every file in the image, but not that of the image itself. The check for the burned dvd was successful :

Select all~$ dd if=/dev/cdrom | head -c `stat --format=%s debian-8.1.0-i386-netinst.iso` | md5sum
645120+0 records in
645120+0 records out
330301440 bytes (330 MB) copied, 1.28047 s, 258 MB/s
095a83b715e1b74b6d30b2259275f4af  -

Is this a documentation error ? I next booted the laptop from the live installer dvd. After generating a number of messages, it stopped displaying a message along the lines of: "Invalid video mode - press Enter to select a mode".

I assumed it would wait for me but it soon rushed on, producing screeds of segmentation fault error messages, eventually slowing down to a rythmic display of:

Code: Select all*** Error in Xorg:free() invalid pointer: 0xb7101ce3

***Surely it should have waited for me to press Enter?

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Debian Installation :: Creating A Live USB (Not Booting On EeePc)

Apr 8, 2016

I'm trying to rebuild an old laptop, EeePc 1001PX and I've issues to boot on the usb on it.

I've followed [URL] .... and the only way I manage to make a usb key that will boot is by hd-media/boot.img.gz:

Code: Select all# zcat boot.img.gz > /dev/sdb
# mount /dev/sdb /media/usb
# cp /tmp/debian-8.4.0-i386-CD-1.iso /media/usb
# sync
# umount /media/usb

I managed to install Debian using this technique to build the usb key.

However I'm having an issue on the laptop with the wifi card (Atheros AR9285) and after a night trying to make it work I'd like to check if I'd would have the same issue Ubuntu.

So I've been desperately trying to make a bootable usb key with Ubuntu on it.... It boots on my laptop but not on this EeePc...

I've tried:

Code: Select allcat /tmp/myimage.iso > /dev/sdb
Code: Select alldd if=/tmp/myimage.iso of=/dev/sdb && sync

I've installed multibootusb [URL] ... and liveUsb install [URL] .... which doesn't work on my EeePc...

Wh only this technique of using is hd-media/boot.img.gz is working on that laptop?

I'd like to try to install Ubuntu via grub using a partition [URL] .... but I need to create 2 partitions and so to boot on a external system.

I've downloaded gparted-live-0.25.0-3-i686.iso but like with Ubuntu I don't manage to create a bootable USB key for this crappy EeePc.

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Debian Installation :: Creating Bootable USB Stick From Windows?

Jan 14, 2011

I am trying to create a bootable USB stick in Windows to install Debian on my laptop. I have looked at the guide on the [URL] website, but it seems to assume you already have access to a Linux machine with the use of zcat and other extractors. Is there anyway to create a bootable Debian USB stick in Windows? By the way, I'm trying to simply get the USB stick to become bootable and then install the OS through the internet on my laptop. My laptop does not have an optical drive, so I have to do it this way.

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Debian :: Creating Terminal Launched Applications (Shortcuts)

Jun 16, 2011

Just got a problem that I've spent a few days trying to get around. Basically, what I am trying to do is create launchers/shortcuts on my desktop that will
a) Launch a terminal with root or sudo access
b) Launch an application.
For example, an application I might ordinarily use as a super user or root user is 'hping3.'

Basically, I want to be able to click on the launcher, and have it open up a terminal with sudo access and launch the hping3 application. I've tried messing around with the 'create launcher' function, and entering in a command to be launched in a terminal window, but to no avail (e.g. something like "sudo hping3" or "su && hping3"). How to write up a simple script to launch a terminal with su access and launch a given application?

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Debian Configuration :: Rsync - Not Creating Files On Host

Aug 2, 2015

Having an issue with rsync

I launch the following

Code: Select allrsync -avz --remove-source-files --log-file=/home/pi/rsync.log --temp-dir
=/data/temp --partial --progress -e "ssh" /data/

Basically I download to main PC and rsync to my pi as the pi has a fraction of the speed for some reason when downloading form a source outside of my network.

The first few files will sync fine. Then I start getting errors like this

Code: Select allrsync: rename "/data/temp/.File.ext.y1716M" -> "File.ext": No such file or directory

The directory on the host has user and group ownership as pi. Rsync has been setup to login without a password.

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Debian Configuration :: Creating LUKS Encrypted USB Disk

Jan 15, 2016

Is it better to install LUKS to raw disk (/dev/sdb) or disk partition (/dev/sdb1)? What are best LUKS options?

"cryptsetup benchmark" output
Code: Select allPBKDF2-sha1      1310720 iterations per second
PBKDF2-sha256     862315 iterations per second
PBKDF2-sha512     590414 iterations per second

[Code] ....

Is slow hash better or how to choose it? It is clear that aes-xts is best choise. Is 265 bit key good?

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Debian Multimedia :: XFCE - Creating New User Accounts

Aug 11, 2015

I'm configuring a fresh install of Debian 8 and I'm having a problem creating new user accounts, using XFCE.I'm using the console for setting new user accounts, without any problems yet when I log in the user accounts to check if everything is ready to use I get a persistent message from the system warning the session is in kiosk mode.I've went through several step by step guides I've found over the net, went to the XFCE wiki trying to find an answer for this, with no success. I've even tried deleting user accounts and recreating it but the problem persists.

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Debian :: Creating Mirror Back-up Hot Swap Server?

Mar 20, 2011

I am currently running Debian on a system with 3 scsi hard drives with Raid and have an identical back up server. I want to schedule a daily "mirror" copy of the server operating system and data so that if the primary server drops I can move the network plug to the next server and be back in business. Can someone let me know what would be the best solutions for this? I am new to linux so this may be an obvious question so if it is I applogize but I have been searching through the forums and have not found an adeqate solution.

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